Whoooott!! The Bionic Project has surpassed it’s first fundraising goal of $30,000!

This means we are now starting the stage 2 fundraising for the refinement of design and prototyping.

Crossing the line on this fundraising goal is in very large part thanks to two super generous donations made in the last week of $1000 and $2900 respectively. It’s so amazing and super humbling to realise how much people believe in this project and its importance to the trans community.

The timing of this also happens to coincide with both Colorado University and Denver University wrapping up their work on the project. Colorado University have just done their final presentation, so I’ll give you an update on that now, and then, in a few weeks when Denver University wraps up, I’ll give you a second update on their progress.

As I already mentioned in a past article, the project has now been broken up into the Bionic Basic and the Bionic Deluxe. Colorado University have been working on the Bionic Basic* which is a manually actuated hydraulic system whereas Denver University are working on the Bionic Deluxe*, which is an electronically actuated pneumatic system with touch sensing capabilities.

*Patent pending

I can’t give too much away at the moment in terms of the specifics of the mechanisms, but I can show you a stylized version of the hydraulic components of the Bionic Basic.

the bionic basic

Admittedly it looks like something straight out of an Austin Powers movie, but let me talk you through it…

In flaccid state there will be a small amount of liquid in the shaft to allow it to feel like a natural flaccid penis. The rest of the liquid will be contained under pressure in the testicles.

When the valve is pushed (just once) fluid will slowly release from the testicles into the shaft. Once a full erection has been achieved the valve can be locked off, though thanks to the laws of physics and the fact that the pressures moving from one chamber into another are non linear, you don’t actually have to lock off the device in order to maintain an erection.

A containment sleeve around the shaft minimises widthways expansion and forces most of the expansion lengthways. To go back to flaccid state, the shaft is squeezed to force liquid back into the testicles and the valve locked off.

These hydraulic components will be embedded into the prosthetic that will also include the stand to pee cup, urethra, stimulation nub and ejaculation/lubrication reservoir.

A color interchangeable aesthetic “sock” will then dress the prosthetic to give it its final realistic look. In flaccid state, the shaft will have some folds/wrinkles and a foreskin. In erect state this “skin” will stretch and the foreskin will pull back from the glans. This is to allow for  the skin to be able to be able to slide back and forth over the shaft, giving it a very natural feel.

In terms of attachment, this device will work similarly to the Joystick. A loop in the underwear will wrap around the scrotum and hold the device in place during sexual activity. During everyday wear, it can be worn just like the EZP in regular underwear.

So there you have it! Expect another update on the Bionic Deluxe in early June once Denver University wraps up as well. One thing is very clear and that is that production is still quite a ways off for both products. As I already mentioned in this update, I will most likely run this project again this coming August for new groups to take what these guys have done and continue to refine it. Ah, if only money were no object but I’m definitely very happy with the progress we are making within the limitations we have. Where there’s a willy there’s a way!

And thank you so much to all of you who have donated to this project so far! We couldn’t have come this far without you!

To donate to stage 2, use the button below. Then please spread your donation link far and wide!

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