I was around four years old when I proudly announced to my mom that I had worked out how to wee like a boy. Her response was less than enthusiastic, despite my obvious accomplishment of successfully peeing standing up – and with minimal mess left behind.

After Mom had a talk with me about the difference between girls and boys and how they go to the bathroom, I learned two things:
1. I was a boy in the wrong body, but I would have to pretend that I wasn’t.
2. Mom wasn’t going to help me learn how to be a boy – especially in the bathroom.

After that, my desk became my workshop. I spent years trying to master the DIY STP whenever I was home alone. Despite my lack of Pee-HD, I was the MacGyver of my toilet time. While I had remarkable success, considering I was 11 and had limited resources (aka the junk drawer in the kitchen) and a non-existent skill set for engineering a prosthetic penis, my results were messy, inconvenient, and unreliable.

As a result, going to the toilet became a massive dysphoric trigger for me. I went through all of high school without using a restroom. I had major anxiety about public bathrooms. I was dehydrated for more than 10 years.

Until I stumbled across Transthetics and the EZP. It was what I had been missing all along.

From the day I signed for my package (hehe), I haven’t left home without it. Not only do I no longer have any anxiety or dysphoria around bathrooms, I actually (weirdly) love peeing! The relief is both physical and psychological. One might say that I’ve now shifted my concerns from dehydration to water intoxication. From skipping the lines in busy shopping centers, or ducking behind a tree on a long road trip, to delightfully leaving my mark in fresh snow – I never realized just how much I had longed for this ability all those years. Best of all, as an avid camper and outdoorsman, I must say that I have never felt as happy and content as I have standing under the stars, in the quiet and the calm, and peeing out in the open. It is pure bliss.

I found the piece of me that had always been missing, and I am incredibly grateful for it each and every day. Thank you.


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