The Joystick 2.0 – Realistic Harness Free Pack and Play

$295.00 USD

(175 customer reviews)

This harness free FTM play packer integrates a lubrication/ejaculation reservoir and a powerful yet quiet, flexible, rechargeable (and optional remote control) vibe into your solo or partnered play.

It is designed to be used with the Budgie underwear range or self modified underwear.

Before you buy, make sure the Joystick is right for you by reading the full product description below.

Current wait time is UP TO 2 weeks on dispatch.

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*Patent pending

The harness free Joystick FTM pack and play integrates a lubrication/ejaculation reservoir and a powerful yet quiet, flexible, rechargeable, waterproof (and remote control) vibe into your solo or partnered play. The Joystick is:

A highly realistic FTM play packer.

Even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency and fine veins, each unit is hand crafted, creating natural variations in skin tone.

With a powerful yet quiet vibe.

This flexible, waterproof, recharageable vibe is easy to discreetly operate (with the option of a remote control ring) to stimulates both parties with a range of intensity settings.

A lubrication/ejaculation reservoir unique to this FTM pack and play.

Just squeeze to squirt the reservoir that sits under the tip. Fill it with lube, water or anything you like, using the small syringe supplied.

An optional textured base.

For amazing wearer stimulation. Soft yet textured silicone attachment that gives amazing stimulation with movement, vibe on or off.

A realistic prosthetic that packs naturally in regular underwear.

Just remove the vibe insert and you can use the Joystick as a comfortable and natural looking packer. Even with the vibe insert you can pack relatively discreetly, as most of it ends up between your legs.

No harness required making this a strapless strap on.

Just adjust regular, snug fitting underwear by sewing a loop in the crotch to hold the Joystick in place (see demo video.)

And very easy to clean.

With no powdering required, unlike a lot of toys, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just wash with PH neutral soap and flush the lubrication reservoir with the supplied syringe.

A skin safe prosthetic for play.

Made from durable, high quality, prosthetics grade silicone, it’s the preferred material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers world wide.

Watch Chase Ross’s video reviews below:


The Nuts and Bolts

What’s included:
• The realistic Joystick sheath
• Rechargeable vibe
• Recharge cable for vibe
• Refill syringe
• Carry pouch

Please note the textured head attachments and remote control ring are optional extras, as not everyone wants them.

Add-on Products:

Joystick remote control ring

Remote Control Finger Ring

head attachment for Joystick vibe

Silicone Head Attachment

Joystick FTM pack and play vibe

Spare Re-chargeable Vibe Insert

budgie briefs

Budgie Packer Underwear

charge cable

Spare USB Charge Cable for Joystick* Vibe Insert

Dimensions of the 7″:
Insertable length:
approx. 18cm or 7″
Overall length:
approx. 22cm or 8.5″
approx. 14cm or 5.5″

Weight of the 7″:
Joystick sheath:
approx. 185 grams or 6.5 ounces
approx. 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
Joystick and vibe:
approx. 300 grams or 10.5 ounces

Dimensions of the 6″:
Insertable length: approx. 16cm or 6”
Overall length: approx. 20cm or 8”
Girth: approx. 13cm or 5”

Weight of the 6″:
Joystick sheath: approx. 130 grams or 4.5 ounces
Vibe: approx. 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
Joystick and vibe: approx. 240 grams or 8.5 ounces

High quality, skin safe, prosthetics grade silicone

C002 light, C004 medium or C006 dark

Joystick colors


175 reviews for The Joystick 2.0 – Realistic Harness Free Pack and Play

  1. JJ (product tester)

    Wow… word of warning, once you’ve had the Bono, you won’t be able to go back… I never thought I was a particularly sexual being, but now realize this had a lot to do with my comfort levels around my own parts. Honestly, the first week I had more orgasms than the whole year combined!

  2. Seth (product tester)

    …it feels unbelievably connected to my body. I love it as much for solo play as for sex with my partner. The reservoir is great to fill with lube with a partner and awesome to just unload with water when you’re on your own. Seriously amazing to watch myself cum.

  3. Alix

    My (trans) boyfriend used this on me and I absolutely agree it IS even better than the real thing! I love the size and that it’s self lubricating and VIBRATES! I don’t know that I ever want to go back to the real thing after this, lol.

  4. Chase Ross

    This toy is AMAZING for solo play. Literally the week I got it I locked myself in my room and didn’t leave. You can fill up the reservoir with water+cornstarch and TRUST me, when you’re stroking your dick and it comes out, It’s the best feeling in the world. I never thought I could experience that, so being able to do it made my bottom dysphoria during solo play go away.

  5. JR (verified owner)

    I just got my Bono, and I am so happy with it. It looks and feels very realistic. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. This sounds dramatic, but I have honestly never felt so connected to my lower half. The reservoir is also very easy to get the hang of, and the visual is great. As for actual sex, it took a little while to adjust it in a way that felt secure, but once I got it, it stayed pretty well. My girlfriend really loved both the texture and vibration, and the vibe also felt nice on my end. We had a VERY good time with it. On top of all that, the customer service was excellent. The only thing that could have improved it in my opinion would be balls for visual appearance. But either way, easily 5/5.

  6. Dev

    I tried the Bono out for the first time with my wife and got her response as well. Aesthetically it is amazing. It is the most realistic of all of our dildos and she really liked the texture, both the physical texture as well as the vein details. She and I were both amazed with how quiet the vibe was as well… For her: I have never had results like this with just a strap-on before. The different angle that the Bono comes in at hit the right spots. The firm core with the first two inches of cushion provided by the reservoir tip meant she got the pressure she needed without the pounding against her cervix most stiff toys result in. Every time I would get settled into a position and rhythm she would come again, and hard. The only issue she had was some irritation during and the next day, which could just be extra drag from the Bono or a slight allergic reaction to the powder, though I’m inclined to think it is the former. Most of our other toys are pretty smooth compared to the Bono, which again is part of what makes it more realistic.

  7. King (verified owner)

    This is my second prosthetic and let me tell you it will probably be my only pick from here on out. For solo play, it does its job, but my main concern was partner play. My old prosthetic was fine but its was really hit or miss in every category and made sex more of a chore than anything else. (not to sound like an infomercial) With the Bono, I actually can enjoy having sex with my fiance instead of having to please her and hope at some point I get pleasure as well. The product is new but if I had to give some criticism the size is a bit big. Not every girl can take a 7-inch weeny. Maybe consider in the future rolling out like a Bono mini that’s like 4-5 inches so guys that are with smaller girls don’t have to worry about hurting them.

  8. Kylar

    I received my bono in the mail yesterday and cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am with it! I cannot find the words to explain the difference the bono has already made to my confidence and sense of self – you have literally just changed my life :) Also I can’t get over how comfortable this is to wear as a packer! My favourite all round.

  9. Chris

    I received my bono today and it’s absolutely amazing! You have created such a wonderful product and have made this transguy super happy! Thank you! Definitely the best product out here.

  10. Ray (verified owner)

    I can’t believe that this has just came out – this product is amazing I can’t think of using another!
    Fantastic for solo play aswell as with my girl – she adores it!

  11. Chase Evangelista (verified owner)

    The thing that bothered me the most about this product was the extremely large size.. 7″ long with a 5.5″ girth??? That’s way larger than the average cis man penis. Alex, you sent out an email a while back regarding the EZP and how guys were asking if you were going to come out with a longer one. Your email was kinda condescending stating that, “…and how so many trans men, have a very unrealistic understanding of what constitutes a regular sized penis.” It seems as though you also have that same unrealistic understanding of what constitutes a regular sized penis considering the avg cis man’s erect penis is only about 5″ in length and 4.5″ in girth. The reason some trans men who suggested a longer EZP is not necessarily because they want a bigger penis, as in my case, I’d like it to be a little longer so that it doesn’t dribble onto my pants while I’m finishing up my pee. The EZP barely makes it past my pants when i have it out to pee.

    Just a suggestion, you should come out with a smaller version of the bono because such a large size may not be comfortable for everyone during penetration.

    If this product were a bit smaller I’d definitely grant it 5 stars.

    • Alex

      Yes it’s definitely in the top percentile as far as size goes. Mostly, this is because the electronics of the vibe dictate the size, but in future, I will be looking to reduce the length of the handle of the vibe which will then allow for a shorter model, but that, unfortunately, won’t be for quite a while yet.

  12. Robin (verified owner)

    Super realistic. The photos are accurate, the Bono looks very lifelike even up close. My girlfriend has said it even feels like the real thing. Couldn’t be happier with it, I don’t think I’ll ever find a better strap on than this!

  13. Ness

    For masturbation, it does wonders. I feel connected to something other than silicone with bumps in it to make it somehow pleasurable! It’s not appeasable to all bodies. Vibrators may not be everyone’s go-to, but it gives a better experience in this department, I feel.

    When having sex with my partner, I felt pleasured fully, and it made the experience that much better. She also enjoys feeling the vibe inside!

    The look, feel and even the lubrication slit is amazing. I am so pleased with this product. The only thing I’d recommend is somehow make a sturdy, yet bendable vibe where the Bono can fit.

    I actually really like the underwear with the Bono. I made it work fine – packing with the vibe – and also during play.


    I really, REALLY love this friggin thing. I just somehow wish it could be all-in-one.

    You rock, man.

  14. Cade (verified owner)

    This is the best product that I have bought- and trust me I have bought so many prosthetics geared towards transmen. It feels amazing, extremely realistic, and makes solo play and sex with a partner so much better! Being able to orgasm WITH your partner has been the best thing of all. Thanks for making a great product!

  15. Levi

    Well worth the money and a far better option than the other pack-n-play items I’ve bought. I love how this thing feels, it really eases a lot of my issues with my body. I bought it specifically for solo play and I couldn’t be happier. Personally, I don’t enjoy packing with it, but I think it’s because of the hollow cup smashes and flares when I sit or stand it. It just feels a little weird to me. I mainly wanted it so I could be comfortable with myself while I masturbate, and it definitely does that; I adore it. I’m quite excited for the padlock balls you’ll be developing soon as well. Keep up the great work.

  16. Kyle

    It looks great and it is an excellent size. most other options are just ridiculously/ offensively large, so kudos for targeting the “realistic” market. Thanks again you’ve been a pleasure to deal with.

  17. MJ

    I am in love with the Bono, thank you so much. Would be interested to see what the pad lock balls would look like when they are out! I’m all subscribed so I can’t wait :)

  18. Kris (verified owner)

    The first time I heard about this last year, I was so excited. It was well worth the wait. The size is perfect, in my opinion. It’s exactly how I hoped it’d be. Same as Levi, I’m stoked for when you release the balls. After that, I don’t think anything could top this. :D You did good, Alex. I personally can’t thank you enough.
    The one thing is packing. When you say snug undies, you mean snug undies. I can’t really complain too much, since ever other component is worth having to take a bit to learn how to adjust it. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s definitely doable.

    (warning: cheesy) This was life changing.

  19. Tristan

    It looks and feels amazing and works great! Honestly your craftsmanship is incredible!! Really I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s perfect and I cannot thank you enough :D

  20. Kayden (verified owner)

    After purchasing the EZP, I expected the Bono to be a quality product. What I did not expect however was for the Bono to be THIS life changing. I am absolutely blown out of the water by this product. They say that your brain is the largest sexual organ, and the Bono caters to this ideology.

    The Bono worked flawlessly for both solo and partner play. I was surprised at how simple it was to use and how natural it felt. the size is very realistic without being too much, the texture is spot on and the aesthetics are just jaw-dropingly amazing. My partner even agrees that she loves it as well. The Bono has completely eliminated my bottom dysphoria during intimacy and I cannot thank Alex enough.

    I seriously cannot stress how much this product has changed my life!

  21. Jay

    Thanks again for another amazing product. I just received my Bono today and so far I am extremely pleased. The budgie underwear is also awesome too as well as a perfect fit.

  22. Marcus

    I got my Bono in the mail yesterday, and it is AWESOME. Life changing. The best thing I ever purchased, and that used to be my guitar but this–this is better.

  23. Ben

    Thanks a lot for the really wonderful product you created – I cannot express how grateful I am your prosthetic exists. I received it last Friday and have since had a chance to give it a good try and would be happy to provide a bit of feedback.

    First, I just want to say that I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the product: visually, textually, functionally – everything is well-designed, realistic, and clearly made for someone like me in mind. I was never a fan of vibes but was in a bit of a sexual rut, not finding any comfort anymore with existing options for prosthetics requiring a harness or an insertable (the first, no longer alleviating my lower dysphoria, the latter, completely out of the equation for my own bodily boundaries). You have absolutely changed my mind about them, let me say. I tried the product for solo play at first, and though I will most likely not renew the experience (just a personal preference, I did not buy the product for solo play anyway), I knew from the get go this product would do wonders for my partner and me.

    I was a bit worried about the bigger size for my partner (a cis woman), but although the overall length and circumference of the Bono is larger than what we used previously, the soft texture and shape are actually more comfortable for her. She kept on commenting on how “soft” it feels – in a good way, much more akin to flesh than to hard silicone. The reservoir for lube helps make things more fluid (pun semi-intended) and hot when getting things in place and the vibe tuned on, and when there is a need for more lubrication along the way. It physically felt really good for her, including the vibration, but most importantly the feeling of closeness it gives us was a big plus – being able to feel things together, and to experience pleasure together. She gave it “an A+”. As for me, I cannot express how this product is, without exaggeration, life-changing. As someone who is not considering lower surgery but who still has a lot of bottom dysphoria, having a prosthetic that visually and textually feels and looks like mine, and that allows me to “feel” rather than “concentrate” during sex, is a huge relief. I had been feeling increasing despair at my lack of options to feel better during sex, particularly for penetrative sex. I feel like with this prosthetic my long-term relationship will have an opportunity to have an intimacy rebirth of sorts.

