The EZP – Realistic FTM STP Packer (Cut & Natural)

$195.00 USD

(325 customer reviews)

The ergonomic EZP realistic FTM STP packer is designed for comfort. This STP device is light, comfortable for all day packing and easy to use.

But before you buy, make sure the EZP is right for you by reading the full product description below.

Current wait time is UP TO 2 weeks on dispatch.

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The EZP Stand to Pee Packer was created by a physically active trans man, with very high expectations of what an FTM STP packer should deliver, it needed to be:

A highly realistic FTM STP

even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency and highly detailed, each unit is hand crafted creating natural variations in skin tone.

An STP packer that you can wear all day

even riding a bike! Okay, so it hasn’t been tested on triathlons but certainly comfortable enough to be used riding around town.

Easy to use stand to pee device

with soft edges to prevent spillage and minimize skin contact, it requires very little practice to get right, provided you are using snug, side slit underwear and holding it correctly. (read Some tips for using an STP)

An easy to clean STP device

with no powdering required, unlike most STPs, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just rinse after use (if practical) and wash with soap daily.

No harness required and natural contour in underwear

or wetsuits, rock climbing harnesses and swimmers! All you need is snug fitting underwear for a completely natural looking erm… package.

Our FTM STP is completely skin safe

made from durable, high quality, prosthetics grade silicone, it’s the prefered material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers world wide.

Watch Chase Ross’s video reviews.

Is the EZP right for me?


If you are looking for a high quality, realistic, comfortable and easy to use stand to pee packer that is safe for all day wear. It is particularly well suited for active people and looks natural in a rock climbing harness, tight clothing etc.


If you have had any kind of lower surgery, the EZP is probably not well suited to you as it has been designed for trans guys who have not had any lower surgery. However in this case, the Rod is probably just your ticket (if you’ve had urethral lengthening.)

If you are not able to pee in a cup without missing (ie if you have a “spray” or unpredictable stream.)

If you are looking for a large and obvious packer.

If you are just looking for a packer and don’t require an stp (stand to pee) and if durability, quality and skin safety are not a big concern for you. (In which case I’d highly recommend something like the Mr Limpy as a much cheaper alternative. For $15 there’s really nothing better on the market!)


If you are on the heavy side and cannot create a 5cm (2inch) wide gap between your legs when adopting a wide stance, you will most likely need to use the EZP with the shape retainer cup. The EZP is made from a soft silicone and if it is squashed between your legs, it will cause accidents. The shape retainer prevents this from happening.

325 reviews for The EZP – Realistic FTM STP Packer (Cut & Natural)

  1. Simon

    I’ve tried a lot of different stps in my time and though some of them, with a bit of practice did a good job, with the Real EZP STP I’ve never once had an accident! From the very first use, I felt completely confident that my pants would stay dry and it’s comfortable to wear all day.

  2. Jack

    I realise this probably sounds a tad ridiculous as it’s one of those things that half the population takes for granted, but I seriously find it so much FUN to pee standing up! An unexpected side effect is that I probably drink a lot more water than I used to :)))

  3. Chase Ross

    I just got it in the mail and went to try it out and omg I’m crying! It’s the first time in my life I can pee standing up and there was no leaking! click here for the video review.)

  4. Aaron

    Best yoga packer ever. Just survived sweaty two hour master class 100% intact. The Real EZP plus jock strap pouch just solved my yoga dysphoria completely!

  5. Al

    I was hoping someone would make a product like this. Easy to use, not sticky and it’s regular sized so you fit in with the rest of the guys. Great product!

  6. Dyllon

    I received my ezp a couple of days ago :)  Been using it for two days and love it. Overall the best and easiest to use stp I’ve tried so far (and the list is long!) Thanks for this amazing product. Keep up the good work :)

  7. Zak

    The Real EZP is the best product I’ve encountered for my needs and has met or exceeded all of my expectations…My first impressions were that it looked amazingly realistic…it looked much more natural than any packer I’d ever had AND felt significantly more comfortable…It feels natural, doesn’t get too sweaty, molds to your body, and stays where it needs to be…As an STP, it’s also great…After less than a week of practice I’ve used it successfully in public bathrooms.

  8. Kal

    I was EXTREMELY particular with what I wanted and no matter how much time or money I spent on these STPs, nothing was working. Then, I found Transthetics…It is super easy to STP once you get the hang of it and it works well as a packer. You get the functional use and the look you want with this guy. It is well worth the price because this is an AMAZING product. Normally by this time in my ownership, I’d be looking for a new product to try but not this time. This guy is a keeper and I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for a realistic STP and packer.

  9. Elliot (verified owner)

    The EZP is the first packer/STP device that I’ve ever used, and I was able to pee standing up no problem on my very first try! It was crazy awesome and kinda a weird feeling to be peeing standing up knowing that I wouldn’t pee all over myself. It’s super comfortable, and Alex is great at communication and really cares about customer satisfaction. The EZP was well worth the investment! Also I’m excited to go rock climbing at now :)

  10. Wade (verified owner)

    I’m incredibly thankful that I decided to buy this as my first stp. After just a few practice runs, I got the hang of it! It is super comfortable to pack with and looks great. Alex is an awesome guy and cares about how it works with all types of people. Looking forward to checking out new products in the future!

  11. Brett

    Let me tell you guys. I have a TON of STPs in my drawers. None of them have come close to this one. The bottom line is that this thing is exactly what I have been looking for. For me, it is for sure a 10 out of 10 (click here for full review)

  12. Martin

    Guys! Bathroom dysphoria belongs to the past with this great product. I tried them all, Peecock, Fenis, selfmade,… but none of them worked RELIABLY. The EZP is very easy to use, looks very realistic and IT WORKS !!! Also, the size is perfect, not too big, it is comfortable to wear and looks good. I absolutely recommend it. Thank you, Alex!

  13. Jordan

    Finally something meant exactly for transmen! It is the right size completely and it looks (somehow) even better in real life than online. I now completely understand all the hype about this product. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this has already changed my life. 

  14. Seth

    I received my EZP on Tuesday. It is awesome and very easy to use. I have tried so many different STP’s and yours is by far the best!

  15. Cody

    I got my “package” in the mail! (lol) I love it, and it works great. Thank you for all your hard work you do for our community.

  16. Luke

    I can’t say enough how great it is and how awesome it makes me feel. It works amazingly! I would recommend this product to all trans men. Thanks again for making my dysphoria that much easier to deal with. Keep up the amazing work! :)

  17. Charlie

    I’m overwhelmed by how great it is. It is the best packer I have used and it looks so realistic. I’m very happy I bought one. My fiancée loves it too — she says it’s almost scary how real it looks. Thank you so much for making your Real EZPs! You have improved my self-confidence and overall satisfaction with my body, and I’m certain I’m not the first one to say so.

  18. Sam

    I am SO happy with it! Before I got this I avoided going to the toilet like the plague and when I got it I couldn’t stop checking to see if I needed the toilet yet! I agonised over reviews of all sorts of STPs and I was very disheartened with what was on offer…I couldn’t understand how anyone was successfully not peeing all over themselves. They all seemed like a lot of effort “you need to hold the balls back, make sure a seal is created so that you don’t have any spillage and you will have to control your flow”. I just wanted to be able to go to the loo without having to think so much and worry that I might have an accident. Then I found this and it was a no brainer for me. I really love that I don’t have to do any thinking to go to the loo and that I don’t have to control my flow (especially impossible after a few ciders and the resulting full bladder!). Being my first STP I expected to have accidents whilst I got used to it but that wasn’t the case. After getting rid of the initial “you can’t pee standing up you will pee all over the floor!” thoughts in my head I had no problems whatsoever. Then there is how realistic it looks…I wear it all the time and it has even made bathing much less awful because I can really believe it belongs to my body. I have no problem with stickiness…it comes out of my pants as clean as it went in…cool! It couldn’t be easier. This was totally worth having a broke month to buy this. Respect to you for creating such an amazing product. Thank you.

  19. Kieran

    It’s awesome! The color matches great and the detail is amazing. It’s very easy to use! It’s my first stp and spilling has been one of my biggest fears and I haven’t had a problem yet! It came with perfect timing as I’m starting fall semester soon, this will be my first year going for 5 hours a day, 4 days a week. Not being able to go to the restroom (since I no longer really look like I belong in the woman’s room) was giving me tons of anxiety and this will be my key! Super happy with it!!

  20. Simon

    I love it! Briefs hold it really well and the bulge is just perfect. It looks great and peeing with it is sooo easy! It’s literally the EZP. A billion out of ten recommends! (click here for full review)

  21. Bradley

    This is by far above all other STPs. Between the functionality and flawless design, to how realistic looking it is. I have never been happier to receive a package in the mail, no pun intended hehe. This is my first, last, and only stp that I will ever use for a countless amout of reasons. Thanks so much!

  22. Thomas

    I am very impressed with design and engineering. I’ve had others I thought were great, but this is the winner! I don’t miss wearing a harness one bit and have been super active with it already. I am a happy trans guy! Thanks for creating such a great product!

  23. Johnny

    I love how the standard colouring matches my skin tone, and the detail of being a bit redder at the head of it. I’m also very happy with how well it works. I’m very happy with my purchase, and I would buy this again, as well as recommend it.

  24. Evan

    This thing is awesome. I paid the extra $100 for a custom color EZP because the regular ones always sold out before I could place an order and I didn’t want to wait any longer. Alex was extremely helpful and patient and I must say I am amazed at how perfectly my EZP matches the color sample I sent. I’ve had it for several months now and have found it is much easier to use than the many other STPs I’ve used. There is definitely a much shorter learning curve. I have found that I need to control my flow when I use it, but I may just pee more forcefully than most since I tend to wait longer than I should before going to the bathroom. I like not needing a harness, but I’m still always a bit worried it may somehow fall out of my pants. Also, if it creeps out of place, it’s very difficult for me to re-position because it can work its way around more than something secured in a harness. But I expect over time I’ll get used to it and feel more comfortable with it being loose. I miss the balls and weight of a traditional packer, too – the EZP just doesn’t feel as natural in my pants. But overall, the EZP is fantastic and I am extremely glad I got it. Not only has it helped my dysphoria, but it has relieved the apprehension I used to have about using the men’s room and greatly improved my self-confidence. In fact, I will go as far as to say the EZP has actually improved my quality of life.

  25. Alec

    Shipping was super fast! This is day two. I think I’m going to love it! So far it seems like a great product. Easy, simplistic, yet ingenious. Thank you for having this product on the market!

  26. Adam

    I just want to let you know the EZP is brilliant. I have used the Peecock Gen2 previously and I hated it. I used it twice and got wet both times. I’ve been using this one a few days and have not had an accident once. (Used it at work today for the first time too). I totally forget it’s there as it’s so comfortable. Thanks again and I can now pee with confidence.

  27. Axel

    I received my Real EZP STP from Transthetics about 3 days ago, and it has already changed my life!

  28. Nat

    My EZP just came in the mail today. I wanted to say thank you. First time using went perfectly thanks to your videos and instructions. The details are so realistic my cis male friends were floored. It’s only been a day but this thing has changed my life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am!

  29. Wren

    I ordered the standard colour STP off of your site, and it just got here today. I have to say, it is the greatest working STPP I have used. What I mostly care about is that it works properly, fits me correctly, and is comfortable for wearing on a daily basis, (Realism is a bonus, and I have to say that you’ve done a great job at making that happen too!!). The EZP is wonderful for all of those things. After I got it I was very excited, and drank three water bottles in anticipation to try it out (hahaha), and once got to testing out the stand to pee function, I was even happier!! The fact that I was able to pee normally, with no leaking, was amazing! I wanted to let you know that you have made an incredible product, that is making lives easier, and much, much more joyful. Thank you so much!!

  30. Shaun

    I love my EZP! Works fantastic and simply as an STP and i love just packing with it too. Great work :)

  31. Daniel

    It’s awesome. It requires minimal practice, and I just successfully used it with pants and undies with no drips. The color is spot on (I’m light skinned but feel like the medium tone usually looks most natural.) Thanks again!

  32. Matt

    The EZP has made a huge difference to my life even in the 2 short weeks that I’ve had it. Genuinely the only stp that I’ve ever felt confident to use outside the safe confides of my house and it’s doing wonders for my confidence. (click here for review)

  33. Jonathan (verified owner)

    While I decided I’m not overly fond of STPs (though this one DOES work very well– except if you really have to go, just watch it), it still is an awesome packer. It is natural in look and feel. Not silly large. And the only packer/prosthetic that does not make me itch. Super happy with this product and have been recommending all over the place. Thanks.

  34. Jessie

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This packer is amazing! I love how discreet it is and it is comfortable and does not shift even through an 8+ hour work day.

  35. Clinton

    My, lord, but it’s wonderful! And I think that it will be wonderful with any pair of boxer/briefs that I have or any more than I ordered. I know that this is a a sort of ‘generic’ Caucasian flesh tone, but it looks perfect on me and my particular tone. And I’ve been preparing for this day since I first laid eyes on it. And although I expected adjustments, none were needed this first go.

  36. Asher

    I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! It has honestly helped so much with my dysphoria.

  37. Seth

    Got my EZP in the mail last week and so far it’s been great. I’d used a PeeStyle previously but after an embarrassing experience with a security guard/bag search at a festival I was scared away from even bringing it with me to events like that again. I knew I needed something that was functional, but more importantly practical, wearable, and passable and this is literally the answer to my prayers. Took only a couple tries to get the hang of it and I’ve used it in the toilets at work without a problem.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and genius that you’ve poured into this project. I for one am very grateful.

  38. Alex

    First off, I’m well impressed with the look of it, it was even better than I was expecting and I was made up when I opened the package.

    It worked really well for me straight away, but then maybe I got overconfident and it was a bit hit and miss for a while (!). Think I was overthinking it. Your instruction sheet and videos are really useful, particularly the frontal one. Pretty sure I’ve got it sussed now.

    You’ve done a fantastic job with this. I’ve used a variety of devices before and liked the Fenis – the main problem being that it had to be carried somewhere. Yours is the only one I’ve used that I can comfortably wear, looks good and is functional.

  39. Edison

    I got my EZP a few weeks ago now- wanted to have it for a bit before I reviewed. And it is just fantastic!!! I’ve finally started not being scared about going to the bathroom and actually being excited because of the EZP!! It makes me so happy!! Thank you so much for creating it!!!!

  40. Elliot

    I just got the EZP today and honestly, it’s really really nice! I was surprised it came so fast too, but I’m glad it did. It works perfectly and it looks so good! Thank you for everything!

  41. Shane

    I already love it! This is the first stp I’ve had, and I would always read the horror stories about other stps not working and having accidents in public and stuff but I watched Chase Ross’s review of the EZP and I’ve been saving up for it ever since. I also am really active outdoors and I’ve been looking for something that would work when I’m exercising in public. The ezp seems to fit really nicely in my underwear and it looks like I have something there but its not huge and noticeable!! Its also much more comfortable I feel like I’ll be able to pack with it longer than I have with other packers. Also its super realistic and I love the way it looks. I’m really excited to try it out for skiing and biking! Thank you so much this is literally going to give me so much more confidence in bathrooms and help me so much with bottom dysphoria.

  42. Leon

    The EZP looks amazing (even better than on the photos!) and it works great !!!! It’s like early xmas gift (and defo the best one I could have got!) It will make my life much easier – thanks a lot for making them!

  43. Casey

    So far I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my EZP. It is my first packer/stp so I was quite nervous about packing, and especially using the bathroom function because of this. My first go I was able to successfully use my EZP in the bathroom, which is awesome and alleviates a lot of my dysphoric feelings related to bathrooms and the lower part of my body.

  44. Kalem

    I just wanted to say that in such a short time your product has changed my life. Thank you for an amazing stp! Im proud to have supported someone who’s apart of the trans community too. Ill be telling all my ftm friends how great the ezp worked for me. Thanks again man.

  45. Alex

    First I will say I freaking LOVE it. I’ll just put that out there right now. It is realistic, comfortable & almost fool-proof. I am serious, it looks realistic. I paid $170US for a “realistic” packer (excluding shipping) in 2007 which wasn’t as realistic as the EZP, was heavier & created a very obvious bulge. I started transitioning 10 years ago and wish I had one of these back then. (click here for full review)

  46. Jay

    I can’t thank you enough! I received my EZP last week and have been using it full time. It is fantastic! I couldn’t be more pleased.

  47. Jake (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 4 different STPs. This one actually works. All you do is walk up to the toilet, unzip, pee, and shake. No adjusting, no worrying about leaking. It feels so incredibly natural. This is by FAR the best STP I’ve used. Thank you so much!! Completely worth it!

  48. Luca

    Arrived and works great. Super pleased. Thanks!

  49. Alex

    I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your product. I guess like many other transmen, I have tried every prosthetic on the market. I never mastered any of them and always ended up urinating all over myself. Tiresome. First time out with EZP, success! I feel like a pro after 1 day. Amazing. You provided so much information and your video is enormously helpful. I am very grateful. Since surgery is not an option for me, too many complications for someone at 62, your product has changed my life and given me what was missing in my life, a real sense of myself as a man. Thank you.

  50. Fernando

    Thanks for creating such a great product. I just received it and have used it just for 1 day and I already love it. It´s so easy to use, it´s amazing! I will definitely recommend it to my friends in México. I´ve used other STPs before but no other can compare to this one. I’m still getting used to the way to fix it in my trousers but I know I’ll get there :)

  51. Alex

    I have the confidence to pee at work in the cubicle which I never had with the Peecock so that’s definitely a good step up and I’m really, really happy with it. (click here for full review)

  52. Alan

    It arrived today and I LOVE it! It’s completely, 100% perfect for me. It looks and feels great. I’m incredibly happy with it. I was able to use it the first try with no spills. Thank you so much! Also, your vids are very helpful and much appreciated.

  53. Lincoln

    I received my EZP in the mail a few days ago and got the chance to try it out yesterday. It looks brilliant and feels great! I’ve never used an STP before and I was kind of nervous about accidents and flow issues that I’ve heard of with things like the Peecock and FreeToM. I had no accident on my first try, and I didn’t hold back the flow much. I’m really impressed with it. You’ve definitely helped me! Will be recommending it to my buds looking for one :).

  54. Kenji

    I was heading home and had to pee so bad. I grabbed the mail, low and behold there was my package. I proceeded toward the bathroom. I was going to just do it with my pants on but realized that might not be the best idea. Standing in the shower with my underwear on I let it rip. Totally awesome! Fear struck when I thought I was loosing some out the back but it was all good. Next is to learn how to hit the toilet bowl. My wife tells me that if I leave the toilet seat up I’m going to have a different serious issue to deal with. Fantastic experience, a steady stream and no spillage. Thank you for creating the EZP!

  55. Evan

    I just got the EZP from the mail. It went pretty fast, thanks so much. And it works very well.

  56. Shawn

    I have used your product for about two weeks, and it really very useful for me and solve the leaking problem as well. Thank you and hope you creating more useful tools for the FTM bros!! We are looking forward to it!!

  57. Bear

    The EZP is a game changer. I highly recommend this to any trans guy who’s looking to find an affordable comfortable reliable stand to pee device. (click here for full review)

  58. Alex

    Just letting you know I got it in the mail and it is amazing a true life changer thank you for all you do :D! I cannot be more happy with this product.

  59. Laur

    When I found the ezp, I recall the price, reading through the reviews, checking out the you tube video, searching other stp’s again to be sure, and then ultimately coming back to my basket at transthetics and making that purchase. That purchase I believe, and the purchases I make in the future with, have and will continue to change my life. I breathed a sigh of relief and almost cried a little when I realised just how easy this is going to be. I can see the day I make the transition to the mens room drawing nearer and I feel confident. It looks great, feels great and performs the task perfectly. Worth every penny!

  60. Jordan

    I received my EZP today and since this is my first STP it took me a couple tries but it works great! I’m really happy with it. Thanks for making a great product! :D

  61. Oren

    EZP arrived today, which is faster than I expected. The detailing is honestly amazing. Hearing about it is definitely different from actually seeing it in person. And I tried it immediately. No problem. Thank you for this, I’m honestly so grateful that there is such a great product out there for this price. I’m really happy with it!

  62. Nik

    I just wanted to write to say I’m loving my EZP. My lady, and I are super impressed by it. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. Thanks again man!! High Fives and Fist Bumps!

  63. Bradley

    I received it today! I absolutely love it! You did a hell of a job!! You have no idea how happy I am to finally have that every step (: ! You’re amazing dude! You can hardly feel it!

  64. Jonah

    It arrive today, right on schedule. The first time I used it I had a small amount of leakage but realized it was because I was trying to push it up against myself. The second time, not a drop spilled. This is pretty amazing. I have tried about everything and spent I don’t know how much money in the process. Hopefully this will be the last one.

  65. Courtney

    I got my EZP in the mail earlier today and I can’t get over how easy it is to use! This is my first stp and I was really nervous but it was just so easy. I did exactly what you mentioned in the videos and BAM, in the toilet. I can’t get enough of it! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you enough. I love it!!

