Thank you Tiq from INTO

Thank you Tiq from INTO for this write up! The Potentially Bionic Future of Gender "I think we’re really going to see some serious advances over the next 10 years. Not just in terms of penile prosthetics but I can [...]

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Ingredients of a Bionic penis prosthetic

I know you are all very keen to get more specifics on exactly how the Bionic is going to be made into a reality. Over the next week or two, I will be able to show you the first [...]

A trans man’s guide to dating straight women

*I should preface this article by saying that I am speaking here about trans men who vary anatomically from natal males.* When I first made the decision to transition many years ago, I honestly believed that I would never date, [...]

The future of prosthetics

The future is bright! "Back in 2014, some unusual baking experiments were happening in a kitchen laboratory in Sydney Australia. Wax was being melted, glycerin was being mixed with gelatin, a microwave was exploded, and by October a stand to [...]

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The biggest give away that I’m trans

It’s not my height. It’s not the size of my hands. It’s not the scars on my chest either. Something that comes naturally to pretty much every western natal male seems to be, quite literally, beyond my grasp. It's my inability [...]

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HHS Issues Regulations Banning Trans Health Care Discrimination

For those of you living in the US, this is HUGE! "Today we welcome historic final regulations that pave the way for nationwide coverage of transition-related care and prohibits other forms of anti-LGBT discrimination in health care. It is now [...]

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14 Reasons Why It’s Not Okay to Out Someone as Trans | American Trans Man

I thought this article from AmericanTransMan was an important article to share. I too have had people out me without them realising this is something they should have asked me about first, hence I now always make a point of [...]

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Why David Bowie’s androgyny was a rare, precious gift – XXfactor

This amazing being was such an incredible force and influence on me as as teenager, as I was wrestling with my own gender identity, listening to Rebel Rebel "you've got your mother in a whirl cause she's not sure if [...]

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Drivers licenses and other unnecessary bureaucratic nightmares.

Having recently moved from Sydney Australia to Boulder Colorado, where EVERYONE gets carded all the time, regardless of how old or young one looks, I am so grateful for the small but to me, very significant courtesy that the New [...]

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