The first 24 hours of the Bionic Project went amazing, cracking the $1000 mark!!!

So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has donated so far!

But we REALLY need to keep the momentum going if we want to see the Bionic become a reality, as the subsequent 24 hours have seen donations peter out to juuuust  a smidge under $200.

As I’m sure many of you, who have already donated are also realising, it’s really tough to get others to part with their hard earned cash, even when it’s a project they believe in and would love to see become a reality. It’s hard! We’re not exactly a cashed up community.

Hence I’ve decided to drop the $1500 fundraising goal to win any existing Transthetics product down to $1000.*

So please, share your unique links in your Facebook groups, Reddit forums, Tumblr posts and Twitter feeds! Let’s keep the momentum going!! And if every one of you that reads this post gave just $10, we’d have this fundraiser licked!!

So please, if you want to see the Bionic become a reality, put down $10, or $5 or $1 and then do your darndest to win yourself any existing Transthetic product by spreading the word!*

DONATE to The Bionic Project and WIN!

* After you donate, you will be issued a unique link to share in your social circle. Anyone who donates through your unique link will count towards your total fundraising tally.