Ha-penis comes in many shapes and sizes. My personal preference, as far as my jewels go, is to be a grower, not a shower.

I like my silicone jewels nice and compact for my day to day activities of hiking, rock climbing and cycling. Really, I just don’t want to be thinking about my junk unless I’m using it. Hence I personally opt for the EZP Junior over the EZP. Both are easy to use, discreet and comfortable for an active person to wear all day, and both would be considered to be a compact stand to pee packer when compared to most STPs currently on the market.

Which brings me to my observation that it seems the majority of prosthetics available for trans men, do tend to skew towards rather generous sizing. That has got me thinking. Do we as trans men and as a society in general, have an unrealistic idea of what constitutes an average sized penis? My guess is yes.

I haven’t done a formal study on this (I’m sure, if we dig deep enough, somebody has) but I suspect that the reason people tend to have a skewed idea of the average flaccid penis size, is that they just don’t see a whole lot of them. When they do spot one, it’s likely to be in an intimate or pornographic context – hence, quite the opposite of flaccid. Many studies show that the majority of men believe their penis is below average in size and would like it to be bigger.

So I thought I’d set the record straight here. Below is a graph that maps human adult penis size by percentile.


As you can see, the average flaccid penis is about 9cm (or if you’re American, about 3.5 inches) which is a smidge bigger than the Rod. The shaft of the EZP, measured from the underside, is 8cm, so just a little under average for a flaccid penis, with a quarter of men having a flaccid penis of 8cm or less. Yet the majority of prosthetics on offer are a whopping 12cm or more (over 5 inches) when only a tiny minority (3%) of men have a flaccid penis that big.

As trans men, we’re lucky in that we get to pick and choose the size of our jewels. When it comes to fun, sexy time, I let my partner choose between the 6” and 7” Joystick. I’m equally happy using both, though I do find the 6″ more comfortable and discreet to pack with.

As far as the Bionic goes, our ideal sizing is to go from 4” flaccid to 6” erect, so as to be a compact and comfortable STP packer and quite a proud package when it comes to sexy time, with 6” coming in around the 85 percentile of human penis size. It may end up that we can’t quite achieve 6”, but that’s what we’re aiming for.

Also, on that note, we’re currently holding a raffle to raise funds for the Bionic Project with the winner receiving a $200 voucher to use towards any Transthetics product.


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