The Rod – Lightweight and Realistic Penis Extension (Cut & Natural)

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The Rod is a lightweight and realistic penis extension that rolls over your existing anatomy to give you a natural look, even naked in the locker room. It can be used as a stand to pee device for guys with metas.

But before you buy, make sure the Rod is right for you by reading the full product description below.

Current wait time is UP TO 2 weeks on dispatch.

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* Patent pending

The Rod is a lightweight and realistic penis or meta extension that rolls over your existing anatomy (and can be used as an STP for metas) to give you a natural look, even naked in the locker room.

Super realistic penis extension

even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency and highly detailed, each unit is hand crafted creating natural variations in skin tone.

Doubles as an STP penis

for guys with metas that have had a urethral hook up, to give you that extra bit of length and give a very natural look.

No harness required, and natural contour in underwear

or naked! As it attaches directly to your body, there are not straps or glues to mess around with.

Comfortable for all day wear

though a TMI warning, it is likely to fall off with riding a bike, so wear snug briefs and give you willy a breather from time to time.

Extremely easy to use

just roll and go, it’s literally as easy as putting on a sock.

Very easy to clean

with no powdering required, unlike most products, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just wash with PH neutral soap daily.


made from high quality, prosthetics grade silicone, it’s the preferred material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers world wide.

Is the Rod right for me?

Please be aware that the Rod does not work for everyone! Though I give some pointers below to establish whether it is LIKELY that the Rod will or will not work for you, I cannot guarantee that even if you tick the yes column that it definitely will.


if you have not had any lower surgery, but have had at least one inch of growth from testosterone. However in this case, the Rod CAN NOT be used as a stand to pee device.

If you’ve had meta either with or without testicular implants, in which case, as long as you have had urethral lengthening, you CAN use the Rod as a stand to pee device.

If you are a natal male with a micro penis and would like an extension for visual reasons or to be able to more easily stand to pee.


If you do not have more than an inch of clitoral growth. If you are not taking testosterone, the Rod is unlikely to work for you.

If you have not had any lower surgery and are looking for a stand to pee device (in which case, the EZP is probably better suited.)

Some other issues that have been reported are

Not staying on properly, due to a fleshy pubic bone, though if you have significant length, it will most likely still work for you even with a fleshy pubic bone.

Not staying on properly due to the position of testicular implants as the implants may want to push it off. (Though the majority of testers with testicular implants did not have this issue) In any case, this seemed to be able to be resolved by trimming a little off the bottom of the shaft to make room for testicles.

Being uncomfortable due to significant girth. For more than around 3.5 inches of girth, it seems to become uncomfortable due to being too tight. Again, this can usually be resolved by trimming the internal rings, which loosens the grip.

Being uncomfortable due to pulling on the labia when positioning it upwards. For the majority of people this has not been an issue but if you can’t pull your natural anatomy forward very much, it might be.

Some residue in the shaft when used as a stand to pee device. Though most people reported that just squeezing and shaking off the same way natal guys do, cleared the shaft just fine.

Not being able to be positioned forward far enough, due to a naturally low clitoris ie it ends up sitting too far between the legs and wants to come off when walking and can’t be positioned “up the pants” when packing.


If you experience pain, stinging when urinating, redness or excessive swelling DISCONTINUE USE! The Rod should NOT be painful to wear! If it is, it is most likely too tight. Please contact me at if this is the case, and I can tell you how to make it looser.

I want to be as transparent as possible that this is a risky purchase, as due to the nature of the product, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. When it DOES work for people, it can be a real life changer, but when it doesn’t, people can understandably be quite upset by this. As much as I really wish it COULD work for everyone, that is not the case, so please be aware of this when purchasing this product!

The Nuts and Bolts

Approx. 9cm or 3.5″
Approx. 12cm or 5″

Approx. 55 gm or 2 oz

High quality, skin safe, prosthetics grade silicone

C002 light, C004 medium or C006 dark


93 reviews for The Rod – Lightweight and Realistic Penis Extension (Cut & Natural)

  1. Kade (product tester)

    This things really isn’t a game changer…it’s a life changer! Dysphoria virtually disappears with this on. It’s very easy to roll on and it stays on well. I wasn’t expecting it to stay on as well as it does. As far as peeing goes, it took me a minute to figure out just where I need to push the head. Once I found the right place to push it worked just fine. I think every meta guy needs this!

  2. Mike (product tester)

    This thing is incredible! It goes on easy, stays put really well and peeing is totally intuitive. Even after day one, this just felt like a natural extension of my body.

  3. Arlo (product tester)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I finally feel good about looking at myself naked in the mirror. It’s super easy to put on and actually works a little bit like a very gentle pump. When I touch the shaft, it actually FEELS like it’s a part of me. This thing is incredible!

  4. Emory

    I’ve received my Rod and am beyond impressed. Fits well and comfortable. I will be posting a review after a week of full use. I am pre op but have surgery in August and can’t wait to see what it’s like with testicular implants. Thank you so much again. I own multiple reelmagik products and two peecocks. This is way more realistic for me and comforting. Doesn’t make me walk funny or feel like I have to situate myself constantly. Keep producing these!

  5. JC

    I got my Rod in the mail today and am super excited :-) It does feel firmer than I thought it would be. I’ve only ever had really squishy packers (like Mr. Limpy) so that’s my only frame of reference but it looks really great and went on very easy!

  6. C (verified owner)

    I’m a non-meta guy wearing this, and I’m really impressed! It stays on, packs pretty well, and looks amazing on my body (I am slim and athletically built). I love how it moves so naturally when I walk. It is helping my dysphoria immensely, and I think it will make me much more confident in sexual situations because even though it packs discretely, it is stiff enough to feel semi-hard through underwear. It also gives me something to “show” to my partner in intimate encounters. I haven’t quite figured out if I can successfully STP with it on, but I think I could also wear it free in underwear and STP anyway. I love it! Thank you for making this product!

  7. Dade

    Alex, your product is amazing. I can’t get it to fall off. I’ve been walking around for two days with it, no underwear support at all. I’ve even been in the hot tub and shower – no issues. I am post-op meta, and it’s a bit tight, but tight is better than loose. Thank you for putting the time and effort into making this product. This is really a life saver since I tend to find myself in a lot of skinny dipping and locker room situations, and I am often very embarrassed about the small size of my junk. Thanks, my friend.

  8. Cole

    Can’t buy it so can’t review it, gave 5 stars for the fantasy and for doing this! Thanks for the effort and hope it has given me

  9. Evan (verified owner)

    Alex, you’ve knocked it out of the park again – this thing is amazing! I am pre-surgery with just over an inch of growth and have no trouble putting it on. I have yet to wear it for an extended period because I wear my EZP all the time, but I’ve had no issues with it coming off. I cannot adequately express how incredible it feels to have a penis actually ON my body and how much it’s relieved my dysphoria. My wife was also astounded at how realistic it looks. I can’t thank you enough for creating these life-altering products and for the awesome contributions you are making to the trans community. You have truly enriched the quality of my life.

  10. Jordyn (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my husband and I’ve truly never seen him happier! He actually had a few tears in his eyes while trying it on. He absolutely loves it and seeing him happy makes me happy! Can’t say thanks enough, it’s perfect.

  11. Christian

    My wife recently surprised me with a purchase of the rod and it arrived today. We were both immediately amazed with the look of the product. Super realistic details! As I tried it on for the first time, I got a bit emotional because for the first time I could look down at my body and feel whole. What you’ve done for me, and for so many more guys out there could never be properly explained, or enough gratitude shown. The Rod is an amazing product and I can’t even think of a single thing I would change about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re changing lives.

