Yep, for a second time the original Transthetics channel has been deleted.

This time they canned it despite the fact that it was 100% in good standing and had zero community guideline strikes (all previous strikes were removed when an actual competent human being finally re-instated my channel last time.)

I had also voluntarily age restricted the video and spent the first minute of the video contextualising it for the citizens on patrol out there, explained that it did not breach any of the community guidelines. And yet still… after a week of the Hot Rod demonstration video being up, not only did it get removed, but my entire channel was deleted… again.

Meantime, there’s countless videos of ACTUAL penises for videos on penile prosthetics to treat erectile dysfunction, and a plethora of review videos on heteronormative sex toys. I’m not asking for special treatment for the trans community, just consistency.

But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to give YouTube the benefit of the doubt that this is just a handful of incompetent moderators. Also their lip service about how they celebrate the LGBT community is sounding increasingly hollow in light of how our channels are ACTUALLY being treated, with our content being incorrectly removed, our channels unjustifiably deleted and our videos unfairly demonetised.

So my plea to YouTube is this: PLEASE stop targeting the trans community due to the nature of the things we NEED to talk about!

Thankfully I did decide to keep my “temporary” YouTube channel, TranstheticsTV, so for the time being, this is the one I’m going to have to go back to. However, as YouTube recognises when a video that has been removed is re-uploaded, I’ve had to upload the Hot Rod demo video to Xtube. Not exactly where I want to be directing you to, seeing it’s a porn site, but as Vimeo has also declined to host my content, this is what I’m left with and it seems that YouTube and Vimeo feel that that’s where we belong… It’s a sad indictment of the actuality of this brave new world that pays so much lip service to the fantasy of inclusivity…