Transthetics facebook response

What a day!

So today was the day transthetics went forth into the world of Facebook. A lot of really positive responses came back and 1/4 of the pre-orders were taken so all in all, I think it was a super successful introduction into the online world.

But for all the positive responses, there were some criticisms too, over two things: One, the price and two, the name pee cock so just thought I’d have a brief chat about these points.

There’s certainly no arguing that it’s expensive and this price point means it’s definitely not for everyone as there’s cheaper, mass produced options out there which suit some people just fine.

Personally, I’ve been through most of them and none were quite right for my purposes and hence my foray into the world of prosthetics in the first place.

One of the big reasons it’s the price that it is, is because each unit is hand crafted and takes about a day to make. And the materials used are also an expensive, high quality, durable, prosthetics grade, skin safe silicone.

So if you’re after a highly realistic, super comfy and easy to use stp packer that also looks extremely natural in underwear or swimwear, then I think you’d be super happy with this product.

But if you just want something cheap, and aren’t fussed on how real it looks or if it takes a lot of practice to get right, then it’s definitely not for you.

In any case, I am currently looking into the viability of getting a mass produced version as well which will just be a monotone, straight cast version, so not quite as realistic, but functionally still great and definitely cheaper. I’ll keep you in the loop on that in future posts and newsletters.

The second point, the name… This is one I was a little unsure of myself, and I’m thinking I probably will end up changing it as it was the thing that so many people focused on…

My thinking was that it’s really just a product descriptor and it just happens to be a cock that pees so pee cock as two separate english words strung together just made sense to me in terms of calling  a spade a spade.

But I concede that it does potentially cause confusion with an existing product so having a think about that…

Watch this space… :)

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