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Some tips for choosing pants for packing.

As anyone who has used a stand to pee packer knows, you need to be pretty selective about what pants you wear it with, not just from a functional perspective, but also in terms of contour. Nobody wants a permanent [...]

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The Hot Rod is ready to roll!

Yup! The Hot Rod will finally be available October 14th. As the pimped up big brother of the Rod, the Hot Rod is a super fun toy for solo and partner play. It attaches directly to your natural anatomy without [...]

And the winner of the 6″ Joystick is…

...Brodie M who has claimed his prize and is feeling the ha-penis right now. Congratulations Brodie! If you didn't win this time around, both the 6" and 7" Joystick will be available again this coming Monday, September 24th. And through [...]

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The Joystick 6″ launch and give away!

The Joystick has been bringing people ha-penis since its launch last year, but a common piece of feedback has been "I wish it were available as a smaller version too." Well, now it is. As of today, you can order [...]

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The Joystick* six inch is almost here!

You've been asking for a smaller version of the Joystick (formerly the Bono) and now it's almost here! I'm very close to being able to officially release it, so for this next order intake coming up on Tuesday, August 14th, [...]

It’s the final countdown on this product launch GIVE AWAY.

With only three days left until the give away contest for the new natural versions of the EZP Junior and the Rod closes, make sure to get your entry in here. Speaking of launches, I've also just launched a new YouTube [...]

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Another product launch, another give away!

Due to your many requests to have Transthetics products go au naturale, I'm finally releasing both the EZP Junior and the Rod as natural (uncut) versions. Just a heads up though, that I will NOT be releasing the Joystick as [...]

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