  12. Roy (verified owner)

    Despite it not being compatible with my body type, the rod is really awesome. The outer folds of skin that surround my penis (dysphoria tw: labia majora) make it difficult for the product to stay on, even though I’m 1-1 1/12″ so it doesn’t work for me. That’s not to say that it isn’t a great product though! I gave it 4 stars out of my own disappointment with the incompatibility of my anatomy and NOT because of the products quality. It’s really great quality and I’m glad that someone has taken the time to come up with and make this.
    I’m sure it would work for anyone who is at least 1″ and doesn’t have large folds of skin (dysphoria tw: labia majora) that get in the way.

  13. K (verified owner)

    I can suction this to my body and then use a Fleshlight, which feels and looks amazing! No harness, and I get the proper suction/stroking sensation that a strap-on can’t give me. I know this is a visual prosthetic, but it has an intimate utility as well. Unsure if it could be used with a partner, but it’s pretty great solo–even works like a mild pump!

  14. Aidan

    I don’t have bottom surgery of any kind and I really enjoy packing with the Rod more than the EZP. I think this is because the Rod is connected to me and doesn’t feel as much as a “packer in my pants”. It also doesn’t (or at least for me) poke out or anything so the actual look in the front looks totally normal. Even in workout shorts! It looks amazing when I put it on. I mean it looks like it was my real dick- and that ALONE is really amazing. It really feels like that is what I would look like, if I had been born with a penis. 

  15. Hermes

    This ‘device’ is more of novelty. It doesn’t function as it should. It is not a reliable nor dependable prosthetic, hence is more of a novelty.
    The price is simply not justified. Unfortunately it is not truly useful for transmen, best use is as an ftm fleshlight. Does not look legitimate in underwear, either

  16. Nate

    The Rod arrived today and it’s awesome. I was concerned when I read the instructions saying to point it up, but luckily, The Rod works just fine for me pointed down and slightly to the side (like 4 or 5 o’clock). Pointing it up is uncomfortable for me and also doesn’t look right. I think it’s probably based on your own anatomy and how it’s oriented on your body whether down or up is better. Also, I never wear briefs, I find them way too uncomfortable, but the Rod is fine for me in boxer briefs. It doesn’t fall off.

  17. Addison (verified owner)

    I’ve spent a lot of money on Reelmagik products, but what it comes down to is having a prosthetic that is hassle free, comfortable, and realistic. This is the one. I have never been nude in a locker room until I received the Rod. I have been in bath houses where you stay nude the entire time and have been 100% comfortable. Fits like a charm. It never falls off and looks natural in the pants. Of course everyone’s anatomy is different, but I am beyond satisfied.

  18. Gary (verified owner)

    This is a super product. I’m post meta w/ hookup and it fits well and works great as a STP device. To my surprise, it is comfortable to wear and stays put. Looking forward to the Hot Rod!!

  19. Morgan (verified owner)

    I only give it a 3 because I should in theory be able to use this and it doesn’t fit. The penis itself is amazing, I can only get it to stay for a few minutes until I start to move. I measure in at 4cm long and wide. Was really hoping this was the solution for me. :/

  20. Justin

    Overall so far i couldn’t be happier with this product, and I’d give it a solid 10/10. I am pre bottom surgery at the moment, but I imagine with meta, this prosthetic would be even more outstanding. Good work Alex! Thanks for the awesome product!

  21. Laurent

    I have received the Rod on Wednesday and I am very pleased with it! The colour is exactly like my skin! It is an amazing STP, for the first time in my life I can stand and urinate without any urine dripping on me. I wore it all day today at work and didn’t feel uncomfortable. The rod stays on pretty well and it really is a part of my body now. I feel complete with it!

  22. Ace

    Woot!! I have a dick actually ATTACHED to my body! This is amazing!! I’m… actually really a little speechless… It was easy to put on and stays on securely. I have not had surgery so can’t pee, but SO wish I could!

  23. Noah (verified owner)

    At first The Rod was a bit too tight for me, so I had to cut it to make it more fitting. Now it’s quite comfortable and stays on pretty well. I have been riding a bike with it on and it has stayed in place just fine. The prosthetic looks very realistic and it’s great to be able to wear it without a harness. Thank you for this product! I look forward to the release of The Hot Rod!

  24. Shawn (verified owner)

    Can’t get The Rod to stay on. I’m pre-surgery but have at least an inch of growth. It slips off if I pack it up because my genitalia points downwards, and if I pack to the side the weight still causes it to fall off.

  25. Chase

    The rod is FANTASTIC. Tried it on tonight before bed and my dysphoria was gone!

  26. Camille

    I have received the Rod this week. And it is just amazing, i just want to thank you because with this little rod you change my life. I don’t have low surgery and the rod stay in place all day long, the color is perfect to me. I feel more comfortable when I have to take a shower after sport or just get off my clothes.

    So many, many thanks from Paris!

  27. A (verified owner)

    Pre-op here, and I can’t wait to be able to use this to STP. It looks amazing (seriously, the pictures do not do the level of detail justice), packs better than I thought it would despite my lack of balls, and works wonders for my dysphoria.

    I’ve written a lengthy review over on Tumblr, and there are more pictures of it on my blog.

  28. Christopher K (verified owner)

    First off, the Rod looks great. The shading and little details look very realistic. The little velvet pouch it comes in is a really nice touch as well.

    The wearing instructions were easy to follow, and the video references were very helpful. I’m quite fleshy, so I was afraid it wouldn’t fit, but it fit just fine! I’ve seen about an inch or such of growth since I started T, so it works well when fitted to the base.

    The main issue I had was that the suction seems quite strong – while it helps me feel more secure, it also became a bit uncomfortable after extended wear. I also wasn’t able to let it sit upwards, and it would slip off – but that’s likely to be a combination of being fleshy and perhaps smaller.

    That said, the advice about just letting it sit in snug underwear worked well for me, and that’s what I’m doing for the most part.

    Overall, It looks great when it’s on, and feels secure. Most importantly, it doesn’t look like I have a constant hard-on, which is an issue I’ve had with most packers. So, recognising anatomical differences, I’d recommend it to anyone who might want to give it a go, for sure.

  29. Sarah (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this more stars! It is amazing. I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend and he loves it. Since he opened the package and tried it out he hasn’t stopped smiling. He has wanted one for a while and this has made him so happy. We are both so impressed with how realistic it is both in looks and texture. It is truly wonderful. I don’t know if I will ever top this as a birthday present! One million thank yous from both of us. I advise anyone who is hesitant about buying this product to go ahead and buy it. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

  30. Al

    This thing is amazing. When I first got it, I went straight to my local pool JUST to use the sauna and take a shower. No weird sideways glances at all! I can’t wear it for extended periods as it does get a bit tight, but I’d rather that, than it inadvertently falling off, so as far as I’m concerned, for my purposes it’s perfect. Thanks Alex!

  31. Cal

    I am very glad to tell you that I got the rod this morning. As I told you that I was worrying about whether it could work for me. I have never gotten any lower surgery and I don’t have at least one inch. But I was very surprised when I tried to put it on because it could work for me very well. That is amazing!

  32. David

    I apologize if this is TMI, but we’re guys here – I discovered that the Rod is actually a very effective self-pleasuring device if used in conjunction with a Hitachi Wand. With the Rod in place and the wand applied at the base of it……whoa!

  33. Mark

    Wow, impressive man! The rod has arrived and it fits and it looks and moves absolutely realistic. Thank you for this invention! You are a hero!