    The only negative things I will say, and they in no way take away from the above, are concerning the silicone attachment and the underwear. For the first, I feel that a product that would cover the entire surface of the vibe length would work a bit better for my anatomy. I remedied on a second try by pulling it down over the vibe head unevenly, having it cover the top part (the part against me) fully while not covering much of the underside, if that makes sense. For the underwear, which you already mentioned you had doubts about, I would say that the placement of the elastic loop is on spot for my body. The only issue is that the fabric of the briefs, and in particular the elastic band, are not tight enough. I ordered a small, which is the correct size for me, so it’s a matter of the materials themselves. The prosthetic (and vibe head) kept slipping back during sex, and that prohibited from certain positions or from being a bit rougher. I also found there was not enough “pressure” to keep the vibe against me to really get me off. But on a second occasion I put a tight pair of boxers on top of the underwear and wow, did it make a difference! So I went ahead and bought very tight briefs that I will modify as per your instructions. I am still glad I bought the underwear you sell, if only to get a chance to try the prosthetic right away, but would recommend you provide a different pair, with tighter/more solid fabric and elastic, to go with the Bono.

    Again, thank you sincerely for this wonderful product. It has given me a lot of hope about my capacity to have a fulfilling sex life without lower surgery, something I was starting to doubt was possible.

  24. Shane

    I love it! Honestly I never thought I’d be able to have the feeling of actually ejaculating while I was orgasming. I’ve always had a complex relationship to masturbation and self pleasure because I am a very sexual person and I get aroused a lot but then I don’t want to masturbate because it makes me dysphoric and I don’t know what to do, but like I have a feeling that the bono might change the relationship I have with sex/downstairs in general. For a long time I thought that I would never be able to orgasm while having sex with anyone just because I was so uncomfortable with the idea of anyone touching me. but like now that I have the bono I could potentially top/let someone give me oral and I would actually be able to come, its honestly such a blessing thank you so much for this. I’ve used it every day of the three days I’ve had it and I am so happy. It feels so real and it gives me hope that I won’t always look at my body in the mirror and be disgusted by my reflection. I have a long way to go but the bono and has really helped me to feel less uncomfortable/dysphoric.

  25. Lucas (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with my purchase. This prosthetic is realistic, the texture is perfect for my girlfriend, she really likes it ! She says that it is very similar to the real thing. The insert vibe in the prosthetic is a wonderful idea for both my girlfriend and I. During solo play, the vibe gives a lot of pleasure.

    I can’t give a 5 star because for the moment I have only one issue during sex. The blue part of the vibe, don’t stay perfectly on me, it moves very easily even if I bought the brief. That’s why the sensations are not optimal by now. I will look on the advice you gave me last time :)

    I just want to thank you Alex for your friendliness. I will not forget the service you gave me when I had my vibe issue last month. It was very nice and professional !!!

  26. Trey (verified owner)

    The Bono is amazing. I love it and my wife loves it. To be able to have spontaneous sex without fiddling with contraptions is great! Also the customer service and communication I received from the company will keep me coming back again and again. Thank you for making a great product for our community.

  27. Andy

    I just wanted to quickly write to tell you how amazing the Bono is!!! I just got it in the mail (super fast shipping!) and had like 10 min to check it out before running errands and woah…it’s amazing! Like, life changing and wicked awesome. Not gonna lie, I teared up a little. I’m a trans guy who is out only to a few people and close family but I’m very close to coming out at work and to everyone and I just feel so amazed I can’t even describe how cool your product is with my bottom dysphoria. I can’t wait to use it for its purposes and pack with it and just enjoy it!
    Thanks for having such an awesome product :)

  28. Heather

    First, thank you. I am a 40 year-old, queer-identified, cis-woman who has spend most of my life partnering with masculine (butch) women and trans-men. I have spent YEARS wondering why no one seemed to be able to find a good solution for partner combos like us to be able to experience pleasure simultaneously during penetrative sex. The fact that someone FINALLY put in the work to create a viable option for this is SO fantastic. To find, on top of that, a product which can do so much to aid in alleviating my partner’s dysphoria was beyond exciting, and the Bono did not disappoint. We haven’t had it for long, but it has opened up a world of new possibilities for us. I can tell that my partner enjoys wearing it, and it feels great for me too. For my body, the length, girth and texture are perfect. The reservoir top is soft enough that vigorous sex at full depth does not mean something hard banging away at my cervix, which has been a fantastic added benefit (and relief)! I would recommend this product to anyone seeking a quality prosthetic. It far and away exceeds the quality of anything else I have seen on the market.

    Also, my customer service experience has been fantastic.

    Thank you, again, for your work in creating a high-quality, functional, beautifully crafted product. I’m so excited to see what you come up with next!

  29. JEWSH

    i came 6 times in the first 10min I had it!

  30. Jesse

    Let me preface this by saying that I have horrible bottom dysphoria. I feel completely disconnected from my junk, and have no desire to interact with it directly besides a quick jack to fall asleep. Now, for the review.

    Jacking off with the bono is a spiritual experience. I actually *enjoy* myself when masturbating now. What a concept! All other play packers I’ve tried have felt nice, but nothing ever got me close to orgasm, even with lube, harnesses, etc. Everything just seemed like a big hassle for a mediocre outcome. The bono, however, is easy to use and easy to orgasm with. All you need is a pair of briefs with a sewn in elastic loop. The vibe feels amazing. Even when it’s not on, I can get close to orgasm by just jacking off because of how it rubs against you. But when it’s on? Oh man. I can’t even describe the feeling of cuming while jacking my 7.5″ dick. Fill the head up with corn starch and water and give it a squeeze when you orgasm for an amazing visual.

    I haven’t had the chance to try it with a partner yet, but I’m a pretty rough jacker, and the bono has always been pretty secure with minimum movement. Before the bono, I couldn’t think of any scenario in which I’d have sex with a girl and be able to orgasm, because I don’t feel comfortable with anybody touching my natal genitals. However, I feel confident that I’ll be able to enjoy myself when the time comes now. Maybe not as much as if I had the real thing, but it at least gives me something to work with, which I’m immensely grateful for.

    I’ve heard a lot of guys say they feel like it’s an extension of themselves. I don’t feel like that 100%, but I definitely feel it more than with other prosthetics. Sometimes, when I’m jacking off, I can rub the head of the bono and feel like I’m actually rubbing the head of my own junk. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, it’s incredible.

    The only thing that could make the bono better is moveable foreskin. I think that would bridge a lot of the disconnect I still feel. I’m also delighted to see that padlock balls are in the making. One of my only complaints is that the bono doesn’t have balls, but I’m glad they’re being manufactured the right way instead of just slapping a couple of hard, unmovable silicone spheres at the base of the bono. The more realistic, the better, and transthetics never disappoints in that department.

    Overall, this is the best product on the market and it’s not even close. Alex, if you’re reading this, thank you for all that you do. I have a tremendous amount of faith in this company, and I’m ridiculously excited for the potential of a bionic penis.

  31. Rando (verified owner)

    This might be a little tmi, but pre-Bono I had a lot of trouble feeling connected with my girlfriend during sex, and it was nothing either of us were doing wrong; it was mostly psychological and based on my bottom dysphoria. However, I tried the Bono just recently and it was a life changing experience. It was incredible how it changed my perspective for the night and instantly made me feel better about myself and about sex. I would recommend this product to any FTM that has bottom dysphoria and troubles like I had. I haven’t yet tried it solo, but I imagine the same effects will take place!

  32. Cam (verified owner)

    So, first off, let me say this is a 5 star review, the sole thing that makes it 4 stars is that – entirely understandably – Alex is only able to offer one size at this time. For me the size looking down is where I experience a significant disconnect. Possibly this is me being a victim of every day packing with the EZP. I’m used to my peen being a lil guy. Maybe an inch shorter and a little slimmer in the girth and it would have been the perfect prosthetic for my play and pleasure needs.

    THAT SAID, the only reason I raise that is because this product is so damn good I’m nitpicking. You do have to make sure your underwear is tiiiiiiight and I’d advise playing about a bit with elastic positioning for actual penetrative use. Jacking off the first few times I hadn’t put any elastic in yet and the waistband of my briefs held it pretty well. I know some guys use cornstarch for the ejac but my lube is white so I usually mix a little of that with warm water to sit in the reservoir as it means I can keep going for another round without using more lube. Bog standard condom sits nicely over the shaft, can’t speak to how it feels without that as I always use one on prosthetics, but I’ve hooked up with a few folk and haven’t had any complaints. The fact it’s softer than your usual play prosthetic is a major bonus for both solo play and with a partner.

    My bottom dysphoria has been hitting new heights since I got top surgery and both the EZP and the Bono have been hugely important to keeping that at bay and preventing it interfering with my day-to-day life. As always, cheers, Alex!

  33. Liam (verified owner)

    I was experiencing significant bottom dysphoria with sex before purchasing The Bono. That is almost completely gone now. Great product. I’ve never felt more connected to my partner sexually. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone who has struggled with dysphoria related to sexually intimacy. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the Padlock Balls which would make this product even greater.

  34. Adrian (verified owner)

    Very realistic prosthetic. All of the details in it make it hard to believe that it isn’t a part of you.

    But man, this thing is huge. I’ve only been able to use it for solo play. My gf and I tried using it quite a few times, but she can’t do it. She says the girth is just stupid big, and I agree. As vain as I am, this thing is ridiculously big because of the vibe in addition to the thick material the Bono is already made of.

    The other downfall of it being so realistic is the material is very abrasive. All of our other toys have a smoother feel, while the Bono has a lot of friction to it. Whenever we did try to use it, we had to use a condom in hopes that the latex will be less painful for her. This defeats the purpose of the reservoir.

    For the hype being so high on this, and it being crazy expensive, I’m pretty disappointed.

    • Alex

      Oh no! I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I can see you felt the same about the EZP :( As with all silicone products, you do need to use a high quality, water based lube so that everything slides smoothly. And yes it definitely is on the large side, but as it is quite soft, this seems to counteract this issue for most people.

  35. Aiden

    It looks so realistic!

    Now, for the Bono Vibe – my wife and I made our own elastic band, as indicated in your video, with my underwear. It worked absolutely perfect! It definitely feels better with the soft textured silicone head attachment.

    My wife said it was so real, if she didn’t know me and we met and had sex in the dark, she would NEVER know it wasn’t the real thing!

    Alex, I cannot praise your products enough and I would recommend them to anyone!

  36. Randi

    My Bono arrived on May 22nd, and I am nothing less than impressed! The quality is outstanding. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  37. JT (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying the Bono out for the last couple of days and the design of this thing is great. It simply works! Yeah, the size is a little big but if you go slow it’s not a problem.

    The only issues I have is that it’s a little hard for me to connect with the Bono. I guess it would be nice if there were a couple more colors to choose from. I got the lightest and it’s still a little too much caramel for me as I have more of a pink undertone.

    Also I don’t particularly care for the looks of the head. I find it way too small for the size of the shaft. My wife was also a little disappointed at this because she likes to feel the ridge of the head.

    All of this is just personal preference but I feel that it would be nice to have a little more variation.

    Another reason that it’s hard for me to connect with it is that I don’t like having to take it off to put the vibe in. It reminds me that it not REALLY me.

    All in all this is still a great product and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else on the market right now.
    It holds in place in regular underwear as advertised and the modification takes about a minute for each pair of underwear.
    The silicone head attachment is amazing and just the type of stimulation I need to get off.

    Really looking forward to the release of your Padlock Balls (don’t take to long, Alex! ;D)

  38. Gavin

    This is 150% a 5 star product but I wanted to give my honest feed back to ensure everyone knows what they are buying. Most importantly, this product changed my life. I know many reviews start similarly but I am amazed with this product. The realism is insane. The Bono feature to retain body temperature makes a world of a difference since I always felt weird when I touched my dick and it was not body temp. I also do love the reservoir under the tip of the prosthetic to ensure that you can either lube up or come when squeezed.
    The size is rather large. It does make it a little difficult to use with a partner if not properly warmed up. I personally find it hard for the bono to stay in place during sex with just underwear so I have recently purchased JKY briefs with an H fly. I purchased them from target for about $20. These have help me personally with control of not only the Bono but also the EZP.
    For self play, I give the bono 9/10. It does feel absolutely amazing but the vibe insert is WAAAYYYYY louder than I originally anticipated so it does throw me off sometimes. I really enjoy the numerous settings you can use from the vibe to set whatever mood you would like.
    For partner play I would also say it is a 9/10 because it does sometimes not touch your junk and requires adjusting but it is by far the most stimulation I have ever received from any dick and trust me I have had a lot.
    Although Alex claims you can pack with it, I have yet to hear anyone who does including myself. It mostly looks like a boner and a lot of extra silicone sitting between your legs.
    I would recommend buying the silicone head attachment because it really does make a difference as far as the amount of stimulation you feel. It is soft enough which was something I was worried about! I think this attachment is a huge game changer and would recommend the additional purchase.
    Overall, I highly recommend it. This is the best product on the market by far. It has no competition. If I had to choose between buying a cheaper product now and saving up a couple months for the Bono, I would 150% wait and save up. This product is truly life changing and it has helped with my dysphoria. I would recommend it to everyone debating on purchasing it because it is worth every penny.

