A lament I’ve heard many times over the years, is that people wish they could find a rigid stand to pee packer that still looks lifelike and feels comfortable enough to wear all day.

That’s where the EZP shape retainer / training cup comes in.

This plastic insert sits snugly inside the EZP, giving the bowl a sturdy firmness that makes it even easier to use.

Having said that, the EZP is regarded to be one of the most intuitive stand to pee devices available. It’s made of a soft silicone, with just enough rigidity in the cup to hold its shape. Hence I’d definitely recommend first trying to use the EZP without the cup insert, as it is more comfortable to pack with on its own. But if you’re finding that you’re having buckling issues, then this may be a great initial solution, whilst you’re getting the hang of standing to pee.

It’s also a great solution for larger guys, for whom the EZP isn’t ideal otherwise.

Many larger guys have found that soft STPs simply aren’t suitable for them. Historically, I’ve recommended that if you’re not able to create a 2 inch (or 5 centimeter gap) between your legs when adopting a wide stance, that the EZP is unlikely to work well, due to the high likelihood of the soft silicone being deformed and causing an accident. This insert solves this problem.

And it doubles as a shape retainer when storing the EZP.

Any soft silicone that is subtly bent out of shape (such as being squished between your body and your pants) will eventually begin to “remember” the position it’s being held in. This means that ever so slowly, over time, your EZP may develop a slight bow or curve, depending on how you are packing with it. Keeping the shape retainer inserted in the EZP for the times when you’re not using it, will counteract this, increasing the longevity of your device.

And of course, it comes in two sizes, one for the EZP and one for the EZP Junior.

Here’s a quick demo video

Lastly, as many of you have come to expect, I always do a give away when releasing a new product.

But at $10 a pop, these shape retainers aren’t exactly an enticing prize on their own, so the for this give away, I’m giving away an EZP (or EZP Junior if you prefer) with an accompanying shape retainer.

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Good luck!!

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