  34. Bill

    I’ve just received the Rod. It is…wonderful, I have no words to tell how beautiful it is … It fits perfectly, i wouldn’t have imagine it so perfect. Texture is really nice, details are so realistic !! I wear it right now and I feel so good. Harness free, when I watch myself through the mirror, I am ME, with my penis…

  35. Michael

    It looks super realistic! Nobody could tell that it’s not a real penis!

  36. Max (verified owner)

    An amazing product that unfortunately didn’t fit my anatomy. My one implant keeps pushing it away and due to a lot of foreskin It acumulates a little pee every time I use it as an STP. My pubic hair is very light an doesn’t conceal the seam between the prosthetic and my skin, which makes it hard to pass off as a biological penis if I am seen in the nude.
    However, I would recommend this product, I just had bad luck with it not fitting for me. A+ customer service, fast replies and very helpful. Thank you!

  37. Riel (verified owner)

    The Rod is totally marvelous!! I can’t believe it stays on, but it does! I can hike run do yoga and it STAYS! Ok you do have to get it on right, but once its got a good grip on all your bits, it will stay on. And it looks so completely real! I spent the whole first day staring at it and touching it, and shocking friends with pics.. The feeling of being able to have a dick that looks 100% real is going to be so wonderful for me now in all those situations where I’ve needed one. Keep making amazing products Alex you are making many people SUPER happy!!

  38. Ingo (verified owner)

    Thanks a very successful product.
    Processing and quality are very good.
    Faster shipping so it makes fun.
    keep it up

  39. JW (verified owner)

    Count me down as another rave reviewer of the rod. I’ve had no lower surgery, but have been on T for ~10 years and it stays on very securely. In fact, it’s a bit too tight to wear more than an hour at a time. I considered making some small incisions to the inner rings to loosen it a bit, as Alex suggested, but decided not to when I discovered that it stays on securely enough for penetrative sex. Sure, it’s small and a bit soft for that purpose and, for that reason, I can’t wait for the release of the “hot rod.” Even so, to have something I can wear, harness free, that connects to my natal parts, has been a godsend. Thank you Alex for your work on these outstanding products!

  40. Hal

    First, let me say, that I took a chance knowing that it might not work. I knew I had over an inch to work with and I hoped that night be sufficient enough, but the downside is that I’m a chubby guy. Obviously, that doesn’t do me any favors, and sadly the Rod didn’t stay for me.

    With that being said, the product looks amazing and it’s actually motivating me to see if I can’t work out and lose some weight and, hopefully, reduce the fat in that area to make it possible for me to use it.

  41. TS (verified owner)

    Two weeks ago I received my Rod. After trying it out, I can say that I am very happy with it in general. The first time I tried it on it wouldn’t stay on, but after a bit of practice it worked! For the first time I could look at myself in the mirror and feel complete; the picture matches the picture in my head now and that is such a relieve that I even cried a little bit. Also, for the first time in our relationship of more than 4 years, I allowed my girlfriend to see me naked, and it didn’t feel weird at all! It looks so realistic that you can only see it is not actually a part of myself when coming very close.
    First I could not use the Rod more than 2 hours in a row because it started pinching, but now it gets better and I can already keep it on for more than 5 hours. It stays on with walking, running and most of the time also with biking, although it depends on the position. Sometimes it comes of when bending forward (e.g. to put on your shoes) but it didn’t take long to simply adjust my way of bending. I pack with it down to the side, upwards doesn’t feel right for me. I wear boxer briefs and that works very well, and when it accidentally comes off, it just stays at the right place.
    Although it starts pinching after wearing it too long, it could have been a bit more tight for me. When pulling on it, it comes of more easily than I assumed it would based on the instruction videos. Still, I managed to jerk off with it 1 time until now and that was amazing, but it took a very long time because you can’t pull too hard. So if the Hot Rod is a bit more tight, I will definitely consider buying it!
    I did not have lower surgery so unfortunately I can’t pee with it. Therefore, I find it a little bit a pity that it is hollow until the top. When squeezed, it sometimes goes vacuum and you have to let air in via the top to make it return to its original shape. Also, I would feel more confident if it wasn’t entirely hollow (especially the top), so that you can squeeze in it and don’t feel that it is not a real penis.
    So overall I am very happy with my Rod, it makes me way more confident and comfortable with my body. Thank you very much :)

  42. Eathen

    I found this to be a great product but it did not work for me. I did everything I was told to make it work as well as buying the extra supplies he suggested that would make it work and it still did not. Really sad. I dont feel as though the price is realistic when claiming such a garentee that this will work.

    • Alex

      Hi Eathen
      I’m sorry it didn’t work for you :( Unfortunately there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone, and I try to be as transparent about this as possible. All I can do is give guidelines for whom it’s likely to work and for whom it is unlikely to work in the “Is the Rod right for me?” section of the product overview.

  43. Mitch

    I recently ordered the rod, and I absolutely love it! I have to say, your products are by far the best prosthetics for trans men. I can’t wait for the hot rod to be released!

  44. Kinu

    The Rod is awesome, fit first try (except the orientation of the slit was slightly off – LOL, corrected that by detaching and reorienting it no problem). Wearing my new willie up and to the left, and between the two layers of my briefs, detached, looks and feels awesome. For me, and my physique, the Rod definitely scores 5 out 5.

  45. John

    I’ve been on T over ten years and this thing seemed like such a great, simple solution. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me unless I put it on when I was quite aroused. I’ve got pretty significant growth, but I just couldn’t get it to keep a seal… until I tried pumping first. Then it works like a charm. So I guess I’m just not as big as I think/thought I am. Now that I know a “trick” to get it to work, I hope I can start wearing it more regularly, because it really does look and feel like a bio dick.

    It also makes me wonder if perhaps a pump-version could somehow be made. Hear me out: using the technology of a hand pump to secure a dildo-version of the Rod would quite possibly allow for actual sexual penetration. Obviously with some warnings and risks of over-pumping, wearing it for too long and it coming off inside the body of a partner… but it seems like such a perfect solution. I almost want to see if I can modify the Rod to fit one of my smaller pumps, but I think a custom built one would be best.

  46. Riley

    The Rod is amazing! I’ve tried one other packer before, but I couldn’t get it to sit right against me, and it didn’t really feel like my dick. This looks so realistic, and feels like my dick, even though I’ve only just started wearing it. Thank you so much for making it!

  47. mit (verified owner)

    It’s a good product. The colors look perfect, and the detail is spot on. I used it exactly how the instruction video shows, and it worked well for me. I am a bit small, with just over an inch to work with, and it still stays on securely. My wife was amazed at how realistic it looked.

    I wouldn’t knock off a star or anything for this, but I would like to see a more solid product in the future (not hollow). Even if it was filled with some kind of lightweight foam so it could keep its shape and not add too much weight to it, it would be amazing to try to use it intimately.

    Like another reviewer, I am having a bit of difficulty with it coming off when I bend down into a squat, like if I am lifting something, but I am sure that with practice it will work itself out.

    Bottom Line: Amazing product. Thanks Alex.

  48. Enzo (verified owner)

    The Rod is an amazing experience for a transguy to wear in front of a mirror ! Wow, such a supernatural male look !! This is the piece that made my athletic body complete, even naked, in the mens locker room ! A fantastic purchase !!

  49. Alex

    I’m EXTREMELY pleased with it. I was worried at first if I’ve have enough growth for it to work since I have not had a meta. It took a couple tries but I’ve now got the hang of it.

    One happy customer indeed.