  39. Beck (verified owner)

    I would like to start by saying YES THIS REVIEW IS WITH THE RED VIBE. I am a 19 year old trans male and I just began T so my clit isn’t enlarged yet. I have not tried this with my partner because he lives far away so this review is a SOLO PLAY review. I have always had dysphoria in a way didn’t know about until I got this product. I always felt depressed and sickened after jerking off (just going to be blunt and use that term) and have never felt really satisfied or happy with myself. I always figured it wss because of my depression or anxiety or some other reason. I HAD bottom dysphoria before using this product and now it has honestly changed my life. I no longer feel sick and I enjoy myself and look forward to the next period of alone time I can have with The Bono. I do see myself as a smaller male so it is a little bit of adjustment to the size of it, but the texture the graphic the veining and muscle to it shows the genuine love and care that has been put into this dick. The RED VIBE is very flexible and soft and has so many settings I haven’t even used them all!! It fits perfectly and snugly into the prosthetic and doesn’t slip out while I’m tugging. I know this is a long review and I wish I could make it longer, but 9/10. A dysphoria eraser and life like to the tiniest detail. Very discrete vibe. Only complaint is that the top button on the vibe is hard (but not impossible) to press through the base thickness of the prosthetic. I understand that this is probably not helpable, but hey reviews are reviews!! Beautiful and perfevt besides a tiny flaw. Keep doing good work guys you make a difference everywhere you send out your products????

  40. Aaron B (verified owner)

    I’ve only used it once so far, but wow. It’s so realistic, and it’s such a great idea. I didn’t have massive bottom dysphoria, but it was there some days. This really helped. It felt so good to feel it in my hand, and be able to control what I felt. My partner is all for it as well, and we can’t wait to use it together!

  41. TG

    This is a well-designed, well-made product that combines most of the features important to me in a play packer. In spite of the relatively minor drawbacks I mention below under “Cons”, it is the best prosthetic I’ve yet tried by a considerable margin. I recommend it highly and without reservation.

    (1) The shaft has a realistic appearance and pleasing weight. When erect, it consists of a firm but slightly flexible core, surrounded by a thick layer of soft silicone that stretches a little when pulled. Overall, the effect is (for me) suitably similar to an erect penis.
    (2) Some of the other prosthetics I’ve tried in the past have used a rod consisting of small interlocking spheres to create a “flexible” core. I dislike that approach, because the rods tended to make a distracting clicking noise and to appear unnatural when they bent. The Bono’s flexible vibrator does not have those problems, as it is solid.
    (3) The reservoir is an exceptional feature. Being able to simulate ejaculation when I have an orgasm has alleviated a facet of my dysphoria that I wasn’t even fully aware of before purchasing this product.
    (4) Although some reviewers consider the size too large, I find that it looks proportional on me (I am a couple of inches taller than the average height for an American male). Its girth is at the upper end of the range usually identified as “comfortable” for anal sex in online surveys, etc.

    (1) The lack of testicles is a significant drawback, but presumably this will be corrected when the “Padlock Balls” add-on is released.
    (2) The head looks a bit too small for the shaft, in my opinion.
    (3) More advanced color-matching options would be a plus (perhaps as an optional service for those who choose to pay a little more and wait a little longer). My skin has pinkish undertones, whereas the shaft of the “light” Bono has more yellowish undertones.
    (4) Personally, I’ve never enjoyed vibrators. This one does provide some stimulation from friction even when turned off, but it would be terrific to see a set of interchangeable alternative inserts for the Bono that offer different forms of stimulation for the wearer.

  42. Kyler (verified owner)

    With this amazing product, all my bottom dysphoria went away. I never thought that would EVER happen. This toy is amazing and it can adapt to anything! I was a little worried cause I’m a bigger guy, but it worked out wonderfully. My fiancée absolutely loves it! She loves how soft it is and how the vibe really works on both of our areas. I was a little skeptical cause I never really liked vibrations, but this was hands down amazing! It can do anything from handjobs to full on intercourse! I cannot express how happy I am with this AMAZING product! Thank you so much for minimizing my bottom dysphoria, Alex! Keep up the fantastic work!

  43. Elliott (verified owner)

    I received the bono about 4-5 days ago, but as I have already used it for both solo and partner play, I feel that I have enough experience with it to give an honest review.

    Aesthetics : Very impressive. The silicone is surprisingly soft, unlike the EZP, and looks exactly as it is pictured online. The head of the penis could be a bit darker in my opinion, but it is hands down the most realistic-looking product I own (and I have tried a LOT).

    For solo play, the vibe is amazing. I’ve used vibrators in the past, but for whatever reason this one feels unbelievably good. Being able to hold the head of the vibe against my junk and physically stroke my dick until I come has completely taken away my dysphoria while masurbating. I do wish the vibe itself was slightly less firm, though….if I’m using a lot of lube while masturbating, the head of the vibe sometimes will slip away from my junk and slam into my pubic bone. Ouch…not particularly pleasant. The vibe is also a lot louder than I expected. This doesn’t bother me much, but I just wanted to put it out there so others are aware; Alex stated in a demonstration video for the Bono that the vibe is “very quiet.” This is not true. Maybe on the lowest setting it’s not so bad, but anything beyond that is pretty noisy. Some people may see this as a con.

    Partner play: The main reason I bought this product was for the ability to have mutually satisfying penetrative sex with my partner. Considering the fact that it’s self-lubricating, vibrating, and incredibly soft, I can easily imagine why so many people love the bono.

    Unfortunately, it’s FAR too big for my girlfriend. We’ve tried using it together several times now, going very slow each time and using plenty of high-quality, water-based lube, but there’s just no way it’s happening. This thing is HUGE. It’s like trying to shove a jumbo cucumber inside her! She says the material itself feels nice, but we can barely make it past the head before the pain becomes unbearable for her. This afternoon I tried using it to penetrate myself (mainly out of curiousity to see if it was just my girlfriend), and it burned like HELL. It’s so, painfully big.

    I mean, the overall look and feel of the bono are very impressive, but it’s far too girthy to work for my partner and I. If this thing was about an inch and I half less girthy and a couple inches smaller, I think I would feel so much more connected to it and it would actually be pleasurable for my girlfriend.

    This is just my opinion, though. The Bono has a ton of great reviews and it seems to work very well for many people. But to anyone thinking of purchasing this, I’d really only recommend it to those with plenty of experience taking some seriously giant dicks.

    If the bono was a realistic size, though, I’d definitely give it 5 stars.

  44. Riis

    I give 4 stars for this one. The Bono is really awesome with all its features but the only downside I am seeing it is its way toooooo BIG for my wife. I’m sorry but first, my wife does not like big dicks at all. Me and my wife thinks its a little unrealistic to have huge cock. And it hurts. I don’t want our making love to be a painful experience. I do not want that I ‘m the only one enjoying our sex, it has to be a mutual feeling between me and my wife. Sure, I respect that there are people who like big dicks but not me and my partner. Please please please, I am begging you Transthetics, if you could just make a variation of different sizes of the bono, it would really really be awesome! People have different preferences when it comes to the dick sizes and I prefer to have the smaller version of this like 5″-5.5″ and not so girthy. That’s all!

  45. Steve (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this 10 stars. This is the first prosthetic that I ever bought for myself and Im so happy I did. The Bono relieved alot of my bottom dysphoria and helps me to feel more like myself. Just to have the visual of it working like a cis penis is something I didnt think I would find in any prosthetic but the Bono works so well! Its super realistic and just feels amazing. I love everything about it! :) :) Thank you Alex for your fantastic work.

  46. Dave (verified owner)

    The Bono is absolutely amazing. I was in doubt what it can do for me and I was seriously afraid it could be too big for my wife. Neither has turned out true. Although I still need to work out the best method for using it solo. For partner play though we both find it more than perfect. The looks, the feels and the effect on both wearer and partner are beyond any doubt. Thank you so much, Alex.

  47. Ty (verified owner)

    I can only use one word to describe the Bono: OMG! The Bono is amazing, for solo and double play!
    I experienced no trouble at all during the sex, and the fact that I was able to actually feel something is impossible to describe with the correct words!
    I was scared it would’ve been too big for my partner, but it wasn’t which was a big relief! She said it felt even better than the ”real thing” (also because it vibrates!) plus it looks very realistic!
    So guys, if you have the money: buy the Bono! It makes everything so much easier!
    Thanks Alex, for everything!

  48. mel (verified owner)

    I have had the Bono for several months now and I must say how absolutely fabulous this device is. I feel like i am completely connected to it, the Bono holds to the body nicely so you feel that you have complete control over it. The Bono is a good size and shape. If you have the money, buy it!!

  49. Alex

    Oh no! As there is a lot of suction to keep the shaft and vibe locked together, if you don’t allow any air to get in to release the suction and pull hard enough, it’s possible to rip the head right off, though you’d REALLY have to yank at it. You can buy a replacement vibe though without needing to purchase the entire Bono package again. A lot of people choose to buy a second vibe just so they always have a spare. And yes, it definitely won’t work very well in a jock strap, but any snug fitting underwear can very easily be customized by sewing a loop in the crotch as per instructions.

  50. Lucas

    There is absolutely no reason this device needs to be this large. Although the vibe feels nice during solo play, it’s literally impossible to use this product on my partner without causing her an extreme amount of pain. We’ve tried countless times. Sex with this thing is just simply out of the question. It’s so large, in fact, that even using it on myself makes me feel incredibly disconnected, which is the polar opposite of what I was hoping for and expecting. Looking down at my legs, it legit looks like an arm as opposed to a body part. Almost 8 inches long and almost 6 in girth??? No wonder I feel so disconnected; this dick is nowhere near the average size. Super disappointed, to be honest. This product got such great reviews and I was really hoping this would be the answer for me…the only thing I like about it is the vibe, but I can pick up a vibe at my local sex shop for under $15. This was $300 wasted that I could have used on a prosthetic of realistic size. Super sad right now, to be honest. I’m glad it works for others but it boggles my mind that anyone could use this giant thing for sex.

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear it’s not working out for you :( Yes it is on the large side (7″ insertable length, not 8″) which is in the top 5% for the human penis, and this is currently dictated by the mechanics of the vibe. Unless you are an incredibly small person, it’s most certainly not an arm, unless we’re talking a babies arm. I see you found the EZP too short by contrast. Personally, I have used it on multiple partners, including quite small partners, and no one has had any issues with it being too large, but you do obviously need to be very conscious of making sure there’s lots of lubrication, which, with the reservoir, shouldn’t be an issue.

  51. jtabangcura (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful toy for soloing!

    During self-play I like to pretend that the vibe is a part of me, but I wasn’t fond of looking like I had a robot peen, so I wondered if there were any prosthetic sleeves I could put over it to make it more realistic. A Google search brought me to the Bono and I pounced on the opportunity as soon as sales reopened.

    Anyway, realism means so much to me and the Bono is perfect for that! No more robot parts! The material is very soft and fleshy. The veins are less blue on the medium skin tone, but this is to be expected. I have not used the reservoir because I like to keep as clean as possible during play time. ;)

    I do feel it is a bit on the large size (I am 5’1″ and it’s about 4/5th the length of my forearm). I have a bit of trouble keeping a good grip on it thanks to my small hands!

  52. Casper

    The Bono is everything I need in a prosthetic for sex and solo play. Transthetics always has such high quality. The first impression was WOW. It feels and looks amazing. I love the packaging and service everytime I order from them. The quality of the Vibe is admirable, and the design is brilliant with its high setting just a click away along with so many different settings! It is bendy and feels like it’s apart of you, and moves with you. The texture head and vibe gives me what I need to get there and when I cum, I can ejaculate! I have had dysphoria on that for ages and now I can finally breath a sigh of relief. It really feels like you are jerking off your own dick! I am so happy this exists. I couldn’t ask for a better product. Transthetics gives what people want and continues to set the bar and raise the bar. Bravo!

  53. Kenny (verified owner)

    I’m an average customer who had restricting circumstances regarding time and I honestly recieved customer service, of the highest quality. I was able to receive the Bono within the time frame and Alex was so nice and helpful about it all! The prosthetic itself is flawless. The first time I tried it on I was speechless. My bottom dysphoria alleviated all thanks to this creation. There is only one constructive criticism I have and that is for the darkest color since that’s the one I ordered. I’m not sure if it’s due to the transparency of the color used but it comes off as a bit dull overall. I suggest an undercoat of the medium skin tone and a pinker tip to increase realism. Besides that I couldn’t have been more lucky to come across a product this well designed after so much trial and error.

  54. Reno

    I’ve never been so happy. I never thougth I would find something that made me feel so good about myself. Thank you for making this great thing! Im telling alot of people here in Holland about this :D

  55. R (verified owner)

    I recieved the Bono one week ago and I’ve never been so happy. I never thougth I would find something that made me feel so good about myself. Thank you for making this great thing!

  56. Jake (verified owner)

    Pros to this toy: I feel extremely connected to the bono from its hyperealistic appearance, the ability to use without a harness, the vibe and the ejaculation reservoir. I absolutely love the way the bono is designed, it reduces so much of my dysphoria. It is my go-to toy for solo play.

    However, cons: it is far too big to use for penetrative sex for a lot of people – my partner had a hard time taking it and even I tried it and found the same result. In particular it is just too girthy, which is such a shame. This is so frustrating because otherwise it would be perfect for sex.

