Here’s a list of common questions I get asked about stand to pee packers (or STPs for short.) Though I wrote this post primarily with the EZP and the EZP Junior in mind, it is broadly relevant to all stand to pee packers designed with trans men in mind.

Can I wear my stand to pee packer when going through an airport body scanner?

This is a little more complicated than a yes or no. In a nutshell, it depends on whether the TSA agent is reading you as male or female when you go through the scanner. I have written a separate blog post on this topic here. Metal scanners are absolutely fine.

How long can I wear my stand to pee device?

Though there are no hard and fast rules, I would not recommend wearing an STP for more than eight hours at a time. As they're made of silicone, they do restrict airflow and depending on external environments such as temperature and humidity, can just get a little uncomfortable when worn too long.

How often should I wash my STP packer?

It's usually not practical to wash your packer after every use, though if you're using it at home, it's a good idea to give it a quick flush under the faucet after use. The gloss interior of the EZP means very little urine residue will remain in the cup after use as long as it has been cleared properly. I'd recommend giving the interior a squirt with a gentle hand soap once a day followed by a towel dry.

How do I dry myself after peeing with a stand to pee packer?

The EZP is designed to be flipped forward to ensure the cup is 100% clear. You do this by pointing the device straight down, meaning the tip is facing the ground and the underside of the cup is now resting against your pubic bone. This means you can now use the crotch in your underwear to give yourself a quick dab and then reposition the EZP so that the underside of the cup now sits against the place in your underwear that you just dabbed yourself with, ensuring your body is not coming in contact with any moisture.

Can I sleep with my STP?

Technically yes, but I wouldn't recommend it. You really want to give your bits some time to breathe and nighttime is the best time for this.

Can my STP give me a yeast infection?

Yeast likes moisture, so if you are prone to yeast infections, then I would caution against longer term wear of STPs as they do tend to trap moisture, which can bring on a yeast infection. Also, if you've recently had a yeast infection, then you want to make sure you boil your STP thoroughly in water to make sure it's been completely disinfected before wearing it again.

Can I use my stand to pee packer for sex?

Some packers are a two-in-one and can be used for both urination and sex. At Transthetics most of our products are designed with a primary use in mind as we've found that if you're trying to get one packer to do everything, it ends up serving no one function particularly well, so the EZP is designed to JUST be a stand to pee packer. If you're after a product with sexy time in mind, then check out the Joystick or the Hot Rod.

If you have additional questions about how to use your stand to pee packer that I have not answered here, leave a comment below and I’ll do a follow up post or edit this post to include your answers.

Many of your questions related to how to use a stand to pee device are likely answered in Some tips for using a stand to pee device in the related post below.

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