This last year has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster of ups and downs as far as the Bionic Project goes and has often felt like one step forward, two steps back. There’s definitely still plenty of challenges to overcome but we’re steadily moving in the right direction even if it’s been slower than I would have liked.

But to quote Jim Rohn “Big achievements come one small step at a time.”

I’m happy to say I can finally show you a rough Bionic Basic prototype video, which gives a pretty good initial overview of the erection capabilities, stand to pee functionality, stimulation option and ejaculation/lubrication reservoir. Please do keep in mind though that it is functionally and aesthetically still a prototype and the final product will be far more refined. In any case, I’m feeling confident that we will be able to go into production this coming year.

However as far the Bionic Deluxe goes, we just keep hitting walls as far as power and size constraints go. We’ve established solid and tested proof of concept for all the various systems but really need to get everything more compact with less power consumption and that is proving to be really quite horrendously tricky. Hence for the sake of sanity, we’ll be focusing on getting the Bionic Basic to production and then once that’s complete, come back to the Bionic Deluxe.