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The Bionic* is an all-in-one, super realistic prosthetic penis that mimics the natal male genitalia as closely as possible across four functions: pee, pack, pleasure and play – and over two states: flaccid and erect.

In its flaccid state, it functions as:

  • An easy-to-use and reliable stand to pee device.
  • A comfortable, discreet and natural looking packer.

It can easily move between flaccid and erect states and:

  • Becomes wider, longer and firmer.
  • Stimulates the wearer‘s erogenous zone.
  • Looks, feels and moves like human skin.
  • Contains a lubrication/ejaculation reservoir under the tip.

*patent pending

This ambitious project aims to alleviate body dysphoria and offer a viable alternative to existing surgery options for transgender men.

In the meantime, visit our shop to check out our existing prosthetics range.


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