So without warning YouTube decided to cancel my entire channel this week.

Naturally I immediately appealed the cancellation assuming some kind of bot had removed my channel by accident and that a human being would see the informational/educational context and re-instate it, but nope. 24 hours later I get this response from YouTube


Thank you for contacting us. We have carefully reviewed your account appeal.

Your account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual content. YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content. For more information, please visit our Help Center

The YouTube Team

So alas, as YouTube gives only one appeal opportunity, my channel is no more. I’m guessing I’m probably just one of the first to get hit by the ultra conservative wave sweeping YouTube and that unfortunately the transgender community, due to the inherent nature of the kinds of things we need to talk about, is now very much in YouTube’s firing line.

After re-reading their community guidelines, I can confirm that none of my videos violated any of them, seeing they make a clear exception on nudity and sexual content in an information/educational context which my content VERY clearly was. I also voluntarily age restricted any content such as information on the Joystick, with it being a device intended for sexual use, rather than just standing to pee such as the EZP.  Just incase you’re wondering, which video actually got me kicked off YouTube, this is it. Yes really… This close to four year old video… on underwear…

Anyway, as much as this blows, I’m just gonna roll with the pun-ches, so I’ve now erected a new YouTube channel where I engage in luDICKrous wavings of phallic vegetables in lieu of being able to actually talk about and showcase my products. I then link to the ACTUAL informational product videos from there. To stay in the loop on my latest dick puns, vegetable wavings and product information, please subscribe to my new channel here.

I’d also love you to like and comment on these videos (puns very much encouraged), as all of this will help the channel be found, seeing that over four years of hard work, thousands of subscribers and millions of views on my previous channel have just prematurely cum to an end…