  50. Dmitri

    I’ve had The Rod for a month so I feel this is a long enough time to give a fair review. Important to note that I have had Meta without the bells and whistles , just a simple release. Also to note that I pumped after starting T and after meta. Once I meta I could pump and get about 2-3 inches of growth. Although I didn’t mind pumping, it did take time from my day and could be dysphoric prior having to “get ready” to have sex I no longer have to with The Rod. The Rod has the same affect that pumping had on me but it gives me additional growth. If I’ve had it on for more than 2 hours I can take it off and it looks like I’ve pumped for 30 minutes.

    Wearing it during the day decreases my dysphoria because I can feel it on my neophallus and I am very aware that I have a penis now.

    Getting a blow job is earth shattering. Penetrating my wife is euphoric for both of us. The suction is so great that it does not come off.

    I don’t have one complaint but I do have a suggestion. I’m not sure if it possible or not but I would love The Rod to be made with the same material as a packer so it can be more comfortably worn throughout the day. To me that would be the ideal packer because the sling, sock, wearing two pairs of boxers issues that guys have would be eliminated. Also with that material it would really feel like an extension of self.

    Thanks Alex, you are a pleasure to work with!

  51. Max (verified owner)

    I love this product I can shower swim, bike with it and it’s so great to look at and really stays on.

  52. TJ (verified owner)

    I’d like to start by saying the customer service, after care and general correspondence I received was amazing and worth 10 stars, even going as far as to send a replacement, free of charge and no hassle when it seemed the first item I received was damaged/faulty.

    The product its self, looks amazing and is easy to put on and off with a little practice, personally I found it difficult to stay on for long periods of time (this may be due to my personal anatomy) as it seemed to want to fall off with gravity, also when using as an STP I found sometimes the pressure of the stream managed to push it off, or if not, a pocket of urine would build up and with the removable of the device would disperse into my underwear. Through correspondence with Alex, it’s been revealed this is a very unusual and a situation that he’s yet to come across and have a solution for so I’ve been asked to inform him if I do come across a solution.

    So for me personally, probably due to either my downstairs or I’m doing something mildly wrong with technique I’d have to say 2 stars. However knowing that I maybe a semi-unique case and also reflecting the amazing attention to customer service and care, the product in general is a 4-5 star purchase.

  53. CL (verified owner)

    I’v been using this product for quite a while, but NOT to pack with–instead, I found that with a bit of lube it will suction very tightly around me and becomes a great prosthetic for sex! I’d love a version that is at least five inches for this purpose. I also love to wear it free in sweatpants and feel it hanging and swinging. It’s fantastic and I hope a suction-based Hot Rod (with ejaculate reservoir?) might eventually show up!

  54. Arron (verified owner)

    This thing is a serious game changer. Not gonna lie, I almost cried when I first put it on. It really is so realistic, even in the way it moves. It’s also squishier than I expected, which is cool. I feel like such a douche bc I literally can’t stop taking dick pics now lmao. Using it I was able to change in the men’s locker room at the gym with zero side-eye for once, which is always a relief! Maybe tmi, but it also works fantastically as a sleeve for play, especially because of the aesthetic quality. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because I find it a little difficult/uncomfortable to pack with. Packing straight up makes it tend to slip off, but any other angle just doesn’t quite work. I think this is largely due to my anatomy sitting a little lower than some, so when wearing the rod it sits a little more between my legs, if that makes any sense. Hoping that as I get back into pumping the additional length will solve this. Still looks absolutely normal, just makes packing tricky. Definitely consider where your anatomy points before buying if not being able to pack with it on is a dealbreaker. For me, I’m fine just wearing it loose in tight briefs like any other packer and putting it on for intimate or locker room situations, as well as to relieve dysphoria while showering. Incredible product, just wish my junk was a little more cooperative! You’re the best, Alex! ????????????

  55. Fred (verified owner)

    I bought the Rod not so long ago but I waited to really test it out before reviewing.
    Firstly, I needed some time to know how to wear it properly, I needed time to adjust and get use to it. The thing is, I find it a little constricting after maybe an hour or so of wearing it, even if I put it correctly. It holds really really well though, but maybe it’s just because I’m a little bit bigger than it’s made for? I don’t know.
    After two or three times of wearing it, there was a tiny rip that occurred while reversing it to put it on, so I panicked. But ever since it fits me better. I just wonder if it could be made in different sizes to fit all kinds of body.
    Also, maybe it’s just me again, but since I could be intersex, my urethra is not position the same as everybody else and even without a meta, I can use it as an stp. It’s really nice to feel whole for once!

    I have to say that overall, it’s really the only item else than a binder that helped releve the dysphoria, even more than the binder even. I just feel like it’s a part of me. My only concern is the tiny hole is really constricting sometimes and it leaves me bruised after a very short amount of time. I would greatly use some advice on that.

    Also, side note, as my cis brother pointed out, many guys have a very prominent vein in a S shape on the top of the shaft, and the desing is lacking that feature hahaha. But really, it looks like the real thing and feels like it! If I could go back in time, I would still buy it knowing what I know today!

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is amazing. I’ve been looking for this for over ten years and couldn’t be more appreciative of the ingenuity. I had meta with UL, and I was somewhat concerned whether the Rod would stay affixed, given that my penis is pretty small, but there is no issue. Looking forward to triathlon season this year, now that I won’t obsess about my profile in a wetsuit.

  57. F (verified owner)

    I wrote just a little ago, and had a problem with the rod I had, it was actually defective, but as the customer service is worth more than 5 stars, i got that problem solved in no time. By the way, my rod is now perfect and the veins are there as well. I can stp, it stays in place and doesnt hurt to wear. I have no irritation from it and feel super good. Thats exactly what I was missing my whole life. Always had approx one inch or two of growth even before t, flacid of course, so I can’t wait to have my meta. I will continue the use of the rod if needed then, just because it’s sooooo realistic and painless. This product is life saving for intersex guys like me, and I can probably see a cis man wearing it as well (if one has a micro penis). I don’t have the same experience as other trans guys so I hope my review would help masculine semi hermaphrodites like me to choose a good product. Thanks a lot Alex!!!

  58. Nathan

    I’m really happy with the Rod! It looks amazing and fits fine (I haven’t had any lower surgery so wasn’t sure!)

    In fact it stays on so well I had a little trouble getting it off!! Had a bit of discomfort whilst slowly trying to ease it off. Any tips to make it easier to get off? Other than coconut oil that I see you recommend :) I will try that.

    But otherwise what a fantastic product! Thank you, I think what you’re doing for our community is great.

  59. Hugh (verified owner)

    This is life changing. I didn’t really realise how bad my dysphoria was till I could put this on and see myself in the mirror. Seriously, I might’ve cried a bit. I wear it into the shower, around the house, to work. Did I say life changing?

    I have about 1.5″ of growth and am more fleshy and it fits well, though my junk points down and can’t position this up. I am so relieved this worked for me and very glad I ordered this. It’s helping me feel a lot more confident in myself. Can’t wait to find out what this is like with a partner or solo because some fun could be had with the suction, just saying.

    Thank you so much for this prosthetic.

  60. A

    I’ve actually had my Rod for a couple of years now. But when I got it, I was just under a year on T, and it didn’t stay on very well. I could wear it for a few minutes, and it looked nice, but it wasn’t secure enough to do much of anything. I trimmed the end down a little bit in hopes of getting it to work better, but no dice.

    Well, I’m now approaching 3 years on T, and recently I’ve finally had enough growth that I can wear the Rod comfortably– and more importantly, I can tug on it without having it fall off. (Jeez, I feel like I ought to mark this review as NSFW for sex talk somehow, but given that it’s for a prosthetic penis, it’s presumably NSFW already.) This is revolutionary. Like, riding a dick is great already, y’know? But riding a dick while jerking off is a whole new level of great.

