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Get your package in time for Christmas!

If you're wanting to receive a Transthetics package in time for Christmas, make sure you place your order by this week! It's a busy time of year for the willy elves, so if you are outside the US, you'll [...]

2020-11-17T20:45:09-07:00November 17th, 2020|Product Info, All|0 Comments

A very overdue Bionic update.

I'll be honest, things have been slow going on the Bionic Project over the past few months with Covid really throwing a wrench in the works for pretty much every facet of development. But it's certainly not all bad news. [...]

2020-08-01T17:11:27-06:00July 31st, 2020|Product Info, All, Contests/Give Aways|28 Comments

The Joystick 2.0 is here!

The Joystick 6″ and 7″ is now available with a new and improved vibe! The new vibe is now waterproof and can be remote controlled! You can get the optional remote control ring here if you’d prefer to operate the vibe discretely with the [...]

2020-09-27T11:37:05-06:00July 26th, 2020|All, Product Info|0 Comments

The truth about penis size.

Ha-penis comes in many shapes and sizes. My personal preference, as far as my jewels go, is to be a grower, not a shower. I like my silicone jewels nice and compact for my day to day activities of hiking, [...]

2020-04-20T09:12:40-06:00April 20th, 2020|All, Health/Medical/Surgery, Product Info, Science|0 Comments

WIN a Lollipop with a suction pump add-on!

By now, you probably know that a new product, means another give away! So to celebrate the launch of the brand new electronic, rechargeable suction pump for the Lollipop, Transthetics is giving away a Lollipop and electronic pump combo. With [...]

2020-01-05T00:04:07-07:00January 5th, 2020|Product Info, All, Contests/Give Aways|2 Comments

Ready to see a Bionic Basic prototype?

This last year has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster of ups and downs as far as the Bionic Project goes and has often felt like one step forward, two steps back. There's definitely still plenty of [...]

2020-08-01T09:01:06-06:00December 26th, 2019|Product Info, All|90 Comments

7 ways a silicone penis can be better than a biological one.

There's certainly plenty of trans guys who prefer a silicone penis over the idea of a biological one. Here's just some of the reasons why. A silicone penis is detachable. I'll bet most guys with a biological penis and balls [...]

2019-10-24T21:03:48-06:00October 24th, 2019|All, Product Info|9 Comments

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