    All is not lost! There are other ways to incorporate this toy: oral sex and grinding on my partner, the vibe and the ejaculation reservoir is particularly fun, but having to switch out to another toy if I want to top my partner is less than ideal, especially when I had bought this with penetrative sex in mind. I am really hoping for a smaller model in the future but I acknowledge that this has already been brought up and may be difficult to achieve. Still, a man can dream!

    Nevertheless, a great toy and I don’t regret buying it.

  57. A.N.

    I received one of these for free from a giveaway recently. It is a model that has minor cosmetic flaws. With that in mind, it is still a wonderfully constructed item. I have no complaints about the flaws because I don’t even notice them during use.

    I did give it a 9/10 in my original review only because I haven’t yet found a way I feel comfortable using it as a soft packer, which is an advertised feature. This is simply a feature of it that I probably won’t use, and I’m sure whether or not it works for someone as a soft packer comes down to a lot of random factors such as body shape and personal comfort, like all soft packers do. I don’t think The Bono not working for me as a packer takes enough away from the product for me to dock it a full star here since that’s not the reason I wanted it.

    The shade of the Light silicone is not the most perfect match, but in most lighting it does look like my own skin tone, or believable enough that anyone looking at me would believe it’s mine, particularly in photographs. The silicone is not sticky-feeling unless you handle it a lot with your hands. I imagine this is from the skin oils being transferred to the silicone. I found powdering it only took away from the visual appeal, but I store it in the bag powdered to prevent lint and dust. A quick wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel or a quick rinse under tap water will get the powder off easily. The size of it is a bit too large for my body, so I would like to see future size-variable models, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider The Bono’s size to be a drawback for me. It’s squishy and fun to hold, particularly once it’s warmed up to body temp. It just feels comfortable to wear.

    The vibe is of excellent quality, and the rechargeable aspect is a real winner here. It has so many pattern options that I don’t think I’ve even seen all of them yet. It isn’t very discreet at higher speeds and certain patterns, but is enough that a small fan could block the noise completely if you’re worried. The only button I can seem to press while it’s in the silicone sheath is the high speed option, which switches to a single fast pulse pattern for 5 seconds or so before returning to the originally selected pattern. This means I have to select the pattern I want before putting the Bono together for use, and changing patterns will mean having to stop everything to lift up the end and find the selection button, which can be disruptive if you’re using it for sex with a partner. Additionally, depending on the pattern selected, trying to turn off the vibe (holding the selection button for three seconds) can be difficult because the vibration changes can cause it to think you’ve released the button early and go on to the next pattern. depending on the pattern and intensity, it can be difficult to feel the vibe at the tip. So far this has not been an issue for me since I have only used it externally on myself.

    I do not have a harness or modified underwear yet, but using just the waistband of my underwear keeps the Bono in place for masturbation reasonably well. I find that it wants to stay in the right place most of the time, only needing minor adjustments and a hand around the base to keep it steady (which I do not mind doing). Due to how securely the end of the sheath fits around the vibe, I don’t have any worry that using it for penetrating a partner would cause the vibe to slip out, so its effectiveness in this situation will depend largely on how well-constructed your harness or elastic loop is.

    The ejaculation reservoir takes a little learning to get right, since air likes to get trapped up there, which can cause some unpleasant and unrealistic noises. I’ve mixed lube with a tiny bit of cornstarch and water, and it not only works but looks fairly realistic as well. Cleaning it out is as easy as can be: just follow the directions and point the head down to ensure all the liquid has come out. Squeezing the tip again to let in air also helps, or you can use the syringe provided to inject a bit of air.

    Overall, all of my complaints with the product are very minor, from the vibe select button to the air in the reservoir to not working as a soft packer for me. I would still strongly recommend the Bono even if you are concerned with those things because I cannot stress enough how comfortable it is. It has only further strengthened and affirmed my identity as a man to myself and very few products out there can ever claim to be capable of doing that. I will definitely be buying a new one if and when my current Bono needs replacing, or if a smaller size becomes available in the future.

  58. Dana (verified owner)

    Upon opening the package, I felt like someone had just given me the “final part” of my body–it just took longer than usual to perfect! It’s stunning to see on my body–so very realistic! Nice and squishy enough with the vibe to use for solo play, for sure!
    I must say, however, before making this purchase, my wife and I had to discuss the girth. That IS a lot to handle for many women, and my wife is no exception. We’re letting me get used to how it moves with my body before attempting to get her involved slowly. Last toy was 4 inches in girth, but of harder material, so I’m hoping this will work on her. Lots of lube!!! I think she’ll like it. I hope so; I really do!
    As for packing, it’s comfy without the vibe. I like how it warms to my body. Feels natural, and like it should have already been there!
    The reservoir is incredible. And so fun! Lol. Now I need to quit terrorizing the wife with it…rofl. Can’t help it! Just always dreamed of seeing myself cum, seeing how far it would go, and how high it would fly. No disappointment! Watch out if you don’t wear glasses and want to see details–my glasses got an awesome squirt! Good times! Alex, you did great! Take off an inch of girth on the next one, and I think you’ll find you have an exceptional, almost unbeatable device…until bionics! ????Thank you for thinking carefully about the needs of the ftm community!

  59. R.J. (verified owner)

    I’ve have other pack and plays/ 3-in1s and 4-in-1s but for the sexual side of things nothing compares to the bono. I was a bit apprehensive to buy this at first as I’m Pre-T and I know a lot of prosthetics work better if you are on hormones but I took the risk after months of uming and arring about it and I’m so glad I did because I can’t fault it. I really can’t.

    Before it arrived, I contacted Alex a few times and he was friendly and informative every time I approached him with a query. Once you receive your confirmation email, he also sends you a spare set of instructions for the bono, as well as his youtube tutorials on the items you order (in my case it regarding the budgie underwear as well as the bono).

    It took a few times round to get used to it in solo play, but after I’d figured out what was right for me – getting off hasn’t been the same. I experience little/no dysphoria anymore, it really does feel like a part of me when I’m getting off and nothing is better than looking down and seeing a penis that looks and feels real. I love the feeling of actually jacking off.

    In sex, it’s something that both my partner and I love. She loves the feel and size of it (although the size isn’t a problem, we do need lube due to the silicone material that’s used), and she’s also a fan of knowing that I’m getting pleasured too. We can both see how the size would put people off, but like I said, with a bit of lube and being careful not to rush, it’s not an issue we personally face in sex. The fact it’s harness free is also a bonus! Yeah, the underwear can be a bit of a staller but putting those on rather than positioning a play device and then strapping up a harness is a saviour honestly.

    I’m yet to try the reservoir feature but that’s mainly due to spur of the moments sort of thing, but I’m quite excited to give that a go too.

    If there’s anyone, pre-t or further along in their transition that is considering the bono – I can’t recommend it enough. It’s an investment for sure, I’m in the UK and spent a total of $355 (£265 rounded up) and I don’t regret it at all. Transthetics are a wonderful company and I can’t thank them enough for designing this. The experience I’ve had with the bono has saved my sex life – and as well as that, has definitely made me consider purchasing more from them.

  60. Kira (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the Bono for about a couple days so maybe this is a premature review but I definitely had some initial thoughts and feelings based on just the first interactions with it.

    The shaft is super soft and looks so realistic, it’s really exciting to look down and feel like “woah this actually looks like it’s part of me”. The reservoir is awesome, love how it doesn’t accidentally leak unless intentionally pressed firmly. The vibe stays in the shaft pretty well just by suction. Overall it’s a pretty great product and has alleviated a lot of dysphoria!

    There are 2 things though that prevented me from giving this a 5/5 review!

    1. The Bono is simply too big to use with my partner. And by “big” I’m mostly talking about girth. I know that this is likely a limitation set by the vibe, but honestly I would 100% prefer something a bit smaller.

    2. The vibe is challenging to operate through the shaft. It would be really helpful if the buttons were further apart and the shaft a big thinner right above the buttons so it’s easier to press down and click the button. I have a much harder time pressing the W button through the shaft than the H, and in my opinion that probably the more important button.

    Thank you for noting the needs of the dysphoric community in mind (non-binary, ftm, or otherwise)

  61. Alex

    I wanted to wait until I used it for solo play and with my girlfriend until I reviewed it. I made my own briefs with the elastic and it worked perfect. I cannot tell you how great of a product this is and how much it has helped me. It feels like an extension of myself, a feeling I had given up on ever knowing. Thank you so much for creating these amazing products, you can count me in as a loyal supporter, and I will be recommending this to my fellow trans brothers.

  62. Emiliano (verified owner)

    This product is awesome! Solo play is fun. I can get off without the vibe. For everyone complaining about the size.. shut up, be a man grab your dick and fuck your girl like she’s never been fucked before, pleasure the fuck out of her she’ll be begging for more. Think about it ..if you were a cis male with a big dick and every girl you were about to fuck said “no its too big” you’d give up? No! You pleasure her and get her so damn horny she begging you to ram her. If I was cis male I know I’d have been blessed with a large penis…before T my micro was kinda big you could see the head and everything. I know I’d rather have a big dick than a small one. Thank you Alex!

  63. Alex (verified owner)

    I bought the Bono for solo play as I was feeling increasingly dysphoric. For the purpose I bought it I give it 5 stars. I dont intend to use it to pack and I have not used it for penetrative sex with a partner yet. I love that it is extremely realistic looking and the vibe settings are very comprehensive. It is helping me to cope with dysphoria and enjoy myself (something I had just about given up on). This is a life changing product. Thank-you Alex.

  64. G

    Originally I have this product a 5 star review but after some time I’m rather disappointed. The girth is way to large and causes my partner pain. And I was given a second vibe insert due to noise and yet it is still far too loud. I retract my originally review. This product is now unfunctional and I have had is less than a year. Paint is already chipping away in several place and in the very short amount of time I had it, two vibe inserts broke. Not worth the hundreds of dollars. For this price and the amount of care I put in my prosthetic I’m EXTREMELY disappointed.

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear you changed your mind. I’m always happy to address any concerns that customers have so when you emailed me describing your issue of the vibe being loud, I sent you out a replacement for free (as to me, it sounded like the one you got was faulty) but never heard from you again.

  65. PJ

    This product is great, honestly. My girlfriend loves it too, and does not find the girth to be an issue. The vibe it really nice, but even without it still feels pretty good. I originally chose a different play prosthetic over this, but now that I have this I see that that was a mistake. Its improved my sex life a great deal and generated a huge amount of faith in this company. Looking forward to seeing future products.

  66. Ely

    Pretty disappointed in this honestly :( It’s too big for my girlfriend which is the main reason why I bought it. We’ve tried for months to make it work but it’s just too girthy for her. The vibe is also extremely loud which is not how it’s advertised but the main issue is really just the girth. I really really wish you would make a smaller size for this because that’s the main issue for so many people. It feels nice on myself, but it’s just painful for my girlfriend no matter how much lube we use :(

  67. J. S. (verified owner)

    Received the product a few months ago, but I didn’t want to write a review until I’d gotten fully used to wearing it and made myself familiar with it.
    Now I feel I’m ready to give my feedback :)
    First things first; I must point out that the service is excellent!

    Now onto the product:
    The size can be a bit overwhelming, but there are definitely ways to work around it if you get creative. I cut the stretchy elastic off a pair of boxers and wore it around my hips and over the Bono to keep it from bulging out too far. It’s comfortable to wear and unlike other prosthetics, I don’t walk around feeling like I have a foreign object stuck to my privates.
    I followed the instructions provided and had very little difficulty using it.
    Of course every prosthetic requires some practice to use, but this is by far the easiest one in my opinion.
    I love that I don’t need to use a harness, and using ones underwear to keep it in place makes the whole experience feel so much more real to me personally, makes it feel like it’s actually connected to me.
    And being able to use the reservoir when I finish adds a whole new level of realism to it!
    I think the only problem I’ve had with it so far is the size, but like I said further up; There are ways to work around it, and so personally don’t mind :P
    The vibe is SUPER silent and has a wide variety of different settings, no complaints there!

    This product is amazing,
    Thank you Alex! :D

  68. Jake

    The first time I used this, it felt so real. I even cried a little bit. Thank you so much for this incridible product. You make our lives in everything so much easier!
    If you want to feel like a real man and don’t want to wait for the surgeries, then BUY THIS!!!

  69. Alex (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday gift earlier this year and it’s been great! At first glance the size of it is a little intimidating but only for that initial moment. It has really helped alleviate a lot of his bottom dysphoria and I can definitely tells he’s a lot more comfortable in bed. He’s told me before he loves being able to cum and not have to mess around with uncomfortable straps for harnesses. Only downside personally, is the fact that it has to be in a certain position/place when I go down on him for him to really get into it. Otherwise, no complaints on my side! ;)

  70. Joshua

    I bought the Bono mainly for solo play for now, since I’m single and not living full-time as male yet. Since the pre-made underwear was out of stock, I made some myself, and despite being hopeless at all kinds of crafts, it actually turned out to be pretty easy and quick to do and works fairly well!
    Overall I’m really satisfied with the Bono, I like the way it looks and feels and it works as advertised. It’s a bit big for my frame and I can totally see how it would be too much for some bottoming partners, but since I’m just using it for myself for now, I’m totally okay with it, even if it looks a bit silly on my scrawny 5’5” body.
    The vibe works well and I really dig that it’s rechargeable. I was actually very impressed by the huge amount of vibrating patterns!
    The ejaculation feature, which was my main reason for choosing the Bono, also doesn’t disappoint, and really helps a lot with my dysphoria, aside from also being super fun.

