A lot of you have been asking for a progress update on the Bionic and it’s certainly very overdue.

In all honesty, it’s been a pretty tough year for the Bionic.

It’s definitely tricky when you’re a small company with limited resources, trying to pull off something that hasn’t been done before. I certainly have a lot more respect now for the vast chasm that exists between proof-of-concept prototype and manufacture-ready product. The frustrating thing is that I know it’s entirely possible to get right; it’s just that engineering firms haven’t encountered a product quite like this before.

Most engineering firms are great at evolutionary design, ie taking an existing product and tweaking it slightly to improve it. But revolutionary design, something that hasn’t been done before, just takes a lot more trial and error, hit and misses, and thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, I did have to make a call a few months back to pull the plug with the current engineering firm. We all had to admit to ourselves that this was a bit beyond them and hence the project was sitting more or less untouched for the last six months while I tried to figure out next steps.

I’m happy to report that I think I’ve finally found a company for whom this is much more in their wheelhouse and it feels fantastic to have things start to move again. I think it was also really good for me psychologically to just put this down for six months as I can now come back to it with renewed enthusiasm and zeal.

So really this is just an update to say, we’re still going! Though it’s taking a while, we’re certainly not giving up. Hopefully I’ll have a more concrete update to give in the near future, but it’s looking good for 2023!

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