This amazing being was such an incredible force and influence on me as as teenager, as I was wrestling with my own gender identity, listening to Rebel Rebel “you’ve got your mother in a whirl cause she’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl” and this article so beautifully hones in on my sentiments, that I just had to share.

“He wasn’t quietly androgynous, nor genderless, smack in the middle of butch and femme. Bowie was flamboyant about both his masculine and feminine sides; he was all of the things at once, flying in the face of easy definitions. A University of Pennsylvania gender-studies undergraduate boiled it down to this astute statement in 2013: “The M-F spectrum does not have the descriptive capacity to categorize Bowie effectively.”

Source: Why David Bowie’s androgyny was a rare, precious gift.