The EZP Junior – Ultra Compact STP Packer (Cut & Natural)

$195.00 USD

(34 customer reviews)

The ultra compact EZP Junior stand to pee packer is designed to be discreet. This ergonomic STP device is light, comfortable for all day packing and easy to use.

But before you buy, make sure the EZP Junior is right for you by reading the full product description below.

Current wait time is UP TO 2 weeks on dispatch.

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The EZP Junior STP packer, is the little brother of the EZP, but 80% of its size, making it ideal for smaller guys, who wish to pack discreetly.

Like the EZP, which was created by a physically active trans man, with very high expectations of what an STP packer should deliver, it needed to be:

A very realistic STP packer

even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency and highly detailed, each unit is hand crafted creating natural variations in skin tone.

Comfortable for all day wear

even riding a bike! Okay, so it hasn’t been tested on triathlons but certainly comfortable enough to be used riding around town.

An easy to use stand-to-pee device

with soft edges to prevent spillage and minimize skin contact, it requires very little practice to get right, provided you are using snug, side slit underwear and holding it correctly. (read Some tips for using an STP)

Very easy to clean

with no powdering required, unlike most STPs, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just rinse after use (if practical) and wash with soap daily.

No harness required and natural contour in underwear

or wetsuits, rock climbing harnesses and swimmers! All you need is snug fitting underwear for a completely natural looking erm… package.

And like all our prosthetics, it is skin safe

made from durable, high quality, prosthetics grade silicone, it’s the preferred material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers world wide.

Watch Chase Ross’s video reviews.

Is the EZP Junior right for me?


If you are looking for a small, high quality, realistic, comfortable and easy to use stand to pee packer that is safe for all day wear. It is particularly well suited for active people and looks natural in a rock climbing harness, tight clothing etc.


If you have had any kind of lower surgery, the EZP Junior is probably not well suited to you as it has been designed for trans guys who have not had any lower surgery.

If you are not able to pee in a cup without missing (ie if you have a “spray” or unpredictable stream.)

If you are looking for a large and obvious packer.

If you are just looking for a packer and don’t require an stp (stand to pee) and if durability, quality and skin safety are not a big concern for you. (In which case I’d highly recommend something like the Mr Limpy as a much cheaper alternative. For $15 there’s really nothing better on the market!)


If you are on the heavy side and cannot create a 5cm (2inch) wide gap between your legs when adopting a wide stance, you will most likely need to use the EZP Junior with the shape retainer cup. The EZP Junior is made from a soft silicone and if it is squashed between your legs, it will cause accidents. The shape retainer prevents this from happening. However, you may still find that you don’t have enough clearance from your fly to the tip of the EZP Junior. The EZP is slightly longer and may be a better fit for you.

34 reviews for The EZP Junior – Ultra Compact STP Packer (Cut & Natural)

  1. Jen

    My son LOVES his willy! Thank you for putting the biggest smile on his face. As a mother, I cannot thank you enough!

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    This is very well made and easy to use, it’s not sticky at all. no mess no leaks & it’s very realistic and a 10 out of 10

  3. Nick

    It’s a great product. I feel super confident walking into the men’s washroom and doing my thing. Looks super realistic.the only downside is I’ve had mine for a month now and the tip is losing colour… getting worried it’s realistic look won’t last very long. Really disappointed about that aspect. Otherwise it’s comfortable and easy to use. Would have a 5 out of 5 if not for the colour retention issue.

    • Alex

      Hi Nick

      It most definitely should not be loosing colour that quickly… Yes, after a few months of daily use it may start to fade a little, but there’s definitely something strange going on here… Are you taking it swimming in chlorinated water?

  4. G

    The junior EZP arrived shortly after I ordered it and it has not only worked splendidly, it feels like my dick was missing and you found it and sent it to me. ::)

  5. Jaydn

    I was the winner of the EZP Junior giveaway, absolutely love it. No problems at all with it, looks very realistic, great size, great design. Perfect. :D

    I also made a full, more in depth review on my YouTube channel: Jay’sJourney – FtM⚧

  6. Salom

    Our eight year old has been using it consistently at home but not to school yet. He still needs a little more
    practice standing to use the bathroom. I think the size is a tish too big for him yet, notice this in regards to packing. I don’t think this will stop him from wearing it now, however. A couple years, and the size will be perfect. Thanks so much for your investment in this product!

