Firstly, happy new year!!

So what’s in store for this year? Well, as far as Transthetics goes, expect to see the launch of the the Rod and the Bono in the not too distant future, as well as some updates on the product development process of what for the time being, I’ll call “the holy grail of willies”, a truly bionic penis.

I’ve already been in discussions with product engineers in the states, to start the ball rolling on the development and prototyping of a very high end, all in one penile prosthetic, that will allow for inflation and deflation of the prosthetic into both erect  and flaccid states through discreet muscle contractions, be utilised as an STP, and have a super life-like look and feel, with a movable outer skin layer. However, as this is going to take quite a lot of time and money to get to production stage, it’s unlikely to be coming out before the end of 2016, but I’ll definitely be keeping you up to date on progress.

It does all sound very promising in that the technology required to realise such a prosthetic, mostly already exists, but hasn’t been applied in this manner before. We are also looking to team with Cochlear Implants for certain elements and features, which is super exciting.

Most likely we will at some stage need to crowd source funding to get to production stage with the bionic penis, but at this stage, I’m able to utilise funds generated through the sales of the EZP. However, if you, or anyone you know would potentially be interested in making a development and prototyping donation, please email me at and I can give you more details on where this project is currently at. Of course, any donors will also be jumping right to the top of the queue once the product has been released, and I would also want to utilise donors as early product testers if appropriate.

In any case, it’s certainly looking to be a very exciting year!