    So far I haven’t had much luck packing with the Rod (can’t get it to point up while staying on), but I don’t generally pack anyway, and that’s not what I bought it for. Honestly, the only problem I have with it is the fact that it’s circumcised, and I would prefer uncut for personal reasons. But, lo and behold, when I went to write this review I discovered that there’s an uncut version now too! I will definitely be grabbing one of those soon.

  61. Samurai (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for your wonderful goods!
    I’m Japanese.
    I use that at a hot spring. “Onsen”

    I think that’s a little smaller, and a scrotum is better if I’m lucky.

  62. LX

    The 4 stars are for the design and the idea: It looks beautiful, it feels great when looking down and everything without glue is a good thing.

    Unfortunately I am one of the people who don’t “fit”. I loose the rod in seconds. I can’t blame the factory as the risk is highlighted in the description (I appreciated this very much!), but I wanted it to work. Nevertheless I am sad it doesn’t fit, because it looked so right. If you have the money and more than an inch of growth or if you have friends you could pass it on to: Try your luck!

    Thank you for the opportunity, transthetics! I will pass it on to a friend and hope it will fit and make him happy.

  63. Loui (verified owner)

    Hello Everyone :)

    I’ve just received my ROD not even a week ago. I am SO pleased. Before I knew this piece actually existed, I had many day dreams of something almost exactly like it. Wishing it were possible, even trying to think of ways to make one myself! I knew as soon as I saw this, I needed it but it took me a little while to actually order it. When I opened the package I instantly knew that it was exactly what I was expecting and MORE. The video provided really helps in showing how the ROD works. For me, it stays attached really well and relieved dysphoria I didn’t even realize I had until after application. I cannot speak highly enough of this product and the company. I love the way the ROD feels and looks and am super happy when I’m wearing it! I am so happy that this exists for myself and others out there who may be struggling with dysphoria. I haven’t had meta surgery but do have substantial growth, so the ROD fits well and stays on very well… much better than expected!

    Thank you for creating this place for guys to come find some relief.


  64. José (verified owner)

    First of all, kudos on an absolutely realistic product; I couldn’t have been happier when I received it. I waited to review it until I had time to try it for a while. I note that many of your reviewers have not had metas yet, and the product works well for them, which is great. I have had a meta with UL about 10 years ago and, while length is fine for the Rod (1.5 inches), the girth has been a problem. I have 3.25 inches around and, even with two cuts in the inside rings, the Rod is a bit difficult to put on and, once on, too tight to wear for more than an hour or two max. In your “Is this for me” section, you might consider indicating girth from 3.25 inches + (rather than 3.5 +) as a potential problem. Also, and maybe because of the girth question, using it as an STP has been slightly problematic. Everything works well until the end where, as mentioned by one other reviewer, some urine is left in (even after carefully shaking etc). Then, at the time of removing the Rod, this excess will come out of the top and make a mess… I’ve tried all kinds of things to remedy this but haven’t found an answer yet. Sitll working on it. It is an expensive product, but well made and I will consider the Hot Rod when it becomes available. However,Is it possible to make two sizes for the inside? One being the size it is now appropriate for most people who haven’t had a meta, and one fraction bigger inside for people who have had a meta and have more girth? (just dreaming here…) Thanks a million. Love what you’re doing.

  65. Ryden

    I love this product, but mine did not have the vein painted detail work I’m a little upset about.
    It sits low on my body and despite that I am a thin man, I cannot pack with it to look natural or comfortably, but it looks pretty good naked. I have to get used to not shaving however to hide the seam.

    Ideally, I’d like it maybe .5” or 1” bigger. I’m taller so it seems really tiny to me. I also am unsure if the blushing would come off if I swam with it, a little worried about that.
    Also, I can’t wear it for hours at a time, it makes my own penis off colored like it’s cutting off air flow. Unsure if it’s because it’s too tight, or just not getting oxygen, if that’s a thing. Skin needs to breathe.

    I think it’s a little costly for what you get, but I definitely love it anyway despite.

  66. Hannes (verified owner)

    Hi from Germany,

    after 12 days of order I got the rod today. I`m really happy. Because I thought, that my pre-operation meta does not work with the rod. My testo biological meta does have less than 2,5 Inch. But I tried my luck and I`m surprised. It works verry well. The texture is from high quality and it looks verry realistic. I want to wear it at the shower room of bathes and “Sauna”. Inside of the rod I placed a pice of silicone from an old prosthetic. This peace I cutted like a mini vagina. So I have a contact with my testo-meta to masturbate. This works, too. So I trust, that the hot rod will work, too. Now I ordered the hot rod, too. Because the fixing system is working verry well. Thank you Alex for this innovative product. Since my coming out I bought a lot of prosthetics. But your rods are the best. Happy greetings from Germany

  67. ftm francais (verified owner)

    J’ai acheté cette prothèse en espérant trouver un moyen de pouvoir aller dans sur les plages naturistes, les douches communes, les saunas etc…
    Je n’ai pas fait de metoidiaplastie et j’avais peur que la prothèse ne tienne pas.
    Je l’ai reçu hier et je l’ai essayée; INCROYABLE ! Elle tient parfaitement et le résultat est très réaliste (bon il n’ya pas de testicules mais ça ne choque pas du tout); j’ai bougé dans tout les sens, sauté, mis mon slip, enlevé mon slip, elle n’a pas bougé!
    C’est la première fois que j’ai ressenti cette sensation et je remercie vraiment transthetics pour ça; je recommande cette prothèse à 100%!

    I bought this prosthesis hoping to find a way to go in the naturist beaches, common showers, saunas etc …
    I did not do metoidiaplasty and I was afraid the prosthesis would not fit.
    I received it yesterday and I tried it; UNBELIEVABLE ! It fits perfectly and the result is very realistic (well there are no testicles but it does not shock at all); I moved in all directions, jumped, put my underwear, removed my underwear, it did not move!
    This is the first time I have felt this sensation and I really thank transthetics for that; I recommend this prosthesis 100%!

  68. Elliott Kunerth (verified owner)

    I wanted to wait awhile before publishing a through review of this product, but to be honest I couldn’t wait to give the rod a 5 star rating. The level of detail is unlike any prosthetic I have ever seen. The pictures do not begin to do justice. When I opened up my package this afternoon (no pun intended) I was absolutely floored by how realistic this looks. It looks and feels exactly like a cis penis (with the small exception of the hollow interior). It’s like somebody cut off a man’s penis and mailed it to me. Unbelievable. The look of the rod FAR exceeded my expectations! As far as wearing goes, I found it a little difficult to get in the right place at first (I have not had any lower surgery) but after a couple tries I got it to stay on very securely. I can walk around the house naked with it. I can bend over with it. I can shower with it. I walked my dog this evening in nothing but loose sweatpants and it didn’t come off. I’ve never experienced anything so liberating. It moves and swings so naturally when I walk that my dysphoria is completely gone when I wear this. I thought the lack of testicles would look a bit strange, but it truly doesn’t, especially if seen from a distance. Overall, I definitely consider it one of the best investments I’ve made. I would suggest growing your pubic hair out if possible to use this product, though, as it seems like the hairier the better in terms of disguising the edges of the silicone. I also found that pushing down a bit on the shaft creates a small amount of suction and helps it stay on a bit better. All in all, this product is incredible. I couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more.