  7. TJ (verified owner)

    Received my “package” in the mail today which took about 3 weeks. Well worth the wait!
    I love it, it fits me very well (I’m a smaller person.)
    No accidents and very easy to use. I love the way it looks and feels. I may purchase an other one in the future just as a back up lol. :)

  8. Nathan (verified owner)

    I received the EZP Junior after a much shorter time than expected. It looks so realistic and feels so good to pee with! I managed to pee with no leakage after two attempts! The customer service was also spectacular and made me feel secure that my EZP Junior would be delivered safely. To anyone looking into getting an EZP, your dick is safe in Transthetics’ hand

  9. Dalton

    I received the ezp junior earlier this year. i wanted to wait a few months before writing a review so i could properly review it. Now i would like to say i’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. I’ve found that it relieves my dysphoria greatly and as long as you position it right, peeing is super easy with no leaks. Additionally it’s very realistic so no problem with going in public bathrooms. As a 16 year old trans guy i don’t thing there is a better product out there for me. A few days after i got it the color on the tip seemed to start fading a bit so that worries me a little. Other than that i would recommend this to anyone! It’s a great product.

  10. Talon (verified owner)

    I received my EZP Junior in the mail in exactly a week! I have gone through 2 other STPs before coming across this one and I have to say the EZP Junior is definitely my favorite! I use it almost everyday! The only downside is that it is starting to appear dry looking. Should I be using cornstarch? I do wash it everyday. I also once in a while experience spillage. I’m 5 ft and sometimes wonder if I should have gone with the original STP although I feel the Junior is a greater fit because I wouldn’t want a noticeable bulge-like boner. Thoughts? Many thanks in advance for the advice and your product!

  11. Dailyn (verified owner)

    I recieved my EZP Junior yesterday and luckly I drank plenty of water so I got to use it frequently that day and all I can say is that this changed everything for me. Originally I was not too sure on which to get because I’m 4’10 and I always thought about getting the original EZP but ended up getting the junior. It was small of course but really it’s perfect for me because of how small I am so I am happy that I chose the junior. I have used it probably 20 times already and have not experience any spillage but that might be due to my expierence with STP’s and knowing my anatomy. It is seriously really easy to pee with and I think anyone could master this in a few days. It is also super realistic and I can’t wait till I can use it at a urinal. Peeing with it for the first time I was almost brought to tears with how nomal everything looked and felt this really has changed my life and I can’t wait to keep using it everyday. Also the bulge is really small so if you want a small bulge go with this one. All in all I am extremely happy with buying this and though the price is alittle high save up and buy this because it is beyond worth it. Thank you Alex for creating things like this that can really change someones life.

  12. Vision

    I received my EZP Junior by winning a giveaway, and I have now been using it for about 6 months. I love it so much, it really helps me feel more like myself, I feel more confident when I pack with it (it’s just the right size for me – I’m a scrawny 5’4″) . It is SO easy to pee with, it’s my first STP and I’ve never experienced spillage while using it. It’s so realistic, it feels like an extension of me. VERY happy with this!

  13. Samurai (verified owner)

    Various STP was being tried so far, but this is easiest to use and it doesn’t leak.
    I thought it was a little more expensive than other STP, but I think it’s worth the price!

  14. T

    This STP needs some improving. This come very well crush the whole market of stp however the owner of the company is more concerned with new inventions instead of making this product long enough to clear the fly. It seriously can’t be that hard to do. If it was done this would be the #1 selling Stp period. So I would like to personally ask the owner why hasn’t he considered making it a little bit longer? I bought the product and literally can only use it when I don’t have or pants or shorts. If it could be a bit longer I could use the rap everywhere no matter where i am or what i have on. There’s reason other manufacturers have different generations of their products. It’s because they listen to their customers. Little changes could make a world of a different. This was a waste of $195 if you pants are bigger than the average guy.