  66. Andre

    It looks amazing and is actually pretty close to my skin tone. I’m super impressed with the detail, as well as the flexibility that other packers don’t seem to offer. My first time trying it was no problem at all! No mess what so ever, and I was able to pee freely. I want to thank you again for putting out an amazing product, as well as having the best customer service I’ve ever encountered! You’re doing good things sir.

  67. James

    I’ve just come home to find my package arrived. I’m so happy thank you so much. I’ve just used it too and it was so easy!

  68. Ezra

    The EZP has arrived, and it is fantastic! Quite comfortable and easy to manage. Thank you so much again, I can’t tell you what this means to me–but I’m sure you understand completely :)

  69. Nathan

    I received my EZP in the mail on Tuesday. I have never had an STP before, so it took me a few times to get used to using it, but thats it. Ive successfully used it at work yesterday and today with no incidents. I already feel naked when I dont have it. This is seriously life changing for me. Thank you so much. What an amazing product.

  70. Josh

    Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived a few days ago! First I’d like to say thank you so much for sending me something so amazing. It looks great , feels great and I was able to use it successfully on the second try! I feel way better about myself and this is an amazing product. Keep making these and doing all the of the great things you do for the community. Thank you so so much for sending me this and being so generous I can’t thank you enough!

  71. Cole

    I’m still working on positioning for use (and not being bladder shy, lol). I had a few accidents I think due to not having it pointed downward enough. However, this is by far The BEST STP I’ve used. It is ridiculously easy to use and so comfortable to wear. There have been a few times this week where I literally forgot I was packing because it is so lightweight and comfortable. Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such an amazing product.

  72. Jack

    Alex! I just got my ezp in the mail and was able to shower and use it and omg. Dude. This thing is AMAZING!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for creating this! It feels so natural on my body and looks amazing in clothing. You’re an awesome human and I am so grateful for the EZP!

  73. Ayden

    Thank you very much for making such an amazing product. I have had my EZP for a few weeks now, this has changed my life! I no longer get extremely anxious to go into the bathroom. It took about a day or so to figure out how it worked best for me but now it’s just perfect.

  74. Tyler

    I received my EZP today! Thank you so much. First try and success! So far I’m amazed by it. Looks real and works excellent.

  75. Skylar

    First of all I need to say that before EZP I tried Freetom and Peecock.. both were a complete fail. I could use them at home but was never 100% confident with it, not to mention they were way too bulky and visible in your pants. I love how the EZP fits in my pants. For the most part it looks completely realistic through a pair of pants. I have used it almost every day since I got it a few months ago and have not had even one accident (which I was having daily with the other STPs I have tried.) I finally feel free to use the guys bathroom and not feel insecure. I use urinals everywhere I go. I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for creating this product and helping guys like me gain some confidence. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to buy and STP. I am excited to see your future creations.

  76. K

    So today I got my STP and I’ve only used it one time, but so far so good. Just wanted to let you know :)

  77. Ryan

    It’s arrived! It’s amazing. It does exactly what it’s supposed to. No leaks. And looks absolutely perfect. I can’t thank you enough.

  78. Kolby

    Your product is the JAM. Thank you so much for developing this magical, life-altering device. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know! I will buy from you as long as you are in business!!! Happy peeing.

  79. Levi

    I just got the EZP (as in, I went back home from college) and it’s amazing! I love how it feels, it looks good, and it’s so easy to use! I did have a bit of splash problems, but that was my own fault for not reading the instructions.

  80. Gino

    The EZP came earlier than I expected and I’m already using it! It is better than I had hoped. The tips and tricks were especially helpful. I love it!

  81. Ayden

    This product is absolutely amazing. I’m two and a half weeks on T. I don’t have any experience at all with STP’s. I tried and actually peed the first time trying! Amazing. Plus it’s a packer. You’re doing great things man. Thank you thank you! This changes people’s lives so they aren’t questioned in bathrooms

  82. Sean

    I received my package and I am just in total aw. I had a moment where I was looking down and it looked as if it were my own and I had this biggest grin on my face. I am so thankful for this man you have no idea.

  83. Aiden

    Alex! I received my EZP STP in the mail. That was fast! Just wanted to give you a feedback review. This product is absolutely amazing. I’m 2 and a half weeks on T. I don’t have any experience at all with STP’s. I tired and actually peed the first time trying! Amazing. Plus it’s a packer. You’re doing great things man. Thank you thank you! This changes people’s lives.

  84. Ashe

    It works AMAZING!! Love it!!! Whoop!! Have not pee’d on myself at ALL!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Thank you

  85. Mason

    I have found it great, it has worked well for me each time I have used it and no spilling! I also found your videos a great help especially in finding underwear that works! So thank you very much.

  86. Carson

    Dude, not only have I received the EZP but it is AWESOME!! Thank You!!

  87. Sean

    The EZP arrived a few days ago, and I absolutely love it. I can’t thank you enough.

  88. Kadyn (verified owner)

    The EZP is simply incredible. It is very easy to use and stays in place very well even in boxer briefs. It is very realistic and looks great in pants and underwear and it doesn’t look like you have a boner all the time. It’s made my life a million times better. Being my first packer/stp it took a few days to get used to but it is amazing. Completely worth the money.

  89. Hayden

    Loving this EZP!! Thank you SO much. Doing loads of hikes in Jasper rn and it’s so handy. Still haven’t found the perfect underwear to have it sit in, but functionality is off the heezay!

  90. Alyx

    I just received my EZP and not only was I impressed with how quickly you made my prosthetic, but how amazing it actually is in person! Bro, you hit the nail on the head! It really feels like part of me, and was super easy to pee with right away!! Thanks so much man!!! I look forward to ordering more products from you!!

  91. Fred

    I had my (extensive) test drive of the EZP

    First, the esthetic: I love it! the amount of details that you put in the color and textures is amazing. It is even better than the pictures on your website. Even a standard color matches quite well my skin tone, which is a first for me

    Packing in the beginning was a bit weird, it was the first to wear “up”. But once it is in my pants it is the most comfortable packer I have ever tried. Just the right size to know that it is there but without being unnaturally so. And once it is there I don’t need to adjust the position here and there as with any other packer or STP. I did a lot of sport wearing it, from running to climbing to capoeira and I have no problem whatsoever

    Peeing is not always perfect. Much depends on the trousers I am wearing but with most of them I have to lower them too much to get the right angle. Weird enough, underwear without the front hole works better when my trousers are not helping… Anyway, after peeing on half of them, now I know which one are safe and which are not. I know this is not the best experience ever, but if I compare the EZP with a Model D or a Peecock (gen2, 4.5 inch), they have “success rate” of 70%, 50% and 30% respectively

    All in all this is the best packer and STP I have ever tried. Yes, it is more expensive than a Model D, but it is like moving from economy to first class on a plane. In comparison to the Peecock, in the same price range, the EZP is by far the winner

    I have been so happy with the quality of the EZP that I have just ordered a Rod :-)

  92. John

    I just received my EZP STPP today and I am ecstatic!! I am so happy with this product. I’ve never used a stp before and even on my first try, there were no accidents! I just have to get used to standing up, as well as the loud splashing sound the water makes when peeing ahah

    It’s a great feeling to be able to pee standing up and also to know that I have the option to use the mens bathroom urinal, if I’m feeling brave enough, while having a natural looking packer!

    Thank you so much for making this. It’s literally going to change my daily life (in a more than good way). I’m so grateful you have spent the time and money to make this available and help out fellow trans* people!!

    I am very happy I bought this and would buy again ??

    Thanks again!!!

  93. Isaac (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. I was able to pee without any difficulty upon first use and although packing with it at the moment is difficult because I wear boxer briefs I’m sure that when I get some briefs it’ll look great and because it’s not sticky you often forget it’s there. I got the medium colour and it’s a bit pink for my skin tone but that’s not a big deal. Definitely has everything I want for my first STP and the delivery times were fantasticly quick, I live in England and it only took 9 days to get here! Great customer service too, I’d definitely recommend purchasing from Transthetics.

  94. Aidan

    I will be honest and say so far I have not taken the EZP out of the house, but I have used it many times in my home and honestly I haven’t had any issues. As far as smell over time (I run it under water after use) it hasn’t collected any smell. I also have found that I can hold this stop between my legs, and it holds there with no hand support, which I thought was really cool and very ‘realistic”. I did find that holding git in your boxer facing up seemed a bit weird but it did look much better from the front facing up. I also found even facing up the bulge was realistic and it didn’t look like I had a hard on haha!

  95. Kai

    I received my EZP today and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought! It took me a little while to get going, but once I started, it was such a liberating feeling! I highly recommend this to any trans* person who wishes to tackle their dysphoria head on! Thank you for creating this, you’re doing a great thing for so many people :) Could you post this review on your website please? Thank you!

  96. Kai (verified owner)

    I received my EZP today and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought! It took me a little while to get going, but once I started, it was such a liberating feeling! I highly recommend this to any trans* person who wishes to tackle their dysphoria head on! Thank you for creating this, you’re doing a great thing for so many people :)

  97. Claude

    The EZP is Amazing! This is my first STP and i’ve yet to have an accident with it. I’m also astonished at how realistic it looks (with and without pants). Your product has really been a huge improvement towards dealing with my dysphoria. Thx ever so much!

  98. Claude (verified owner)

    The EZP is Amazing! This is my first STP and I’ve yet to have an accident with it. I’m also astonished at how realistic it looks (with and without pants). This product has really been a huge improvement towards dealing with my dysphoria.
    Thx ever so much!

  99. Raffaele (verified owner)

    I received my EZP this morning and I’ve never been so amazed. I had never used an STP before because I could tell either from the mechanics or the size of the products available at the time that it would not work – even if I could get it to work as an STP it wouldn’t work as a dysphoria “softener”: too much adjusting, too much work, not as eaZy :) as it should be. This thing is amazing. First try, success. Second try, underwear on, success. Third try, clothes on, success.

    Looking forward to peeing against trees :D

    Thank you!

  100. Matt

    Just wanted to let you know that after using the EZP for the last few months what a difference it has made to my life. It has taken the stresses about needing to pee away. It is a fantastic product and so easy to use. I have even braved using a urinal while another bloke was there! I still can’t believe that I’ve only had on mishap and that was only because I didn’t sort my fly out properly.

  101. Andrew

    I am absolutely in love with it! It’s really easy to use right off the bat. The only downside is since I am a boxer kind of guy I’ve had to switch over to boxer briefs, but it has been totally worth it. Thanks for making such an awesome product! Way better than my old stp.

  102. Shane

    I just want to say, man it is life changing. I too have used so many different stps and none worked and none made me confident to use at a urinal like this one does. Honestly, fantastic job!

  103. Jacque

    I got to say, it’s the best thing that lifts my bottom dysphoria almost instantly! The texture and physical appearance is just so out of this world! I’ve practiced using it a few times and I’m already using the public urinals. No one doubted that it was a silicone at all! Except the few guy friends that knows I’m Trans and got a shock when I was beside them in the urinals. They thought I’ve done bottom surgery after stealing a few glances while I was peeing.

  104. Max (verified owner)

    Alex, your products are a game changer. This is the first STP that I’ve used successfully and mess-free each time (even on the first try)! I plan on buying every single product you make. I’m waiting for my rod currently. I’m a very happy customer and the EZP has given me confidence I only ever dreamed of. Thank you so much. Keep staying on top of the game.

  105. Del

    Thank you soooo much! I meant to write sooner but I got my package so fast that I barely had time. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I appreciate the quality and freedom of the product. THANK YOU!

  106. Samuel (verified owner)

    I have thrown away money on trial and error with so many other Stp’s and disappointment and anxiety always ensued when trying to use the men’s room. This product is amazing and has taken all my bathroom anxiety. I know that may seem silly but it’s changed my life! Thank you! I know so many guys like me that need this and I have nothing but positive things to say to them. The EZP works every time!

  107. Freddy

    This thing has literally changed my life and I love it. It became indispensable after about six months and now I’m confidently using open urinals on a fairly regular basis. Also, camping trips are a dream. I never thought this was possible! So, thank you.

  108. Shin

    Just to let u know that My EZP has arrived and I’m loving it! Finally I’m able to pee standing just like normal guys do! I’ve never yet had an accident when using the EZP. Thank you so much for making the EZP available :) May God bless you and your family.

  109. Riley (verified owner)

    I wasn’t that impressed honestly. I jumped into this excited that it had so many positive reviews, but I can’t quite tell if it’s because the owner of the site deletes the bad ones or not. It works alright for packing, but it smells so bad and even worse after you’ve used it to pee. I’ve washed it over and over, even left it to soak in very soapy water for a day but it didn’t change anything. Not only that, but I’ve had to go through the embarrassment of leaking all over my clothes more than once even though I practiced prior. It doesn’t fit smug on my body when I’m using it to STP and using it properly puts me at high risk of leaking thanks to the fact that parts of it are separated from my body. Also if I’m not holding it at just the perfect angle it’ll also leak.

    It’s a shame that after dumping more than $200 on this that I’ll just be going back to my $10 GoGirl that I’ve never had accidents with and has never smelled bad.

    • Alex

      No, I don’t delete the bad ones. This is just the first bad one I’ve had. A small number of people have had issues with it, but as I strongly encourage people to reach out to me directly if they are having any trouble, I’ve always managed to trouble shoot any issues they’ve had with them directly.

      The silicone itself is odor free, but it’s possible that if someone has particularly strong smelling urine, that this will impregnate the material, though this is the first time I’ve heard of that happening… I just wash mine with regular hand soap which makes it smell mildly like the hand soap I’m using.

  110. HR

    I have to say its the best STP I have tried so far. Not that I have tried many I tried only the peecock and it took me a lot getting used to and I was always tense using it to pee. With your one I played with water and checked all the angles and stuff so I know how it works and now I can easily do my business have no worries at all. I had to put talc on peecock when ever I washed it otherwise its sticky and don’t hold it shape so I end up with a white cock. I don’t seems to have that problem with your one which is great. And your instruction videos are very informative and to the point so I had no problems following it ( I loved it when you pretty much swear you not going to show the EZP but then end up showing it lols). Anyways well done man I think you have nailed it with the EZP it does what it says it will do. And I also did buy some bonds undies, with them I do not have to pull my pants down all the way which is great. And I can do my business in less time than before which is awesome and so far I haven’t had any accidents. Well done again for making a great STP. I guess you understand the FTM anatomy compared to anyone else out there and you doing a great service for rest of us by making it. This reduce the dysphoria in the mens room, thumps up for that.

  111. Kilian (verified owner)

    It is a great packer but the shaft is just way too short to actually pee with it (for me it is) if i hold it in the right angle and so, the shaft isnt even really comming out of my pants. The shaft should be around 2 or 3cm longer. Ive never washed so many underpants in these 3 days haha. But yea, im not really happy with it as much as i like to. Peeing is easy with only underpants on but im not going to pee with no actual pants on in a bathroom. But i still pack with it because that makes me feel confident. Only get more dysforic when i pee myself again :(

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear that! :( As you can see by these demo videos (eg ) there should be plenty of room to clear your fly provided you are wearing appropriate pants and underwear. However, as I note on the product page, people who are on the large side, may have issues with the product ie if they can’t create a 5cm wide gap between their legs when adopting a wide stance, or if they have a large belly it can also be problematic – same goes for natal men who also have trouble peeing standing if they have a lot of belly hiding their penis.) The reason I won’t make a longer version is that extra length compromises comfort, wearability, and how discreet and natural it looks in underwear. Unfortunately this product isn’t for absolutely everyone, which is why I do my best to try to get people to read the product description page prior to ordering as it IS a lot of money to spend on something that isn’t right for you :(

  112. Sam

    I’ve had this about 6 months now and I’m very happy with the super realistic look and almost always satisfied with how it packs. Sometimes I have trouble placing it in my underwear so it doesn’t look like I have a boner or anything. But most of the time I’m satisfied with how it packs. My only problem comes to when I use it to STP, I don’t dare to use it in public because out of all the times I’ve tried to STP with it there’s been an accident except for maybe once or twice. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong or if it’s just my body that doesn’t go well with it. I’ve watched your video on how to use it and stuff, but I just can’t seem to make it work. Sometimes I wonder if it’s too close to my body, other times I wonder if it’s too far away. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my thighs that are too large, or if I’m just holding it in the wrong angle. I haven’t actually tried using it as STP in a long time now because I kind of gave up on that, but I think I’ll give it a shot again. Hopefully I’ll figure it out. Because it really saddens me that I don’t get it to work. But otherwise, it’s a great packer with super great looks!

    • Alex

      A big part of it is definitely what kinds of pants and underwear you use it with. If you’re having trouble, I would recommend practicing naked, so that you really understand where you are meant to be holding it and then doing it with underwear on and then pants on, as then you’ll know if the underwear or pants are shifting it in a problematic way. I’d say check out some of my underwear recommendation youtube videos and a head’s up, I will be releasing some custom underwear, hopefully before the end of the year.

  113. Kayden (verified owner)

    I was nervous this wouldn’t work for me because I am on the heavier side, but I was wrong! A little trial and error but I was able to successfully pee without leakage. The texture and attention to detail are insanely on point.

    Its also worth pointing out that the shipping time was much faster than I expected. I ordered on a Monday and my EZP arrived to me Friday of that same week.

    I can’t wait to see what Transthetics comes out with in the future. Judging by the quality of the EZP, it’ll be amazing.

  114. Nick

    Just wanted to tell you that I recieved the EZP today (that was some super fast shipping!). Was able to use it without incident on the first try. Thanks again for this amazing product!

  115. Brendon (verified owner)

    Hey guys, Brendon here (pre-T). I just received my EZP in the mail today and tried it out as soon as I opened it. I can honestly say this has already changed my life. For the first time I didn’t have an accident, I have been trying to achieve that for months now. It’s such a good feeling to pee with confidence and not have any leaks. I was skeptical at first because nothing has worked for me but this product actually does. The amount of happiness I feel right now is overwhelming. I know it’s expensive and I too was a bit hesitant about purchasing it, but I swear it is worth every penny you invest . I have tried just about every FreeTom there is in attempt to find something that didn’t end with pee down my leg or soaking the back of my underwear but none of them worked for me. I could have saved sooo much money if I just ordered The EZP when I first heard about it. With The EZP, I literally just stood there and peed like I normally would and nothing at all leaked. I didn’t even really need to control my flow and that was something I always hated having to do with my FreeTom. Not to mention you don’t have to wear a harness. How awesome is that? I could never lay down and relax in any of my stp’s but I definitely am going to wear this thing 24/7. I’ve watched every single video there is about The EZP and it exceeded my expectations. I wish I could buy out all Alex’s stock and give them out for free to anyone who needs one because I feel that strongly about his product.

  116. Nick (verified owner)

    Just recieved the EZP a few days ago. The product is amazingly detailed and works like a charm. It’s only been a few days but I’ve been able to use it so far without any type of “accident”.

  117. Joseph

    I ordered the EZP on July 27th and it came on the 1st. I couldn’t believe how fast it got here! I was so excited to finally get this. Even after five minutes I could tell it was well worth a week’s paycheck. I’ve now been wearing it the last few days and I’m loving it. First time peeing went great! Thank you again for everything that you do. You rock!

  118. Erica (verified owner)

    I got the EZP a little under a week after I ordered it and I was so excited to get it, and it was even better than I expected! It looks and feels so life-like and it looks great in my briefs, peeing with it is so easy. I was able to pee standing up on the first try and no spills! It’s so comfortable and easy to use I absolutely love it! 10/10 I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a stp or packer. This is an absolutely amazing product!

  119. Tyler

    So I received my EZP three days ago. I have to say it is everything I expected and am beyond pleased with it. My biggest issue is that I work a very busy job for 12-13 hours a day, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for bathroom breaks, so when I gotta go, I GOTTA GO! I have to really be careful, as I am used to just letting it all go, in a sense, because I have to go so bad, I have to regulate the flow or the cup with overflow a bit. But that’s nothing with the design or product, just personal.

    Also, he’s not kidding when he says wear tight underwear. I’m a boxer brief guy and can’t stand regular briefs, and although mine are pretty tight (at least I thought) they are cotton, which means by midway through the day and a couple times of whipping it out to pee, they’ve stretched out and the rest of the day is constant adjusting. I’m going to be purchasing some compression/athletic boxer briefs that still have the side fly, as they are more snug and less likely to stretch out, and see how that goes. I’d really hate to switch to briefs, so I’m hoping for the best.

    Overall I’m very very happy with my product.

  120. trovole (verified owner)

    I received my EZP STP a few days ago. I am beyond pleased with the product. The only issue being that I purchased the C004 and it looks as if I got the C002. But it may just be perspective. :/ Plus it doesn’t matter exactly. I’m Asian and both colors would’ve been able to suit me just fine.

    I didn’t know how to use it at first and my anatomy was very hard to find and trust, because I am very scared I will pee my pants. But once I got the hang of it after 1 day or so, with minor leaks on my part, I was able to pee with confidence in the privacy of my own washroom without any leaks or spills. I haven’t mastered going to the urinal yet, but I plan to do so because I feel that I won’t have an accident doing so.

