You won’t know what freedom is until you can pee pretty much wherever you want to. I’m (half) serious.

I used to think being unable to pee standing up wasn’t such a big deal for me, except for some anxiety about whether my stream sounded weird to other guys or someone would notice my feet pointing the “wrong” way, or that being unable to pee standing up was really impractical in some jobs. But when I started to look for an STP anyway, and peeing standing up was within reach after all, I got pretty excited about it.

So when I ordered the EZP the wait for it to arrive was unexpectedly hard (pun intended). When I finally got it, it was GORGEOUS. Really, I was surprised by how detailed and realistic it looks. The EZP looks even better in person than it does in photos. I just had to stroke it and it felt nice too; it wasn’t oily, starchy, or sticky like some other equipment, even if it’s made of silicone as well.

I’ve been using the EZP daily for about 4 months now. At work, in the gym, outdoors, and I’ve fallen asleep while wearing it. It’s pretty unobtrusive in every way, a fact I had to get used to at first, because I was used to wearing a heavier packer and sporting a bigger bulge.

Only a week after I got it I started a new temporary job. The first day was particularly interesting in the bathroom. I’m a bit pee-shy and often can’t pee while someone is in a stall next to mine anyway, but this time it was even more difficult. The first break came around and I had to pee. Except I ended up standing in my stall, in the otherwise empty bathroom, for 3 minutes and still couldn’t pee, despite the fact that I had had zero mishaps in the week before.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention that earlier: zero training mishaps. The EZP is super-EZ to position and pee with. I know the usual recommendation is to start practicing in the bathtub, but I was feeling bold and went straight to the actual toilet the first time. And it worked! I only had two minor mishaps in the 4 months since; both at home. And in one of those a spider was involved.

Where were we? Right, peeing at work. Well, I gave up after those 3 minutes. During the second break I tried again. Nope, still not a drop. I was stubborn though. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be defeated by an anxious bladder! So I simply left again. When it was time for the third break, my bladder felt close to bursting. “Yeah, now my bladder will HAVE to cooperate,” I thought. And yes, yes it did. I finally peed standing up successfully at work! Weee!

That was merely the beginning of my peeing adventures though. No bush has been safe from me since! At last I even picked one of the quieter bathrooms at our local employment office and peed at an actual urinal. Holy crap! I did it! I mean, I still prefer stalls, but at least now I know I can pee virtually anywhere I want to if I absolutely have to, without having to worry about blowing my passing. I really look forward to my first winter with the EZP and peeing patterns in the snow.

Turns out, being able to pee standing up is a huge deal after all. Well, a big one at least. Okay, a normal-sized one. It’s important, okay!

– Angel.

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