    • Alex

      It sounds like you might have done better with the EZP rather than the EZP Junior seeing the EZP Junior is 80% the size of the EZP. It’s a fine balance between long enough to clear the fly (which the EZP is for most people) and having a comfortable and discreet packer. Any longer and it unfortunately compromises the later. But there certainly are plenty of other stps on the market that are longer in the shaft and everybody has a different preference as to what’s more or less important to them in a packer. The EZP is first and fore mostly addressing the need of having a compact and discreet packer that is easy to use. The EZP Junior addresses the same for smaller guys. I also try to make sure everyone reads the full product description before they buy the product seeing $195 IS a lot of money. When a product is made available for purchase, it always says “make sure the ____ is right for you by reading the full product description below”, in which I am very transparent that the EZP and EZP Junior isn’t ideal for larger guys.

  15. LX

    I‘m doing this review for a small but adult friend. He‘s very happy with the product and told me he instantly could pee with it. No accidents.

    So it is not only for children but also suitable for other small people.

  16. Alan

    Recieved mine only a week after I made the order! Very realistic, excellent paint job, just the right size for young boys or smaller men. So easy to use that I don’t even need hands! Looks very realistic with pants on. Only one issue: its quite stiff at first. Doesnt feel realistic to the touch. The silicone does wear down after a couple weeks though, becoming more flexible. It’s just big enough to create a bulge, not so big that you find people staring.

  17. K

    Really happy with it! I’m a bit of a smaller guy (5’3″) and this is sized perfectly for me. I was worried about it being too small before I got it when seeing about how it’s aimed more towards youth, but I’m having no problems here. It packs well and isn’t super obvious even in tight jeans and it gives a good feeling of having something there. It’s also really easy to pee with and looks very realistic. Definitely recommend it!

  18. kingskidchris

    I’m LOVING the EZP!
    It stands true to its name, as I peed(for the first time ever) standing without any issues! I even went out in public with confidence. I came home weeping with joy.

    Thank you thank you thank you for your products! I pray God continues to give you more wisdom for more products for us guys who…well…got the short end of the deal :P

  19. Mack

    I am adult and I could not decide to go for the junior or the regular. I had a hard time finding a comparison so that’s what I’m trying to help out with here. For me, I wear medium men’s boxer briefs because my waist is quite wide. I find that I wish I had the regular because the small does not stay in place because the medium undies have a bigger sack. I can use it to stand and peee without a problem although I do think I could benefit from a bit of length to clear the pants. It’s a very nice product and I have to say that using a urinal is wonderful. Hope this helps those that are on the fence.

  20. Alex

    After spending so long saving up enough money to buy this for myself when it arrived I wasn’t disappointing, like a small kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to unwrap and give it a try, well I’m 3 days in using it 24/7, still a little shy so it takes me a bit longer to perform :), but I love it, it has changed my life after 10yrs of frustration in the gents toilet, I can now stand at the urinal instead of having to wait for an empty cubical, thank you Guys you have made this years Christmas just perfect.

  21. Max (verified owner)

    The company is absolutely awsome, I had some problems while ordering the product, the answered my questions in no time and were super nice and helped me. Five stars to the staff!
    Also it arrived super quick, I did not expect it so early. (Didn’t even took two weeks, I live in Austria)
    I got the EZP Junior because I am quite small (157cm) and I am very happy with my decision, the size is perfect. It creates a visible bulge but nothing too obvious. It is very comfortable while packing and peeing with it is very easy, even though I do not have much practise jet. I can only recommend this product :)

  22. Mikey (verified owner)

    I really love this product! I was about to go on a trip to America when I saw that it was available for purchase. The staff at transthetics is so great! Now, to talk about the product.
    I didn’t know whether to buy the EZP or the EZP junior, but I am so glad I bought the EZP junior. Very happy with the size.
    The color and details are great. It’s very realistic. The only thing that’s a little bit of a bummer is that I usually wear dark-colored underwear and the fluff/hair sticks to the STP.

