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I’m pretty consistently an ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale, so apparently quite an extrovert. But my bladder, I must confess, is not.

Sure, in the privacy of my own home, the little guy is pretty relaxed, but out in public, well that’s a different story. Sometimes trying to get him to open up in a public restroom… can feel… like watching paint dry.

Before I get in to this any further, I should probably mention, I’m trans, so have the added challenge of having to use the men’s restroom with an anatomical configuration that is not particularly conducive to using the urinals.

Sure, there’s stalls, but usually only one or two, which are quite often taken or if available, can be in such a state that you wouldn’t want to enter them without a hazmat suit.

Years of using unreliable stand to pee devices have terrified my bladder into a permanent clench. I have countless embarrassing public restroom anecdotes as well as a whole graveyard of stp devices now gathering dust in a locked drawer.

This is why I feel the need to sing the praises of the EZP, which is the only STP device I have encountered that’s capable of bringing my ever so tight bladder… out of his shell.

Right from the get go, I could well… go! After a couple of dry runs at home (yes, I stayed dry!!) I was brave enough to try it out in public. Admittedly, I stood at the urinal for what felt like a very loooooooong time, but eventually…. there I was, peeeeeing at a public urinal! The little guy did it!!

Since that day, I use the urinals on a regular basis and though I’m still self conscious about taking unusually long to let my still rather shy bladder relax, I am 100% confident that I’ll stay dry and with that knowledge, my rather shy bladder is gaining more and more confidence by the day.

And that makes two of us :)

– Cal

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