    Still, I have some minor criticisms, partially subjective:
    First of all, sadly, unlike many other reviewers, I don’t really feel like the toy is a part of my body. Maybe that’ll come with time, or maybe it’s because I’m pre-T and seeing the rest of my body too when I look down at the Bono, but while it’s a very nice visual and definitely better than touching my actual genitals, it doesn’t really feel like it’s connected to me. But maybe I was overhyping it too much?
    Secondly, the vibrator doesn’t really do much in terms of stimulation, for me at least. I’m wondering if it’s primarily built for people who have already had bottom growth and are more sensitive or getting more direct stimulation through the vibe. Still, I might look into the textured head attachment or experiment with the positioning of the crotch loop. I can get off using the Bono, but it takes a bit of work. (I’m actually wondering where cis men get all that arm/wrist stamina from…)
    Thirdly, I feel like the ejaculation reservoir doesn’t use its whole potential because not everything seems to come out of it under certain gravitational circumstances. By that I mean that when I use the Bono lying on my back, it will seem empty at some point, but when I squeeze it during clean-up while it’s upside down, I can get another good 2 squirts out of it. Since I just use water at this point, that’s not so bad, but I’d be mindful of that if you’re using something more expensive, like special lube.
    Lastly, and this is really just a minor complaint, mine arrived with a small cut-like chip on the glans, which isn’t really super visible, but I can feel it when I run my hands over it. The overall surface seems a bit… vulnerable, I guess, like it could chip really easily, so I make sure to use lots of lube.

    Overall, I think I would give the Bono a 4.5 if I could, but opted for the 5 since it’s such a revolutionary product that aims very highly.
    I also really appreciate that the packaging was super discreet and the parcel didn’t even go through customs (I live in Europe).

  71. J

    Wow! This product is amazing. I have tried it all and this is now the only device I use for sex. It feels connected to my body. I love not having to have any straps or harnesses. My (straight) girlfriend loves it as well also! We love the size! We could go for even bigger. :) But, the size is great the way it is! I love being able to cum through the tip. I love being able to have it ready to go at all times, feels very natural.

    Thank you, Alex, so much for making these great and innovative products that are life changing. I now feel happy not having to have lower surgery whereas a year ago I was anxious to do so..

    I cannot wait for the Bionic in all its glory. Keep it up!

  72. Katie

    Because of you and your company, I was able to give the man I love a priceless gift. The look on his face meant the world to us. Thank you so much for providing a product that could make him feel who he is. I forever will be a promoter of your company and am anxiously awaiting your new products. You are now a part of our journey.

  73. Brianalex97 (verified owner)

    This prosthetic is amazing. Well worth every penny. Excellent job Alex !!

  74. Gavin

    Overall it lives up to its hype, its super nice looking, big, and overall I like it.

    However I was not expecting to recieve a product with defects. There is a slightly convex flat spot on the head, just below the the hole. Its bigger around than the tip of the filling syringe it came with. It’s very obvious.

  75. P.D.S.

    Do not even give a second thought! Go ahead and buy the Joystick, it will change your life – for me it definitely did! (fyi Alex, “Joystick” fits much better than the “Bono”). Because it gives indeed pure joy for both sides, everything has gone to another level, from sex with my gf in any position to hj & bj, all works as if the joystick is part of my body and it feels so incredibly REAL!!! The size seemed big when ordering it, but once we used it for the first time it was just perfect. Thank you Alex for creating such an amazing product!!! I just ordered now the EZP – can’t wait to receive it and I’m sure it will be equally satisfying!

  76. K (verified owner)

    I have owned the Joystick for a few months now and it has improved my sex life and solo play dramatically! I have never owned a prosthetic that has done for me what this product has done! I love the size and the feel of it, and while I don’t pack with it very often, I have done so on occasion and it looks very normal and not boner-like when it is worn without the vibe and a pair of tight briefs. I especially like the fact that it stays at my body temperature when I pack with it – this is huge for reducing my dysphoria. My partner has had no complaints, although the size is something they had to get accustomed to in the beginning.
    I was initially so attracted to this product for the whole aspect of being able to just *ahem* whip it out, without fumbling around with a harness. However, I have sewed many an elastic loop into all kinds of underwear and I have yet to successfully use the Joystick for sex with anything except my SpareParts harness :/ It does not stay in place even with my tightest underwear. Also, I recently noticed that the detail painting on the tip and the veins seems to have rubbed off after a few months of use. The overall colouring of the prosthetic looks pretty washed out now and I don’t know what to do about it :( If anyone knows where to get prosthetic paint, please message me! As for the loudness of the vibe that a few people have mentioned, I also have an issue with that but I have found it can be pretty easily drowned out if you are listening to music while using it. I would love for this prosthetic to have balls, but I understand that would probably complicate the weight placement.
    All in all, I give this product 4 stars! Definitely don’t regret my purchase and I’ll be using it for as long as I possibly can!

  77. Ash (verified owner)

    So far I love this product and have found it to be by far the best solution for my bottom dysphoria for play. My bottom dysphoria, as I’m sure you’re familiar, can be the most unbearable part of my trans identity at times, so thank you for producing these very important products.

  78. Ayden C (verified owner)

    It sounds cheesy, but this has honestly changed my life. Using it for the first time was so incredible.. I think I came like 9 times. I purposely didn’t shave, just groomed and honestly I look down and this just looks like a part of my body. It also feels like a part of my body, when I move.. it moves.. I’ve never felt more connected to anything like I do while I’m using this. Masturbating has improved significantly. I actually feel like I’m jacking off my own dick, and when I’m coming.. being able to see myself ejaculate completely kicked my disphoria right in the mouth. This is absolutely worth every single penny.

  79. KJ

    The Joystick is fantastic! Thank goodness someone FINALLY thought to make something that feels good for the person wearing the prosthetic! Personally, I had some doubts how much I’d like it as I’ve never gotten much enjoyment out of vibration. Even so, this feels pretty great :) and is really worth the price. I love it because it feels more like a part of me than anything else I’ve used.

    My partner is a cis women who’s been sexually active for about 25 years and only with cis men. Of course, it’s bigger than average but she says the texture and hardness (i.e. the fact that it’s hard but has a soft outer layer) feels the most realistic of what we’ve tried (including Vixskin). She says it feels really, really good.

    I only have a couple complaint/wishes… (1) that the vibrator was quieter, (2) that it had a setting more the speed of a human aroused pulse and (3) that there was some sort of attachment that my anatomy could be inside.
    That said, all in all — hands down, the Joystick is the best thing out there!

  80. James F. (verified owner)

    AMAZING PRODUCT! I’ve never felt more connected with myself, this product is absolutely amazing. If its a bit pricey for you, I assure you, it is 100% worth the price. Just be careful–only a few weeks in, I tried to remove the vibe from the Joystick, but accidentally broke the vibe in the process… I have to get a new one now, but it’s a good thing they sell spares!

  81. Seth (verified owner)

    this prosthetic is possibly one of the best investments I’ve made. It feels like a genuine part of me and doesn’t make me dysphoric. It’s very realistic and I never expected any prosthetic would fit my needs so well. The only issue I’ve had and the reason why I didn’t put 5 stars is because I’ve had a lot of issues with the vibe. From the beginning it didn’t charge well, and eventually it got really loud while on any setting. It also stopped vibrating sometimes in the middle of things then turn back on. Although it still charges, now it won’t turn on at all. I think my vibe may have been defected or something as there’s no damage done to it. Other than the issue with the vibe, the prosthetic is definitely worth it, without a doubt. The best one I have by far.

    • Alex

      Hi Seth
      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your vibe issue. It does have a 90 day warranty so if it’s within this time frame, I can send you out a replacement. Please email me at as I’d like to trouble shoot what’s going on with it.

  82. Blaze

    First of all, I want to thank Alex for letting me purchase this through lay-by, as someone who is troubled financially and socially (although, still consider afterpay as a payment option)

    First of all, the products. The penis warms up very nicely and once it warms, it feels like its part of you (at least for me :p). in fact putting it away to wash it feels surreal even, and my crotch empty without it. It does tack on easily with pubic hair and even fibres from your undies, but the best part of this is how easily its washed. Just some lukewarm water, some neutral soap and bam, you have a clean peen. Second of all, the silicon vibe is flexible and good quality and relatively easy to use even in the dark. However it is a little noisy (but this is my first vibe, I have nothing to compare it to, unless if we want to use porn as a frame of reference LOL)

    As for the sex play, I think my anatomy does mess with the vibe part. If youre uncomfortable with talking about female sexual anatomy turn back now. I have a rather buried clit even with my legs stretched so often times a little thrust is enough to unintentionally ‘edge’ myself. I really should’ve bought the head attachment , haha. So yeah fellas, if your anatomy is small or buried I recommend the head attachment (although I havent used it myself as i dont own one, I am sure it will make me edge less), otherwise I look forward to HRT for this thing to work harder. As for the penis itself, it feels to great have it in my hand. a good ratio of hard – soft, natural feeling and looking. And like many commentators here, it gave me more nuts within 2 weeks than I have had in my entire life.

    As for packing, it works well with jeans (without vibe insert). Looks very natural, and for reference i have the 8 inch version and I’m 5’1, 104 pounds (156 cm, 47kg). However it WILL look like a permanent erection in sweat pants, and half-hard in some chinos. I recommend filling your chino’s pockets to hide it. The reason I have the bigger one is because of the time I ordered it, the 6inch was not out yet. So fellas, if you intend to use this as a packer too and you’re smaller or lankier, go for the 6inches. If you want to use it ONLY as a packer, look elsewhere. the EZP is much better for that (and will feel like your own penis too). The extra length is my makeshift balls for now. However It kinda moves around in my pants when im doing manual labour tasks and would sometimes shift onto my legs even. But a little restroom trip is all it needs.

    I unfortunately dont have a partner to use this on, but once I do I will tell you.

    It shipped really fast for me too, despite living in australia. I hope to get the 6inch one one day, but for now the 8 inch is great for what it is :) thanks alex

  83. JH (verified owner)

    THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. ive literally locked myself in my room the last few days because I just cant get enough. Amazing for solo play and partner play. When you jerk off it feels and looks amazing. Really helped my bottom dysphoria. I actually feel like im inside the person. Its amazing. 10/10. Perfect for anyone including ftm men who need some help with bottom dysphoria. I would buy it again.

  84. BG

    Jesus, I havent left my house all day! This product was WELL worth the investment. I had been thinking about getting it for almost a year and I finally decided to go for it. My first time using the product i was so excited I kind of just jumped right in but this was a mistake. I ended up using it wrong and I was disappointed. But the second time I used the joystick while wearing briefs to keep the vibe securely against me. That allowed me to adequately stroke the prosthetic and WOW let me tell you, I’ve never felt so fulfilled. When you use this product make sure to wear snug briefs to keep the vibe against yourself! The only thing I would suggest if I were to nitpick would be to include another setting on the vibe to offer a stronger pulse for folks who maybe need more stimulation. The joystick is ingenous in every way! If you are thinking about buying this item, just go for it. You wont regret it!

  85. Barouf (verified owner)

    Je suis content d avoir reçu mon bono et loin d être déçu. Il est très réaliste, la taille est bien, très facile d utilisation et d entretien, on se sent complet avec. Je n’ai pas encore utilisé avec une partenaire, je suis fraîchement célibataire, je vous dirai quand j’en aurai l’occasion :)

    I am happy to have received my bono (Joystick) and far from disappointed. It is very realistic, the size is good, very easy to use and maintenance. I feel complete with it. I have not used it with a partner yet, I am freshly single, I will tell you when I will have the opportunity :)

  86. Limes (verified owner)

    Everyone else has spoken for the functional aspects of the Joystick, so I just wanted to commend the excellent customer service from Transthetics when I received a broken vibe (it wouldn’t charge and there was no indicator light).

    I emailed the company, got a response within 48 hours, and received a replacement vibe and charger (shipped to Australia!) within two weeks. Super impressive.

  87. Adrian (verified owner)

    I must’ve not hit submit for my first review but I’m glad I didn’t. My perspective on the Joystick has slightly changed.

    When I first got the Joystick, I could not orgasm at all with it. I was too aware it’s not a real dick that is connected to me. It made my dysphoria worse. I kept at it and now I can imagine it’s connected to me when I masturbate sometimes. I still have times where I can’t connect to it at all but it’s AMAZING during the times I do. The times I can’t, it’s a person issue, not an issue with the product. I have not used this on a partner, though. I’m honestly not sure how I’m supposed to get the same pleasure without using my hand to guide the Joystick. I would love if there was a video of someone actually penetrating someone with it if that’s possible eventually. I just feel like it really won’t stay in place and give the same pleasure that it does during solo play. Some of these reviews say that it can, though, so I have hope.

    The company is awesome. Customer service promptly answers any questions you might have. After getting used to this thing, I can say it was a good investment.

  88. Sen (verified owner)

    The joystick has helped me so much to feel comfortable with my body in bed (and anywhere else). The colour matches surprisingly well with my skin. It is a thick and big penis if you use it for partner play. So I feel like some partners need to get comfortable with it too but if you use enough lube and take it slow the first few times, it should help to make it pleasurable for both parties.

    I must say that at first it was very easy to use it on myself. But it took some time to be completely comfortable with it when i was using it on my girlfriend and to be able to reach an orgasm while using it with her.