    Communication between Alex and I throughout the transaction was outstanding. He reassured me that the product would come in time and made an exception due to my circumstances. I am going on a trip soon and he was able to dispatch my EZP in an earlier time due to panicking about my girlfriend’s parents finding out about me.

    Overall I am more than pleased about my product. Everything about it is fantastic and would not change a thing.

  121. Asher

    My EZP arrived yesterday afternoon and had since proven itself very much worthy of its name. Absolutely no difficulties getting up to to speed, so to with. Also, I think it’s quite attractive :)

    I’m an intersex ballet boy, quite happy with my factory equipment but not quite able to reliably pee standing up, and this is the first STP I’ve encountered that works with my body *and* looks and feels right in a dance belt — the others I’ve tried either created the “perpetual boner” effect (totally not cool for partnering work!) or just didn’t sit right.

    I also do aerials — trapeze and lyra/cerceau — and I think the EZP will play nicely with both types of apparatus.

    Thank you so very much — it’s clear you’ve put a lot of thought into the design and manufacture of these guys! I’m glad glad to finally have found an STP designed by an active guy for active guys.

    Thanks again

  122. Alex (verified owner)

    Received it about a week and a half after I placed my order (which is very quick considering I’m in Europe). The quality is amazing and it’s comfortable to wear. It took me a little bit of practice but then it was easy to use. This is the first STP I’ve ever bought and I’m glad because I’m pretty sure I got the best there is right away. Thanks!

  123. Kevin (verified owner)

    After years of using STPs that would leak or flop all over in uncomfortable harnesses, I finally decided to order myself a new one. I ordered the EZP and it arrived within about a week. The delivery time was EXCELLENT! When I first opened my package (pun fully intended) I was stunned by how realistic it is. The color matched my skintone wonderfully! My first trip to the restroom was a breeze. I didn’t feel the need to worry about overflow and the size is perfect for me! (I’m a very small guy at only around 5’2″) There isn’t an unrealistically large bulge in my pants which was a huge plus, because lets be real nobody wants to walk around all day looking like the have a boner. Over all I am EXTREMELY pleased with this product! 12/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a realistic and functional STP! Hands down the best STP I’ve ever had and absolutely worth the money!

  124. Ben

    My dog and I don’t really have much in common. I like to run; he doesn’t. I’m not very touchy feely; he is. I’m super independent; he isn’t. But one thing we now do together is pee in the yard after I get home from work at night. That’s how intuitive peeing with the EZP is. You can totally use it in the dark. See full review and pictures here

  125. Ayce (verified owner)

    I received my package in about a week after ordering it which is very quick compared to other stps I have purchased such as the Peecock and FreeTom. Right when I opened the package I was pleased. I am a light skinned black male and I got the C004 medium color and it matches my skin just about perfectly. I am curious to see how the C006 dark will look though since they say the cis male penis is slightly darker? But anyways my first time peeing with it was no problem at all. No leaks or anything. Second and third time good as well. I use the Calvin Klein classic briefs with the front fly purchased and I also got a couple short cut boxer briefs from American Eagle with front flys. They are also the classics and seem to hold the stp in place. I am not comfortable to use it in public or outdoors yet, I had an accident on a mini road trip but it’s probably due to me over thinking and not working with gravity lol. I was trying to rush since I was getting bit up from mosquitoes haha. This product is a very good one though. It’s light, doesn’t smell after you piss through it, it’s comfortable I forget it’s there at times. And NO HARNESS. I wish I would of got this stp from the start instead of buying like 4 that I would end up not using because of all the fails/bulkiness. So worth the money though guys, and remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

  126. Nate (verified owner)

    I’ve had my EZP for about a week now and I’ve really had to put some thought and practice into becoming familiar with my EZP before reviewing it. I’m giving it 4stars because, although it’s well worth the price and it’s completely necessary for anyone with bottom dysphoria, it still has some flaws, which can mostly be dealt with through adaption to the product through practice.

    First of all, it’s incredibly realistic and no matter how hard you try, you cannot leak. The hardest part in using this is getting over the fear that you have begun to leak. You need to keep in mind that you’ll be peeing for about 2 seconds before it comes out the tip which doesn’t sound long, but I guarantee you you’ll get worried and stop the first few times to make sure there is nothing wrong.

    The other issue I have with this is residual urine. There will always be a certain amount of urine left behind and it’s not so easy to dump the last 1/2 oz of urine discretely out as well. You’ll need hold the folds of your underwear onto the top edge of the EZP and pull it down and forward. If someone was staring directly at you, it’ll look weird, but not weirder than someone staring at your taking a leak. I feel like flap of “skin” above the shaft could have been a bit higher to compensate for this, but I can imagine that might make the shaft harder to fold up or decrease the product’s longevity. Other than that, you’ll need to deal with some dampness in between your legs from the residual urine. It’s not terrible, just a foreign feeling.

    The EZP also makes an amazing packer. I’ve been using a Mr. Limpy and it didn’t feel big enough for me. This fits me perfectly. The only issue I had was needing to go a size up in underwear to accommodate the stiffer material, which I have no issue with whatsoever. I wasn’t feeling the XS underwear anyhow.

    Finally, a tip: if you don’t want to replace your entire wardrobe with underwear that has flaps, I recommend buying jockstraps. You can get a pack of 8 for $28 on Amazon.

    I hope Transthetics goes into binder making some day. The Trans community would be very fortunate to have the level of innovation and quality I’ve experienced with the EZP put toward a binder. Even though I have some minor concerns over the EZP, overall it’s a quality product and I really hope Transthetics grows to have a larger selection of products that trans people can continue to benefit from.

  127. Daniel

    The EZP I ordered got here today this morning and it looks incredible! Exited as I am, I`ve already used it several times an I am wearing it as I write now! I absolutely love it, and It really feels like I`ve got a real winkie now! I am one of the lucky persons that don`t have a lot of bottom dysphoria(Visually) I`ve solved that one by wearing loose pants or pants with a hard material so that a bulge folds naturally even if there is nothing there. But this STP got me feeling extra happy as I now can use tight pants, too! My dysphoria around peeing is now gone as I am able to stand with this, and it is very easy to use!

  128. Owen (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve been able to use a urinal with confidence. The ezp has changed my life! I was worried I’d have to switch to briefs but I’ve found that tight fitting boxer briefs in a cotton/spandex/polyester blend work perfect. The detailing is amazing. The bulge isn’t big which some guys may not like but it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t require a harness and I forget I’m wearing it sometimes. I’ve only had one accident but it’s because I was home and not paying attention and it wasn’t tilted downward. Other than that it’s been amazing.

    Let me say Alex is incredible too. He replies to email and is very accommodating.

    Thank you Alex and everyone at transthetics for giving me the confidence I never had before!

  129. Charlie (verified owner)

    I recieved the package last week.
    I want to say that I really like it.
    And the most important thing I want to say is that it does work!
    I tried other stps, but it failed finally.
    The EZP not only work but also is comfortable for all day wear.
    Thanks Alex for doing this great job and alway replying mail kindly and patiently.

  130. Lee

    Just wanted to let you know that I got the EZP. Holy cow, that thing is amazing and so easy to use! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product.

  131. Khries

    Honestly I got this product today! I used it in the shower twice to figure how I needed to angle stuff. Now that I know how to use it I LOVE it! I gave it a 10/10 (:

  132. Bianka

    The EZP looks great and feels great and it works really good too. Even the first time i used it all went perfect. Your videos were a great help too. I also noticed I feel more self-confident when I wear it. Thank you very much!

  133. turhelke (verified owner)

    I have had my EZP for about two months. Unlike a lot of people here I’m relatively new to STPs. I’ve had one before that just didn’t work for me at all. There’s a couple of points I’d like to make, now that I’ve gotten used to using it.

    I am very impressed with the overall realism of the EZP. I am pre-t and don’t pass very well, so I am not using it at urinals. However I have no doubt it’d pass very well (probably better than my face does). The realism of it, for me, mostly helps with my dysphoria. I think one of the things I like most is it’s not grotesque in any way. It’s relatively small and kinda cute. I’m a pretty small guy so anything too much bigger would just feel disproportionate and weird, I think.

    I am a rock climbing instructor, and I have to wear climbing harnesses all day every day. When I was packing with other things, I had to wear a harness under my boxers to keep everything in place, and it’s just not as comfortable. I barely notice the EZP at all, and if it does go for a little wander, it’s just a case of discreet adjustment. Again, because I don’t pass very well, having the EZP there does leave a bit of a bulge (have you seen climbing harnesses, they don’t leave anything to the imagination), but it’s not so big as to have neon signs pointing at it. I’ve not had any comments from anyone, but I have had an increase in children calling me ‘the man’ to their parents. Little things, little things.

    I don’t sleep with the EZP because I saw something about the cup becoming misshapen if you continually put it under the same stress. I tend to sleep with my Macho packer, which is another packer I’d recommend for guys who like smaller packers. I have noticed a slight skewing of the cup on my EZP from wearing it every day. But this is just from it shaping to my body so that’s fine with me.

    An underrated point is that you can pack with it. I’ve only had one other STP but it was awful to pack with. I have seen reviews of lots of other STPs and it seems the prevailing sentiment is you pack with a packer and pee with an STP, with an awkward change around in the middle. I really like being able to do both easily with the one product.

    Now, to the peeing. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a rookie, but I’m still figuring out the best way to do it. I found the easiest way to practice was first in the shower, then without underwear on over the toilet, and gradually adding clothes until I get used to it. I am not getting any backflow or spillages (anymore, although it did happen a couple of times when I first tried fully clothed) but I am finding it quite fiddly to make sure its in the right position in the underwear I have. I think I might possibly buy some tighter underwear to see how that goes. There is also the fact that there is always a teeny tiny it of urine you cant quite shake out. So far, because I’ve been peeing in stalls and at home, I’ve just dabbed it away with toilet paper.

    And finally, money. I put off buying this for a long while because it is quite expensive. At some point though, I realised there wasn’t a different, cheaper product that I wanted or had such overwhelmingly positive reviews as this one. I am wearing it every day, using it every day, and I can totally see that the value for money is there. It it high quality material, you don’t have to powder it, you can feel that it’s sturdy. I can’t see myself using any other STPs. So yeah, I saved up and it has been worth it, for sure.

    Plus there’s the added bonus of being trans owned, developed, and operated. I sent an email about tracking while my EZP was being delivered and Alex responded in no time. I can’t really say how grateful I am for the whole service. Thank you!

  134. Henry

    My EZP arrived today and just wanted to say I’m so so happy with it!

    It was in the letterbox when I got home from work, I put it in my jocks as soon as I got in the door and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable it is. It’s like it’s barely there, I love it! Also it looks so natural in my pants, the size is PERFECT, all other packers I’ve had have been uncomfortable and I feel self conscious about their size being too large and noticeable so I hardly ever wear them out and about.

    Then I thought I’d test out how I’d go peeing with it… I’ve always struggled with using other STP devices and STP packers, I’ve never been able to get the hang of it so I’ve never been comfortable using one at public urinals.

    But this was great, it just worked the first time perfectly! No leaking, no backflow, no tricky adjusting and maneuvering to get it right, no need to have my pants around my ankles and no ‘stage fright’ due to not having to worry about all those things.

    Thank you so much for making this product, I’m in a state of elation right now, it is so much better than I imagined. I’ve only had it for a couple of hours but I can already see myself in the future peeing in public with ease and confidence. That image does wonders for my increasing bottom dysphoria. The detail looks so realistic and the colour is perfect for my skin tone too, not that I’ll be showing it around.

    I was hesitant at first to spend more money on another packer since I’ve always ended up disappointed in the past but I’m so glad I decided to give the EZP a go, so far I feel it’s worth every penny!

  135. Caeden (verified owner)

    I got my package in the mail the other day (took about two weeks and only because USPS lost it at one point). The packaging was totally discrete which was good because my landlord sorts my mail and I was a little worried about that. Naturally, I had to test it out the second I opened it. Some people have reported that they needed to get used to it a few tries before it worked for them but it worked perfectly for me right away. I should note that I have been able to pee standing up since I was a little kid (25 now) but I felt a bit odd standing in the men’s room without something there just on the off chance somebody happened to accidentally(?) glance down. This has really helped with my bathroom anxiety already. It was pretty horrible before and frustrating the hell out of my girlfriend because I wanted to avoid public places entirely.

    I also chose this product because it seemed to create a natural looking bulge in the pants. So far I have not achieved this. I may be positioning it wrong? Or maybe it is the type of underwear I wear (American eagle boxer briefs or Hanes x sport boxer briefs). It looks to me like you can tell it is angled up and that makes me feel pretty awkward (although nobody else has seemed to notice at all). Im going to keep trying different underwear and different positioning. I wish that I could just position it down over the balls but I definitely see how guys say that ends up warping the silicone. Overall though, great product. Im really happy with it and feel much more comfortable in the bathroom. Honestly not worried about spills at all. And even though it’s on the smaller side it really looks completely natural. Thank you Alex!

  136. Vaclav (verified owner)

    Just got the ezp few days ago, a week and half after placing the order which I consider superfast (I’m from EU). I nearly had a heart attack when I found out that the mailman squeezed my precious mail through the narrow slit of the mailbox, but it survived.

    This ezp is my first stp ever but I was so excited and started using it without “shower training” straight away and it felt sooo good :) No accident happened and I have been using it all the time during last few days, lot of times outside while walking the dog (no, I am not scaring little girls in a park, I walk mainly through open countryside and woods). I expected a little discomfort after peeing (wet thing in my briefs) but suprisingly it did not happen and it feels comfortable. The material is really hydrophobic and does not let liquid to stay on sides so most of it gets out if you hold it right and if something still remains, the edges of the cup won’t let it get in your pants.

    I personally find the length perfect, not too short for peeing and not too long for bulge. As for position, I tend to wear it to the side but still experimenting, just bought few boxer briefs with side slit because I only had without and tried to make a small hole in the first layer (according to Alex’s advice) for shaft, I like the idea because it helps holding the guy in place and peeing is easier too, but then I found impossible to wear it to the side because it puts the balls to a place where they shouldn’t really be. But this is still in experimental phase.

    Overall I am totally satisfied, a huge stone fell off my chest, I cannot believe I can go to the mountains with friends and I don’t have to be scared to drink, I don’t have to make up stories about how I need to stay behind or why I desperately need to look behind that rock up there or pretend having diarrhea all the time. In fact I think it will be quite suspicious that I will stop doing these things now :)

    Alex you simply gave me wings, thank you!

  137. Lindsay

    This STP is absolutely amazing! It Is without a doubt the best STP on the market and I think its popularity and great reviews absolutely proves it! It’s extremely realistic and unlike most STP’s it’s the perfect size and looks just like a cis man’s flaccid willy would. You can use the urinal with no fear of it not looking realistic enough including your stream and the EZP itself. The details on it are amazing with little skin folds, wrinkles, veins, and a nicely defined glans and circumsision scar. The EZP also has a nice rosey red colored tip as well so unlike a lot of stp’s the EZP isn’t just one color throughout. Making it more realisticly colored than an STP that’s just one color also the realistic coloring on the EZP is included in the price of it. So unlike some companies you don’t have to pay extra for that part of it which is nice. Given how well it works and and how realistic it is I think the price is fair as well. Alex has made some amazing products for our community and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future! So if you’re thinking of getting the EZP try it out you won’t be disappointed!

  138. Michael

    I’ ve recently bought the EZP and I can say I was really satisfied with it! As for packing it’s really nice and soft, therefore it’s really comfortable to wear it all day and it creates a super realistic looking bulge. It does not requires a harness, which is a plus for me. I was worrying that it woulden’t stay in place properly, but that never happened. I don’t even have to wear any specific underwear, it works just fine with regular briefs or tight boxer briefs, underwear with flies seem to be more useful fo peeing though. So as for peeing it’s really easy to use and it’s really unlikely to get an accident, I actually never had one. Also it creates a very natural steam and it doesn’t overflow, so I don’t have to control my flow. Futhermore its shape prevent any licking after I put it back in my underwear, so I don’t need to worry about any wetness or hygiene issues. In conclution it is a really good product in an affortable price that I would recommented to any trans guy with bottom dysphoria!

  139. Noah

    Ive had the product for a few weeks now and you have totally outdone yourself. That thing is pure perfection! I really couldn’t be happier with the product- functionally AND cosmetically.

  140. Hemal (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with my EZPs. I don’t have much experience with packers as the only one I previously used was peecock. Compared to it this is 10 times better. With the peecock I was always worrying about spills and never felt comfortable using the urinal in public bathrooms always went to the stall but with the EZP I have no problems using the urinal and haven’t used the stall to pee for long time since I received the EZP.

    My first EZP had some soap bubbles and some black dots, I emailed Alex about this with some pics, he immediately responded. He offered to send me a new one and I received it pretty soon afterwards, so 10 stars for customer service. He is very prompt on his emails which is great too.

    Currently I use the EZP pretty much every day and have no anxiety or worry using public toilets either urinals or stalls so thumbs up for a great product. Regards to packing I have no issues with it as I wear it with snug undies (briefs and boxer briefs) it does not show as I got a boner and it stay in its place. Plus the YouTube videos he had made how to use it was really helpful and to the point so I did not have any issue figuring out how to use it.

    I would highly recommend this product over others for any one who is considering buying a packer.

    Well done Alex, you are nailing it.

  141. Shaun (verified owner)

    I’ve had my EZP for about 9 months now and I love it as a packer and STP. I work in the field as a wildlife tech so it’s awesome being able to basically turn around and piss without having to find a spot when you’re with people and popping a squat every time. I haven’t used it at the urinal yet, but that’s mostly because i have a really shy bladder and I would feel awkward as hell taking forever to pee in the open. But it’s definitely realistic enough, it’s easy to use and gives you a nice natural stream. As a packer it’s super comfortable and I love that you don’t need a harness. It creates the perfect amount of bulge for me in my tighter pants and stays comfy all day.

    Some of the reviews mention warping because they packed with it folded. My first EZP actually warped too even though I don’t fold it and pack with it up. the base of the shaft/front cup part warped so it’s tilted to the right. That happened like 3 months after having it so i spent a couple more months trying to push it back, by discretely adjusting it often during the day. That didn’t work so I contacted Alex about it and he explained that silicone is prone to warping and that you could “push it back” by stacking weight against the cup. I was happy that I could return the EZP to its former shape, but Alex also offered to send me a free reject (unsatisfactory paint job) until my original returned to it’s old shape. I am beyond satisfied with the customer service! Alex always responds to emails promptly and is always super helpful and genuine. I’m glad he’s doing so well because his products are amazing and he knows how to keep a brother happy. I’m excited for the bono to come out and see what else Alex comes up with.

    Thanks again, Alex, you rock!

  142. Chip (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the EZP for a month now and I LOVE IT. It has become a part of my body. No accidents and gives a natural bulge. I’m a runner and very active, I wear the EZP anywhere no matter what I do. It’s very lightweight that I sometimes have to check and see if I have it on. The EZP looks realistic and the middle color is perfect for my complexion. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a comfortable, affordable, reliable STP and PACKER! I even made a YouTube video about it! Thank you so much, Alex! You are definitely a genius and I can’t wait to purchase the underwear.

  143. Ryan (verified owner)

    This was the best STP I’ve ever used. So much better than the Freetom Rouge. I don’t pee on myself anymore and I don’t look like I have some massive thing in my pants. It’s so easy to use and comfortable.

  144. Bonny (verified owner)

    Not very impressed with this one, it does create a nice realistic bulge and looks amazing in person but when it comes to using it I always end up with a puddle in the back of my underwear no matter what position I have it in, it also creates an uncomfortable amount of pressure when I’m wearing it as a packer and gets really humid, sticky, and itchy after a couple hours wearing it. Bottom line I really wish I didn’t drop the large amount of money that I did on this

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear this product wasn’t right for you. STPs are definitely not for everyone. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to use, but that still doesn’t guarantee EVERYONE will be able to use it flawlessly, and some people just can’t tolerate the feeling of anything silicone in their underwear, no matter how high the quality of the silicone :(

  145. Arlo

    Received my EZP yesterday and absolutely love it! I didn’t even realize how liberating it would feel to use and also to wear it as a “packer”, which I did for the first time today. It actually boosted my confidence!! Thank you for creating such an amazing, life changing product for our community.

  146. Bentley

    Just got my EZP today and so far it’s amazing. I’ve been what I think of as post transition for almost 8 years now and had pretty much given up on stp’s and packers in general. This is the first time I’ve used an stp and had it work the first time. Obviously it will take a little practice but I’m so excited at the possibility of being able to go out with the guys and not have to worry about whether or not the bathroom has a stall. Thanks so much for the awesome customer service. Look forward to using this product more.

