This giveaway is a little different to the usual.

A very generous donor, who would like to stay anonymous, has donated $250 towards a gift voucher to be given away to someone in need.

So if you’re genuinely struggling to be able to afford a Transthetics prosthetic, this is your chance. This give away works on an honor system of your own personal assessment of your situation. If you do know that you can afford these products, then I ask you to please not enter this time around. We will have more general give aways in the near future.

This contest is also not designed to be shared to gain more entries, though if you know someone in need, then please do share this post with them.

The winner will be drawn at random on November 16th and notified by email.

Just enter your name and email address for your chance to win.

Good luck!!

This contest has now been drawn. The winner is a very happy Ben J. from Missouri. Ben was so stocked to be the winner, that he says he believes in Santa again!