Ordering for the standard coloured EZP is now closed and all seemed to run smoothly with PayPal this time around.

Just thought I’d do a little collation of video reviews (and a huge thanks to everyone mentioned here, for all taking the time to do this on your own initiative. It really is hugely appreciated!)

PS, if you’ve made your own review of the EZP that I haven’t managed to find, please do let me know at transthetics@gmail.com

Firstly this super sweet review by Simon Foxyboy

And this one by Matt DB

And this one, appropriately done in a men’s bathroom by Casper Mathias

And of course, finally, this fantabulous review from Chase Ross, who seems to have found a bunch of additional product features such as FBI badge and cell phone usage, previously unspecified by me.

I’ve now also created a “Reviews” playlist on my YouTube channel, where I add new reviews as I find them.

Do keep in mind that these reviews are the older version of the EZP (except for Matt, who has the current version). To get a look at the current model EZP in action, check out this video.

Thanks so much guys! You’re awesome!

If you want to see more review videos, check out our video reviews page here.