This morning about fifteen minutes before I was getting on a ten hour flight, Transthetics’ security certificate expired. I’ve just landed back in Denver and the first thing I did was call my service provider to get a new SSL certificate, but this can take a day or so to instate and in the meantime it looks to most visitors like the site has been hacked, which it has not.

So I really just wanted to assure everyone that your information is safe with Transthetics.

I do not store any personal or credit card information directly on the site (PayPal deals with all financial information) so even if Transthetics WERE hacked, your information would be safe.

I take personal information and internet privacy EXTREMELY seriously. I will NEVER give your information to ANY third party, and I back up daily.

Seeing that this happened right in the middle of opening shop and a lot of people are currently not able to place their order, I will keep the shop open for at least another day from when the security certificate is renewed (which will hopefully be any moment now) so you should still be able to place orders for Sunday and Monday as well.

And for anyone that HAS already placed an order, if your PayPal payment went though, then rest assured your order IS processing.

I’m so sorry for all the confusion over the past twenty-four hours! The Murphy’s law timing was absolutely impeccable on this!