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High quality, FTM prosthetics for trans men et al

created by a rock climbing, scuba diving, bike riding trans man, with high expectations of what a prosthetic device should deliver, Transthetics prosthetics are:

What the boys have to say…

“The Real EZP is the best product I’ve encountered for my needs and has met or exceeded all of my expectations…My first impressions were that it looked amazingly realistic…it looked “much more natural than any packer I’d ever had AND felt significantly more comfortable…It feels natural, doesn’t get too sweaty, molds to your body, and stays where it needs to be…As an STP, it’s also great…After less than a week of practice I’ve used it successfully in public bathrooms.”
“I was EXTREMELY particular with what I wanted and no matter how much time or money I spent on these STPs, nothing was working. Then, I found Transthetics…It is super easy to STP once you get the hang of it and it works well as a packer. You get the functional use and the look you want with this guy. It is well worth the price because this is an AMAZING product. Normally by this time in my ownership, I’d be looking for a new product to try but not this time. This guy is a keeper and I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for a realistic STP and packer.”
“Let me tell you guys. I have a TON of STPs in my drawers. None of them have come close to this one. The bottom line is that this thing is exactly what I have been looking for. For me, it is for sure a 10 out of 10”
“I just got it in the mail and went to try it out and omg I’m crying! It’s the first time in my life I can pee standing up and there was no leaking!”
“Overall so far i couldn’t be happier with the Rod, and I’d give it a solid 10/10. I am pre bottom surgery at the moment, but I imagine with meta, this prosthetic would be even more outstanding. Good work Alex! Thanks for the awesome product!”
“I love it! Briefs hold it really well and the bulge is just perfect. It looks great and peeing with it is sooo easy! It’s literally the EZP. A billion out of ten recommends!”
“The EZP has made a huge difference to my life even in the 2 short weeks that I’ve had it. Genuinely the only stp that I’ve ever felt confident to use outside the safe confides of my house and it’s doing wonders for my confidence.”
“First I will say I freaking LOVE it. I’ll just put that out there right now. It is realistic, comfortable & almost fool-proof. I am serious, it looks realistic. I paid $170US for a “realistic” packer (excluding shipping) in 2007 which wasn’t as realistic as the EZP, was heavier & created a very obvious bulge. I started transitioning 10 years ago and wish I had one of these back then.”
“The EZP is a game changer. I highly recommend this to any trans guy who’s looking to find an affordable comfortable reliable stand to pee device.”
“I have the confidence to pee at work in the cubicle which I never had with the Peecock so that’s definitely a good step up and I’m really, really happy with it.”
“It looks like it was made for me, because it was. Haha. The details and the color are so eerily realistic. It is like God forgot to give me that part and so they sent it in the mail. It could not be any more of a match than if I was born with it.”