Your questions about stand to pee packers answered.

Here's a list of common questions I get asked about stand to pee packers (or STPs for short.) Though I wrote this post primarily with the EZP and the EZP Junior in mind, it is broadly relevant to all stand [...]

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Partner with Transthetics and earn $

Would you like to earn cash by spreading the ha-penis? Then we'd love you to join our affiliate program. We're extremely grateful to everyone who has shared their Transthetics experiences and recommended our products to others. We would very much [...]

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Multiple ways to WIN a Transthetics product.

Not everyone has the means to be able to afford a Transthetics prosthetic. Hence I try to find alternative ways to give people a chance to get their hands on a silicone willy. Depending on how you're feeling, here are some [...]

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Some tips for using a stand to pee device.

Having used a lot of stand to pee devices in my time, I've learnt a few tricks along the way which I thought were worth sharing. Here’s a little summary of tips and tricks to keep in mind when using [...]

2022-05-13T11:50:36-06:00December 18th, 2021|All, How to's/Tips and Tricks|34 Comments

The EZP is now even easier to use.

A lament I've heard many times over the years, is that people wish they could find a rigid stand to pee packer that still looks lifelike and feels comfortable enough to wear all day. That's where the EZP shape retainer [...]

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A Series of Genderqueer Events

In elementary school, I tried to stand-to-pee through an empty toilet paper roll. Though genius it may have been in my mind, the invention resulted in a pee puddle and a very soggy toilet paper roll. “Back to square one,” [...]

2022-01-18T20:50:37-07:00September 16th, 2021|All, Trans Stories|0 Comments


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