This time our contest is taking on a slightly different form. This time, we’re doing it in the from of a raffle with all proceeds going towards the Bionic project.

We’re still making steady progress on the Bionic Basic, but unfortunately the Corona virus has thrown quite a wrench in the works in terms of moving from prototype towards production. So at this stage an end of 2020 release date for the Bionic Basic is looking quite optimistic but not totally impossible. Right now, supply chains and factories are a mess but we’re hopeful that things will return to some semblance of normalcy in the not too distant future.

In any case, we are no longer taking donations and instead having this raffle to continue to raise funds. As we move closer to production, we will most likely open for pre-ordering but with the final price tag still being an unknown, we’ll assess the best way to do this as we get closer to a release date.

Also, if you purchase a Transthetics product between now and May 26th 2020 (the raffle draw date) and win the raffle, you will be refunded up to $200 of your purchase and any remainder issued as a store credit.

Lastly, thank you so much to anyone who has purchased a Transthetics product in the past, donated to the Bionic project or sent us encouraging emails. We couldn’t have come this far without your support.

Enter the raffle here