Having already launched the The EZP Stand to Pee Packer and The Rod penile extension (and ideal stp for men with metas) the future is looking bright!

Other products soon to be released are  The Bono – Even better than the real thing pack and play, and The Hot Rod, big brother of the Rod.

The EZP junior will also be released in the near future. It’s exactly the same as the current EZP, but 80% of it’s size, so ideal for younger and smaller guys who wish to pack discreetly.

Then there is also the Budgie underwear collection, a homage to the humble Australian budgie smuggler, which has been specifically designed for use with both the EZP and the Bono. These will be available as Budgie Briefs and Budgie Boxers.

And eventually I will also be releasing most models as a uncut version.

You may have also heard me talk about the Bionic, which will be the big project I will be tackling once the above list is out in the world. I’m not talking about this much at the moment, as it really will be quite a daunting project, but expect to hear more in 2017!

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