  23. Elijah (verified owner)

    This is an incredible stp and it arrived very quickly. I’ve had mine for 8 months now and have had very few leaks. It helped me feel significantly better and safer when going to the men’s room in public and especially at school. It definitely passes the realism test to this day even after all day-everyday use. The only issue I have is packing with it. I’ve made it work by wearing two pairs of briefs/boxer briefs that fit very tightly and it’s still difficult to avoid the boner look. I pack it up and slightly to the side and although it’s comfortable against my skin I still wish I could pack it down and look more natural in tight fitting pants.
    Aside from that, this thing has changed my life. I wear it biking, skating, running, climbing, hiking, and camping. I’m a very small guy at 5’2” and 100lbs and the overall size of this stp is perfect. Even with its complications, I don’t know how I ever lived with out it.

  24. Reade (verified owner)

    This design is a great improvement from the original size EZP! I tried the original ezp a couple years ago and had success using it but I found the cup to be a little bulky both to pack with and to use. The original size cup would kind of get squished in half long ways when it’s between your thighs and cause leaks, the Junior covers all your necessary parts and is less likely to bend or fold between your thighs. It’s great quality silicone and isn’t tacky at all.
    One design suggestion I have is to extend the shaft maybe half an inch but keep the cup and other dimensions the same junior size. This extra length would help the product clear your thighs and pants and allow the user to angle it down farther to let gravity help a little more with out the fear of dribbling on your pant leg, and I think that size increase would still be small enough to comfortably pack as a great smaller option.
    Thanks for the product!

  25. Anonymous

    Great product, works great. The only thing is it rips easily if you don’t wear it exactly how it says to and if you don’t wear tight underwear it slips and sometimes even falls. But overall great product.

    • Alex

      Thanks for the review! I just wanted to ask more about the “rips easily” as this should be a very durable product. I’d like to learn more about what happened in this instance as it most definitely should not rip easily. Please do reach out to me at so we can get to the bottom of what happened.

  26. James (verified owner)

    I’ve had my EZP Junior for almost a year and it’s perfect for me. Because each EZP is handmade there are slight variations in each one, and the EZP I first received had a variation in the urethra opening that unfortunately made me a bit squeamish (I can be a bit persnickety). I thought I had received a faulty product but it was actually just a natural byproduct of its handmade production. Alex promptly replied to my email, kindly offered me an exchange with free shipping, was polite and helpful through the entire exchange and I couldn’t be happier.

    I had been wanting an EZP for years, and I’m glad I waited until they had the smaller size. The EZP Junior is the perfect size for me, I’m 5’2” and 130 lbs. It fits perfectly in my briefs (if it was any larger I wouldn’t be able to fit it in my underwear or comfortably below my belt line). The bulge in my pants also looks very realistic for my stature – something I have never been able to achieve with any other packer. I’d also like to add that, for anyone contemplating which size to get, I’m married to a cis-man who is 5’ 10” and the length of this packer is about an inch longer than his when he is flaccid. So even for guys who are taller, this would still be realistic in size if they were looking for something that was easier to manage. I appreciate the length of the EZP Junior because it’s small enough to fit comfortably, but long enough to allow your stream to clear your pants.

    I wear the EZP Junior tucked in between the flap of my briefs, and because I am small, it’s a tight fit and friction keeps it in place. When the packer is tucked into the pouch on my underwear, I can just pull my pants down and the packer stays in place, so I don’t have to worry about it falling down my pants leg or something. I don’t use urinals, so to use it I just take it out from between the underwear flaps, use it, then replace and re-position it. I find it more comfortable having the fabric between the packer and my skin. I’ve worn it inside of my underwear against my skin, and it’s fine – not very much of the packer rests against you anyway, it’s just my personal preference. It worked perfectly the first time I tried it and I’ve never had any leaks or accidents (although I don’t use it at urinals so I can’t attest to that experience).