  147. Ben

    I’ve had my eagerly awaited EZP for around a week now so thought I’d drop you a quick message just to say how absolutely awesome it is! I had tried a different stp previously and had a complete nightmare with it…just when I thought I’d been set free, I found myself with endless embarrassments, full load underwear washes every other day and a whole lot of frustration!
    Since getting the EZP my life has been a dry heaven, thanks so much for taking the time to put so much into changing lives and setting folks free! I love watching your videos, you seem like a really down to earth balanced guy which is nothing but inspirational to all us guys with “almost everything” -big thumbs up- Hope life is treating you well and you have a cracking day!
    Many sincere thanks again,
    Ben (the now happy toilet goer).

  148. Brisbane Boy

    I received the EZP in the mail on Thursday 3rd November (today being Saturday I’ve had it for not even 3 days)… And first go I had to strip and hop in the shower, just to be safe of leakage etc. Plus the fact the I haven’t been able to use an STP since I began T being almost 7 years ago now.. You can understand my hesitation/frustration of wanting a solution!! So after a tonne of apprehension and convincing myself that if it doesn’t work, then it’s just money..(half a fortnights pay :/ haha) Low and behold the darn thing worked on the first go!! I couldn’t help but start wearing it around that afternoon and just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

    I’ve used it every opportunity I could. Drank extra water just to go! Probably used it about 5-8 times at home in home clothes so stretchy shorts etc. and there was 1 case of tad bit of backsplash but could have been attributed to the possible extra compression on the cup, not pointing downwards enough or just didn’t realise I was still going a tad bit and took it away too early.. BUT in saying that after that incident (second time using over the bowl) I’ve been trying to get used to what works and what doesn’t.

    Thank you Thank you again for a product that not only gets rid of my rashes from using a harness longterm but to feeling less dysphoric with my lil guy in my pants and STPing like I should!

    Alex you the man foreal!

  149. Erik

    The package has arrived super fast for an international shipping. I got it yesterday night and obviously I went to try it immediately. It is awesome and it works perfectly. I had trouble the first couple of times but it was cause I was too nervous and obviously each body is different. I tried 5 times since yesterday and it’s awesome, seriously.

  150. CJ (verified owner)

    The EZP is an amazing product! I’ve used a few other stp devices and this one was by far the easiest to use from first try. No leaking and no worries about wet pants or a puddle on the floor. Also, the EZP is much better as far as being discreet. It doesn’t give a large bulge and unlike the generic plastic “pee funnels” you don’t have to try to hide it as you go to and from the bathroom. I also have to say that Alex is great at customer service, it’s great that you don’t get robotic reply in an email.

  151. Derrick (verified owner)

    I’ve recently received my ezp in the mail, my order was processed and shipped faster then expected. Which I was excited for! As soon as I got it, I love the fell of it, the details and how easy it is to use! Granted Im a first time user with an STP but im glad I chose this one first! I love it, Alex was very helpful and responsive to emails as well. Look forward to buying and using more products !! Thanks Alex

  152. Gab

    I have had my EZP for a little over a day, and now I have to tell you, that your product is beyond amazing! I knew it would look
    realistic, but the surprising feel of it and look is oddly real, at least I think so.Your product just feels natural on me and comfortable as can be!

  153. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Everything down to the look and feel, is amazing and so realistic. I highly recommend this STP if you have the chance to get this, try it. From the day I ordered it, it only took a week to receive it, and I live in the US. So yeah, pretty fast! Any questions I had were answered and helpful. Overall everything is great. this is something you just have to experience yourself!

  154. George (verified owner)

    This is amazing, fast delivery and im in the UK! Easy to use and I’ve never had a packer or stp before but this is the best thing since sliced bread :) gives me so much more confidence. Excellent service, excellent invention. Hats off to you Alex and thank you so much :)

  155. B

    Yesterday I got the ezp and say that I am delighted, it is very easy to carry and easy to urinate, thanks a lot and still doing so good work!!!

  156. Evan

    This was my first STP/ Packer. It was extremely easy to use, especially if you check out the youtube videos out there before hand. I wear boxer briefs and haven’t had the chance to buy new underwear to pack with. I expected it to move around a lot more than it does, but once you get the hang of it it stays in place really well. It’s almost impossible to get back-flow if you are using the product correctly. The material is pretty thick with no particular weak spots. I’m extremely impressed with the EZP in both aesthetic appearance and functionality. I would highly recommend saving up for this one! Great job!

  157. Jay

    This is the best specimen of manhood I have ever worn. And I’ve tried many and wasted lots of money over the years.

    The colour is perfect and it is so realistic it could be eyed-up from half a Metre away and you would never know it’s not the real thing.

    I realise now that it was the missing link and now I am complete lol.

  158. swaring (verified owner)

    It looks good, and it feels pretty good too. Since it is hollow, it doesn’t really feel like a penis the way that a solid non-stp packer might. While wearing briefs, I can pack with the EZP without having to worry about a big bulge, or about it moving around, which is absolutely great. I do manual labor and it doesn’t move around on me or get unreasonably sweaty and gross, which is a big plus!

    As far as the peeing function goes, I imagine that it’s better than other STP/packers on the market, but it is not perfect either. I have yet to pee with the EZP without fearing a leak, which is partially because it is hard to get it to poke out of my underwear and fly and still point downward, which is crucial to proper functioning. The pants I have been wearing do not have a small fly either – they are men’s Dickie’s work pants. The videos that Alex posted are super helpful, but I am still very self-conscious when I use my EZP if anyone else can see me. It’s possible that I’m doing something wrong. I will say that it’s amazing to look down and see a penis sticking out of my pants.

    Overall, I would recommend this product to someone looking for a comfortable STP/packer **if** they have access to a daily shower and are willing to put in the time and energy to learning to use it well and switch to briefs. I personally am only able to shower about once a week, and find that I can stay much cleaner with my home-made STP than with the EZP. It really is a great, quality prosthetic, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. Big thanks to Alex for good craftsmanship and customer service!

  159. Morgan

    I got it on Friday and am loving it already! I don’t leave the house without it. Thanks for such a high quality STP, I’ve been waiting ten years for something like this to hit the market.

  160. Chris (verified owner)

    Where to even begin?! From the first day I received it i was just speechless, the details to realism Jesus it’s so much better in person and the function was just as amazing! Granted I had been practicing using other stps in the last months but this one was so easy I literally used it the same day and it worked (without pants for reassurance of not pissing all over myself but still worked!) Thank you so much Alex honestly I can’t wait to use restrooms now I was terrified of them because my other stps were hard to use or I’d have to carry them separately and that’s just awkward with something noticeable in your pocket. Can’t wait to get the Rod in the near future. :D

  161. Ash

    All I can say is “wow”! Worth every single penny! I’ve used packers in the past (this is my first stpp though) and I’ve never had one so comfortable!! It sits perfectly against my body, it moves with me rather than shifting all around and for once it look natural and doesn’t look like I have a constant erection! I’m also so blown away by the detail put into the packer itself. Color blending is so hard to do with silicone but you’ve succeeded in places other makers have fallen short! I’m so impressed and happy that I went with your product!

    Thank you a million times over for creating this product! You’ve really revolutionized something for the trans male/genderqueer community!!

  162. Ryan

    I can’t believe I had forgotten to leave a review for this product until today. I have had the EZP for over a year now, interested by the unique design and hearing this was coming from a trans man. While the EZP is no cheap buy, it has changed my life for I can now use the restroom as I please.
    I would also like to note that Alex has incredible customer service, he is open and kind to any questions or problems you may have. He will help you with a genuine smile, and I’m very thankful for such a kind service.
    I highly recommend the product, especially if you have the money! It’s more than worth it, I’ve never regretted my purchase since I first put my hands on my own EZP.

  163. Mima

    You have made a young man VERY HAPPY and in so doing also made a Mother very relieved, happy and excited for his future.

    My son has been using the EZP for a few days and he feels very comfortable. There have been no major issues but a few funny ones (that he has shared with me.) He is still getting accustom to the NO strap/harness and we are experimenting with different undergarments.

  164. Jay

    I’ve had my EZP for just about a year now. I like to wait until I have had plenty of time to really use a product before shouting it’s praises, but it is beyond time that I start shouting loudly about Transthetics and the EZP! When the EZP first became available, I saw a picture of it with an iPhone 4 – the EZP was the same size and I remember laughing and thinking that little thing would never work for me. So several more months go by with me trying just about every STP that you could imagine – all leaving me very frustrated and tired of doing laundry! All the while reading review after review saying that the EZP was the one! I finally decided I had to give it a try – even though I really could not afford it. Since receiving my EZP a year ago, ALL of my other STP’s are just collecting dust. The EZP just works! From the very first time I used it, it just worked – like the majority of the reviews I had read. Now, I don’t even have to think about positioning, stream control, or any of the other stressors that using an STP usually cause. AND, I can relieve myself using just ONE hand! That was one of my biggest frustrations with the droves of other STP’s I had tried – unless I was not wearing pants, it was all but impossible to manage the STP with just one hand – until the EZP.

    Transthetics really cares about putting out a quality product. I wear my EZP (frequently) 24 hours a day and after one year it shows very little fading or change of shape. I REALLY hope that I can find a way to save enough purchase another sometime BEFORE mine wears out. Again, it’s not showing any signs – but I have no doubt that I would find a way to replace mine ASAP if something ever happened to it. I have read – and I believe there is an article here – that it may not work well if you are a big guy. I am of similar body type to Alex in the Transthetic videos. I have no problem with it clearing the fly of jeans or pants.

    Alex – Thank You & Keep doing what you are doing! You have quickly become an irreplaceable asset to the community.

  165. Toby (verified owner)

    Just got the EZP today and it’s amazing! Super comfortable and easy to use!

  166. Alex (verified owner)

    I have tried EVERY kind of homemade stp you can think of…and it always ended in a messy failure. I didnt wanna spend a lot of money until i found the perfect stp that i thought would be fool proof. When i came across this i know it was the one. I started saving up and ordered in a month ago. I got it in the mail yesterday. Everytime ive used it so far ive stripped down from the waist down….just to be safe….i have not had a single accident yet! Its so easy and it couldnt be more perfect.

  167. Karen

    The EZP arrived 29th December and my partner is absolutely thrilled with it!!! He’s so happy, it makes his life a little easier everyday. It was great he had it on time to use for New Years Eve! He’s drinking water like there’s no tomorrow!! Thanks again for an amazing product that’s made an amazing difference!

  168. Mika

    I got my EZP and i am very surprised how soft and realistic it feels and looks. I tried it once and it worked very well, i think i have to buy snugger pants for wearing it all day.
    Thank you Alex for your very professionell service and quick answers:)

  169. Elliott (verified owner)

    The EZP by transthetics has been an absolute life-changer for me. I went from not being able to pee standing up (despite trying nearly everything else on the market), to using public urinals daily. It is extremely easy and comfortable to pack with, even in relatively tight boxer briefs. It does take a bit of getting used to, especially as someone who has been packing with soft, squishy packers for years, and especially so since the EZP is the first packer I’ve ever used to pack upwards. After several weeks of daily use, however, this soon began to feel completely natural to me. This product isn’t 100% perfect, but no prosthetic penis on the market will ever be flawless. The initial paint job on the EZP has worn down quite quickly due to daily use, and packing upwards every day has caused the silicone cup to began warping slightly to one side. However, this doesn’t affect my ability to urinate, and silicone in general must be expected to warp somewhat over prolonged daily use. I’ve found that recoloring the head of the EZP with a tiny bit of makeup restores its original coloration quite nicely, and actually stays on the prosthetic for several weeks and washes before wearing off again. Overall, I couldn’t have chosen a better prosthetic. I’ve worn this product swimming, to the gym, walking around my college campus, to work, and various activities outside without any discomfort. If my underwear are not quite snug enough and depending on the activity I’m doing, it does need a quick adjustment now and again once it starts shifting around, but in general, this product stays in place extremely well. Alex’s products are unlike anything else currently on the market, and I would recommend them to anyone!

  170. Luc H. V. (verified owner)

    I wrote a review for this product 6 months ago but it was censored or emitted. I have my order number and reciept should anyone dispute my claim.

    This device will leave your hand covered in pee. It is not worth the price. It is poorly constructed, does not emit pee at a fast enough rate, also warps easily, and does not realistic in pants. I saved my paycheck money for this, and regrettably they have no satisfaction guarantee

    • Alex

      I have never deleted a review, but perhaps you didn’t actually hit the post button? I’m sorry you’re not happy with the product. It’s a shame you never emailed me about your concerns directly, as I highly encourage all purchasers to do so with ALL feedback, be it positive or negative. I guess even if most people are happy with it, you can never please everyone. I can make a product that is as easy as possible to use, but that doesn’t guarantee that absolutely everyone will be able to use it successfully :(

  171. Ben

    I haven’t had much experience with any STP’s in the past – so needless to say I was a little nervous about how long it would take me to use your EZP but the second try and I seemed to get it and now, the second day, I’m already using it with my pants and no worries of spillage. It’s so realistic I feel like it is part of my natural body. Thank you for all the work you do for the community!

  172. Lucian (verified owner)

    Sounds unbelievable, but…the EZP has virtually become a part of my body. I dont understand how could I have peed NOT STANDING for so many years. In other words, from excitement to daily routine. I have been using it for almost half a year now, use it every day, wear it at night, and on the bike as well, although I plan to use the Junior for cycling. I recommend it to every ftm guy. It increases your self-esteem and your position among other males. Big thanks to those who have invented this thing!

  173. Geoff

    Hi, Alex, I would like to personally give my appreciation to you about having my EZP which you are so smart to create a product for us. After for prasticing 1 month, think I finally got the technique of leak proof :) and it is one of the most happiest thing for me to go pee now (hahahaaa……….) It really meant so much to me as finally I can stand to pee as a bio guy, I would love to buy another EZP and as well as the bruno from you as I really want to try it out. Once again, thank you so much for creating this and I hope you business will go super super well and keep your creation going on and on to make your life much more happier for helping out our group. Thank you so much.

  174. Luckaz (verified owner)

    La verdad que el producto está buenísimo, probé varios con función para orinar pero siempre había algún efecto no deseado.. con este voy a cualquier lugar súper cómodo además q cumple bien la función de paquete :D la atención por parte de Alex excelente, todo via e mail en mi caso, respondiendo todas mis preguntas, yo soy de Argentina y el envío llego sin problemas. Lo recomiendo a full.

    The truth is that the product is great, I tried several with function to urinate but there was always some unwanted effect .. with this I go to any place super comfortable besides it fulfills well the function of package :D attention on the part of Alex excellent, everything Via e-mail in my case, answering all my questions, I am from Argentina and the shipment arrived without problems. I recommend it to full.

  175. Jeff (verified owner)

    I do appreciated Alex have created this EZP,
    it looks real when you pull out from your pants to pee and good size as a packed too. After prastics for 1 month and I can finally find out a way of leak proof, I think I should write a review for this EZP as it is a great creation for the transmen. Alex is a nice and good business guy who providing excellent before or after sales services, I wish he can create more useable products for us to let our soul and body to be completed. The price you paid for the EZP worth every of your penny, comparing I was scammed by a website for USD1500, this EZP is comfy and practically function. I wish my brothers won’t be scammed by this website anymore and go for transthetics~Alex who is the real man can make us to be a hero. Thanks again, Alex.

  176. InkEngineCompany (verified owner)

    I had been eyeing the EZP for about a year an a half until I finally felt comfortable enough to go ahead and buy it. It was worth every penny. It’s been almost a week since it came in the mail and I’ve only had two very minor accidents with it as I’m still trying to figure out the best method for me personally to use it. Other than that, it feels so natural. I can’t believe I spent years without an STP device. This was actually my first STP, and I’m so glad I decided to go with it. Because of the EZP, the bar has been set very high for my expectations from similar devices when I use them in the future.
    My bottom dysphoria has very nearly been minimized and I feel much more satisfied seeing a bulge in my underwear. I feel that much more complete when I head out the door everyday.

    Thanks for what you’re doing Alex, I look forward to your future products.

  177. Jace Pierce (verified owner)

    I’ve been researching, reading reviews, and watching videos for about a year on different STP’s. So, when my wife was ready to take the step for me to get this I was prepared and knew this was the one I would go with. I figured out how quickly these were selling out and the moment I knew what day Alex was doing another order intake I set an alarm on my phone for midnight; I didn’t want to miss the chance to get my order in.
    As I prepared to go to bed the night before I had my wallet and checked to make sure I had everything set for making my order at midnight as smooth as possible. My alarm went off and I grabbed my stuff and to my dismay it still wasn’t registering as available to order. So, I set my phone for 1:00 AM and that was the golden hour for me. I placed my order and the dispatch date was 4 weeks out but I was okay with that.
    Later that week I received an email that my EZP was being shipped and I got it yesterday.
    I never realized how much I needed this until I actually got it.
    I rushed home on my lunch break so I could get it and try it out. I was successful on my first try. Being able to do that was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and only solidifies what I know to be true about myself that much more. I couldn’t wait to get back home that evening and piss in the backyard with my dog. I’ve used it multiple time and without incident and I couldn’t be happier. Plus it’s extremely comfortable and just feels, right down there now.

    Thanks again, Alex for making a top of the line product.

  178. Lennard

    Der erste Packer, den ich gut packen kann und mit dem auch das urinieren nach wirklich sehr kurzer Übung sehr gut klappt. Ich benutze ihn seit einer Woche täglich und wenn ich die Hose runterlasse klappt es immer ohne Unfälle. Mit Hose hatte ich bisher einmal ein kleines Missgeschick. Aber ich denke, mit weiterer Übung wird auch das Geschichte sein. Ich bin begeistert und froh den EZP gekauft zu haben. Er gehört beim Urinieren ausserhalb der vier Wände schon jetzt wie selbstverständlich zu mir.

    (Translations) The first packer, which I can pack well and with which also the urine after really very short exercise very well. I use it for a week every day and when I drop the pants it always works without accidents. With pants I had so far a little misfortune. But I think, with more practice, the story will be. I am enthusiastic and glad to have bought the EZP. He already belongs to me when I am urinating outside the four walls.

  179. Kinu (verified owner)

    WOW! The EZP is simply AMAZING. So easy to use, no mess, and quite the packer. Swim with it (not in chlorine, though salt pool ok), dance with it (tango too!), bike with it (HD too cool!), shoot pool and look cool. Thank you so much for conceptualizing and creating this amazing product. 5/5.

  180. Beck (verified owner)

    it’s been months since i first bought my ezp and i haven’t used it until today. i tried before and the pee spilled (not the products fault i’m a beginner) and it over all made me anxious to use. today though i decided to use a harness for my packer just a simple one you buy on amazon and it worked perfectly i feel so succesful and male. to any beginners or new users of stps i suggest a harness for it to get used to the positioning and peeing but otherwise 5 stars i love this product.

  181. Ed

    It came on my son’s 21st birthday, what timing…and he loves it! Many thanks

  182. Bill Z.

    First ever packer/STP I’ve got, was super excited to receive it and it turns out awesome! Very happy and satisfied with it, although it feels awkwardly bulgy to me maybe because I’m new to it I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it since it’s only day two using it. When I first got it tried using it with my jeans and briefs on everything went smoothly and great for the next few times until I changed a brief and experimented in a different way and caused a mess. Practicing hard so I won’t make a mess when I’m actually outside. Not sure if you guys are curious but I did a perfect job with a brief that doesn’t have a slit in it (Ethika) instead I caused a mess with a side slit in the brief (Aeropostale) maybe it’s just me or my pee stream. Haha.

  183. Matt (verified owner)

    Just received my EZP the other day and all I can say is wow! This is the product I’ve been waiting for! Worked on the first try! It’s super easy and intuitive, packs amazingly and is the most realistic of all stps I’ve used. I highly recommend it. Thank you Alex for your genius!

  184. Emerson

    I got my EZP yesterday! I have used it twice with no spills or anything! I love it!! Thanks!

  185. Erik (verified owner)

    Just got my EZP yesterday and I am beyond impressed. Not only is the product great – its comfortable to pack with and I was able to pee with it on the first try – but the customer service is excellent as well. I love the personal touches of emails letting you know when you’re package has shipped, along with little tips and tricks. Alex has always responded to emails quickly and helpfully. Looking forward to ordering products from Transthetics again in the future.

  186. Luc

    This thing is amazing. I no longer feel anxiety about using public bathrooms. I’ve even used urinals without any problems. It stays in place in tight boxer briefs without a harness, even while rock climbing.

    It’s definitely best to practice a bit at home, even if only for your own self confidence. Getting it out is a little different for each pair of pants. Emptying it takes some practice until you find your preferred method (I prefer flipping it forward). If you need to go really really badly, you need to be able to pace yourself, especially if you’ve had some drinks. None of those are cons, they’re all just useful to know.

    This product really changed my life for the better and I would 100% recommend it.