  69. Ki (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it!! Stays on perfectly and I can look in the mirror and feel good about what I see! I can now change in the right lockerroom which makes life much esaier ! Alex is also a very serviceminded seller!

  70. Sami

    Don’t think this was ever intended for or tested with folks who’ve had meta in mind—even with alterations, it’s way too small for myself and for the 7 other post-op guys I’ve spoken to who’ve tried it. Wish there was a significantly larger version for those of us who have had meta. :/

    • Alex

      Hi Sami
      Yes, this was tested on guys with meta as well. Some people with metas did have back flow issues and it’s also happened that people with meta experience a constricted flow, but on the whole it works very well. Hence I’m extremely surprised to hear you say you know of 7 other post op meta guys for whom it did not work as that’s the most extreme statistical anomaly I’ve encountered. I’d definitely like to hear what the issues were if you’d like to email Sizing is tricky seeing this is currently still a one size fits most device. For some guys with meta it is too small and for some too large, but for most, it works well at the size that it currently is.

  71. Gavin

    I was horrified that after top surgery that my bottom dysphoria would be unmanageable, and it was, until I stumbled upon this product. For the first time ever, I was able to look in the mirror without dysphoria. I truly love this product and very impressed. It truly looks amazing on. It feels amazing and I love using it when I am walking around. I can only use it for a half hour or so until the suction is too much on my junk but it is still well worth it.

  72. TJ (verified owner)

    I had been waiting for a product like this to become available for nearly 20 years. It is a life changer. I can now go swimming and get changed in the locker room without fear.
    It has taken some getting used to the positioning in my pants and peeing with it, but overall it is most excellent.
    Many thanks.

  73. Talen (verified owner)

    The 4 star rating is a ‘place holder’. I can’t really give it a full 5 because the Rod didn’t fit properly straight out of the little black bag it came in, but there was plenty of warning about that and I decided to gamble on it, anyway.

    It took about two weeks from the time I hit ‘check out’ to when it arrived, in a plain white bubble-wrap/padded bag. Inside was a single sheet of paper with some basic instructions, a link to a video I think Youtube has blocked that was a demonstration video on how to put the Rod on.

    Aesthetically, the Rod is beautifully detailed and looks very real. They’ve taken the time to get the vein transparency and tiny imperfections/ wrinkles/ color shifts. It is truly a work of art. Unfortunately, it doesn’t FEEL real, but it’s not really for that purpose. You’re not going to pass a grope-test with this one, but that’s the only way anyone is going to be able to tell it isn’t natural.

    I have not had a Meta and was a little concerned with the amount of growth I’ve had in the 5 years I’ve been on and off T-shots, and I am not a skinny man, either and have a little extra ‘meat’ to work around down there, if you catch my drift. There are plenty of warnings about it possibly not working for guys who have not had Meta and who may not have had a lot of growth – but I read a LOT of reviews from guys that had similar concerns and had the Rod work out for them, so I hit that ‘check out’ button.

    Straight out of the bag, I struggled. It would suction on but WOULD NOT stay. It kept losing contact and would just slip right off. I tried lubricating it lightly. I tried wriggling my bits around, pushing the Rod in against my body… nothing would get it to stay for more than a minute or so. I nearly gave up out of frustration – but then thought, what the hell – it’s a $200 paperweight no matter what at this point. So I decided to try trimming the suction end down to make the cup shallower – to shorten the distance between the edge of prosthetic and the ridged hole that is meant to hold on to your natural anatomy. .

    Since I have not had a Meta, my natural anatomy is close to my body and I thought maybe there was just too much space between the edge of the prosthetic suction bowl and the ridged grippy hole at it’s center. So, I took a pair of scissors and trimmed the edge down just a little. I thought maybe I had ruined it, because then I couldn’t get it to stay at all, but realized that by trimming it I had made the walls of the prosthetic suction cup thicker at the edges. So, I went back in and beveled the edges with a bit more trimming, thinning the walls out.

    That was the magic trick. I got the Rod to finally get purchase on my natural anatomy and aside from one particular type of bending over, it’s hung on amazingly. I am fortunate in that I don’t have very strong dysphoria regarding my nether bits, so this was a purchase made in anticipation of finding myself in a situation where I might have to spend time in the nude among cis men.

    I’ve only had the Rod for .. 4 hours. Only had it on for maybe 1? But so far, up and down stairs, in a bath and out again, sitting in a chair, Sumo wrestler squat, Captain Morgan Stance.. and he’s still hanging in there.

    In future – for those of us who have not had a Meta, maybe a version of the Rod with a shallower/ shorter suction bowl to allow the grippy hole to reach and hold on to guys who have natural anatomy that’s tighter to their frame might be useful/helpful! All I had to do was a little trimming and mine seems to be working great.

    I can’t pack with it – there’s not enough of me to tuck the shaft up against the body as suggested, but for free-balling situations or boxer briefs it seems to be working fine, so far.

  74. Izaak Booth (verified owner)

    Arrived on my birthday, and honestly it was the best present ever ???? I’m pre-meta and was worried my natural anatomy would be too low down for it to stay on, but I’m actually able to walk about in it! I can’t wear it up the way in underwear, but seeing myself naked with it on is amazing for my dysphoria and makes the expense worth it to me. Hopefully once I’ve had meta I’ll be able to use it to stp too, and won’t feel worried about going in public as it really does look so realistic. I’ve now ordered the hot rod too, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  75. Mase

    Pictures don’t do this justice — amazing looking prosthetic! Little bit of a learning curve to get it to work with my (non-op) anatomy, but once I figured out what worked for me it firmly stayed in place for sure. SO happy for the option to get it uncut. By far the most natural looking uncut prosthetic I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU!!

  76. kringlur (verified owner)

    LOOKS: I got the uncut in “middle” colour. I’m caucasian (VERY white), but in my experience having a too light prosthetic is more dysphoria-enducing than a too dark one. The “middle” was a little darker than I thought based off the product photos, but how dark it looks as well as which exact tone it has really depends on what lighting you’re under. Even at its darkest under the worst lighting it’s still not too dark or too odd of a shade to be unnatural even on a vampire-white guy IRL, but the shade definitely changes in photos and in photos it may look a lot more “yellow” toned than it really is. I would say the “middle” is fine for whites, tans and most japanese people, but if you’re black or darker than “tan” I’d definitely say to get the darkest shade.

    FEEL: Very soft, not tacky/sticky at all and frankly a lot more pleasant to touch than other prosthetics I’ve had in the same price range. It’s much softer and more pliable than GenderCat products, also softer than a rubber hose, if I had to describe it it’s kind of like a rubber band-like softness.

    If you drop it on the floor and it gets dirty you can clean it easily, it’s also small enough to easily fit in a pocket.

    ATTACHING (BAD METHOD): I’m skinny, 5.5cm flaccid and bone-pressed, pre-meta as I write this (I’ll make a second review after I get my meta). The straight “fold over and roll on” worked, but the attachment wasn’t as secure as I wanted and it would fall off if I jumped/danced around for more than a few seconds. The same would happen if I simply laid down on my back and tried to put it on without any special technique (see below). This style of attachment also left a noticable “gap” between my skin and the prosthetic, which can’t be hidden if your pubic hair is short and which in general made me worried that the prosthetic would fall off. If I pressed on or squeezed the prosthetic I could feel it in my clit, as in it actually felt as if it were a part of my body, however the prosthetic felt “empty” (see below).

    Some reviewers said to let it suck up your labia and then it’ll get a better hold. There’s a very large variety in human genital anatomy so take that with a huge grain of salt. I personally don’t have any sort of labia (majora or minora) that can in any way be sucked into The Rod. Others said to use lubricant, that actually made it fall off more easily and faster in my case.

