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The final raffle ends October 31st.

This will be the final raffle draw we will hold for the foreseeable future. We will still do free giveaways, and I'll announce another one of those very soon, but this will be the very last opportunity to enter the [...]

2022-10-26T13:42:17-06:00October 26th, 2022|All, Contests/Give Aways, Product Info|2 Comments

Your questions about stand to pee packers answered.

Here's a list of common questions I get asked about stand to pee packers (or STPs for short.) Though I wrote this post primarily with the EZP and the EZP Junior in mind, it is broadly relevant to all stand [...]

2022-09-01T22:27:11-06:00May 13th, 2022|All, How to's/Tips and Tricks|6 Comments

Partner with Transthetics and earn $

Would you like to earn cash by spreading the ha-penis? Then we'd love you to join our affiliate program. We're extremely grateful to everyone who has shared their Transthetics experiences and recommended our products to others. We would very much [...]

2022-02-12T11:28:32-07:00February 12th, 2022|Product Info, All, Media/Social/Politics|0 Comments

Multiple ways to WIN a Transthetics product.

Not everyone has the means to be able to afford a Transthetics prosthetic. Hence I try to find alternative ways to give people a chance to get their hands on a silicone willy. Depending on how you're feeling, here are some [...]

2022-11-01T17:38:38-06:00January 17th, 2022|Contests/Give Aways, All|0 Comments


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