Have you had phalloplasty?

If so, I would love your help!

I’m in the process of exploring the development of a phallo sleeve and need guys who have had phalloplasty to help me out by answering some questions.

A phallo sleeve is like a thick condom which rolls on to a phalloplasty penis. It can enhance the visual appearance of the penis and can add functionality such as allowing for additional stiffness and ejaculation/lubrication functionality.

If you’d like to give your input on what you’d like to see in a phallo sleeve, I’d be huuuugely appreciative of you filling out the below questionnaire. You can answer whatever questions are relevant to you and leave out any that aren’t as well as give additional feedback in the comment section below. Aggregated answers will be available for all to see here, but your individual answers are completely anonymous.

Please only participate in this questionnaire if you’ve had phalloplasty!

If you haven’t had phalloplasty, you can still help by sharing this post with anyone you know who has had phalloplasty, if you think they might like to contribute.

Phalloplasty Sleeve Questionnaire:

These questions are about your phalloplasty penis.

What is your LENGTH? (At rest/flaccid.)
What is your GIRTH? (At rest/flaccid.)
Are you able to change states from flaccid to erect?
If you are able to change states from flaccid to erect, does your length and girth change?
If you are able to change states from flaccid to erect, what kind of device do you have? (You may also include your own answer.)
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If you are able to change states from flaccid to erect, what is your ERECT LENGTH?
If you are able to change states from flaccid to erect, what is your ERECT GIRTH?
Are you able to have penetrative sex without requiring an EXTERNAL erection device?
How satisfied are you with the visual appearance of your penis?
Do you have erogenous sensation in your penis?

These questions are about what you would like to see in a phallo sleeve.

How important is realism in a phallo sleeve?
How important is the ability to urinate through a phallo sleeve? (This question assumes a urethra in the penis.)
How important is an ejaculation/lubrication function in a phallo sleeve?
If you had to choose between urination and ejaculation/lubrication, which is more important?
How important is it that a phallo sleeve adds stiffness to the penis?
If you could choose between a phallo sleeve that adds stiffness to the penis and one that does not, which would you choose?
If a phallo sleeve had a textured inside, where would you like to see the most texture? (Pick up to two.)
What kind of texture would you like to see on the inside of the phallo sleeve?
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Of the following which are the THREE most important features? Add your own feature if it's not listed.
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I know that last one is a tough one and you probably want to check more than three, but this is about finding out what the absolute most important features would be.

If you have any other thoughts/concerns/suggestions you’d like to add, please do so in the comments below, and please pass this post on to others that you think might like to give their input.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help!