    ATTACHING (GOOD METHOD): I found that a much better and actually more natural-feeling attachment came if I folded the prosthetic back like normal, laid down on my back and pressed (stretched) the fatty part of the mons pubis to the sides with two hands so that the whole mons area laid flat. I then held the mons in that position with my left hand, and put the prosthetic on with my right hand.

    This style of attachment ended up much more secure, with almost no visible gap, felt tighter, and the prosthetic actually felt “full” instead of empty when I squeezed/pressed on it, even when I squeezed it through my pants. This is of course squeezing lightly however – squeeze too hard and the “urethra opening” will open, the air will get pressed out (doesn’t affect how well it sticks) and you’ll hear a slight sound.

    IN WATER: I have no bathtub and can’t go to the pool due to corona so I can’t test how easily it comes off in water. Hopefully I’ll have tried it by the time I can make a second review after having had meta.

    SITTING, PACKING: No problems whatsoever as long as I use the “good” attachment method.

    DYSPHORIA: When I took it out of the package I was like “I paid $200 for THIS? Was it really worth it?” But as other reviewers have said, as soon as I put it on I felt my dysphoria pretty much disappear, and the longer I wore it with the “good” attachment method the more I felt like my dysphoria was completely gone (aside from not having testicles and not being able to pee with it). The “bad” method of attaching had envoked my dysphoria as I had to worry about it falling off.

    I’m the kind of dysphoric who’s gone without swimming or sex for almost ten years and who has constant social anxiety about my body, despite that I’m 100% passing anytime I’m not naked. I avoid seeing myself naked and my dysphoria is so bad I don’t usually get any pleasure from masturbation or sex. I’ve had this dysphoria and absolute fear of being naked for my entire life, even when I was a kid and didn’t yet know that transgender people existed or that I was one.

    However I feel confident with The Rod. Especially if my pubic hair isn’t cut short, I feel fine sitting naked in my room with this attached. When I touch it, since it’s very soft (meaning, not difficult to squeeze) and I can feel the touch in my clit as well, it also alleviates dysphoria related to masturbation and makes “touching” feel more pleasurable. Even just walking out of my room to the bathroom, I noticed I walked straighter and felt happier compared to normal. If I wear a prosthetic when sleeping I have little to no nightmares.

    VS OTHER PROSTHETICS: I had problems with other prosthetics like Gendercat’s that use adhesive because my dysphoria increases from shaving my pubic hair, and even if I do shave it, not only is it super itchy but the hair grows back so fast that after just a couple days the prosthetic doesn’t want to stick anymore. I also found that the “skin-coloured” tabs on Gendercat stuff looked really odd because they didn’t have hair and were also raised slightly compared to the rest of my skin, so even though the overall product looked good and the skin tone matched they did increase my dysphoria for those reasons. And finally – my guess is because I naturally want a flaccid penis prosthetic to feel as soft as my flaccid clit in order for it to feel like it’s really a part of me – the fact that other packer-prosthetics were harder was somehow dysphoria-enducing as well. Overall I definitely like The Rod better than the other prosthetics I’ve tried.

    PACKAGING: It was marked as a “soft toy” on the customs slip and arrived through my apartment doorslot/mail slot. It came in a standard soft envelope with the seller’s personal name/address (it doesn’t look in any way like it comes from a company). Unlike what some commentors have said I believe you absolutely wouldn’t be able to tell what this was even if you looked at or felt through the packaging, and I actually think you wouldn’t be able to tell even if you opened the envelope itself, as long as you didn’t literally take the prosthetic out of the little black bag it comes in.

    SHIPPING IN CORONA TIMES: Took 1 week to arrive to Sweden from America, and almost 3 weeks after it arrived in Sweden it finally arrived at my house. The tracking didn’t update at all once it was in Sweden. Alex, the seller, followed my instructions for shipping exactly, which saved me a lot of time and money.

  77. Chris

    I finally feel like a man after 29 years. A few months ago, I broke down in a hotel room to a hooker after I started thinking of my ex, and “couldn’t perform” with my small junk. The Rod saved my life. This is a true god send. I even use it to feel like a bigger man when I’m alone. I especially need the confidence boost on Sunday’s after my cowboys lose. Hopefully my new girl likes it! Xoxo

  78. Evan Geiger (verified owner)

    Ok guys, I spent more than a year debating this purchase and the only thing I can say is, I wasted a year. Lol. I just got The Rod in the mail and I love it. For one, I read every single review and I was worried about some of the aspects some people seemed to have issues with. Fleshy pubic area, check. Lower pointing junk, check. Haven’t had a problem. Goes on easily, stays on well. I may need to talk to Alex about loosing it a bit, but I’m gonna give it a week or so before I make that decision. I am getting meta with UL this summer so I can’t wait to use it after that as well. The best thing is, unlike the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I have spent on packers, this thing is the real deal. None of the weird readjusting in your underwear, or harnesses, or even glue! I did them all and NOTHING feels as natural as The Rod. Just the feeling of having it attached and it’s movement with your body is the most euphoric thing I’ve experienced in a packer. Well done Alex. If the price is keeping you from purchasing it, I highly suggest you save up. Like I said, I have had everything under the sun… mr. limpy, reelmajik, insert any stp/packer and I’ve had it. This beats them all. Great product. I am so thankful.

  79. Slaviero (verified owner)

    The Rod is simply genius!!! Such simple yet so efficient design. I was afraid my growth would either be too small or too big for it (I got no parameters of comparison) . But it fits like a glove and…. oh my oh my it is extremely realistic. I pulled down my pants and there it was, dangling like a cis penis. I could do the helicopter, I could squat, I could do anything and it wouldn’t fly off. And what is more surprising is that the suction doesn’t hurt. The first few times it started feeling uncomfortable after a couple of minutes but after adjusting it and getting my way around it, yesterday I was able to wear it for almost 6 hours!!! No pain whatsoever, just a little bit of swelling on my growth. How something can stay on to my growth without hurting nor falling off even when making exaggerated movements, is seriously mind blowing to me. First thing I did I emailed Alex to thank him for the innovativeness he always brings to the market, plus its quality, of course. I never write reviews but here I am!

  80. Leonce (verified owner)

    I can’t stop watching myself into the mirror! Soooo realistic.
    I felt insecure about being naked in sport locker rooms, for decades. Now I undress without shame and full of confidence.
    The feeling of having it attached and being an extension to myself is mind blowing. Because it’s very soft (I can feel the touch on my junk as well) it brings masturbation to à higher level!!
    It’s simple to use and doesn’t fall off.
    Package and mailing top services. 10days to Switzerland during Covid bravo
    Thank you so much for this Alex

  81. Ben

    This is fantastic! It looks great and I don’t feel worried at all about it coming off. Alex also seems like a great guy whose happy to answer questions.

  82. Augustus H. H. (verified owner)

    I am pre-op, but have been on hormones for a few years now. It took a little bit of effort to learn how to properly apply the rod, and I did have to trim it a little in a couple of places to get it to fit the way I wanted, but once these things were done the product worked exactly like I wanted it to. It stays on well enough that I can walk around naked with it and see it swinging. It’s incredibly affirming. I wish the silicone could be a little floppy, though I understand this could inhibit the suction. I have not used the rod in public, as I personally think packers are more hastle than they’re worth around others. For my own private use lounging around the house and working out, this product is great. I’ve danced, jumped, and swung. This thing really stays put!

