I’ve been itching to tell you all, but wanted to keep a lid on this until it was 100% in the bag, that Colorado University, Boulder will be taking on the Bionic Project as part of their mechanical engineering graduate degree. Not only that, but Denver University’s engineering department have also expressed very strong interest in working on this project, and we’ll have a definite on that this coming week.

So at this stage, it’s looking very much like there will be two highly talented engineering teams collaborating on the Bionic Project over the next year. This means, all things going to plan, we should have a completed prototype ready to be taken into its first production run by May 2018!

This is an absolute god send as far as giving us access to extremely talented engineers and world class facilities at a fraction of the cost of industry pricing. Hence I’ve updated the fundraising goal for stage one of the Bionic Project to $30,000 which will cover the costs for both universities and facilities as well as some material costs. Once we get to prototyping stage, there will be additional material costs which will then become stage two of the fundraiser, but these will hopefully be significantly less than $30,000. We’ll then be looking to finance the initial production run through pre-orders.

This means we are already more than half way to meeting our $30,000 fundraising goal for stage one, having raised just over $18,000 to date. I would once again like to take this opportunity to say a great, big, huuuuge thank you to everyone who has donated to the Bionic Project so far, in particular, a small hand full of extremely generous donors, all of whom have been invited to be product testers when the time comes.

Having had no idea how two highly reputable universities would respond to this kind of a project, I have to say I’ve been totally blown away by their enthusiasm and support. It gives me great faith that in the last five years or so, we’ve come a long way in terms of social progress, and I’m really looking forward to being able to update you on the Bionic’s progress in the coming weeks. The future is indeed very bright!

…and yes that does say WIN! Raise more than $1000 by spreading the word and you WIN any existing Transthetics product of your choice as a thank you!*

*After you donate, you will be issued a unique URL to share in your social circle. Anyone who donates through your URL will count towards your total fundraising tally.