  187. Kath

    This product is really fantastic : the look is realistic and the material is strong and resistant. First of all, it’s my first packer with in same time no harness needed (yes !!!!!) and STP function. I mainly use it during my sport activities : biking, riding horse, running. I wear an usual boxer, quite tight ; the EZP moves a little on side but it’s like an almost natural position, specifically for bikers if you observe them carrefully. :-) I use it also when I’m not sure to find a proper rest room or for only pleasure to have it. The STP function is really really simple and convenient, the spoon is large enough and I had no “leak” accident till the beginning (I tried it immediatly the first day I received it). It’s really easy to wash it with only soap and sometimes I use some starch to keep his good quality. Then I advise every one to get it, you won’t be disappointed.

  188. Vance

    This product is really fantastic : the look is realistic and the material is strong and resistant. First of all, it’s my first packer with in same time no harness needed (yes !!!!!) and STP function. I mainly use it during my sport activities : biking, riding horse, running. I wear an usual boxer, quite tight ; the EZP moves a little on side but it’s like an almost natural position, specifically for bikers if you observe them carrefully. :-) I use it also when I’m not sure to find a proper rest room or for only pleasure to have it. The STP function is really really simple and convenient, the spoon is large enough and I had no “leak” accident till the beginning (I tried it immediatly the first day I received it). It’s really easy to wash it with only soap and sometimes I use some starch to keep his good quality. Then I advise every one to get it, you won’t be disappointed.

  189. Carroll

    You mastered The EZP!
    Some how it made me feel natural… As if it was part of me…finally!!!
    Thank you for designing a natural prosthetic…
    For All Transmales who haven’t had bottom surgery nor plan to..

  190. Grayson (verified owner)

    I received my EZP around a month or 2 ago. I’ve been waiting to write my review because I wanted to make sure to get the full experience before I judged it. The reason I give it 3 stars is cus it doesn’t really work for me anymore. First off, I can tell that Alex designs it according to how high he wears his pants, because I don’t wear mine that high and if I don’t, then the tip of the EZP sticks out of the top of my pants. Which is not realistic at all. When I first got it, I was very happy with it and it worked perfectly. Now all of a sudden I pee on myself every single time. I don’t even really wear it anymore. I’m happy I got some chances with it, but this one was my last and it makes me sad that I can’t use it anymore. Especially since it was SO much money. Over $200. I would recommend this EZP for sure, but only if you like to wear your pants up to your chest. Horrible to pack with.

    My first experience I had with it was perfect. So Alex, thank you! Thank you for creating such an amazing product! But like any other, it needs improvement.

  191. Erik

    Thanks for all the info! I just got my EZP today, and I must say it’s aptly named. Tried it twice so far with no trouble! I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. You have great products and wonderful/prompt customer service. I’ve heard numerous recommendations for Transthetics and the EZP, and I plan to do my best to spread the good word as well!

  192. Max

    I was able to use it to stand-to-pee right off the bat with zero issues, and the packing aspect is a dream come true. This is literally a game-changer for me, and I cannot thank you enough for this incredible product and the improvement it’s already had on my day-to-day life. I’m already in love with it despite having it for less than 24 hours.

  193. Elijah (verified owner)

    WOW!! This product is just as amazing as the hype that surrounds it! I live in the UK so it was quite a wait, but definitely well worth it. I was amazed at the amount of detail and craftmanship that went into the peen. It matches my skin colour perfectly which can be hard being a mixed race trans guy as sometimes they are too dark or too light! The first time I used it to pee was a success with no accidents (i was really nervous) but it was fine! Almost forgot to kind of empty it out by moving it forward at the end but didn’t. The boxers are very tight! I got a large even though the measurements compared to normal boxers would make me a M but the bits that go around the thighs are really tight when i sit down, but I guess at least it won’t fall out! I’ve not packed with it yet but definitely will. Thanks for such an awesome product! My only quarm (i’m not good with technology) but I watched the video of how to insert it into the boxers and tried for ages!! eventually got it but maybe the video could be a bit slower? haha :)

  194. Robert (verified owner)

    I just want to start off by saying thank you for making this product! SAVED MY LIFE. I have always wanted a stp like this one. I can use the restroom with my friends without having any issues and without outing myself. perfect for the guy that wants pee anywhere at anytime! it took me about 1 week to get going to the bathroom without any spills. Now i can go without a problem. I am 5’8, 180lbs. It definitely took some time to learn how to use this with all my different pants and shorts, i did have a lot of accidents, but practice does make perfect! Would highly recommend to anyone that experiences bottom/peeing dysphoria. I had to get used to packing with it up my pants but after a few days it became normal. I like being able to feel my balls right where there suppose to be. Highly worth $200 for the peace of mind!

  195. Shane

    For the amount of money this product cost, you would think that more effort would go into it. The prosthetic and the paint job are not realistic. The color is not represented correctly in the photos

  196. Paxton

    Super fast delivery and a very good match for my skin color. After using a shewee which is ill designed and easy to have accidents with, plus having to find a way to carry it, this is a huge relief and near perfect STP. It is comfortable to wear and does not move around. I won’t be so nervous about the mens room now. Thank you !!

  197. Ryan

    The shaft is too damn short. If this were an inch or two longer, I’d love it so much more. Completely disagree that it would lose its functionality if it were longer.

  198. kinu (verified owner)

    By the way, the EZP is most awesome as I hunt and fish with the guys, and sometimes new guides and group hunters (goose/duck hunts, etc.). Fascinating how comfortable and easy it is to use, especially in urinals. It looks so real, and so easy to wear.
    An alternate & comfortable way to wear the EZP, is to place the body (balls/cup) of the EZP between the two layers of underwear (on right side, and cup facing abdomen between layers), place the top of the shaft/head to the left (slightly upwards). To use it, simply pull the body to the left and down onto skin, and tip the shaft to the right (between two layers) and out. And easily slip it back in place when done..

  199. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I received my order last week and wanted to have a while to get used to the prosthetic before I messaged you.

    Sir…I am quite impressed and literally relieved! The first attempt at using it was a miss fire.
    But, once I got used to the placement, it’s performed very well. The only other time I wet my underwear was when I wasn’t paying attention and a corner of my briefs were too close to the cup. The flow I’ve found needs to be a moderate or more for a good stream. That in itself was amazing! No longer do I have to hold back. Also, I didn’t think I would enjoy packing upwards. But, I actually don’t mind it and the bulge looks very natural.
    I’ve used it in public several times now with no problems. I haven’t tried it at a urinal yet but I’m sure it will be fine. I’m outside working often and now I can go without having my pants around my ankles just to make my old STP work!
    One last thing…I’ve found the length to be just perfect for the everyday packing. If the prosthesis were longer I would have waistline
    dick! LOL! That would look totally fake. I wouldn’t change the length much if I were you. I look forward to future products you have in mind. I would love to see moveable testes/scrotum etc… But, only if the awesome function is there as well.

    Thank-you for all your thought and practicality you put into this product. It has made my life way more enjoyable!

  200. Jesse

    I got mine a few days ago, and I am super impressed, just the most functional STP I have ever had, makes life easy not to be carrying around my p-style in my bag and having to dig it out to use it. Just pull it out and pee. I’ve had a release, and scrotoplasty, but no urethral lengthening, but despite having stuff in the way, I find this still works really well for me, and the contact with the owner is fast and very satisfying.

  201. Edward (verified owner)

    Hi, I waited a long time to put the funds together in order to purchase this and ship it to England. I was excited to finally find a passable STP BUT!!! The one I received did not look like the one pictured it looks like a reject paint job and even though it measures exactly as described here, it is very small. I’m a slim but muscular guy and it is just a inch of two smaller than I would like. The functional aspect is, it does the job it is intended to do so it’s worth buying BUT not worth the high price tag!

  202. Adrian (verified owner)

    I hate to be that 1 review under 5 stars, but if I’m going to be 100% honest with this product I’ll give it a 2.

    The pros: it looks realistic for an stp, and the material is very comfortable.

    The cons: really tiny, awkward boner coming up towards my belt. I feel like I might as well not wear anything compared to having this in my pants, it’s too embarrassing to wear out. You can really only pack it the way that it is- directly upright. I tried packing it the same way I pack my other stp, but it started forming a crack since the base (balls) is firm. I’ve been trying to use it for about a month now, and I always have spillage. The flow is ok but the front lip is just too high, pushing the stp more up. You have to really force it in a downward position, making you aim really low. I can’t imagine trying to use this in a urinal. I haven’t had the courage to bother using it in a public restroom, which is a shame because it’s really expensive to not even be used.

    • Alex

      Oh no! I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I can see you felt the same about the Bono :( You do need to be quite selective about your choice of pants and underwear ie make sure you use pants that have a fly that comes down lower than your urethral exist and snug fitting side slit underwear so you can easily point the stp downwards without distortion. And yes, as per the instructions, you most definitely should NOT bend it in half to pack. I’d say try it naked in the privacy of you own home first to get used to position and then introduce underwear and pants. If that then causes issues, you know you need to be more selective about your underwear and pants so that it can be held in the same position as when you practice naked. Hope that helps!

  203. AC

    This is AMAZING! I have tried so many different techniques and stand-to-pee devices and none of them have worked. I was very nervous, to say the least, the first time I tried it. The first time I had it positioned too far back and it leaked from the front (around the pubic bone).

    The second time I had it positioned just right and it was amazing! I practiced for a few days and then tried it at work. Finally, for the first time in my entire life, I was able to successfully use the urinals! I texted my wife , I was that exhilarated!

  204. Leo (verified owner)

    Amazing! Absolutely incredible, no leaks no spills no nothing! EZ TO USE! First try no problem. 10/10 would definitely recommend. Even if you don’t experience much bottom dysphoria it definitely makes life easier being able to walk into the men’s room and just use a urinal. Worth every penny, service was fast and friendly, Alex definitely cares about his customers.

  205. Leo (verified owner)

    I got mine a few days ago and I love it! It’s the first packer or stp that I have ever tired and I was able to successfully use it on the first try! I usually don’t use the restroom in public, but I know that I will feel much more comfortable in the mens room using the ezp. Definitely worth the money!

  206. Arrin (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, before this I never thought I would be able to stand to pee, and this has become a reality. Has perfect detailling, amazing functionality, and worth every single penny!

  207. Aaron B (verified owner)

    First of all, I can’t believe how easy the EZP really is. I have two other STPs, and both I’ve had issues with leaking, position, and just plain comfortability (and having to use them in the bathtub for fear of spilling, which happened more than not), and wasn’t ever comfortable using them in boxers/pants even in the privacy of my own home. The first few times I used the EZP, I didn’t even need to go into the bathtub. I felt confident just from the feel of it, and watching your videos. I even used it that day with boxers, and each time, NO LEAKS! It felt so good to use it first time without really having that sense of worry. I had fears about using mens washrooms, and being able to use an STP, because I felt I’d never get the hang of it with my other STPs – now I can’t wait to use it more, and eventually be confident enough to use it when I go out (which I don’t think will take very long).

  208. Rob (verified owner)

    Great product! Works perfectly for me, and packs very comfortably!

  209. Noah

    This is the best STP that I’ve ever owned! And the quality of this product is out of this world. The owner of Transthetics is a great guy also- very professional yet took the time to answer my questions, and was very thoughtful. I am beyond satisfied!

  210. Meghan (verified owner)

    Let me preface this by saying I am an incredibly poor college student, working two jobs who spent way too much money I couldn’t afford on these products. I have horrible bottom dysphoria and had been waiting years to buy just the right product, because I only ever planned to buy one stp and I wanted the best one. Through reviews I had established this was it, and to be fair it looks amazing. However, that’s about where the good things stopped for me. The shaft was so short I had to lean pretty much into the toilet and take my pants off to my ankles to even attempt to use it, which ruled out urinals but wasn’t a big deal. I have only had it for a week and have tried to use it probably 7-8 times, the first time was amazing! I didn’t even pee on myself which I expected. It looked great. I didn’t have to take off my pants I got it out of my fly and it was awesome, dysphoria gone. I tried 2 more times at home, peed alllllll over myself, my clothes, my floor, both times. Refusing to give up hope I tried to pack with it for work the next day, it was so hard and misshapen it simply will not pack, I didn’t have a huge bulge just an oddly lumpy shape in my pants. I go to try and pee in a stall, take my time, make sure the stream isn’t too heavy, etc. pee allllll down my leg and pants. I’m a manager, I have to run around and make up some story to all of my coworkers about the sink leaking which I’m sure no one believed. Tried twice more at home, peed purely on myself no matter what I did. Distraught that I wasted valuable grocery money on this product. In an effort to not be an asshole (I greatly respect the people that make these products and the effort required to make them look so good), I will give it one star for looks, not in your pants, but as a nice piece of home decor.

    • Alex

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that :( Sounds like you did manage to get the position right the first time though. It is more intuitive for some than for others, so I would suggest practicing first without clothes in the privacy of you own home and then once you get familiar with the positioning, ad underwear and pants. You do need to be quite selective about the underwear and pants you wear, and I suspect this is where your problem lies, in that you need underwear that will not buckle the prosthetic when you pull it out and you need pants that have a fly that comes lower than your urethral exit.

  211. Alekai (verified owner)

    I got mine in the mail today. It’s a nice size and the weight eases my dysphoria. It tends to shift around in my underwear if I’m walking a lot but that’s not a big deal. I’ve only STPd with it twice but it worked great both times. The shaft of it is almost too short but my stream goes far enough to make up for it. The color is great as well. Definitely a five star product for me

  212. Enzo Ricklon (verified owner)

    I’m VERY HAPPY the EZP works really well for me ! Size, color and everything else fits me perfect. It’s my first STP and
    it was easy to use from the first try – no pee-accidents at all. :-) Thumbs up for Alex, who made it possible !!

  213. JJL (verified owner)

    PROS (this commentary is coming from a trans man who is VERY athletic, so this plays a big role in my experience):
    1. WORKS GREAT WHEN: fly on pants is long enough so that it points downward with little or no adjustment of pants, and you take the time to make triple sure it is positioned correctly underneath the urethra.
    2. Looks realistic enough so that if you are courageous enough, you can try peeing with the big boys.
    3. The tip hole is big enough so that it can take a pretty steady stream which was a concern of mine since I drink a lot of water
    4. Boxer briefs are VERY comfortable.
    1. It started to show signs of discoloration (darker), at the tip end, which I think is due to the fact that the underwear pouch is black and the temp gets very warm as I am on my bicycle most of the day in hot weather (I cannot think of any other possible cause).
    2. Unless I wear tight pants (which is never) the tip end sticks out such that, even when pushed to the side as recommended, it looks like a boner. I think this is because the boxer briefs are not compressing enough near the tip area.
    3. It is hard and the bottom part presses on my junk sometimes eliciting an inconvenient reaction.
    4. The end result of riding my bike a lot causes it to go WAY off to the side, requiring major adjustment to avoid the boner look.
    5. It takes a long time to pull it out and position it to pee because it sticks to the underwear (again, could be from the heat).
    6. I have no use for the irritating loop as I am not purchasing the bono. Maybe make some with the loop and some without so we have a choice.
    1. The boxer briefs arrived with a loose thread extending from the eyelet (?) where it buttons. It is now beginning to unravel. I don’t sew, so I will have to ask a friend to sew it back. Frankly, I don’t see the purpose of the button. It does not provide any compression whatsoever and is not pleasing aesthetically (in my opinion).
    2. Alex was very nice and quickly responded to my initial questions, but later stopped responding, even when I asked more than once. For example, I had asked twice if the boxer briefs were true to size. No answer.
    In conclusion, It still is the best STP around but between riding my bike (and doing hot yoga), using an stp may not be an option for me right now.

  214. Scottie (verified owner)

    I just went on a two-week road trip and tried out the EZP. It was fantastic. I watched your tutorial video a few times and tried a couple of times at home before leaving for the trip. The EZP came two days before my trip and I was a little hesitant about taking it but I’m at a stage in my transition where I can’t really go in the women’s bathroom anymore. Being on the road also made me worry about the men’s room at rest stops. I’ve heard horrror stories and being able to stand made me feel better. Yes, I did come across some gnarly rest stops but I didn’t have to worry. I never had any problems using it. It also didn’t bother me while I was sitting for hours on end driving.

    I modified some regular Calvin underwear. I cut a slit through the first flap and sewed arounded the slit so that it wouldn’t rip further. Those worked. I also found some Jockey sport microfiber boxer briefs (H fly) that also worked well with the EZP. Similar to yours with the top opening.

  215. Anarch

    After some days I am still in the “try and error”-phase, but I already can say it feels great looking down my belly and see what always should have been there.
    As I have a “shy bladder” I don’t think I’ll be able to pee at the urinal, but with this realistic looking STP I could.

    I wish transthetics would create a packer (light weight) like this. I like the length and the girth of the shaft. The EZP itself could be used as a packer but in my case it looks like a boner. So I’ll wear it only in special occasions.

    The missing star:
    These two points might be very individual or lack of experience, but when I’m peeing with a certain pressure the urin billows” (? Sorry, English is not my language..) and forms a bubble at the big hole of the EZP so the urin splatters in all directions. Maybe the edge of the hole is not perfectely smooth.

    And is it because of the packing/boner thing, that the angle between cup and shaft is not sooo perfect for gravity? I have to hold it down quite a lot, to let the urin flow.
    Well, I’ll get used to it or will learn the right way of using it.

    Thank you for creating this and for your personal support with questions!

  216. Ezekiel (verified owner)

    Its like heaven. I am so much more confident when I go to the bathroom. And I have a nice natural looking bulge. I’m happy with my purchase

  217. Ethan (verified owner)

    Fantastic stand to pee need a bit more practise but that’s me not the product . Very fast delivery ???? which I was surprised being in the UK ???????? thanks transthetics you have helped be to be an even happier man already . Very comfy sits just right packs really well although have had to change from boxers to briefs which I use asda ( Walmart ) briefs with front side opening and have made the adaption inside like videos suggest ( small hole on inside material ) which helps keeping it in place while wearing it soooo once again thank you would/ will be recommending again and again

  218. Chrispy_Chreme (verified owner)

    So this bad boy is one of the best things to ever happen to me, probably the best purchase I have ever made in my entire life. The realism, the softness, the non-“tent-pole” bulge…it’s everything I ever wanted (but never expected to be possible!) out of a packer. The whole “close scrutiny” thing is no joke; as soon as I took it out of the little pouch my jaw dropped. I was so excited to try it out I chugged a bunch of water for hours ^_^” The learning curve is suuuuper easy, and even if you have a few accidents at first (I did my very first time) it’s easy to adjust. Now I just have to work on getting it out more easily…

    But seriously, though. The price and the wait was totally worth it. I feel happier, more energetic, and less distracted by dysphoria when I’m packing with this guy. Sometimes I just strut around in my knickers because I like the feeling of having something down there for once! I can only give 5 stars because that’s the max, but if I could I would give many, MANY more. You’ve made me a very happy man, Alex! Thank you for starting this up!

  219. Ashley

    I ordered the EZP probably close to a year ago now, but was hesitant to write a review until I had tried it on my long thru-hike, which is where I have given up most STPs I’ve tried. I am happy to say upon my return from a 486 mile thru-hike on the Colorado Trail that I am totally and completely satisfied with the product. You have literally changed my life. I never could have asked for more. I took the EZP with me as well as a couple pairs of the Budgie underwear. Excellent products! I was able to wear the EZP around the clock without any chafing or discomfort, even after several days of sweating in the same clothes without access to a shower. No more running off in the woods to find a place to squat out of view of the trail. I was finally able to step to the side and pee like any of the other guys I run into hiking the trail. Perhaps one of the most valuable experiences you have given me is the ability to camp with strangers. I can pee in the morning like everybody else without having to wake up extra early to make sure they don’t catch me squatting. I know you recommend washing with soap daily, but I was even able to get away with my once a week showers without things getting too raunchy. Your prosthetic was truly designed for an active lifestyle. I can’t express how grateful I am for the way you have changed my backpacking experience and my day to day life. Thank you so much!

  220. Dani

    I am very happy with the product. I had tried other stp before and none had worked like this one now. since the first time I used it, I never peed my pants. I am very happy with everything, the material, the texture, the color, the size and the boxers too. everything is fine, you just have to know how to use it and that’s it. oh and Alex is very attentive with the customers. thank you very much. I’ll buy more products here.

  221. Shane (verified owner)

    I believe this STP is the one to beat of all STPs on the market. I have 1 suggestion and that is to make the shaft maybe an 1 inch longer.

    Thanks for all you do, your time and effort in creating the best products and services is greatly appreciated.

  222. Wallace

    The EZP has changed my life when it comes to my self esteem. It may sound silly but without the EZP I feel pretty naked. The color and texture are spot on. With that being said it’s a great packer and I love the idea of functionality…. but for me this product is just a packer that can preform a certain task and not that well. I know it’s been said he will not lengthen the shaft of the product, but that’s what it needs. It might just be my body, but every time I use the EZP standing up, it’s guaranteed that pee will go down my leg. I try to hold back, I try going immediately, I’ve tried holding down at weird angels, watched the videos, nothing really works. Functionality not that great, but the confidence it gives me to blend in especially in the locker room/swimming, perfect. This is a product I’ve had on my person everyday for over a year, it hasn’t really gotten worn down so it holds up! However, I’ve been swimming more recently and i think the chlorine might have an effect on it but so far it’s holding up just fine. Anyway I like the product and all the work Alex has done. i just wish it functioned better in all pants/underwear and was maybe a little longer.