    But now i’m so comfortable with it and I love how it makes us both feel and it literally feels like you’re penetrating someone and it made me cry once because I was so happy. I really can’t get enough of this and it makes having sex easy and joyful for the first time in my life. I’ve never felt so complete with something.
    I wish that more people could experience this.
    Thank you for making this prosthetic and I’m so happy that I saved up for something a little more expensive because it’s so worth it.

  89. possum (verified owner)

    It’s a little awkward to use because my pubes get in the way. It feels and looks really nice though. I hope at some point there’s another vibe insert to use that doesn’t pulse or vibrate but just uses pressure and movement instead, the pulsing/vibration is a little bit uncomfortable for me.

  90. coconutkafei (verified owner)

    I waited a little while before making this review so that I could become familiar with the product but w o w it is SO GREAT. I saw that this exists and within two weeks I was ordering one. I felt a kind of need that I never had before about a prosthetic. I am gay and also a bottom, so my main concern wasn’t for penetration as much as for solo and mutual masturbation, receiving blowjobs and for the aesthetic of a hard cock. Sure, you could get this with other prosthetics but the vibe was a huge selling point for me as well as the option to ejaculate.

    I put my order in and within one week it was shipped and I received it about three days later. I was basically frothing at the mouth. Immediately I set everything up and felt a kind of sexual relationship with my body I never had before. I am not dysphoric generally about my bottom half and often have PIV sex, but this brought my comfort with my body to another level. I can’t express in words. Just… Everyone needs this. THANK YOU for such a wonderful product.

  91. Rey (verified owner)

    I really want to give this a 5 star review. I really really REALLY do, but I just can’t. The Joystick is amazing and has eliminated my bottom dysphoria to a degree I can’t even begin to describe. It feels incredibly connected to my body, sits well without a harness (some minor adjustments required if you’re going hard, but nothing so much that it will take you out of the moment), looks realistic, and produces fantastic sensation (from penetration, oral, you name it). The price is steep, but I for what it has done for my life I would easily make the purchase again.

    That being said, the vibe is terrible quality. The first one I got stopped taking a charge and just died after about a month, but I emailed Alex, was told it was within the 90 day warranty, and got a replacement one sent right away. Not a big deal, just got a defective product, good to go. The new one worked great, but almost immediately the rubber outer layer started separating from the hard plastic interior (the old one had also started to do this but broke before it became a big issue). It wasn’t a big deal until the separation was so much that finding the hole to charge got to be really difficult, and then eventually it got to a point where I had to hold the charging cable in a very particular position or it wouldn’t charge at all. This was probably about 4 months in. Finally I got fed up with it and cut a small square of rubber out around the charging hole so the loose rubber was no longer an issue, and it worked like a charm. Once again, good to go. Fast forward a month or so and the rubber finally just gives up and slides completely off the hard plastic interior. Still works alright, just more of a hassle to put together and get it to stay together. And then, after about a month of that, the vibe gave up completely. It’ll still charge and flash red when plugged in, but it won’t turn on. In all of this I never did anything crazy; some rough sex, sure, but no shower sex or anything that the instructions warned against. I might try to put my electrical engineering class to use and do some minor surgery on it, but as a humanities major who took that class on a whim I’m probably going to just end up buying a new one. I’ve watched reviews and talked to other people whose vibes went through a similar descent as mine, all with varying times. Some people’s reached rubber separation and total death in 3-4 months, someone else’s in a little over a year, but enough for me to know that it isn’t an isolated problem. If anyone knows any vibrator that will fit inside and work reasonably well let me know, because I’ll almost definitely try something else before forking over $95 to get another of the same.

    It’s a phenomenal product and I would recommend it to anyone, I can’t stress that enough, but it’s good to be prepared for the possibility of having to get a new vibe every 6 months-1 year. Due to the issues I’ve had with the vibe and the inevitability of a considerable continuing expense, I have to give it 3 stars. I’ll keep paying the money, because like a few reviews before me have mentioned, there’s no going back once you’ve tried this. In the end though, $300 is just too much money to pay not to get a lasting product (no matter how amazing the product is).

    • Alex

      Hi Rey
      Thanks for the thorough and honest review. What you’re describing sounds like it’s primarily related to keeping the vibe inserted in the Joystick sheath when not in use. Unfortunately silicone on silicone can do unpredictable things over time, in this case, causing the shaft of the vibe to grow slightly over time, which can create alignment and rattling issues. This is why I include the detailed instructions warning of this and telling people to not store them connected. If you don’t want to have to worry about constantly separating them between uses, you can also just use a condom over the vibe before slipping on the sheath. It’s definitely something I wish wasn’t an issue, but the alternative of using a hard plastic shell just isn’t as natural feeling, and as long as people are conscious of this, it shouldn’t be an issue. In any case thank you for also pointing out the 90 day warranty, which in most cases weeds out any problematic vibes that may have defective components such as batteries not holding a charge as they should etc in which case we of course replace the vibe free of charge.

  92. Alex

    Yes, the 6″ is firmer than the 7″ though it’s nowhere near solid plastic. There’s a few reasons for the difference. 1) the 7″ is soft due to its large size as the softness makes the larger size more comfortable for penetration. Also generally, the larger the penis, the less firm the erection so both aim to accurately mimic the firmness of an erection of a healthy penis of this size. The overall shape is identical to the 7″ just shrunk down to 6″. I think it’s a good idea I do a video explaining the subtle differences between the two sizes so thanks for the suggestion :)

  93. G. (verified owner)

    I did enjoy this product when I first received it. I have the larger one as the smaller one was not out yet. It really did the job for solo play and solved a lot of issues with me and my body. Two months in, the vibe head slipped from its place and is now cocked to one side and makes a HIDEOUS loud noise and doesn’t sit right. I used the product as advised and never even used it for partner play. I’d call my usage “light.” It has taken all the fun out of this for me. At 80 dollars to replace the vibe, this thing has sat in the drawer for about a year now unused. If the vibe was 20 bucks I’d replace it, but I think it’s ridiculous to pay 80 bucks for a new one after what I paid for the product. I was going through a big trauma so didn’t reach out to Alex for help when this happened. Full disclosure there, now I assume that it’s too late.

    • Alex

      Oh no! We do have a 90 day warranty on the vibes so if you’re having issues within this time frame, please send an email. Unfortunately at this stage, it’s so far outside the 90 days, that I can’t honor it, but if you email me at with your order deets, I should be able to send you through a discount coupon. If you do end up ordering a replacement vibe, be sure to contact us within that 90 days if you are experiencing any problems with it.

  94. Barouf (verified owner)

    Super produit ! Je l utilise avec ma copine, c’est incroyable, je me sens vraiment complet, et ma copine en est ravie, aucune différence pour elle. Vraiment l’impression que c’est une partie de moi meme. Merci!

    Great product! I use it with my girlfriend, it’s amazing, I feel really complete, and my girlfriend is happy, no difference for her. Really feel like it’s a part of me. Thank you!

  95. HappyGuy (verified owner)

    I purchased the joystick 6″ with the vibe in September and was impressed with how real it looks. It took a little while for it to arrive in October but was worth the wait. I have worn it on a date and she never knew. I wanted to be ready for her when we got home. The great thing I love about it is that I can inject lube inside it. Therefore when things get heated up I can use the lube to assist her when we get started. Also, the joystick is my body temperature and is not cold like other prosthetics. We both are able to have organisms at the same time. The only thing that is unfortunate is that the vibe only lasted 3 months before it died.

  96. Amanda

    My wife and I are very pleased with the Joystick, and other than some minor sewing adjustments it has been nothing but amazing. Life changing.

  97. Buck (verified owner)

    After hearing about this I started saving up for it. When I placed my order, I counted down the days for it to arrive and let me just say it was well worth the wait. Like a few others I got it for solo play and it is incredible. I’ve never felt so connected to myself as I do now, and this is definitely the most intimate I’ve ever been with myself. I cannot believe how amazing it feels to be able to finally ejaculate. I can’t wait to use it with my partner.
    As for the product itself – it looks and feels extremely realistic. The size is perfect. I’ve never been much for vibes before but I adore the one that comes with the Joystick. I’ve had no issues getting the vibe in or out of the sheath. I do wish there was an easier way to access the controls on the vibe, but that’s not a big deal really. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough.

  98. Oliver

    The product is incredible. It’s exactly what I needed to combat my bottom dysphoria and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again so much ♡♡♡ I couldn’t be happier.

  99. River (verified owner)

    The joystick itself looks amazing! But in practice I got no joy out of it. The suggested harness free method didn’t work at all for me, just couldn’t get it to stay in place at all. When I used a harness for penetrative sex with my partner, she seemed to enjoy herself but all I could feel was the very hard ball shaped vibe grinding into my sensitive bits. It was pretty painful.
    For solo stuff I can’t fault the vibe but I’m pretty disappointed after spending so much money that I can’t use this with a partner.

    • Alex

      It sounds like you may not have the loop in the correct position or perhaps there is too much of a pouch in the underwear that you are using if it’s not staying in the correct place. Unless you are saying it’s the actual head of the vibe that’s just not working for you. Perhaps the soft silicone head attachment would be preferable to you to vibration… In any case, the head does have a soft silicone cover but vibrations just aren’t for everyone. I’m very sorry to hear you were disappointed :(

  100. Dani Folks (verified owner)

    This was the first product I ordered from Transthetics, and it definitely will not be the last. I got my Joystick only a couple days ago but I am blown away already. It has exceeded my expectations which were admittedly high given the price tag. That being said, it’s well worth every dollar and honestly I would be willing to pay more. The size is perfect. My girlfriend gave it a 10/10 so that’s a definite plus. Shipping was discrete and fast once it was shipped. As for packing I have read a few people commenting about not being happy with that aspect because they felt it was awkard or too obvious but I packed upward as recommended it worked perfect for me. This product has already made me so extremely happy and gave me a feeling I never thought possible for me in bed. It looks extremely realistic and feels like part of me, the way it heats to my body temp helps with this. There is also nothing more visual pleasing than seeing your self ejaculate. I can’t recommend this enough and will be advising all my transmasc friends to check it out. Thank you so much Alex! I will be trying out some of your other prosthetics in the near future.

  101. Luke

    My wife got me the 6″ Joystick for Valentine’s Day- it arrived just in time for our honeymoon during which time we made a thorough examination of its capabilities lol. I really can’t speak highly enough of this product. It has totally changed our lives- after using it the first time we both remarked how it felt like we were having sex for the first time all over again (not to discount all the other forms of sex, just to say that this was different and on another level and very very cool). It took a little experimenting to get the Joystick to work just right for me, I have incredibly sensitive skin that is irritated by most silicon packers and toys and such. What I ended up doing that finally worked was wearing one pair of underwear underneath the modified underwear to which the Joystick attaches, that way the silicon isn’t rubbing directly on my skin. Especially with the attachment, this system works great for me and still allows me to feel very close to her as if we were skin to skin. Just mentioning in case that’s useful to any other sensitive skinned folks. I also love packing with the Joystick sans vibe. It’s seriously the most comfortable and stable packer I’ve ever used, I love how low profile it is and how it actually stays put. I was concerned when we ordered it because so many reviews noted the size as too large- it is the perfect size for us so I felt that was also worth noting. The only thing that is a bit awkward is finding the button to turn the vibe on and off- but I think given the technology at our disposal right now it is as seamless as possible! One thing I’d like to see maybe in the future would be a wider variety of attachments for the head of the vibe. I’d love to try some other attachments that offer different kinds of stimulation, especially that are usable without the vibe.

  102. Rye (verified owner)

    I really liked this product but after 6mo the vibe is completely dead and won’t charge. Now I’m reading that this seems to be pretty common. I started having issues w the vibe a few months back when the outer part and the hard chargeable part disconnected from each other. Even from the onset, the vibe didn’t hold a charge very long and the charging problems seemed to escalate quickly.
    I might order a new one but I wish there was more information if the newer vibe has improvements in these areas before chucking another $80 dolllars at this thing.

    It would also be great if there was an alternate insert that had the suction capabilities

    Sex w this toy is fantastic but I really hoped it would last longer

  103. Ezra (verified owner)

    I ordered the Joystick and I am incredibly happy with it. Words cannot describe how amazing it was to put it on the first time and see how well the skin tone matched my own. I got the lightest shade, and it seriously looks like a part of my body that I was born with. My cis boyfriend said the same. Seriously, the realism is killer. The new vibe is really strong, and has a bunch of settings. I sewed the loop into my own pair of briefs like the tutorial recommends, but I’m honestly not the best at sewing lol, so it doesn’t stay in place as well as it should and I’m gonna shell out the cash for underwear made for the joystick specifically. Despite my sewing mediocrity, it’s such an amazing product. Saving up money for it was totally worth it. You can feel how well-made it is. Additionally, Alex was super helpful when I had questions about the product over email. Fantastic company that makes fantastic dicks! :) 5/5 stars alll dayyyy

  104. Customer (verified owner)

    Worked great and is realistic, but it only worked for about 6 months and the joystick no longer works/ turns on. Given 2 stars because of the price and warranty that covers less than a year, and the replacement is also being expensive.

    • Alex

      All products do have a 90 day warranty. The nature of vibes is that they work through high speed rotations of an off kilter weight, which means the motor won’t last forever. The stronger the vibe, the more stress on the moving components. This is true of all vibes. You can buy a replacement vibe for $80. Having said that, the new vibes do have a sturdier motor without compromising vibration strength, but all high speed, moving, electronics are unfortunately subject to this reality.