  83. Jackson (verified owner)

    The rod is beyond amazing! It feels and looks like it is part of my body! It does take me a few tries here and there, but once it’s on, ITS ON! It does act sort of like a pump, so be aware not to wear too long in a day, but looks great in underwear even if it isn’t attached, still looks like a part of you!

    I haven’t been able to try with my spouse yet, but I have used for solo play and the euphoria this gave me is REAL!!! I’m fortunate that where my growth is placed, it is able to hold up the rod and it looks like a real boner! I was totally blown away by the sight and it just finally felt and looked right when I looked down.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    First off, this prosthetic was exactly what I expected. I feel like the information on the product is very clear and accurate, and you are likely to get a product that looks and functions as advertised.

    I have had metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening and testicular implants. Before having surgery I naively thought the options for prosthetics would be better post surgery, being that I would have something to latch them on to and I’d be able to pee through something as narrow as a straw. I was wrong, among the hundreds of packers and stps made for pre-op guys there are little to non made for post-op. I am very happy this product exists because it is the only one of its kind.

    The good:

    When you put it on it will not come off. I am not very fond of the fact that it sometimes slides down a little bit making the seam visible. I think this is due to the firmness of the prosthetic rubbing against fabric, and it would be solved if the prosthetic was softer and rested better in underwear. If you are naked it will stay put. If you are wearing clothes it will not come off all the way so you don’t have to worry about it coming lose in your pants.

    It looks realistic when you are naked. It also behaves quite realistically being that it is attached to your penis and moves with it. It certainly alleviates dysphoria when worn without clothes on.

    It is light weight, which helps it to stay on throughout the day.

    The “bad”:

    Packing: It wants to stray straight. It does not bend easily and when you bend it with force it more so folds like a piece of paper than bends like a tube. This means that the force of your boxers or briefs will not bend it and it will not sit naturally in your underwear. You can pack it up, down or to the side but keep in mind it will not curl up to a ball or bend in a curve, it will always stay straight. It is more your actual dick bending than the prosthetic, which makes it very uncomfortable over time and also causes it so slide down some making the seam visible. Your best bet is to wear loose boxers “free-balling it”, it will be more comfortable and it is less likely to shift and slide. I wear it straight down and a little bit to the side in my trunks and the bulge it gives me is very slight and I am not too happy about it. Sometimes if I have been sitting down it will shift in my trunks and appear like an erection, and a small one at that. Though I can easily push it down again.

    Feel: It is nice enough to hold on to but you can not cup it in your hand. In fact I am pretty sure I could penetrate somebody with it, that is how firm it is. I personally would like a flaccid prosthetic to be floppy like a wet towel. If you lay on your back it will not rest on your thigh, it is likely to stand straight up or point forward. I hate the way it feels to wear in anything tight because it feels erect. This also makes it more uncomfortable for my actual dick because the hardness pushes against it all day. You will feel like you urethra is being squeezed to no end.

    Peeing: I am not sure how much testing was done on post-op guys for this product but peeing is a mixed bag. Because the seal is so tight around the shaft, there is no chance of any backsplash, which is a good thigh. Any pee that comes out will come out the front end as intended. The bad thing is the amount of space in the hallow shaft of the prosthetic. Because it is completely hallow instead of having a narrow tube, pee collects inside. This not only slows down the stream (meaning pee comes out more slowly and is more likely to dribble downward rather than spray forward) it also means it is hard to get it completely empty. This could have been easily fixed if the prosthetic had a more narrow passage for pee to flow through. Currently it effectively has a large cavity for it to collect in. Good thing the “urethral opening” in the prosthetic closes tight because only a few drops will escape in your pants, but if you go back to the bathroom five minutes later once everything has collected at the tip of your prosthetic and squeeze it quite a bit (sometimes allot) of urine will trickle out some of which is likely to hit the fly of your pants. I find I sometimes have to go back and squeeze it two or three times after only peeing once, because there is no way to get it all to empty in one session.

    Comfort: It is quite uncomfortable to wear for a long time. I do feel that this could be easily solved if it was allot softer.

    I’d love to see a “rod 2.0”, because the mold for the attachment is really good, and it looks great. Make it allot softer with a narrow passage for pee to flow through, and maybe even a cm of two longer and I’ll be the first in line to buy it. Keep up the good work.

  85. Finnegan Silke (verified owner)

    Product is perfect! After 1 year with he rod, i still cant pack for longer than an hour, but this is to do with the low placement of my anatomy and not the product. Everytime i put it on i spend way too much time smiling in the mirror. And the free swinging action is amazing. Feels natural, stays put and looks incredible. Im pre meta, so no review for stp function. My only complaint is that i wasn’t born with it. Work of art.

  86. Jaysauris (verified owner)

    Lovely product! I was honestly worried that I’d be too small for it to work for me but surprisingly it fit very well! The suction is quite strong, you really have to pull to take it off (which is a good thing) and it looks very realistic especially with hair to cover the seams. I will say the suction was a bit uncomfortable after maybe 10 to 20 minutes for me but I can only speak for myself. Also, I remember ordering the cut version and received the natural version but honestly to me it doesn’t matter. Lastly, I will add that I haven’t had meta so I can’t review the stp function. Overall great prosthetic!

  87. Eden Tom

    I wish i could kiss the creator right now. I’m a hardcore fitness gym addict, and i sweat alot while working out. I always wanted to shower straight after working out at the gym but because i’m pre bottom surgery that would be tricky.
    You changed my life. I can shower naked confidently, let my junk hang. Such a great investment. Have a blessed life, Alex. 🤲🏻

  88. Aaron (verified owner)

    I just received my Rod today! I was so excited to try it. I’m pre Meta, but it stayed on easily enough. Just gotta get used to wearing it and sitting/walking etc. Even when it popped off, it felt snug in my boxers and nice to still be able to feel it close to my body. Can’t wait to try it when I get Meta as an STP!!

  89. diego (verified owner)

    best product ever! i loved it since the firts time i put it. very useful, natural look… very easy to put and confortable to wear. i strongly recommend it.

  90. zmoosh (verified owner)

    I have had this product for about 8 months now. I am beyond happy with it, and it far exceeded my expectations. This stays on me really well, and I cannot believe how real and natural it looks. Great size/length and detail, but I will note that the color was darker than I thought it would be. It still looks natural, however. It’s very simple to put on, though I can’t wear it for long periods of time because it makes my junk a little swollen from the suction. When I do wear it, I feel so happy! Thank you, Transthetics, for making such a high-quality product!

  91. Daniel

    My partner got me one about a year after starting T. It was too large, and kept falling off. I’m approaching the 2 year mark for T, have decent bottom growth, and it still won’t stay on. It’s really realistic, and I’ve heard it works great for people it fits on. It just won’t stay on me, and there’s not a good return process. I understand it’s an intimate product, but it’s 100% silicone, you can absolutely boil it to sterilize it and then resell it (hopefully at a lower price, so it’s more accessible for other trans guys).
    Anyways, don’t buy it if your bottom growth isn’t very long, it won’t stay on.

  92. from SK

    I bought the Rod (for daily use and STP) and the Hot Rod (for play with my partner). Both are perfect. Especially, the Rod is just the right size for me. It doesn’t fall off, nor it hurts. So amazing!

  93. Redd (verified owner)

    I bought the Rod for daily use as a first time packer. I wanted something realistic right off the bat, and I’m so glad I found this site and all the amazing work on it. It’s a game changed for sure- it’s very easy to wear, and I’m sure once I figure out how to wear it daily with maximum comfort levels it’ll be even better than it already is for myself. Couldn’t be happier!

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