  223. Joshua (verified owner)

    I followed your tutorials and found the EZP a wonderfully effective product right out of the box! Wearing it feels like coming home. Thank you!

  224. Gabe (verified owner)

    Mostly writing the review because I want to let people know this was super hard for me to use at first, but that if you pretend to hold it like a cup for a urine test, it’s much easier to figure out. I think half of it was just my brain not connecting to what I needed to do and once I connected the dots, using the product became quite easy … until I tried to pack it. I just can’t use it because it doesn’t pack right for me. I tried every underwear, tight as can be, not so tight, different length boxer briefs … just won’t translate in my cargo shorts or jeans (I wear the stretch/flex jeans so this may be part of the issue). Off to the side, up my fly, tight underwear, can’t pack it. And unfortunately if I can’t pack it, I just can’t use it so I’m super sad. So happy it works for everyone else though <3

  225. Daryl (verified owner)

    I got my EZP today and ran to try it out right away… I had success on the first try, absolutely no peeing on myself ! .. I wasn’t expecting that… I’m so happy I decided to take a chance and spend the money…

    Great product.. Thanks Alex !

  226. Logan

    I’m in love right now! I’ve been wearing it all day and even forgot it was there, its so comfortable and perfect for climbing! Thank you so so much for your product.

    A VERY happy boi.

  227. Jesse (verified owner)

    I just got this today and this is my first STP and I am amazed. It leaked only a little bit but with more practice it’ll be just perfect. My bottom dysphoria is completely gone. Thank you!!!

  228. Monkeyfivetoes (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting this STP for over a year now, my god, is it a game changer! I haven’t had the chance to use it in public yet (I’m reluctant because of previous STPs) but so far I’ve yet to pee on myself at home, which is nice. And packing with it is so much better and far more comfortable than anything else I’ve used. It feels secure in my boxer briefs too. A big thank you to Alex for making such a great product!

  229. Aaron

    Wow, just, WOW! This thing is INCREDIBLE. I’ve been hearing great things about the original EZP and then when I saw that a new uncut model was made, I just had to buy one literally that second. (I did, too, because it was available for purchase and I had money.) This prosthetic is just beautiful, if the shaft is just sticking out of your jeans it looks like it’s really part of your body. The skin tone is basically identical to mine, which is fantastic because usually I’m too pale for “second-lightest” skin tone but not pale enough for “lightest” skin tone when it comes to prosthetics for trans* guys. It’s so lightweight and comfy to wear, which is also awesome. It’s very simple to use, too, no need to press it up to your body a certain way like other STPs require at this-and-such of an angle and needing to basically take your pants off to use unless you want to risk an accident… there’s none of that. You just unzip, pull it out, go, tuck back in like a cis guy. I don’t know how the creator did it, but this thing is basically perfect. Even if you’re a guy with super high standards, you won’t be disappointed!

  230. Eric

    I have waited over a year for this and let me say, it does not disappoint! Looks great and packs comfortably. I also found it very intuitive to use with no spills at all!

  231. KingRay57 (verified owner)

    Okay. Let me first preface this review by saying, “I’ve never had more fun in my life, and I also drink more liquids just to go pee!” The very first time, it worked like a charm, but I had nothing but my briefs on the lower-half just in case anything happened. Put my jeans on, went out to eat, came back and went for it with my pants on. Stood there wondering why nothing was coming out the shaft, when I realized pee was running down both legs. So, I decided not to try that again. For 1.5 weeks, I kept peeing on myself and finally got how to position it more precisely. Can’t tell you how many pairs of underwear I went through; lots of laundry … LOL. I also hadn’t seen the video where it said not to sit on the cup, but push it up to pack. That does NOT work, because no matter what is said about this STP, there’s still a little in the cup and will end up in my briefs. Also, I’m used to a 5″ packer, and in no way does this pack well at all. I don’t even wear loose pants, and only in underwear does it look like I have a boner. Can’t even see it in my pants. I’ve heard larger dudes complain about this STP, but I’m a really little man, and this just doesn’t fit all body-types. I can’t pull my pants down in front of a urinal or feet facing towards the toilet (pants down) in a stall, so I can’t use this in public.

    What needs to be designed correctly, in order for this to truly be used in public (without baggy pants), is the shaft needs to point downward a lot more. Yes, I push it downwards, but can’t do that when it’s in my pants without accidents. It still gives me a thrill to use an STP for the first time in my life; I’m stoked about that. All my life, I was missing this thrill since I was potty-trained over 58 years ago. But, my next one can’t be so small, and the cup must extend further back than this EZP. I won’t put the brand I’m getting in here, but it’s got to be at least 4.5″ long!

    • Alex

      Yeah, it’s definitely a case of having to be selective about the pants and underwear you use it with. The fly of the pants HAS to come down lower than your urethra and from everything you’re describing, you’re not able to point it down low enough with the pants you’re wearing. The right choice of pants will mean you’ll be able to use the urinal no problem :)

  232. Miles

    Bought an EZP and works amazing! I have had others and was very worried I’d just be waisting my money:( I sure wish I had bought one way before now!

  233. Lucas

    I’ve got a whole graveyard of stps that I’m just not happy with and I got to say this one is amazing. It hits every point of importance: 
No chafing. 
Natural Looking (especially being uncut most uncut things look like a lump of clay) 
No leaking. 
No dripping.
 No rash. 
No precision needed on positioning (you don’t have to close one eye stand on your right foot and do the salsa to get it to go through)

    It’s definitely a MUST have for every trans man.

  234. KJ

    Works like a charm! LOVE IT!!

  235. Eddie

    It packs great,it pees great and honestly it’s just such a nice looking stp, I feel the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s 100% worth it.

  236. Asher (verified owner)

    The EZP has been such a life changer for me in the couple of weeks that I’ve had it. It is so easy to use and despite being anxious about mishaps, I’ve successfully used it when out and about with no issues! It looks incredibly realistic and feels natural in my boxer briefs. My only issue is that it shifts around a bit in boxer briefs and I think if I wore briefs that this would be a non issue. It’s minor enough that it still looks natural despite the slight shift in placement.
    I am so happy with this product and I feel even more confident in my body now and like it is more my own. I look forward to other great products that are coming!

  237. Casper Purtlebaugh (verified owner)

    I just received my EZP a couple days ago and absolutely love it. It’s easy to use, comfortable, packs naturally, and boosts my confidence. It’s so easy that I’ve yet to have a mishap in private or in public. I attribute this to watching Alex’s info vids as well as other vids floating around on Youtube. For context I’m 5’6″, wear boxer briefs, and pants that range from slim to casual fit. Aside from the product itself, I had some questions and I found Alex to be very nice and incredibly responsive. It’s clear he cares about the product and your experience.

  238. Alex (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my husband. The first STP we bought was mauled by my sisters cat (beware anyone with kittens, I guess the soft texture is nice to a teething animal, Her cat ripped through the layers of packaging overnight and my sister woke up to see her kitten with a dick in its mouth.). My sister was super sweet and replaced it. The customer service has been awesome.
    My husband loves the STP. He has never owned one before and I wanted to buy him the best product I could find. Thanks for making these awesome products! You have a lifelong customer.

  239. David

    I have spent a lot of money on very popular STP’s over the past 5 years leaving me broke and dysphoric. I hated the men’s bathroom where there is usually one stall and I wanted to stand to pee so badly like all other guys. Convinced I’d be disappointed again I risked saving my money once again and buying an EZP STP.

    WELL …IT HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED my life and I’m 5’6 inches tall and 215 lbs so this prosthetic is not just made for skinny white guys like I read on one review. Putting the hole in your underwear so that the inside is in your pants and the shaft is between the natural hole in a pair of briefs works best as it holds it perfectly in place and puts it right where you need it to go when you step up to the urinal. You can walk straight to a urinal without anyone noticing weird behavior. Most men’s rooms have one stall so it’s so much easier. With VERY LITTLE practice I had it down perfect cause it’s so easy to use and as the maker says, GRAVITY IS YOUR FRIEND, so watch the video. Also you do need the few inches in the crotch of your pants in order to point it down for the gravity to work.

    To just walk up to the urinal and pee feels wonderful. I have never felt confident cause of so many accidents with other STP’s but with this one I don’t have to even think about it. I’m totally confident every time that i will get it right without an accident like all the other companies out there! It may seem small in length but it’s actually perfect and you can point it to the side or up for a natural look in your pants. But it’s worth it to just buy cheap underwear and clip a 1/2 inch hole on the inner part of the pouch, pull it through and then just tuck it in your outer pouch and you look like every other guy out there. I cannot recommend this STP enough! It has truly changed my life. I cannot thank this company enough for this and I’m sure it’s other fine products. Oh, and if someone peeks you would pass. Hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me.

  240. Matt

    I’ve had my EZP less then a week. I’ve already mastered using it at home (haven’t tried in public). I love that you don’t need a harness- I just use tight boxer briefs to pack with. It is great to pack with and so easy to use I got it on my first try. It is GREAT for alleviating my dysphoria.10/10 would recommend. It’s worth the price.

  241. RONCK D

    Une vraiment bonne idée que l’invention de l’EZP. Avec un peu d’entrainement, il est facile à utiliser et très confortable. Alex recommande un slip ouvert et ajusté. Mon expérience est que trop ajusté, c’est moins facile à gérer. J’ai augmenté la taille du slip et là … plus de problème pour vider complétement la « tasse » et éviter de petites fuites.
    Je recommande sans hésitation. La livraison vers l’Europe dure une quinzaine de jours et s’est parfaitement déroulée. Sans stress.

    A really good idea that the invention of the EZP. With a little of training, it is easy to use and very comfortable. Alex recommends an open and adjusted pair of underpants. My experience(experiment) is that too much adjusted, it is less easy to manage. I increased the size of the pair of underpants and there more problem to empty complétement the “cup” and to avoid small flights(leaks).

    I recommend without hesitation. The delivery towards hard Europe one couple of weeks and perfectly took place. Without stress.

  242. Alix

    It’s amazing ! I love it! Such an amazing product and such fast delivery! It’s prefect ! Thank you!!!

  243. Kaden

    It’s so easy to use. I love it!

  244. Kaden (verified owner)

    Got my EZP in the mail yesterday. Wore it all day and all night at work. Easy to pack gives a realistic “bulge”, at times I forgot I was wearing it. Super easy to pee with. Tested it once at home before heading out. I bought some new bonds underwear, briefs with a fly, they keep it very secure and easy to use the fly when peeing. I drink heaps of water at work and was a little worried about having a heavy flow but absolutely no leakage I didn’t need to hold back or control my flow like with previous stps. It doesn’t need to be squashed against you like some other stps to stop leakage I hold it fairly loosely and aim it downwards, and tip out any excess at the end. Worth every $$

  245. Alixander (verified owner)

    I am in love with my new STP! Friendly staff. Arrived in the mail just a few short days after ordering.
    I was skeptical at first because of a bad experience with the last STP I had purchased from a different company. The thing was flimsy, difficult to use, and was just too big. It always leaked when I was urinating and caused a lot of embarrassment.
    But the EZP is basically like having the real equipment. It is so easy to use when standing at a urinal. It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t leave a huge bulge in my pants, and it doesn’t shift around in my underwear. I am easily able to urinate standing thru the pocket in my underwear.
    This is the best STP around.
    It’s durable, looks super realistic, and super comfortable to wear.

  246. Will S

    the only spills i get when i use the EZP are from my eyes as i weep in blissful euphoria.

    I didn’t realise just how much this product would change my life.

    Genuinely the EZP has given me a new lease of life.

    Thank you.

  247. Devin

    Oh my God, this thing is amazing!

    I was able to pee standing up and I almost cried because I was so happy.

    Can’t thank you enough.

  248. KJ (verified owner)

    I’ve had the EZP for several months now and it is an excellent product. It’s not 100% perfect for my anatomy (nothing can be perfect for everyone) and it did take quite a bit of practice to get it right but, it works better than anything else I’ve tried.

    Honestly, I don’t often use it for STP but wear it daily as a packer. Though not squishy, packed properly (I use a pouch jock strap under boxer briefs) it provides a realistic bulge. And because the back is open, it actually allows by anatomy to breathe! Hallelujah. Most packers have super uncomfortable flat backs and are made of materials I don’t want anywhere near my skin. So, in addition to being a great STP, I feel it is more than worth the price as a comfortable, durable packer which is made of body-safe material.

    My only “complaint” (not really) is that the coloring faded within the first month. It doesn’t seem like too many other folks had this issue so it might just be a fluke. I liked the realistic color but honestly, no one really sees it in my case so it’s not a big deal.
    $195 is not a small purchase for me. However, the EZP was more than worth the price for me and I’m happy to support the amazing work Alex is doing. Thank you!

  249. Ken (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product. I have used it many times without incident. I have yet to use it in a public restroom, but it is only due to nervousness. I recommend anyone who purchases this product to read Alex’s tips before use. The best tip has been to point the shaft downward while using. I highly recommend this.

  250. Sam H. (verified owner)

    I got my ezp a few months ago and I absolutly adore it! My ONLY complaint is that within the first month, the colour from the head almost completely rubbed off. It’s continuing to loose its colour at the head so I’m looking into a safe way to add the reddish colour back but it still passes at the urinal with the discolouration. I can finally pee anywhere I need to, and use urinals often now. I’ve Never had an accident and it nice never wearing a harness. as a packer it’s perfect for me because it seems light, and realistic in size. As others said above it lets my junk breathe so I never feel irritated by it and I often sleep with it because it’s so comfortable. I forget It’s not attached to me haha I can’t wait to see what future products come out from transthetics- Alex is truly a genious who is passionate about making products that are reliable and easy to use. He also has wonderful customer service and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Also I can’t recommend this underwear enough-

  251. Joseph

    This is the best thing I have ever tried. It looks very realistic, very easy to use and it’s perfect color and size. I enjoy using it. I didn’t feel wired or afraid to use it. It’s like it’s a part of me.
    Thank u so much for giving me this peace of mind.
    Keep the hard work. I will be recommending this to everyone I know.

  252. Joel

    I have this for about a month now and I can say it really works, it’s simple to use , don’t need to adjust much , I can pee without been afraid of accidents , and it pack nice . Looooove it . Thanks Alex ????

  253. Steph (verified owner)

    It‘s perfect! I can even use it at track and field, at climbing and mountainbiking. Since my first try it really works fantastic to pee and it looks ways better than some real willys I saw in my live…

  254. John (verified owner)

    I have been a trans guy for 18 years but never had the courage or means to use a urinal in a public restroom. I am grateful beyond words that now that has changed. Thanks to this product, I was able to have this life-changing, gender-affirming experience just last weekend (after a little practice at home) and felt comfortable and confident while doing so. Thank you, transthetics, for giving me something I never thought I would — or could — have.

  255. Jay Seidel (verified owner)

    Really straight forward and easy to use. Shipped way faster than estimated time.
    Dropped a star because I personally didn’t like using it.

  256. Elliot (verified owner)

    I got my EZP about 9 months ago, and I love it!
    – Easy to use: I never had success with using an STP before EZP, but EZP has been leak free since day 1
    – Comfortable: no chafing all day wear, runs and day long bike rides. I don’t notice I am wearing it anymore
    – Discreet: blends in at urinals and never raises flags through airport security scanners!

  257. Tim (verified owner)

    I purchased this packer some months ago and it was shipped super fast to Europe, maybe took 1-2 weeks? Unreal.
    I let some time pass to write this review because I wanted to get some use out of it first.

    Practising with it took some time as I was afraid of accidents, but nothing of this sort happened – neither at home nor when I used it in public bathrooms. It’s comfortable, easy to use and you can have an uninterrupted flow as long as you’re not emptying your bladder TOO fast. The shaft could just be a little bit longer, I feel, but honestly it’s really good as it is.

    No issue with discolouring yet but I also don’t wear it everyday.

    Would recommend to anyone.

  258. Arthur

    Hey guys, the EZP is absolutely fantastic! This has bloody changed my life! It looks indeed super-duper realistic, and it’s quite easy to use although I do need a little more practise to fully nail it with gravity and everything… Well, I’m sure it will come with time! I wonder if it’d be useful to try with different types of underwear? Alex if you have an answer to this!
    Anyway, I was so excited to use it for the first time that I forgot to breathe until I was finished :D
    Also, as Alex said, the silicon is of great quality, and I can really wear it for a long time without the material to hurt or itch even though I have a baby’s skin.

    Ce truc est génial, bordel. Même si j’ai encore du mal à tout gérer avec l’histoire de la gravité et tout le tralala, ça a PUTAIN de changé ma vie, les gars, rien qu’en partant sur du visuel, sans parler de la jouissance totale d’enfin pouvoir pisser debout! (Bon j’avoue c’est un peu nul, mais il m’arrive encore de temps en temps d’avoir de toutes petites fuites… Faut juste penser à avoir un caleçon de rechange sur soi, c’est pas la mer à boire :) ) Si vous hésitez encore parce que c’est vrai que c’est un sacré investissement, dites-vous que ça va vous durer un sacré bout de temps, et que c’est vraiment de la super qualité. Comme le dit Alex, le silicone est d’excellente qualité, et moi qui ai une peau vraiment fragile, je peux le porter vraiment très longtemps même par fortes chaleurs sans être irrité où que ce soit. Quand je l’ai mis et utilisé pour la première fois, j’étais tellement excité que j’ai tout fait en apnée avec un coeur prêt à exploser dans ma poitrine. N’hésitez vraiment pas!

    Leute, Leute! Dieses Ding hier ist einfach genial! Falls ihr noch Zweifel haben sollten, braucht ihr nicht mehr lange überlegen. Das hat einfach mein Leben komplett geändert. Endlich mal kann ich stehend pinkeln, das erste Mal, dass ich den benutzt habe, war ich so überdreht ich habe vergessen zu atmen… Der EZP sieht einfach überübernatürlich aus. Klar, es ist eine Menge Geld, aber das ist top-Qualität, ich habe eine sehr empfindliche Haut und trotzdem kann ich den EZP sehr sehr lange und problemlos tragen, auch bei Hitzewellen. Hau einfach rein! :)

  259. Lukas (verified owner)

    Super easy to handle, no matter what part of your transition you are in. A great first StP packer. They shipped quickly and made sure I was satisfied with what I got. The only risk of accidents occur if you’ve been holding it for a long time and then empty your bladder to quick. I am very satisfied and definitely recommend this product for anyone.

  260. Ash

    I absolutely love this thing. I’ve been using it daily for about 6 months now, and the learning curve was small (I was using it in public toilets & urinals in about 2 weeks, and a lot of that was confidence!). I’m pretty small in all directions, so I haven’t a problem with the length or positioning.

    I was initially worried about packing with it (was previously using a Mr Limpy XS), but it’s great for that too, and fits fine even with low-rise skinny jeans.

    It sounds dramatic, but the EZP has changed my life. I can pee without feeling a sense of dread and disappointment & all-round awfulness! Using it really feels like it’s a part of me (I’m white, got the lightest colour). I love the detail especially at the tip. Thank you!

  261. Josh

    I’d like to start with the fact that the customer service is phenomenal. I got an email directly from Alex when it was sent and Alex sent me links to his how-to video. In addition, when I told him it had arrived, I got another email back the same day, which tells me he does read the emails he receives related to this business and that he reads them relatively quickly.

    The product itself is amazing as well. It looks exactly as it does in the photographs and is very simple to both use and clean. I do recommend getting used to it at home before trying it out in public. Alex’s how-to video is also helpful to be sure you’re using it right, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with STPs. It definitely looks realistic and once I’m confident in my ability to use it right every single time, I will not hesitate to use it in public. Along with the inherent code that exists in men’s restrooms, it is so realistic that no one would think it wasn’t real if they were to catch a glimpse of it.

    All in all, a wonderful product and I’m glad I decided to spend the money on such a quality item rather than on a cheaper one. I would definitely recommend saving up for a Transthetics product rather than spending less money on an STP that isn’t as good.

  262. Mark

    Amazing product! The EZP is my second purchase after the Rod (which has saved many a spa day in Germany!) and I couldn’t be happier with both! I’ve been looking for the right products for over 20 years now and am so glad to have stumbled over Alex at Transthetics – really life-changing stuff!

  263. Ray (verified owner)

    So I ordered the ezp cut as my first real stp. I was amazed by the quality, the detail is incredible, the texture feels awesome against skin. A lot of stps out there tend to be a lot bigger, and being as I’m quite a small guy (5’3) the average sized packers I’ve used have looked really obvious.
    So cons on this is that you do get a little aware of this ezp the first few times you are at it, and it does take a little practice to nail it.
    The pros are that it sits comfortably in underwear, you don’t need a special harness for it. I wear men’s underwear so they’ve already got space for a package, so the ezp isn’t pressed against me. You can wash it out with soap and water, and it doesn’t get that gross sticky feeling a lot of packers get. I do a lot of physical work with my job, I find the ezp doesn’t move around at all, I’ve got no risk of dropping it out a trouser leg either.

