The Lollipop will be available for the first time with the next order intake which opens (very appropriately) on Thursday, February 14th, so indeed a happy Valentine’s.

Check out this quick demo video here to get a look at its features.

And as you’ve come to expect, I will of course be doing a give away contest to celebrate its launch.

So if you want to be in the running for a Lollipop, just enter your details below to receive one entry to win one in the color of your choice. If you’d like to enter more than once, you can do so, by sharing your unique entry link in your social circle. You receive an additional entry for everyone who signs up using your link, so share it far and wide, be it by email or social media.

You can check your number of entries (and total entries) at any time by looking at the tally below, once you’ve entered.

Contest closes April 10th, 2019.  Winner announced April 12th, 2019.

Good luck!!

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No limit to the number of entries.

Contest closes April 10th, 2019.  

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The winner will be announced April 12th, 2019 via the Transthetics blog and newsletter. If you are the winner, you will have the opportunity to elect a pseudonym if you wish.

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