  105. Mike

    Yesterday I received the joystick!
    And of course my wife and I “tested” it.
    I saw that it was life changing and I thought they were overreacting.
    But it truly was life changing!! I could let everything go, and felt no bottom dysforia at all!
    My wife’s reaction was:” money well spent ????”
    So thank you so much for creating the joystick!!

  106. Mike (verified owner)

    After looking for many reviews, I finally decided to order the joystick. At first I was sceptical about the no harness thing, I was afraid that it wouldn’t work. But it does work perfectly! I’ve seen the reviews that it was life changing and I thought that they were over reacting… but (for me) it truly was! I felt no bottom dysforia!! Finally sex was how it was meant to be! I’m so grateful that I have this product and for the feeling that I have while wearing it!
    Thank you so much!!!
    All the best Mike

  107. Finn (verified owner)

    I am a 20 year old FTM man. Thanks to this product, I just experienced my first ever orgasm. Up until this point, I’ve been too uncomfortable with my body to be able to masturbate or even think about sex. This product just changed everything for me. I’ve only had this product for one day, but it’s already changed my life. I finally feel comfortable with myself. Worth every penny.

  108. Em.

    I actually bought one of these sillicone butt masturbators so that I can practice using the Joystick before actually attempting to penetrate a person and it works wonders (I use a condom because the silicone of the butt shouldn’t touch the joytick’s, also use water based lube), it is really intuitive and you do feel an amount of pleasure that I’m satisfied with. I’m leaving this review though a bit as well as a request as there are two things that would really improve my experience with it. One is a list of do and don’t positions, it is hard to figure out during trial and error what is something you’re doing wrong and what is something you just can’t do with the joystick. It can be hard for a completely inexperienced person to know what can be done with it, I have personally found 2 or 3 positions where it works perfectly but I’m not sure what else is possible. The other thing is I would love to see an underwear system update in the future. The loop system is great but I’m sure it can be improved so that it feels more secure and allows for even more angles. It would be awesome if transthetics partnered with someone like rodeohs or even did yourselves an underwear designed specifically for the joystick that takes it to the next level. Like I imagine there is so much that can be improved using that same system but just more secure. It can be hard as well when lube gets on the part of the prosthetic that is inside the underwear. But all in all I think as of now it is one of the best if note the best pack n play out there, It definitely has given me valuable experiences that I never thought I would have and it totally deserves the 5 stars

  109. Oliver

    This is absolutely the closest I’ve come to not feeling any dysphoria during sex at all and it’s totally reinvigorated our sex life. My brain is wired to have a penis and the Joystick really feels like it’s a part of me. It feels amazing for me and my girlfriend, I absolutely love the look of it and the lubrication reservoir is just genius. One crazy happy customer.

  110. Daniel

    I want to like this product more than I do. I want it to be life changing like it has been for so many guys, but for me it’s almost more dysphoric inducing than not using it. This primarily has to do with the clumsiness and awkwardness of trying to turn the vibrator on or off or change any settings. You cannot do it after you’ve started sex without a lot of complications. You can’t start low and gradually increase the speed. You can’t easily turn it off once you’ve come. It’s a horrible vibrator system and unless you like it at the same speed from beginning to end you can’t use it. I see there is a remote vibrator ring for the Hot Rod. Please please please develop something similar for this product! As it is its usuable for me. After a couple or attempts my girlfriend and I went back to her solid silicone toy and our hands. What an expensive disappointment.

  111. Timmy

    The outside is perfect. But the insert that makes it work is useless. It breaks on first use and is 85$ to replace. It would be a excellent design if it wasn’t for the insert that breaks.

    • Alex

      Oh no! It definitely shouldn’t break unless it’s been pulled out of the sheath with extreme force (in which case it’s possible to rip off the head) I do try to warn against this in the instructions. As there is quite a bit of suction keeping the vibe and the sheath connected, it is important to let a bit of air in so that the two are able to separate.

  112. Seth.Torres (verified owner)

    I have owned the Joystick since March of 2019, so this review is based on almost a full year of use.

    I’ll start with the good. Overall, its a good product. The size is right (my partner loves it), the penis part is well made and has lasted very well. The attachable head is definitely worth the investment as is the underwear. When the vibrator works I find it very enjoyable. All of that is great.

    But the bad: I haven’t had a vibe last more than three months. The company has excellent customer service and replaced it three times. And this past time when the head of the vibe completely came off, I was given $25 off, which is nice, but I only had it for three and a half months. I’m really rooting for this company, but ultimately the fact that multiple vibrators have not lasted is disappointing especially given how much they cost. I still think the investment was worth it, I just wish the vibrators didn’t break so easily.

    • Alex

      The vibe does have a 90 day warranty, so we’ve replaced yours three times free of charge, but as the last instance was clearly a user related breakage, we couldn’t offer you a free replacement but still gave you a $25 coupon. Most people do not have issues with the vibe, but the vibes do have about a 10% failure rate and unfortunately there’s just no way of knowing this until it’s actually in use.

  113. Abel

    I really, REALLY love this and what it does for my dysphoria when it works, but the vibe just doesn’t seem to hold up. The first one I got lasted 6 months or so before the head sort of broke off, where it was still usable for a while afterwards when screwed back into place. Overall lasted a little less than a year. Once it finally quit, I got a replacement 4 months ago and that one just now stopped working out of nowhere despite being intact. It charges but won’t turn on at all. Other than that, this is an extremely nifty thing that is really gratifying to see and use solo or with my partner. I hope the vibe will continue to be tweaked so this situation isn’t quite as common.

  114. Ryuffy13 (verified owner)

    I have had my Joystick for almost a year, but due to health problems, I wasn’t able to use it on a partner until recently. The first time we used it, I didn’t use the vibration at all, simply used it as a penis. My partner loved it! It not only looked but felt like a real penis to my partner, and it really helped alleviate my bottom dysphoria. The second time we used it, we decided to use the vibration functions, and let me tell you, I now know what we were missing the first time! Not to mention, seeing myself with the body part that I should have been born with during sex was not only validating, but totally eradicated my bottom dysphoria as well as made me feel like a true man when it came to pleasing my partner. Using it solo also makes my bottom dysphoria vanish. I am so glad that we opted to wait until we were both healthy enough to use “our” Joystick, it really lives up to its name! Thank you for producing it, it really makes me feel like a man in the bedroom.

  115. Jordan

    I personally have only had my Joystick for a day, but I can say that I absolutely love the way that it looks! Wearing it and using it has given me a lot of euphoria <3 would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a pack-and-play.

  116. Riv (verified owner)

    I bought this product over a year ago and have been waiting on leaving a review. I was initially very excited to get it, but after trying to make it work for some time, I found that The Joystick just isn’t for me. It has some use for me for both partnered and solo time, but it fails to be my go-to because of problems I have had with it. Despite this, I think it is a lovely prosthetic and I will continue to purchase from Transthetics in hopes to find something that is better suited to my anatomy and/or sexual style.

    The prosthetic itself has incredible craftsmanship. It is beautiful to look at, well textured, the colors are very natural, and the material quality is excellent.
    Looking down while wearing the product gives me a sense of gender euphoria and I am able to enjoy it psychologically as a solo toy, though as I will describe later, I find it sort of painful/uncomfortable to use with the vibe insert.

    For Partnered Use:
    At first, I found it to be quite difficult and frustrating to use with the underwear, but eventually I figured it out. My partner enjoyed the feel of the product, saying it was very realistic and much more comfortable than other penetrative toys we had used in the past. Unfortunately, though, I found the vibe insert becomes very painful for me during use (as it squishes against my anatomy) and would prevent me from being able to continue with movement after a short time, becoming frustrated. It also had a tendency to slip out of place (on me) and would smack against my pubic bone or inner thigh, as well as with the elastic pinching my skin around the area. You can understand how this would be frustrating and kill the mood. This was while wearing the underwear that is meant to work as a harness for the product.
    I have not used The Joystick as intended for quite some time (with the harness and vibe insert). I have instead repurposed the prosthetic as a sleeve for smaller penetrative toys (non-silicone), which works fine with a regular harness and is a great size for my partner (I have the 6′ model).

    As a few have said, the vibe insert stopped working right around the 3-month mark, and I mentioned above that I had found it kind of painful.

    I would suggest making a plain insert for this product that has the same shape and texture as the vibe insert for people who may not want to use the vibe attachment either occasionally or at all, for their own reasons. I personally cannot use it, as it is very painful for me, and would be interested in buying a specialized insert that can be used with a regular harness. I also find vibrators can be a bit of a site of dysphoria for me, but that’s not to speak for everyone.

    Overall, this is a beautiful product, it just didn’t work for me for various personal and anatomical reasons. I think a different prosthetic would be better suited to my needs and I intend to try that next. I’ll give The Joystick 4/5 stars.

  117. Jacob

    This is the closest I’ve ever come to totally forgetting my dysphoria. I didn’t think it was possible for me to experience satisfying sex and this product has proven otherwise. I’m so happy I found this!!!

  118. Samuel Ramos (verified owner)

    I’ve had the joystick for less than 2 months and the vibe went out. Everything else about it is fantastic. My wife enjoys it and when the vibe was working so did I.

    • Alex

      Oh no! Be aware that the vibe does have a 3 months warranty for any factory defects, so email us at and we’ll get it sorted out for you :)

  119. Rory (verified owner)

    Okay I just got it in the mail like 2 hours ago and I’m like IN LOVE. Yes I already used it haha. The vibe is great and I’ve never used a vibe before. I was sending videos and pics to friends and they’re amazed at how realistic it looks. I got the darkest color, I am an african american dude. It’s pretty close to my skin tone. Looks more realistic for me if I don’t shave down there. Can’t wait to use on my partner. You can pack with it, just takes some practice getting used to it and positioning and all that good stuff. I ordered it April 24th 2020, it shipped May 6th (Wednesday) and I got it May 11th(Monday). Thank you!!

  120. El (verified owner) by far one of the most realistic dicks I’ve ever had. I literally stick my hand down my pants I don’t know how many times a day because it just feels so much like me. It warms up to your skin in a little over 45 minutes, which my girlfriend said she enjoys much more than what she would if it weren’t my skin temperature. Sex. Is. Amazing. I just use a little jizz lube and a little water to fill mine up, but being able to see myself literally cum, has got to be one of the best things that could ever happen to me. It’s so real. I suggest every single dude to purchase one if they’ve got the funds.

  121. Lance (verified owner)

    I have been transitioning for almost 11 years now. I purchased the Joystick and it is by far the most INCREDIBLE pack&play I have ever purchased in my lifetime and I will never purchase anything else! (Other than the Bionic of course! ????????) The moment my wife and I used it for the first time, it was such an indescribable moment that almost brought tears to my eyes. 10/10 recommend. I will never purchase a different pack&play ever again. TransThetics for life! ????????

  122. Anonymous

    I ordered the 6 inch and my partner and I love it. I love just wearing it around the house (I’m a little too self conscious to wear it in public). My partner says it looks completely natural on me both packing and in bed and that it feels really natural, too. I also got the head attachment which I highly recommend—the vibe is amazing, but the head attachment really helps reach my anatomy when we’re using it at different angles. I’m really glad I got the 6 inch because its definitely hefty, but not overwhelming to use or wear. I managed to get it a little over a week after I placed my order which was amazing and the packaging itself was fantastic! I’m wearing it now and it really feels like a part of me. Thank you!!

  123. A Tapia (verified owner)

    The product is exactly what you’re looking for! The visuals are amazing both masturbating and with a partner, the medium skin tone was perfect, and along with being able to stroke your penis (and get off!) gives so much relief to bottom dysphoria.
    Now for my partners review for those interested, my girlfriend says it feels real inside of her and that the 6′ was the perfect size (shaft & girth), but she couldn’t really feel the vibe as much (compared to me) when things got more intense; NONETHELESS, all was a success for both sides of the party. The only problem we had was I needed to use the attachment (which added another inch) and wear a harness, instead of the underwear the company suggest with the loop, for better stability and length since youre coming out your underwear. With the harness and I wore American Eagle boxer briefs it has been smooth sailing since.

    Note: It will take a minute to find what positions work best for both you and your partner, although its an amazing product there is still a learning curve! Lastly, be in a good mental state and have comfort with your partner because the learning curve can hurt mentally, but once you get it down EVERY moment is worth it.
    Thank you Alex!

  124. Lauren Couch (verified owner)

    The customer service for Transthetics is the best you could ever imagine. I got my 7-inch in the darkest color in May and I’m coming back to write a review after so much time because I just realized that there is a condom included in the packaging!!! Transthetics advises you to use a condom on the vibe so there’s a barrier between the silicone shaft sleeve and vibe insert. The only thing more that they could have done to make this product easy and fun to use is include an elastic with needle and thread for customizing your underwear to hold the thing. I’m amazed at the level of thoughtfulness, and so grateful. <3 I gave this beautiful product 4 stars because it doesn't have testicles and I'm still learning how to make it work for my body.

  125. Alexander L. (verified owner)

    The Joystick is absolutely perfect in everyday! The look, the feel, length, girth. Its perfect, I have used this with my wife multiple times a day for close to a week now and its hands down the best prosthetic that I have ever owned. My bottom dysphoria is not gone and probably will never be gone until I get surgery. But this product is a gift that makes me feel more comfortable with my wife when things get intimate, I’ve always been a sexual being but with dyphoria I could never connect with my wife how I wanted to. But this product has changed that for me. My wife and I cant keep our hands off of each other now! I know the price is expensive for a lot of people including myself but it is worth every penny! Highly recommend!

