Having used a lot of stand to pee devices in my time, I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way which I thought were worth sharing.

Here’s a little summary of tips and tricks to keep in mind when using a stand to pee device. Though I primarily have the EZP and EZP Junior in mind when giving these tips, they are relevant to most FTM STPs.

• Always wear snug underwear with either an easy access side slit or the less common horizontal slit (see the Budgie Briefs as an example of H slit). It’s close to impossible to use an STP hoiked over a waistband. Don’t try fight gravity!

• Another good trick as far as side slit underwear goes, is to cut a small hole in the layer that sits against your skin, where the shaft sits and actually pull the shaft through this first layer. This helps with keeping the device in place and makes using it that much easier. It also means you don’t have to bend it around two separately directioned pieces of material.

• You’ll notice all side slit underwear has the slit on the right, seeing most of us are right handed (I’m sure lefty underwear is available somewhere but I haven’t come across it.) To further aid in easy access, I recommend wearing your STP with the shaft sitting towards the left. That way it sits very comfortably, won’t create any embarrassing bulges, and sits in a position that makes it very easy to access.

• Another thing you’ll want to be selective about is your choice of pants. Make sure you’re wearing pants that allow you to bring the fly down lower than your urethral exit (ie below your crotch.) This makes positioning the STP and making sure it’s not getting kinked in any way so much easier. A lot of back flow issues are caused by the STP either being kinked in the middle or the user not pointing the shaft low enough. (You can’t pee upstream!)

• Once you’ve finished peeing, there’s a good chance there’ll be a few drips in the bottom of the cup. Discretely lift the cup forward with your thumbs, so that any remainder runs straight down the shaft and out and you’ll be guaranteed it’s all cleared.

If you’re someone who has struggled with soft stand to pee packers and you’re after something more rigid, then you may also want to consider purchasing the $10 EZP shape retainer cup, which sits snugly inside the EZP, giving the bowl a sturdy firmness that prevents any kind of buckling. It is available in two sizes, the shape retainer for the EZP and the shape retainer for the EZP Junior.

Here’s a demo video of the EZP shape retainer.

If you want some further tips on using specifically the EZP, then this video is also worth checking out.

I’ve also answered some common general questions relating to stand to pee packers here.