After a looooong wait, the Budgie packer underwear is finally back as of May 26th!

More good news is that, as well as cotton briefs and boxer briefs underwear, they are now also available as quick dry swimwear!

The Budgies are custom designed to be worn with the EZP, the EZP Junior and the Joystick. For demo videos of the Budgies packing the EZP and the Joystick check out this video page.


This production run has also been tweaked with a few improvements from the previous Budgies, namely:

  • The shape of both the briefs and the boxer briefs  have been tweaked slightly for a more snug and comfortable fit and better compatibility with the Joystick for the boxer briefs.
  • A white trim has been added to the legs to minimise movement of the Joystick and to ensure containment of the EZP.
  • The inner (vertical door) panel has been removed, as the feedback was that this made accessing the EZP a bit too fidlley.
  • The color is now black as this is more forgiving both in terms of contour but also if a few rogue drops go astray, they won’t be seen.
  • The inside panels are now white to mitigate any risk of dye rubbing off on the prosthetic.*
  • One larger size has been added to the range.

* Note: Dye transfer can happen if underwear is washed with a laundry detergent that contains stain removing enzymes. This can unlock the dyes in the fabric and can then cause them to transfer on to the prosthetic. This goes for all underwear and all prosthetics, not just Transthetics products.

As the Budgies did run quite small last time, I’ve moved all sizes back so if you were a small before, you’ll be an extra small now and the new large is one size up from the previous large. All Budgies are now available as XS, S, M and L.

To know your size, match your size in mens jeans/pants to the following guide:

XS = 27-28″
mens waist
S = 29-30″
mens waist
M = 31-32″
mens waist
L = 33-34″
mens waist


As I was limited to only being able to choose four sizes for this production run, I was not able to add an X- large, but will hopefully be able to do so in the future.

And, I know so many of you have been waiting and waiting for these to become available again, so if you’ve ordered any prosthetics in the last six months, then please make a note of this with your order of the Budgies and I will refund you your shipping cost. This “free shipping” offer will stand until the end of June 2018.

The same “four for the price of three” also still applies, although this will be limited to the price of one pair of underwear, or $30USD. Due to the production method and price of material, the swim wear is more expensive than the underwear at $45USD.

To get the $30USD discount off your fourth pair, just enter “fourth-is-free” as a coupon code on check out.

So as of May 26th, come get your Budgies here!