As anyone who has used a stand to pee packer knows, you need to be pretty selective about what pants you wear it with, not just from a functional perspective, but also in terms of contour. Nobody wants a permanent tent pole jutting from their crotch.

So, here’s a few tips in terms of selecting the right pants for your package.

For usability: Make sure the fly zips (or buttons) down low enough. You need the pants to be able to open at LEAST an inch below your urethral exit but two inches or more is ideal. Look for pants with long flies and ones that don’t sit tight. Test this out in the dressing room by wearing the pants pulled up as they would be when you’re wearing them but with the fly all the way down to see if you have enough clearance room.

For bulge contour: Choose pants that aren’t super baggy in the crotch but also not tight like women’s pants. Really, underwear is more responsible for bulge contour than the pants. Underwear with very little “pouch” is better as it will hold everything nice and snug up against you, but be sure that the underwear allows a way of accessing the STP other than over the waistband, either through a side slit, or ideally, a horizontal slit as this makes it easier to centre the STP. The Transthetics Budgie range is specifically designed with this in mind.

For hip contour: Choose pants that have a straight leg rather than a skinny or tapered leg, as skinny legs tend to accentuate hips whereas a straight leg will tend to make your waist look smaller. Also, choose mid rise pants that sit right on your hip bone, not below it, as that will give you a muffin top, and not too high, as that will again accentuate the hips.

For comfort: Choose a material that has a bit of stretch in it. A lot of denim jeans have zero stretch, which I personally find really compromises comfort.

In terms of recommending a pair of pants that ticks all these boxes, I would say you can’t do better than Prana’s Zion pants (pictured above). They come in a variety of colors and also allow for both waist AND leg lengths in their sizing. I also love that you can pretty much wear them with anything, be it a T-shirt or a dress shirt and at $85US, they’re reasonably priced. Personally, these days, I don’t wear anything else whether I’m hiking, doing yoga, rock climbing or going to a work meeting. I’d probably even wear them to a wedding ;)

Note: Though the above tips are given with the EZP or EZP Junior in mind, they are applicable to most STP packers. Also, I am not receiving any kind of compensation from Prana for this shout out. I just genuinely think these pants are awesome.