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Some tips for choosing pants for packing.

As anyone who has used a stand to pee packer knows, you need to be pretty selective about what pants you wear it with, not just from a functional perspective, but also in terms of contour. Nobody wants a permanent [...]

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A trans man’s guide to dating straight women (part 2)

So a while ago I wrote an article on dating straight women as a trans man and have been thinking, there's a few things I'd really like to add to this. I still 100% stand by everything I wrote and [...]

A trans man’s guide to dating straight women

*I should preface this article by saying that I am speaking here about trans men who vary anatomically from natal males.* When I first made the decision to transition many years ago, I honestly believed that I would never date, [...]

The Bono is available January 1st 2017!

FINALLY! The Bono is ready for play! This product will be a little more modular than my other products, with the basic Bono, which includes the very life like Bono sheath, and one quiet, rechargeable vibe, with a flexible head, [...]

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Urinal etiquette – things you should know before taking a tinkle

Just like in elevators, there is an unspoken etiquette about how one navigates the space of a men's room. However, unlike elevators, which most of us have been familiar with all of our lives, the men's room is new territory [...]

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The first video review!

Even I had no idea the Real EZP was such a versatile product! Added features previously unspecified by me, include its utilisation as, not only a phone but also an FBI badge. If you haven't seen it already, check it [...]