The Joystick 6″ and 7″ is now available with a new and improved vibe!

The new vibe is now waterproof and can be remote controlled!

You can get the optional remote control ring here if you’d prefer to operate the vibe discretely with the push of a button on your hand rather than feeling for the control button through the Joystick sheath.

rechargeable waterproof vibe
head attachment for Joystick vibe
Joystick remote control ring

The vibe is also slightly more compact which means we have been able to increase the size of the ejaculation/lubrication reservoir.

The vibrations are powerful, yet quiet. The flexible neck and shaft ensures that the Joystick feels very natural and of course, it’s also rechargeable.

Note: The new vibe can be made compatible with the old Joystick sheath using an adapter which you can request for free when ordering the new vibe. The head remains the same size as before so the optional silicone head attachment is still the same.

Check out the new demo video here.