Pheeew!! The second shipment of vibes made it through customs without interception, so we’re busily wrapping up your packages for all back ordered vibes and Joysticks. By the end of the week, all back orders should have gone out, ready for the next shop opening on Saturday.

You’ll notice that now there is only one vibe which fits both the 6″ and 7″ Joystick rather than two different sizes. That’s because moving forward, the internal cavity of the 7″ Joystick will be slightly different in that it’s now a touch shorter to accommodate the shorter vibe. But if you’ve bought a 7″ Joystick in the past, the new vibe will also fit your older Joystick sheath just fine.

And as always, with any Joystick, for the sake of longevity, slip a condom over the vibe before inserting into the Joystick sheath. This makes connecting and disconnecting the two much easier and protects from silicone on silicone contact.