    My major hobby is hiking, and it is such a relief to have an STP packer at all times. It eliminates all of the stress and much of the effort and time it takes to relieve myself in the woods before another hiker rounds the bend in the trail. I am so grateful that Alex developed and sells this comfortable, realistic, and easy to use STP packer that’s perfect for an active and athletic lifestyle. The EZP Junior has made a huge difference in my life – eliminating a lot of anxiety and discomfort around passing, bathrooms, and when I need to relieve myself when bathrooms aren’t available.

  27. ninthpossibility (verified owner)

    I have been using my EZP Junior for a few weeks now, and I love it. I waited a long time to make the purchase because I wasn’t sure it would be right for me, and the reviews I found online didn’t quite address my situation, so with this review I would like to explain the particular difficulties that I have had with STPs, the solution that I’ve found, and why the EZP Junior works for me.

    I have tried two STPs before: the Emisil compact (similar to the EZP), and the P-Style (a hard plastic funnel). Ideally, like many people who purchase an STP I imagine, I wanted to be able to pee standing up in public bathrooms and outdoors in a way that wouldn’t alert people to the fact that I am trans. The problem is that the pants I wear don’t seem to have quite enough clearance and tend to either squash the STP or prevent it from pointing downwards, which obviously leads to spills. This made it impossible to use the Emisil compact the way I had hoped; to use it with any confidence, I would have had to lower my pants a little bit, which I feel would not look very natural at a urinal. I also didn’t like the way the Emisil looked while packing, as it would often fold itself in half and make a very unnatural-looking bulge (plus I find the material to be rather uncomfortable). So my next solution was to get the P-style. It also couldn’t be used discreetly at a urinal, since it doesn’t look like a penis, but at least I knew that I could use it without spilling (because the hard plastic meant that I could force it to point downwards with no risk of squashing it), and I could use it in conjunction with a non-STP packer (just by pushing it to the side when I needed to pee). The problem was that, since the P-style isn’t a packer, I always had to remember to bring it with me, to transfer it discreetly from my bag to my pocket when going to the bathroom, etc. The reason I finally invested in the EZP Junior is that I hoped I could combine the best of these two solutions: have a packer that I could use confidently just by pulling my pants down very slightly, and keep it directly in my underwear. That is exactly how it has worked out—I find the EZP Junior to be very comfortable and discreet, and I can use it by just tugging down my waistband about one inch. The cup is much flatter than the Emisil compact, making it less likely to get squashed, and I think that with practice I might actually be able to use the EZP at a urinal. Until then, it’s still very convenient to have an STP that lives in my underwear so that I can use it in situations with some privacy but where I still prefer standing to pee, such as outdoors for hiking or rock climbing (no need to take off the harness!) or in those horrible public toilets with the automatic door that sometimes malfunctions and opens unexpectedly while you’re sitting on the toilet (definitely a true story…). I am also a very small person, and so the size of the EZP Junior is ideal for me. I think that the EZP Junior is about as close to a perfect STP as I can get, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

  28. Juley Schmidt (verified owner)

    This EZP Junior is just perfect! He is very comfortable and looks unbelievably realistic! Easy to use, even without a harness or sideslit underwear (I just use normal boxershorts and pull my pants down with my left hand while I’m holding the ezp with the right) Thank you for doing such a great job!
    My Height: 1,63m Weight: 50kg

  29. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I got this for my small 10 year old and he says the following. I will just add that we had heard from other people that it can be awkward to pack with and requires a bit of adjusting.

    The bulge is just too big if you bend it down and it looks incredibly strange when it’s up because it pokes out. I can pee with it fine but there is a little slope upwards from the cup to the shaft so I have to push to cup up to make sure there is no enormous puddle in the back of the cup. I’m glad I have it, but overall it’s not the best STP for someone my size. It seems like it would be better for someone bigger or older than me, like a 13-year-old. I like that I don’t need special underwear or a harness and it fits perfectly in normal briefs.

    Also, we had the product for about 2 weeks when we noticed that the color was fading a bit on the veins and head. Is this supposed to happen?

