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Budgie Boxer Briefs – Packer Underwear

$30.00 USD

(8 customer reviews)

Before you buy, make sure the Budgies are right for you by reading the full product description below.

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Budgie Boxer Briefs packing the EZP.

In honor of the great Australian budgie smuggler, Transthetics is releasing the Budgie Boxer Briefs packer underwear, designed specifically to be utilized with Transthetics products.

Having gone through a huge assortment of underwear over the last couple of years, in search of the perfect pair to use with the EZP, I came to the conclusion, that they just didn’t exist… until now.

Over this time, I have trialed and recommended a bunch of underwear, all with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Having combined the strengths and eliminated the weaknesses, then throwing in some unique design elements, the budgies have now been released from captivity!


  • Unique horizontal/vertical door design for easy use with the EZP and EZP Junior.
  • Re-enforced crotch seam and attachment loop for use with the Joystick.
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane blend for a soft and comfortable, no stretch fit.
  • Suitable for both women and trans guys.
  • Available as boxer briefs and briefs.
  • Also available as swimwear.

To see a detailed product demonstration of the above features, see the demo video below.


To see it in situ with the EZP and the Joystick, check out this demo video.

What are the differences between the Budgie Briefs and Budgie Boxer Briefs?

  • The Joystick does work slightly better with the briefs than the boxer briefs. Due to the nature of boxer briefs being wider in the crotch, they won’t hold it in place quite as effectively. Also, remember, you can alter ANY snug fitting underwear to be used with the Joystick, by sewing a loop into the appropriate location.
  • Whereas the briefs have a double horizontal door design, the boxer briefs have an internal horizontal door and external vertical door with a button closure.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. A lot of guys prefer boxer briefs over briefs, but from a purely functional perspective, especially with the Joystick, the briefs do perform slightly better. For the EZP, I’d say both function equally well.


27-28″ x-small,
29-30″ small,
31-32″ medium,
33-34″ large

95% cotton
5% elastane blend

Black with white trim.


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8 reviews for Budgie Boxer Briefs – Packer Underwear

  1. Jose

    I really love the look and feel of these! It also makes the EZP REALLY easy to use! Thanks for your amazingly innovative products, Alex

  2. Alex

    These are pretty much the best boxer briefs I’ve ever owned. They’re a little lower than most boxer briefs which I really like and their snug without being tight. I wear them whether I’m packing with the EZP or not and the front on fly does make the EZP very easy to use.

  3. Jed

    I actually really like just packing my little packy in the front pouch, which looks extremely natural the way it hangs, and importantly for me, no part of the packer comes in contact with my skin at any time.

  4. Jackson

    The budgies are comfortable and fit to your body structure.
    The ezp no longer rubs against my body, and it stays in place- i don’t feel it at all anymore.
    It also looks like a more natural bulge, compared to what it looked like with other underwear I’ve had.

    For me, the inner part of the legging rides up after sitting for a bit, butt i don’t feel it because the material of the underwear is comfortable.

    They help me to not leak, and the material on the inside absorbs any leftovers.. which, have gotten onto my junk before, and i didnt like that feeling.

    I highly recommend getting the budgies, as they’ve gotten rid of problems I’ve had with other underwear.

  5. Ryan

    The concept is awesome. Well designed. Great for EZP. My only complaint is that if you have the slighted bit of a butt, it is very difficult to cover it with the low cut design. Especially with the briefs. So many body types – can’t win them all. Still highly recommended

  6. Ira

    I am one of those people who cuts the tags out of their clothes because I’m very sensitive to physical discomfort. I highly recommend the Budgie Boxers (have not tried the regular briefs yet). They are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever owned, packing or not, and I am pretty sure I’ve tried most of what’s out there. Waiting for my order of more (I only own one so far!) – I just ordered four more pairs.

  7. LX (verified owner)

    What I like:
    * They’re very comfortable.
    * No packer can “escape” through the boxer’s leg. They’re fitting.
    * My packer is pressed tightly and nicely to the body (no boner).

    What I don’t like:
    * With the EZP the fly opens quite a lot and where no button, the white textile is visible.
    * My (!) EZP seems to be a boner. Can’t find the right angle.
    * The white textile (I know… it had to be)
    [* I am not able to pee with them. > More exercise]

    May be there should be a bit more textile at the fly, so the white textile doesn’t show when unopened.
    I fear a bigger size (got “small”) would take away my “pros”, the tightness and the security no packer will escape.

  8. Ryan B.

    Context for this review: I’ve used the EZP for almost two years and have both the old and current versions of the briefs and boxer briefs. I’m very active and wear them to the gym, on hikes and backpacking trips, etc. I wrote another review for the briefs, but this one focuses on the boxer briefs.

    For the record, my absolute favorite pair of underwear designed to go with the EZP is my sole remaining pair of boxer briefs made in the old design. The current design is a little easier to use and I think it looks better, but I have some strange lingering attachment to the old design. With that said, I do like them.

    I find that it isn’t as easy to use the EZP with the boxer briefs as it is with the briefs. However, I still prefer the boxer briefs because my package is more secure; unlike the briefs, I can hit the gym, do yard work, run up stairs, and do all sorts of crazy stuff without worrying that my EZP is going to make like Houdini and escape. I also think they look better than the briefs, which gives me a confidence boost even though no one else is going to see me in them.

    Overall, I give these 4.5 stars.

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