    Absolutely love the ezp, perfect little device, looks exactly like the real thing when you’re out in public. Give it a little shake after you pee, you get everything out and it looks exactly like how cis men finish off. 100% recommend this, it’s such a boost to your confidence to know you can stand at a urinal and no one has a clue that anything is different

  264. Kyle (verified owner)

    The product is made from great material and it’s very realistic looking. It’s just not comfortable to wear and I’ve had way too many instances where I’ve peed myself. It seems like everyone else doesn’t have an issue with this but I’ve been practicing for weeks now and can’t manage to get it right. The shaft is also hard and not very flexible in my opinion. All of my boxer briefs have a saggy crotch area so it looks like I have a hard on. Pretty upset that it didn’t work for me, but I might be a one in a blue moon.

    • Alex

      Yeah it definitely won’t work for you in boxer shorts. It’s designed to be worn with briefs or boxer briefs, so give that a go.

  265. AJ

    Even after only using this for a day, I already know that I’ll never need another stp product. I’ve never been able to use other stp products without catastrophic accidents. Within minutes of pulling this guy out of the envelope, I was going. Bathrooms are no longer a dreaded experience. Alex, thanks for developing this awesome design, and giving us options on the very realistic shaft. It doesn’t pack exactly like other packers, but with a little bit of practice, I think I’ve got it down. Benefits of peeing comfortably and confidently far outweigh that initial awkwardness. All in all, this thing is amazing and I’m never looking back.

  266. JR

    No one is going to read this given there’sno way to sort through 266 reviews, so I might as well say it short and sweet – this is by far the most expensive and realistic way I have found to piss all over myself in public.

  267. Mason

    Great product! Does what it should do. Looks natural in boxers, briefs , & swim trunks.. the detail is phenomenal! Passes as real all the time. This was my first stp and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great products!

  268. B

    This thing works amazingly as an STP and as a packer, unlike any other device I have tried. I’m a kid and 5’3″ and think with hindsight I should have got the EZP junior as the adult one is a bit too big, but other than that I’ve experienced no problems. For peeing, as long as you position it right and don’t pee too fast it will work fine. Make sure you always wear tight underwear with it so it doesn’t move around too much, not necessarily briefs but at least tight boxer briefs. I’m so glad these products exist to help trans boys and men feel more at home in their bodies, and as far as I know, this one is the best (age-appropriate) stp on the market for anything less than several hundred dollars. Thank you so much!

  269. Olly (verified owner)

    I’ve had the EZP for a couple of months now and I’ve barley used it. This isn’t because the product isn’t very good but more down to finding the correct underwear that works. I usually wear quite loose fit boxer briefs as they are not to long as to be uncomfortable yet long enough for me to feel masculine especially when getting changed at college. Briefs I’ve always feared will feel like I’m wearing female underwear but I decided to cop to them anyways for the sake of the EZP. Finding a pair with a fly has been rather difficult. I would recommend wearing briefs with the EZP as it sits more naturally and generally feels more comfortable. The fly as on most underwear overlaps to much so it makes it harder to just whip out and do your business. I however would recommend using the leg in this instance. I had done extensive research and my favourite briefs are a make called SAXX. They are rather expensive but worth every penny. I still have difficulty using it when going to the toilet and is going to take some more practice however I love it just as a packer and it eases my dysphoria greatly. Would recommend this product although I’ve rated it 4 stars due too my own personal experience with using it to pee as I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.

  270. Ecova (verified owner)

    TL:DR: This stp doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money like I did.

    I never write reviews, but this stp was so horrible that I made an account just so I could write this. I bought this stp back in September (I think) and it has been a nightmare pissing ever since.
    I am never dry using this. IT ALWAYS LEAKS. I have tried so many times to piss correctly using this but it never works. I have gone through so many pants and underware and am still drenched in piss while writing this. I have no dam idea how anyone can use this correctly. I have watched all of the videos stating which underwear would be best to use but most of the brands mentioned are not found where I live. I have tried to order a pair of Bonds online using their international service but that delivery costed a ton and the package never arrived with them giving no shits about my lost package. NEVER AGAIN. I was about to buy the underwear designed for the EZP STP but they only go up to Large (I’m XL) I have tried to position myself in so many different ways, trying to prevent wetting myself. I have also tried  many different underware brands but to no help. Now I am just so dam frustrated and dysphoric as hell using this. I remember saving up for months trying to get this, but this was just a complete waste of money and time. Its very realistic and a nice packer (don’t waste your money using this as a packer, you can find a better packer for cheaper) but its no stp. Don’t buy this. Its doesn’t work.

    I am willing to accept advice on how you guys get this to work because I do want this to work so badly. I am just so disappointed and frustrated. As of now, it stays one star and I will be advising any other ftm I meet to look elsewhere for an STP.

    • Alex

      Sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard time with it. If you email we can walk you through some trouble shooting. Most likely, it is the choice of underwear and/or pants you’re wearing. The easiest way to establish this is to use it naked (perhaps in the shower in the first instance) to see if you can use it successfully without clothes. If so, then that’s what we need to workshop. If you’re still having trouble even when naked, then the angle is most likely the issue. In any case, email, and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

  271. Em (verified owner)

    OMG WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE! I’ve tried 4 other STPs before this one and none come even close. I’ve used this guy at least 15 times already and have not leaked once. NOT. ONCE. Don’t waste your money on other expensive products. Get an EZP!

  272. Fernando (verified owner)

    It’s great. I just got it, I tried it for the first time and everything came out right. I love it. Thanks.

  273. Jonathan

    I cannot believe how awesome the EZP is. I was so nervous to use it for the first time I did my first standing whiz in the shower…. totally unnecessary! I CAN PEE STANDING UP! I could cry I’m so happy. I cannot thank you enough for creating this device. I feel like a new man! I will sing your praises to anyone that will listen. Thank you thank you thank you!

  274. Jordan (verified owner)

    This is the best STP on the market. Any STP I’ve really liked has always been too big or too stiff to pack with. I’m a waiter and cook so I’m constantly moving and the EZP is just right for me. It’s comfortable, stays in place, and I never have to worry about leaks. It’s flexible, easy to use, and the detail is seriously next level. Thank you Alex, for creating a truly incredible product.

  275. ash (verified owner)

    Complete game changer. I had been using an STP from another company and given up on ever being confident enough to use one in a public toilet because I had so many accidents. I finally bit the bullet and ordered this after seeing great reviews, and I have not been disappointed.

    I’m a bigger guy and have had no problems using it, no leaks, no accidents at all.

    I ordered and had it shipped to the UK and it arrived much faster than I thought it would, it was here in under two weeks.

    Customer service is also brilliant, Alex responded to my emails within a few hours and answered my questions.

    I also ordered the budgie swim trunks and haven’t used them for swimming yet but tried them on and the ezp looks natural and feels really secure in them.

    I will definitely be ordering from here again!

  276. Aaron1305 (verified owner)

    Never leave a review for anything but this product just needs to be shown to the world. Its so easy to use and since the first time using it iv not had a single accident or overflow with it since my very first pee with it. It’s so comfortable to wear as well and I just want to keep it on 24/7. The look on it is so realistic even my other half couldn’t believe how real it looked. Its helped with my bottom dysphoria so much I cant thank you enough for making this STP and making it available to everyone worldwide. 

    And delivery – well I was not expecting it to be in my living room within 2 weeks from ordering. I thought delivery alone would take 2 weeks at least and maybe to process my order at least a week but NOPE ordered and delivered to the UK all within 2 friggin weeks. AMAZING!!.

  277. Peter (verified owner)

    I spent $200 on this a year ago and it’s just sitting in my dresser. No matter what I have tried it will not stay still in my underwear, always slipping until I have to go to the bathroom and adjust. While the photos show that the head is red in color, that paint wore off very quickly and now it’s all tan. Peeing with it is amazingly easy however. It really is a great stp, but I might as well have gotten a go girl and kept it in my pants for 180 dollars less. It would probably make an actually noticable bulge in my pants.

    • Alex

      It sounds like your underwear is probably too loose. It does need to be snug fitting to keep everything in place and briefs will do the best job at this. The paint can wear off more quickly if the product is exposed to soaps that contain essential oils especially tea tree or eucalyptus oils. And in regards to the bulge, some people complain it’s too big and some complain it’s too small but most are actually very happy with the bulge it creates. Ultimately, that’s simply a matter of personal preference.

  278. LaughingDog (verified owner)

    Ive has this product for a couple of weeks now and I can say I really like the look of this product and it’s simplicity. It’s very natural looking, little less so than the picture, but still pretty satisfying. I started transitioning in 2012 and have yet, previously, to buy a packer or a proper STP so my standards are a little different perhaps than the norm.

    I’ve used homemade STPs (medicine spoon with a hole drilled) successfully and consistently before without problems but this one eludes me. I think I would caution against anyone with shall I say fleshy thighs to try it. I’m not really of size, and I work “stealth” to give perspective. It is not an issue I expect or deal with on my daily business. It packs nicely once i sewed in a small elastic loop into my underwear and I have an extremely physical job. No discomfort there but when I wear gym shorts I will say it does appear I have a bit of a situation sometimes. I have to stand so straddled to use it that a urinal is not practical for me.

    If you can’t wear the specified underwear well, only sizing to large with a slimmer favoring design, then this STP may be a challenge. Especially if like me you do pee at shall we say a steroided racehorse level. I can control the flow well. But it’s still not enough with the slight contortions due to my fleshy thighs and I have frequent, but not consistent, accidents. I find myself still needing to use stalls where previously I was using a urinal regularly. I like it. But for my situation perhaps a packer or another STP design would be better. That said for most I can see how it would be easy to use and natural given a different body type so I couldn’t say it’s a bad design but not a good design for me. Been easy to clean. I do recommend a good wash and a light cornstarch every morning even if he says you don’t need to. It can become sort of sticky in weird ways if you don’t. I do recommend sewing your own loop into your snug-fitting underwear because if, like me, you do have to be really mobile and sweaty, it can wander around pretty all over the place. Not as bad as I’d expected but it can travel weirdly, in my case just below my belt buckle horizontally. Which is an odd feeling.

  279. transjunkreviews

    Oh boy, get this little guy.
    I’ve had this STP for 3-4 years. Still one of my favorites. No discoloration or defects in the years i’ve owned it. If you can afford it, I suggest getting the EZP. It takes some practice to pack with, as it’s not curved downward. Once you get it right, works like a charm. The product has become more glossy over time, it sweats when you don’t keep it in the cute little satin bag. The urethra is quite large, so the stream is kinda big as well. Very realistic detail, the middle skin tone (C004) was a bit too light for my biracial skin. The lid is perfected, I’ve never spilt once. It warms with body heat, I’ve never been stopped at an airport. (But I’m TSA PRE) This is good for smaller guys. If you’re tall, the shaft may be too high for comfortable urination. I’m 5’7 and I usually don’t have issues. (Went to Peru and did, the urinals were low.) I made a bad youtube video review, it’s only a-few mins long if you wanna check it out. Would suggest to anyone who can afford it. i would love to try the joystick when i can afford it. Bless Transthetics!

  280. Jamsquan

    I’m super impressed with the EZP, it’s so easy to use and I can’t believe how well it stays still in underwear. It’s honestly so perfect for me, I haven’t been able to find a packer that works for me never mind one that’s an STP as well! I’m over the moon with it really, just need a month or so of practising using it before I try it out of the house haha.

  281. Lewis

    I am very impressed and…I love it! It’s a bit different from other STPs and packers I’ve used, so I’m still getting used to it, but I feel pretty comfortable with it already. I think it’s just a matter of positioning it at the correct angle (for both packing and STPing, respectively).

    From the realism/appearance standpoint as a prosthetic — it’s awesome! I haven’t felt the need to get a hyperrealistic prosthetic, but I’ve been wanting something that’s not as monochrome/monotone as the average packer, and I feel like this is just right to pass the level of scrutiny that it might get in a public restroom or locker room. I would feel totally confident taking it out of my fly at any public urinal — even one without dividers. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing for work. And at home, too, TBH, to combat increasing lower dysphoria.

  282. Kris B (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing this STP for too long and finally had the money to offered it. I was expecting to wait the fully expected two weeks before getting it but it came in 4 days! Was super excited to use and thankfully was able to use it soon.

    NO SPILLAGE AT ALL THE FIRST TIME! It blew my mind how comfortable and easy it was too use. No weird positioning of my hand that might cause spillage onto said hands, no spillage anywhere. Worked perfectly for me. Love that it comes uncut too!

    Can’t wait to finally be able to use this at work (large company with multi stall and urinal bathrooms).

    Using public restrooms has always made me super dysphoric and I FINALLY don’t have to worry about it =]

  283. Luca

    It took some getting used to peeing standing up and it packs quite differently from the Mr Limpy (only packer I’ve used before, the EZP has created some awkward “boner” moments for me, a problem I never had before), but now I cannot imagine going out without it and it works well for me. It’s personal, intimate things like peeing that give me most dysphoria and this product helps a great deal with that. (Also being able to pee outside! What a dream!) It looks really good too.
    Sometimes it does highlight what isn’t there, something to keep in mind when using a prosthetic, but overall it has greatly improved my comfort.

  284. John (verified owner)

    I cannot get the thing to work more than 50% of the time, so I can’t use it in public without the fear that I’ll have to change my clothes. When it works, its great, but when it doesn’t, it really doesn’t, ugh. I feel that I have to do weird stuff with my hands, so I cannot use it in an open urinal and the worst thing is that I cannot seem to predict it’s accuracy. I’ve tried all different kinds of briefs and cut out the inner flaps. It seems to work best just using briefs that I can just pee out from the leg, but that’s not entirely trustworthy either.
    I was so excited to get it and I was hoping for an answer to the stp issue. I’m sorry I wasted my money on this thing and I’m extremely disappointed. And I’ve had to wash a lot of clothes and mop floors.
    I think it looks great and it stays in my briefs fine as a packer, but then I could use Mr Limpy just as easily for that for a quarter of the price. This is the second stp I’ve purchased. It’s my last. I’m giving up on it. Looking forward to bottom surgery.

    • Alex

      I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with it. “It seems to work best just using briefs that I can just pee out from the leg, but that’s not entirely trustworthy either.” I’m surprised you are able to use it in this way, as that’s definitely not how it’s designed to be used… Just incase you haven’t yet, take a look at this demo video and hopefully that will give you some insight into what’s going on…

  285. Hank

    The design is amazing and fits perfectly, I’ve peed twice already and its so easy to use! Was definitely worth all the saving up and the wait. Delivery was super quick and I can’t wait to pee at festivals, clubs and beaches hahaha, as a surfer I’ve always been a bit sketchy people not seeing any junk in my wetsuit but now I won’t even have to worry which is incredible. It really is life changing. Thank you so so so so so much.

  286. Liam zappia (verified owner)

    As a STP it works great with practice, however as a packer i wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve tried all different underwear and still looks like I have a erection. I use it at work as I work in mining, a man orientated industry (to urinate outside) but I put it in and out after each use.

    • Alex

      Have you tried packing with the shaft off to the side? If you’re finding that the EZP looks too much like an erection you may find the EZP Junior packs better for you. Personally, I like VERY discreet, so I’m finding myself using the EZP Junior now as my go to.

  287. EL (verified owner)

    I bought this in preparation for a trip to Europe because I wanted to have the flexibility of using urinals while traveling. It took me a few weeks to really get a hang of the placement (which I practiced in my own bathroom and then in public restrooms that I knew to be low key). This seems out of the ordinary as most reviewers could basically grab and go. **I personally have to put pressure on the front to make sure the tip points down and also lean forward toward the urinal (but figure this is the way it works with my body).

    It absolutely helps with my bottom dysphoria in bathrooms – I was in France at a restaurant and went to use the restroom only to find out there was basically a urinal behind tiny saloon doors (still open to the hallway where female identified folks waited for a toilet with a door). Boy was I thrilled to have this STP! I’ve also used it at a line of urinals without partitions (this was quite nerve-wracking at first) with cis men. All good.

    My biggest complaint is that after only three months of use (not even daily use), the paint is already wearing off the tip, making the details less realistic.

    As mentioned in previous reviews, it can be hard to pack with. I find that I’m a bit self conscious of it feeling like a boner (especially going from sitting to standing) but still worth the ability to STP. I’ve found that PACT briefs work best with it for me.

  288. Martin

    Best stp ever! It looks good, can be worn all day, is not too bulky and – most importantly – it works. No leaking, no backflow, you can use this in public bathrooms without any worries. It works best with snug underwear with a fly. Great product! Thank you, Transthetics!

  289. Jesse

    I gave this product a good review when I first got it. Now that I have been using it for a really long time (about a year I think, my memory is not so great), I have to give it an even better review. It has stood up very well to a lot of use, still cleans up really nicely, doesn’t even feel noticeable riding around in my pants all day, gives a nice appropriate bulge, and has never once failed me they way many of my previous STP devices did. I have been very impressed.

  290. Iva

    How delightful to get the notice by email – your package is in the mail (LOL). I was really thrilled once it actually arrived too! I have felt like I was peeing out of the wrong place on my body since early childhood. This makes things a lot more comfortable. One big surprise in using the STP was losing most of the pain around my urethra, which has been mild, but chronic most of my life. Doctors either ignored my complaint or told me it was a stress response. Well, hell yes it was a stress response – I was experiencing dysphoria and they had no idea how to explain that to me. But wearing this, I realized that it was in fact dysphoria and the pain been easing up ever since I started using this. The first time I used my Transthetics STP in a public bathroom was in an establishment that doesn’t have a “bathroom” sign or any of the male female indicators that you see so often. The sign on the door just says “a trans person peed in here”. So in I went and used a urinal for the first time. Wearing this and using it during the day, at work, out on the town, etc. has felt so liberating. Working as a sex coach, mostly within the LGBTQIA community, I look forward to recommending this product to clients, as well as friends.

  291. Micah (verified owner)

    Amazing! If you have struggled with stps and packers alike, this will NOT disappoint. Every stp I have tried has spilled or not packed well or has been uncomfortable but the EZP packs so naturally, is so easy to use- especially for a newbie to stps- and is comfortable to wear 24/7. I even rode a bike and ran a mile with this thing. 100% recommend, so worth the price, honestly a steal.

  292. Max Kuzma (verified owner)

    Stand to Pee Confidence

    Everyone has a different reason why they might want a STP device, right? Maybe it’s for dysphoria reasons, maybe you want the freedom to pee anywhere, maybe like me you want to be able to use the urinals in the bathroom.

    I was not a believer in the STP concept. My biggest concern was cleanliness and usage (gravity). Despite these concerns, I went ahead and purchased a very cheap STP just to see what the experience was like. I picked up the CalExotics STP for $16 locally. Using it, I learned there’s a lot of nuance to the STP experience. How your anatomy operates to physically pee (some people can pee without an STP at all), the kind of underwear you wear, practice, etc.

    I purchased the EZP from transthetics because after all of my research, two big things stood out to me about this one. 1) It was designed by a trans person. That’s huge. and 2) It was designed with outdoor activity in mind. It was a big investment to make, but I decided I wanted to try it.

    Let me tell you… I am blown away. Obviously the difference between this and the $16 one is night and day. The aesthetics are obviously fantastic, but it’s the user experience that really shines. This material is soft and gently cups your body. The cup itself is large enough to hold a fair volume of liquid, eliminating my fear of spills, but the EZP itself is not too large or rigid to look awkward or wrong when worn in the underwear… and again, the material is so soft that wearing it as a packer is extremely comfortable.

    The video in the description of this product was my key deciding factor in purchasing. Being able to see it in use was really helpful.

    The singularly most important thing that has made using this so pleasant is knowing how to wipe. This was a big fear of mine. But, it’s simple. When you have finished peeing, you can simply draw the back of the cup across your anatomy, effectively “wiping” with it. This will collect any last drops, and then you can dump them out by tipping the cup/shaft forward (as shown in the video).

    Okay! Long review but I wanted to say all of that because I think especially the last point is really important and that’s what makes this so exciting to me. Having just got it I used it once naked with no problems, then I used it twice in my normal boxer briefs without any problems at all. It’s seriously amazing and gave me massive gender euphoria.

  293. Gavin

    Best STP I’ve ever had. I’ve had it for almost 2 years now and it’s still great!

  294. Skylar (verified owner)

    AMAZING PRODUCT! I have tried other STPs and actually spent way more money on them and they would not work for me. The first time I went to use I had no leaks and I continue to use it at home without issue. I even tried it out after I had a few beers and REALLY had to go. Can’t wait to finally use the restroom in public with confidence instead of anxiety. Their customer service is top notch as well and I would recommend this to anyone who has had “problems” finding an STP that is right for you.