  30. Marleen (verified owner)

    our son (10 years old) is very happy with this stp packer!! it feels realistic, does not leak and looks very real. all in all a very good purchase and great service from the webshop!!

  31. Michael Ellis (verified owner)

    I got the EZP Junior and budgie boxer briefs and am really impressed. I have tried a variety of others and haven’t found anything that packs well, feels secure and I can use as an STP. Right from the beginning, it stays absolutely in place and no leaks or accidents – really, really easy to use. I also go climbing and again it is comfortable and absolutely stays in place. I hadn’t been sure about it because of packing upwards (and some others which would pack downwards which ‘look’ more like I had imagined), but actually it gives a far better shape and when actually accessing/using, it is far easier and more reliable. Very very happy!

  32. Sam (verified owner)

    I’ll preface this by saying that the seller is very accommodating and responsive and is trying to help me fix the problems I am having with the product.
    However, I’ve tried for a few weeks and am not sure this stp will work for my body. Though it is beautifully made and looks/feels realistic and comfortable, I find that the only way that the pee goes properly out the device and not into my pants is if I take a very unnaturally wide stance and vigorously push the EZP down and lean forward- all of this makes peeing look and feel very unnatural and would be bizarre to do in a public restroom.
    Plus if it is situated upwards in the underwear while packing and the cup is not underneath where it needs to be, I have to adjust it very conspicuously before peeing.
    I have tried a bunch of ways and positions (using it with and without the Transthetics packing briefs and the training cup), but when I am wearing pants and/or underwear, I pee all over myself the vast majority of the time. It is also a little short in terms of clearing the fly and has accumulated a seemingly permanent(?) dark linty residue despite the description saying powdering isn’t necessary?
    I am sorry to leave this sort of review because I really like this company and would definitely purchase again from Transthetics.

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with it. It does sound like this is a combination of technique and choice of pants, which as we’ve said, we’re more than happy to address with you by email.

  33. Rob (verified owner)

    This product is near-perfect. I’ve had it a year and frequently go backpacking, cycling, climbing, and run cross-country. It’s very slightly deformed around the cup due to my constantly shoving it in Budgies, but still looks natural in boxers, and the new shape retainer should prevent further damage. The size is the smallest still-functional STP I’ve ever found, and that is 100% welcome. Perfect! The goal here is not to show off an enormous package, it’s simply to function in the outdoor and bathroom worlds like your brain says you should, while playing sports.

    General Tips:
    * Shift it up slightly if it pokes outward, it may be partly under your pelvis or trapped at an angle, and does not like to bend
    * Shift it up when cycling, for comfort
    * As Alex warns, be sure you adjust or choose appropriate clothing, with an opening below yours
    * Buy or make Budgies before attempting any water activities — they are secure, and that is #1 here
    * Practice, practice, practice at home until you can go 10 times without leaking
    ** Prior to any urinal endeavors, make sure you can go without looking like you’re trying to solve the world’s
    hardest problem or standing with your legs three feet apart, or grasping with both hands, etc…
    ** Tip the bowl up at the end or shake with a tap at the base to clear it
    * Buy the shape retainer now or with Budgies, else shipping costs will turn you off for months. Make sure it’s the right size cup!

    ‘Where there’s a willy, there’s a way’. Thanks, Alex and company.

  34. Keaton (verified owner)

    Got my EZP Junior in a timely fashion. I ordered the uncut and it looks better than the photos; honestly, I could just stare at it and admire the detail. Haven’t used extensively so can’t speak to longevity, but am 3 for 3 on STP with clothes on (no leaks!). I have some STP experience to date with the Axolom Prince, but it’s minimal, so I feel confident in saying that the EZP is forgiving to beginners. I haven’t used it in pants yet that let me assess performance through a zip fly, but I had no problem peeing over the waistband in sweats (ass covered), and over the waistband in rock climbing pants (ass uncovered), so it seems totally doable so long as I have pants that complement. I am a relatively small 5″3″ and made the right choice. I will concur with other opinions that packing can be hit or miss, given that you have to pack up or sideways, and can’t pack as a foldover bulge like other options on the market.

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