It’s not very often that anything knocks me off my seat, but that’s exactly what this article did this morning.

Best of H+: Total Gender Change within a Decade

Recently I made a bet with a member of the Institute for Ethical and Emerging Technologies.  That bet sounded to him like I was being wildly optimistic, and he jumped at it, thinking it was a sure bet that I would lose…

Source: Best of H+: Total Gender Change within a Decade

I’ll admit I am in agreement with his betting partner that he is being a tad overly optimistic on his timeline (though I would LOVE to be proven wrong on that) but I absolutely see this as being the direction in which we are headed. I encourage you to spend some time going down the rabbit hole of his reference links if you’re in the mood to have your mind blown.

This video is a case in point.

In the past, I have published stories that echo some of what is contained in this article such as “One gene stop ovaries from turning in to testes!” and “The future is bright!” which talks about developments in organ generation, but still relies on an actual donor whose organ can be used as a “scaffold” for the organ recipient’s own cells, thereby very radically limiting the availability of such organs. And that’s where this article has me so excited.

Imagine a future of 3D printed organs, that use the recipient’s own cells as the “ink”. The implications of this for gender re-assignment are obvious.

Not only will organ donor waiting lists will be a thing of the past, but this technology will pave the way to the complete body transformation that many transgender men dream of. Having a penis that looks and functions like the real thing is something I hope will still become a reality in my lifetime.

But in the more immediate future, the Bionic Project is making great progress with early prototyping already underway. The aim is still very much to have a final prototype by May this year and then go in to production the second half of this year. It feels so rewarding to be working with such a talented team on a project that I have completely thrown 100% of my head, heart and soul into. It makes work feel like play and the breakthroughs like the highest high.

We’re now two-thirds of the way to our fundraising goal which is great news, but means we still have $10,000 to go to meet our phase one costs. So please, spread the word and know that any donation, no matter how large or small is hugely appreciated!

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