  295. Clair Rock (verified owner)

    This thing is incredible. I won’t lie, I was hesitant to buy it – it’s expensive and I’ve had less than enjoyable experiences with STPs in the past. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my EZP and was prepared to have a poor experience. But I had success on the first use. Figured it was just a fluke, but I have never had a mishap with the EZP. I can comfortably wear this thing around all day and it doesn’t look like I’ve got a baby boner. I can understand being hesitant or anxious to spend a good amount of money on an STP, but the EZP is worth it and then some. I can’t say enough how amazing this product is.

  296. Devan (verified owner)

    I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much your STP has changed my life. I’m an avid bike rider and now with COVID all the bathrooms are closed everywhere I ride. I routinely go on multi-hour up to 75 mile rides packing with your STP. Being able to pee behind a tree standing up has been both practical and transformational for me as a trans man. I also really appreciate the realistic bulge in my biking shorts. Thank you for understanding that some trans men are athletes and have different requirements for an STP.

  297. Ave (verified owner)

    I love the EZP. I bought the natural version and I love the STP function. I got it at the first try, it feels so nice to just have no bathroom dysphoria. However as an packer, it’s a little bit stiff, but when you get it into a good position it works nice as a packer aswell. I love the comfort. My skin won’t irritate anymore (as a contrast to the mr. Limpy). Great product!

  298. ky

    This is by far the best stp I’ve tried. Not sticky at all and I personally like not having to wear a harness with it. I wear it daily, and also for cycling/running/triathlons which all tend to have a tight fitting pant to keep it in place. It’s definitely noticeable in things like cycling shorts and tri suits but not so much that I would choose not to wear it. My only problem is that now that I’ve had it for a while (daily use for around a year) its stopped sitting upright in my briefs and instead tries to curve to my body, so the shaft is angled to the side now. I’ve tried repositioning it to try to bend it back but it seems permanent at this point. It’s not majorly disruptive to its function, but now it doesn’t sit upright like I’d prefer it to, and since the shaft is crooked the subsequent stream also tend to go sideways.

  299. Godrick (verified owner)

    Long story short I absolutely love this product. It feels really natural wearing it around to the point where I don’t want to take it off. It’s really easy to use just like the video shows and don’t worry the reservoir is big enough that if it takes you a bit to get it flowing you won’t make a mess. Honestly since I put it on for the first time I haven’t been able to stop smiling.

  300. Asher Peters (verified owner)

    By far the best STP I’ve used both in function and looks. I was expecting somewhat of a learning curve, but it’s very intuitive to use compared to other popular STPs on the market. It’s comfortable, packs naturally and looks incredible. I bought the uncut model and it actually looks even better in person than in the photos. The EZP is definitely well worth the price. I also bought the Budgie briefs and boxer briefs (both of which I’d also recommend) and it packs very well with those. Thank you so much Alex, your products and customer service are outstanding!

  301. Atom (verified owner)

    I just got the EZP STP packer in the mail today, I used it once already and oh. my god. It works perfectly, no leakage, no issues, and I was able to for the first time pee standing up, and feel like I was the one actually doing it with no awkwardness.
    Now, let’s get on to how it feels rather than how it performs.
    As a packer, it works perfectly for me. However if you are looking for a big packer, this is not the one for you as it is somewhat small. However keep in mind it’s supposed to represent a flaccid penis which is usually naturally small, so it provides a very realistic bulge.
    For me, it fits between my legs perfectly and makes me feel like I actually have something there, while walking it’s present yet not distracting or over-noticeable, and it almost never moves, even though I use regular non-packing briefs it still stays in place perfectly.
    This is the first packer, and first STP I’ve ever used, so I can’t say I can compare it to anything, but I would say this is the best packer on the market purely from the insane success I’ve had with it on just the first day of owning it alone.
    If you are fine with it being on the smaller side, GET. THIS. PACKER. It’s a work of art AND the customer service is phenomenal.
    Would highly recommend, 5 stars, 10 stars if I could. I cannot praise this enough, it made my bottom dysphoria almost nonexistent!

  302. Kenny Rivera (verified owner)

    This is definitely a game changer. I really love it. It’s very comfortable and there’s no need of using a strap. It looks very natural. Thanks for it. I recommend 100%

  303. Joshua (verified owner)

    When I received my EZP and took it out of the box I noticed that the “pee hole” was a little bit blocked by some extra material (that I can’t cut out) and when I tried to use it there was a lot of backflow and the stream did not look natural at all. I’ve watched the transthetics YouTube video (along with other videos on YouTube) thinking that maybe I was using it wrong and no matter what I still have the issue (even with no clothes on in the shower!) because the EZP I received was defective. I was so crushed because I had really been looking forward to getting this product and it took me time to save up for it. I never contacted the owner of the company because I deleted my emails and lost the order number so I think I’m stuck with this :( VERY DISAPPOINTING! I still have my defective EZP and I often pack with it but I can’t use it to pee and the reason I bought it was so that I could eventually use a urinal. It’s a great packer, the bulge is very realistic, but this was not why I bought the product. I’m very dissatisfied with what I received and I hope by writing this review the company will at least make sure this doesn’t happen to any other guys.

    • Alex

      Hi Joshua, I’m sorry to hear this! We do have a 90 day warranty for any product issues, but as you didn’t reach out to us, we were not able to resolve this issue for you. I see you ordered the product back in May of 2019 and we could have easily looked up your order had you chosen to contact us.

  304. kelso333 (verified owner)

    This STP is great! I love it. I’ve been making sure I use it right in order not to have any leaks or accidents and I’m really satisfied. I haven’t used it in public yet as I want to make sure I know where to position it first. I do wish the length of the shaft was a bit longer, not too much… so I can still position the device further back under my urethra. The current length makes me feel like I may wet the front of my pants since it doesn’t stick out as much as I want it to, so just a bit longer on the shaft would be awesome! (That’s just my preference) also, I wish the cup was slightly bigger too, just to avoid any spills if that hahaha, I feel that when I really have to use the restroom, I just wanna be able to release it all without any concerns on spilling, so a slightly bigger cup would work best for me, but again that’s my preference. Aside from those preferences that I have and hope that they come to reality ;) … this STP works miracles! I highly recommend it! Just make sure to practice and know the form of your body to avoid any accidents!

  305. Brett (verified owner)

    I ordered the EZP uncut natural and so far it is great. Previously, I had used the Junior EZP cut and was interested in seeing what the uncut original had to offer.

    I enjoy skateboarding and running and I skated with it tonight. Setting it in Hane’s premium original fit briefs from Target with the shaft to the right and the balls lightly sitting on the bottom of the underwear worked pretty well.

    My primary critique is that it would look much more complete if there was a more realistic pink glans portion that the pee could stream out from which slightly protrudes from the foreskin hole, or ever so slightly underneath it. This may be a completely subjective preference, but it would look incredible if this were to be experimented with.

    The reason I give it a 4-star is that, personally, after using the Junior cut version I do not see this looking as realistic as it could. I think that it needs more defined veins on the shaft and wrinkles on the foreskin. All in good time. Thanks alex

  306. Aiden (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying a few different products trying to find the right fit for everyday use. Whether or not the piece is an STP wasn’t super important to me in the past, but having that option in a packer that’s also just comfortable and looks good is a huge bonus. It does pack a little differently than most packers that are usually made to hang downward or be packed sort of down the leg, but honestly I find the upward/angled packing situation with the EZP really comfortable and I think it still looks great. In jeans and anything else I wear it looks very natural and is subtle but realistic, which is huge because most packers I’ve tried tend to be on the large side and make it seem like you’ve got an erection the whole time. It does seem to work best in briefs, but I’ve also worn it with some pouch-type packing boxer briefs and it works fine in those as well, just without the accessibility to use the STP function. The packer itself is very detailed and extremely well made, and I can’t speak enough on the quality of the product. It’s easy to use functionally as an STP, and although It is a little pricey compared to some more affordable items out there I was happy I made the purchase because you get great quality for the price. I would absolutely recommend the EZP.

  307. Jay (verified owner)

    I haven’t even had this thing very long and it’s already been life changing to the point where I don’t even feel like I need to get bottom surgery anymore. The only issue I’ve had is it’s not that great of a packer for me, personally, but as far as urinating it’s been absolutely amazing. I have used other STPs before and I would have leaks to the point where all I could do was practice in the shower and I never got it down and gave up. I don’t even have doubts with this one. I use urinals, go outside I haven’t had any accidents so far with the EZP

  308. Jamie

    Worth every cent! At first I was hesitant due to the cost ($300 AUD) but honestly worth it! I’ve tried a number of STP’s and by far this is the best- takes some practice but the most success I’ve had in STP’s.

  309. Nick (verified owner)

    Bought this less than a week ago and honestly it’s amazing. I pack with it all day and I barely notice it, it’s so comfy and even when wearing boxer briefs it stays in place. I’ve tried other stps in the past and they just never worked but I have been able to pee with the ezp so easily. Even with underwear that I have to put the shaft over the waistband instead of through a hole at the front has worked for me

  310. Evan (verified owner)

    So previously I’ve only ever used 1 other STP, forgot the brand but it was a lot bulkier than this product and I really never wore it because so. However this EZP really had me pleased right when I opened it out of the package because it’s nice and compact, looks exactly like the pictures. It’ll easily pass at a urinal if anyone was to glance. I found compared to my mr limpy soft packer this material is stiffer, so I had to do some rearranging a few times to get it to feel comfortable and not look like I have a boner (especially because it’s very hot where I am and I wear a lot of gym shorts). The function of this STP is really easy too, you can pretty much let go of your bladder and not worry about it flooding too much. The urethrea hole is pretty big so it allows it to go out easier, but is a down side to realism. Overall I’m very satisfied and am loving the experience, it’s worth the money!

  311. Elis (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how realistic and detailed it is! It’s quite soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. I can confirm that you can even bike while wearing it (I bike daily and haven’t run into issues). It looks natural during wear (no overly large unrealistic bulge or boner). It stays in place well so I’m not having to adjust it all the time. It’s quite easy to pee with as well! I’m thrilled with it overall, and it was certainly worth the cost!

  312. stephen bailly (verified owner)

    The best stp I have ever tried! great to wear, comfy. I have not tried it at stalls yet.

  313. Kflowers160 (verified owner)

    Thank you for the wonderful product – I have had it now 3 days and no accidents yet. Still working out which underwear will work from those I already have. If I cannot get them to work for everyday pack/STP use then I will certainly check out the ones on your site.

  314. MG

    I received my EZP in the mail about two days ago and everything looked amazing! On the consumer experience, I was very happy with the promptness and personal touch of the order process. I was slightly confused by the wordage when it came to the order status ‘processing’ but once it got ready to ship, the updates were excellent! Obviously, this review is going to be somewhat personal, but I will keep things very PG.

    I am pleased to find out that this is the perfect stp for me. I have three mostly useless ones which I have never been able to openly pack with and mainly use only for outdoor totally solo use. The same day I received my EZP, I was able to use it perfectly without problems. So many stps are too narrow, look horrendous, or are too short to clear a fly. I found everything was very well proportioned with the product and I was very happy to be able to use it easily and intuitively.

    The overall look of the product is exceptional and the feel of the product is very realistic without compromising sturdiness. I have packed with my EZP twice so far in public and have felt very confident. I also packed with it during a film shoot and extended stunt sequence. I was wearing tight boxer briefs and a cup. It was an interesting fit and had to slightly ‘readjust’ after a few takes of rolling in the sand but stayed in place nicely. Very impressed! It was comfortable to fight in and gave me confidence in our remote location shoot.

    Next, I will be taking this EZP out for five days hunting aoudad in the backcountry and only expect the best from it. Thanks to transthetics for offering an affordable, beautiful, USEFUL stp.

  315. Kay (verified owner)

    ***** 5 stars all the way:
    Literally everything I had hoped for and more!!
    I got the c002 light colour cut EZP stp model, and the colouring and details are fully amazing and super realistic! Its solid enough that I’m not worried about damaging it through daily use & wear but light enough that it is really comfortable to use and pack with, and it really is the perfect size! 100% the easiest learning curve by far of any stp device I’ve ever used – no spillage, easy as to tip forward & empty without being conspicuous or obvious, dries quickly so there’s no mess – I genuinely can’t recommend this thing enough; the work is amazing, the quality is fantastic, the colouring and details are hyper realistic. If you’re on the fence about it, imo this one is legitimately worth every penny!

  316. Levi (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your money buying other, cheaper STP devices. With all the money I’ve wasted I could have bought 2 of these. I’m only in my first 24 hours of owning my new member but already I’ve successfully peed standing up with no mess. It’s nice to have a company who understands our needs as transmen.

  317. Stephon (verified owner)

    First and foremost the model for this exceptional piece has an absolutely beautiful penis. The craftsmanship and little details Alex adds are gorgeous.

    After owning for a week, I’ve found it to be very comfortable. I’m 5’6, 130, and slim built but have always worn relaxed or loose fit jeans 32×30, belted, resting at or below the hip. These easily keep from looking like I’m walking around half chubbed while packing. Size small boxer briefs with the head pulled between the flaps of the fly also helps keeping it snug & upright all day. I rather wear trunks but found the lack of a fly not conducive to the effective use for me. I also never realized how infrequently I urinated until using this and had a period of trial and error on how to control my stream as to not experience overflow. I’d actually advise using a pad until you get your techniques perfected to avoid soggy drawers. It’s discrete and much easier to change out than a wet pair of undies, right?

    The customer service is obviously a top priority to the Transthetics team. While I don’t have spare money to spend, I’m happy to pay great people for quality work. As someone who has been assaulted numerous times in rest rooms, I can’t explain what feeling safe again means to me. This is the first purchase every Transguy should make for that reason alone.

    Forever in Gratitude,

  318. Alex A (verified owner)

    I’ve been following this stp for years now, always going with something cheaper but keeping this one in the back of my mind as my “dream” stp. Finally made the decision to buy it and I have to say, this is the best I’ve used by FAR. Worth the investment for sure

  319. Pax

    It looks GREAT, and I love that you can pack up with it, but that’s about ALL I like about it. Even the large size is just too small. The shaft itself is the PERFECT size, but the cup is just too tiny to fit myself inside of, and I’m not that big. Because of this, it is probably the most difficult STP I have ever tried to use. It also isn’t the most comfortable to pack with because, again the cup/balls are too small so it just will not fit comfortably over my anatomy. I understand everybody’s bodies are different, but I’m not a big guy, or a very tall guy. I’m only 5’9″ and 137ibs. It would also be nice if the balls were slightly rounded, just a tiny bit because when it’s in your pants it’s just like this flat bulge that does not look realistic at all. The material is also a bit rough/sticky, it will pull your hair! Ouch! And it starts to rub and get really uncomfortable as the day goes on. Even powdering it, I can’t wait to get home and take it off by the end of the day. It’s a great, thick material, looks amazing, but it just doesn’t quite hit the mark. It needs to be bigger. And yes, I ordered the largest size. As much as I love the LOOK of it, and the general concept… I’m only giving it one star because despite the dozens and dozens of raging reviews about how EASY it is to STP with… it is NOT! I have been STPing for years and I have never had as many accidents with any other STP as I have with this one. Months and months of practice and I still p*ss my pants at least 8 out of every 10 times. And I don’t just mean a little leak or spill, I mean out and out wet my pants.

    • Alex

      Hi Pax, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with it. Watching this video might be helpful. It is different to some STPs in that you are just meant to hold it underneath yourself lightly like a cup rather than trying to form a seal and that’s what causes things going wrong in most instances. Either that, or just not angling it forward enough. But ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference and by the sounds of it, a compact STP may just not be the right choice for you.

  320. FM Pratt

    Like “Pax”, I purchased this product (this time last year) and I have had the same problems with it that he has outlined eg the roughness/stickiness where it makes my genitals itch and is very uncomfortable to wear. I E-Mailed Alex to query the fact that the prosthetic should not be used in a swimming pool last September and he said to avoid this. However, I have not had any issues using it thus. It is only with difficulty that I can use the prosthetic (despite it ‘working’ to begin with) and it doesn’t fit into any of the harnesses I have, except one. The leakage is so bad thanks to the low edges that I have to wear waterproof knickers to stop urine going everywhere – and cut a hole in them to make room for the penis shaft, after wearing a pad failed miserably. I have tried everything for a year to stop the leakage, including angling it forward (the cup doesn’t empty properly after use), shoring up the sides, but to no avail and there is no way that it can be used without forming a seal, so I dispute Alex’s assertion on that. I pointed out to him that the penis is sterilised every night and dusted with cornflour to keep it smooth and hypoallergenic too. Very disappointing product, with the only plus’ being the 2″ shaft and being able to pack it, albeit with the shaft pointing upwards to create a bulge, and using it in the swimming pool. Most penis’ point downwards. Not really worth the money I paid for it, as the design of the ‘cup’ and ‘testicles’ (too flat) is stupid, and it is clear that it wasn’t right for me. However, since I have no other STP of that size, I’m having to use it – with the waterproof knickers. How did Alex think it would work? Did he get any Transmen, not just himself, to test the prototype as a trial for a few months before manufacturing it and patenting the design? If he did, what was the outcome of the trial and were any adjustments made as a result of it? I would suggest ignoring the glowing 5* reviews about it for those reasons, as I am only giving two stars for it.

    • Alex

      It definitely shouldn’t be sticky or rough, but yes, if you’ve been using it in a chlorine pool, this can happen which is why I cautioned against it as chlorine will break down silicone. This could also be why it worked to begin with and then you had trouble, as the chorine probably also affected the integrity of the structure. It is also not designed to be used with a harness. And yes, this product has been through extensive product testing.

  321. Del (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend The EZP.
    Have used various STPs over the years as I often drive long distances and can’t always hold it until the next service station.
    By far, this is the most comfortable, reliable, and amazingly realistic STP on the market.
    As a heavier bloke I advise combining the EZP with the shape retainer cup. With a bit of practice and slight widening of the stance while positioning it creates a perfect seal every time – no leakage whatsoever.
    Can’t wait to use a urinal with confidence for the first time in my life. Thanks, Alex!

  322. romanwhufc (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how well this STP works. I was a bit sceptical about packing up, but it actually really looks great and I am so happy I don’t have to wear a harness with it. I wear boxers with a button fly so it is super easy to use. I have peed without a problem, no leaks at all.
    I haven’t tried a urinal yet but this is the first time I’ll feel confident!
    I am a bigger guy so I use this with the shape retainer cup and it’s an absolute dream.
    Thank you Alex, you have made this guy very happy!

  323. Sam (verified owner)

    I was a little confused when I first got my EZP, thinking that it was a medium color and not light. But Alex was really great about emailing me back adn forth. He explained that it should be a little darker than skin tone. It did seem to lighten a little after the first few uses. It’s my fourth attempt at an stp, adn by far the most realistic one. It’s also the easiest one to use. I tried in the tub and failed becuase it leaked out the back of the cup My tub is very skinny, and I don’t think I had enough leg stance. But the first time I tried in front of a toilet it worked beautifully. I was even able to get it with clothes on the first time, and I haven’t had to partially hold in/control my flow with it either. That’s something I’ve struggled with in using the other stps, flow control is hard and they would always back flow. I really love the EZP.

  324. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

    I love this, I’ve finally gotten to where I can take a leak without peeing my pants lol. It took a few days of practice before I could go confidently, but now that I can, I feel so good about myself. The main thing that helped was controlling my flow, I can’t completely stop it but even just slowing it helps it from overflowing. I also found that I have to lean the cup forward to where the front edge is not touching me. This freaked me out at first, and I leaked out of the front a few times, but now that I’ve been practicing I can finally say I have it down. The customer service is also really great. The only downsides to the product are that I have have to readjust it before I pee, and that the packer doesn’t show very much if at all. The readjusting could probably be fixed with a harness or different underwear, and the packer being too small for me is just my personal preference though, which is why I did not take off any stars (considering I knew it would be small before I bought it). Honestly though I love the EZP. Thank you so much Alex for making me feel confident about myself again, I really needed it. :,)

  325. Loki Zara

    Full honest review from a 15yo, this thing’s great. It looks SUPER realistic and doesn’t make the biggest bulge but it’s DEFINITELY visible in Grey Sweatpants lol really comfortable with just underwear, can confidently wear it without a harness or anything.

    And the peeing is GREAT. I got it on Monday and have used it the last few days. Used the training cup monday and tuesday, didn’t use it at all on Wednesday cuz was in just a sitting mood. I’ve had leaks, but I’ve only used it a few days so it’s to be expected. Regardless, it works great, looks great, 10/10.

    Only reason it’s a 4 is cuz the cup barely feels like it’s there which is prolly great for other people, but I prefer feeling it right up against me to make sure it’s like, against me. Definitely takes some getting used to.

    Don’t feel toootally confident yet to pee w it in public cuz I’m still practicing, but I love just having it on while lounging and walking around, it feels like an actual dick. The EZP’s great, love it, has definitely relieved some dysphoria. It’s both relieved and enhanced it a bit cuz I have a dick, amazing! But it isn’t attached to me/I wasn’t born w it :( ahhh it’s fine, the EZP’s def gonna be my go-to until I get phallo.

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