The new Joystick 2.0 which was released back in July saw a number of improvements in particular to the vibe, which is now more compact, waterproof and operable through an add on remote control ring.

However the change in size also means that the vibe is just a little too small to fit into the old sheath. Luckily, this is relatively easily addressed through an adapter which simply consists of a sheet of foam being put between the the Joystick and the vibe.

You can request one of these adapters for FREE when you purchase the new vibe 2.0 for your Joystick 1.0 or you can also quite easily make one yourself.

Here’s how:

  • Download the template for the adapter here.
  • Print this template at 100%
  • Go to an arts and crafts store and purchase an ideally 3mm (1/8″) foam sheet. 2mm should also work. These should be around $1 a sheet.
  • Cut out the template with a pair of scissors and then trace the template onto the foam sheet.
  • Cut out the foam sheet to shape.
  • Fold it in half and start to work it into the sheath of the Joystick. This is probably the trickiest part and takes a bit of gentle maneuvering to get into place, but once you do, it should stay in place until you choose to remove it.

Viola! Now you have an adapted 1.0 Joystick which should accommodate the vibe 2.0 quite snuggly.

Here’s a video showing you how to adapt the Joystick 1.0 to the vibe 2.0.