  126. Evan (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing! I’ve had to replace it a few times due to other circumstances and everytime the customer service has been amazing. Anytime I’ve had a concern it’s been handled immediately with amazing communication. When I pack with this it’s amazingly comfortable and very natural looking. And for play it’s perfect. It doesn’t give me any dysphoria due to the lack of harness and how realistic it is. My fiancée agrees completely as well as sometimes she forgets it isn’t always attached to me. It’s genuinely perfect for me. I recommend this company and this product above any other because of the quality of ownership as well as the quality of the product

  127. Kassidy Autumn (verified owner)

    I use this as a daily packer and for it’s intended sexual functions without any issue and it really looks and feels like part of my anatomy. Great product with awesome touches such as waterproofing and the lube reservoir.

  128. Theodore (verified owner)

    This prosthetic is life-changing. Truly life-changing. I never imagined being able to have sex without dysphoria, but now I can. It’s amazing. My only improvement would be offering a smaller size. I am 5’3″ and the 6″ is still too big for my body and can cause my partner soreness. But, overall. THANK YOU to Transthetics and HIGHLY recommend this if you’re considering it.

  129. Lee (verified owner)

    The Joystick has been one hell of a relief! It looks realistic and I love just holding/looking at it tbh.
    Packing with it is amazing; my confidence has increased when wearing it both in public and in private. Do keep in mind, though, that you might have to adjust it a bit to find the perfect spot for it. I sewed loops into my underwear to where it works for me and I have had no problems.
    The vibe is also amazing. I have yet to try it during sex, but it has been great to masturbate with.
    I am so glad this company exists and for making this product!

  130. Mael (verified owner)

    I’ve just gotten my hands on the Joystick and it is incredible. Not only does it look realistic but it also it feels like it too. It pleases me and my partner in the bedroom. It packs amazingly. Best prosthetic I’ve ever bought, it is worth every penny!

  131. Kyle

    Overall its an okay product but it was obvious when I first saw it, is that it doesn’t look as realistic in person as it looks in pictures. I also didn’t like the material the sleeve is made of.
    Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely the best penetration toy for ftms I’ve seen+used considering that not only does it penetrate and pleasure the receiver but it also pleasures the user.
    The thing that annoys me the most about this product is the fact that it has a terrible battery, dies after a 30min session. Not only that but the charger itself became dysfunctional within the week of having got it. I’m angry and feeling scammed for having paid so much for something so dysfunctional. I appreciate the aesthetic, the sensation, how it makes my dysphoria crawl back into the dark hole it came from, but I am disappointed of how much this product did not reach it’s full potential.
    I don’t have a lot of money. It’s taken me years to afford this product so the fact that when I finally was able to obtain one of my own, it’s really enraging how much of a technical failure this product has proven to be.

    • Alex Just

      The vibe should definitely not be dying after 30 mins with a fresh charge. Be aware that we do have a 90 day warranty and it sounds like perhaps you have a faulty charger or that there is a battery issue. If you email us we can trouble shoot what’s going on and can send you a replacement if you have received a faulty product.

  132. Riley M. (verified owner)

    Originally, I had doubts. I bought it for my boyfriend (pre T) and I (1yr T) to see if we could make things a bit less dysphoric during the rare intimate times we had. Alex, I don’t know what sorcery you’re pulling here but you have made my intimate experiences comfortable for the first time ever. My bf was a bit put off by the realism but has since warmed up to it. It’s wonderful in all aspects; giving, receiving, and solo. Only complaint between us is that the vibe gets pretty warm after a while. 9.5/10 you are a freaking wizard!

  133. Adrian (verified owner)

    Trans the tic Joystick 2.0 review

    I purchased the joystick after much research on a life like prosthetic. I spent the greater part of 10 years “researching” dongs as much as possible on my limited funding. No one ever notes how long this process can take to find a good brand lol.
    Finally, I’m able to purchase a “real” prosthetic (meaning I’m able to spend over $250) and I was excited to try Transthetics product. Shipping was great, communication with n the front end was a dream – thank you!
    Here is my review of the dong – it has great aesthetic, looks very live and real. Colored raised veins, nice tip and details. Feels pretty solid to touch.
    My partner gets off on it, but it’s hard for me to do the same while wearing it. I primarily use Spare Parts harness, but tried to do the elastic-in-boxers method explained in the packaging. This really did not work for me, and caused a lot of dysphoria. My partner can get off with it, but feels it is too hard and thick for her liking. I must admit, I feel the same. I have gone back to my previous model dong for now, still trying to find the right fit for me.

    I’m all for support of other trans folks, and many people have reviewed how well this product works for them. Unfortunately, I cannot agree for me personally. It does feel like a waste of money for me (what else is new… can’t feel dongs before purchase ever, even in stores!).
    I do like how it looks real and it’s ejaculation system is really cool if you use it. I wish I could give it more stars, but since I am onto other products after trying this diligently for 3 months, I can’t get behind it.
    Hopefully it works for you, but sometimes it takes a few tries but sometimes it takes a couple years to find something that works for you. Best of luck, Brothers. Godspeed throughout your journey.

    • Alex

      Hi Adrian, seeing it seems your issue is with the boxer briefs, have you tried modifying a pair of briefs that fit you well, to incorporate the loop? As I mention on the product page, the boxer briefs tend not to work as well as the briefs for the Joystick just because of the inherent shape of boxers, so I suspect that finding a pair of briefs you really like and modifying those will greatly improve your experience. In regards to firmness, this is such a personal thing and we get just as many people telling us it’s too soft, as that it’s too hard. Basically, we’re trying to emulate the firmness of a natural erection, but that of course, varies too. It also sounds like you might have enjoyed the 6″ model more than the 7″ model seeing you found it too large. (Again, that’s just a personal preference thing.) And lastly, this product is definitely not designed to be worn with a harness, as the positioning would just be all wrong. I’m hoping my suggestion of experimenting with your own underwear is helpful!

  134. Emil (verified owner)

    I used to really enjoy this product, especially for solo play. For partner play, it didn’t really work for me because of the placement of the vibe on my junk (just felt too much, and didn’t sit properly in place). For me the best was the ejaculation reservoir and that it looked so realistic.

    Unfortunately, after not even a year of use, the vibe broke even though I specifically stored it separately from the sleeve (silicone on silicone is not good), and I have no idea why it broke. The owner of the company told me to buy a new separate vibe, but honestly, I can’t afford putting another 80 dollars + shipping to Europe for something that is obviously just bad quality, especially after spending so much money on the product already. Feeling extremely disappointed in this product and the treatment I got from the owners. Such a shame from what I thought was a great company.

    • Alex

      We do have a 90 day warranty for any issues with the product. I can see from your email that the issue with your vibe was due to direct silicone on silicone contact and we do advise that you always put an unlubricated condom over the vibe before inserting into the Joystick, because if you don’t then eventually over time (you’ve had yours over a year) what you are describing in your email will happen, ie the silicone of the vibe handle will start to grow ever so slightly. We did also offer you 50% off a replacement as we understand that people can miss this information. We do try to be as transparent about this as possible, supplying a condom with the product and also addressing it in the instructions.

  135. Kyle

    I posted a review back in August about how the battery died fast. Turned out it was in fact a technical problem so, my bad. They were nice and fixed the issue.

    I stick by what I said about the aesthetic being a bit unrealistic but it’s only a bit. Overall I like it. It eases my dysphoria and honestly that’s my only goal. Before buying this you should ask yourself “how am I going to even myself out?”

  136. Alex (verified owner)

    Genuinely gutted with how let down by this I was. Dropped almost an entire months rent on it only for it to arrive damaged, with zero instructions on how to charge it, and it doesn’t even fit my body. The design is beautiful and it really is realistic but wow am I heartbroken about it not working properly for me.

    • Alex

      Hi Alex, I just reached out to you by email to see what’s going on and what issues you’re having, as you didn’t get in touch with us to let us know that your package arrived damaged, which I’m so sorry to hear!

      In any case, you’ll find comprehensive instructions in the confirmation email we sent you, so I’ve resent that to you in case you missed it.

      Just get in touch and we’ll get this sorted :)

  137. Sloane (verified owner)

    This product is worth every penny. It works brilliantly and is easier to use than I thought it would be at first glance. It’s been great!
    Only thing I’d say is that, at least for me, the jelly slip for the vibe is essential.
    Regardless, it’s a hundred steps up from anythimg I’ve used before.

  138. Jesse (verified owner)

    I bought this back in July and loved every minute of it, it’s honestly one of the best prosthetics I’ve owned. My only complaint was after 6 months the motor in the vibe is going and now it doesn’t want to turn on even with a full charge.

    • Alex

      I’m sorry to hear that! Do you have one of the red vibes or the new black vibe? The new black vibe does have much better components now, and you can buy just a replacement vibe here without having to buy another joystick.

  139. Rory (verified owner)

    Holy crap, my dudes. Holy crap. I’ve been waiting to order this basically ever since I came out a couple of years ago, and I finally did (because I finally have a partner and a good reason to drop this kind of cash) and I have to say, I’ve only even had the chance to try it out solo play so far (it just came in the mail two days ago) but it’s definitely lived up to the expectations that so many of these other reviews (and Chase Ross’s review) set up for it. Honestly, the feel of it just does me in. I can’t get over how it feels in my hand, even when I’m not wearing it. Just in general, the weight of it and texture of it is amazing, and I can’t get over how real it feels, especially when I’ve got it on for solo play. And Chase was also right… i don’t know how it’s possible, but the design is such that I can actually tell the difference between different kinds of touches. I SWEAR i can feel if I’m just like, rubbing the head or stroking the shaft with a palm or with a few fingers. Something about the way it stimulates you (even with the vibe off) is just… I guess precise enough that it picks up the different movements enough to make it feel so much more realistic than I expected? And yeah, looking down, it looks real, it looks like it’s just a dick you pulled out of your pants, and that helps immensely. I have never felt more natural or comfortable with solo play, and i never imagined I could enjoy it this much.
    I can’t WAIT to try this out with my partner in a few days… I decided against buying the budgies, but I’ve sewn in some loops into some of my tighter fitting trunks, and have tested it out standing and testing ways to position the waistband that make it more stable, with a fair amount of success. Honestly, the tip to twist it around a couple times after securing it into the loop really makes a difference, I feel like i can tug on it pretty hard and it’s not going anywhere. I’ll obvs have to take it out for a ride (haha) and see, but I have faith it’ll work at least decently well without a harness. Also, it was nice to be able to position the loops where I wanted? I put them a little further back then the video showed, and it helped with keeping it more secure when you pull on it?

    So far I give this a hard and fast 10/10, A++++ would recommend, screw 5 stars, gimme 11. I’ll probs come back and update after I’ve tested it out a bit with partner play but yeah, Alex, THANK YOU for all you’ve done for this community. I could seriously kiss you. This is officially the BEST thing I own by FAR. ldfjalfadlfj <3

  140. Jarenvogt (verified owner)

    I just received the Joystick 2.0 yesterday. It is life changing for sure. I used it solo a few times and loved it. The only thing I am bummed about is using it with my partner. No matter what position we tried, it kept getting pushed back. I tightened it in the loop and it continued to have the same issue. I’m hoping there is something I can do to keep it more sturdy. If I can- it will be the PERFECT piece I have ever owned.

    • Alex

      Did you order the Budgies or did you modify your own underwear? From what you are describing, it sounds like the loop may be a bit too far back for you. If you email us at we can workshop this with you :)

  141. Dean

    Y’all. This thing. It’s worth the money. There’s something about it… it feels so natural, it feels like how I’ve dreamt having a dick would feel like forever. Using it feels like something clicking in my brain and helping me learn to love my body. Plus it feels really, really good!

    So far I’ve only used this in solo play but it’s amazing. Every last detail has been thought of. It looks amazing, the texture is satisfying to the touch, the lube cavity really comes in handy and gives a nice visual and it’s easy to learn how to use. I’m looking forward to gaining full confidence with this piece and using it with my partner. There are tons of settings on the vibe which I’m sure in time I’ll get into, but right now I’m just having fun playing with and touching my own dick for the first time, and it rules.

    The one semi-negative thing I will say is that I have long labia and sometimes they can get pinched between the vibe and the sheath, which doesn’t feel great so when you’re placing it against your body just make sure all of your skin is in the right place.

    • Alex

      Thanks for the great review Dean! Just wanted to mention, that if the vibe is inserted all the way, there should be no way that it can pinch you. It could be that if you have the elastic loop positioned the wrong way around, that this could potentially pinch you, but as long as that’s the right way around, ie the base of the loop is on the opposite side of the vibe head to your body, this also should not happen.

  142. CWTL (verified owner)

    First and foremost, Alex, thank you *thank you* for creating such an amazing product. My SO and I love it ♥ We’ve both tried the receiving and giving ends of it, and we couldn’t be happier. This has been an improvement in our quality of bedroom time, but it’s also been amazing for solo play! The Joystick’s also helped ease my bottom dysphoria, and I didn’t think it would be possible without HRT or bottom surgery. Best of all, it’s helped me feel even more secure with my being a transmasc nonbinary without being on HRT.

    For anybody else wondering if this is right for them, I hope this review helps you:
    1) The softness and texture of the silicone is A+. Has a wonderful give and the skin tone appears realistic (between one white and one white/Asian in this queer couple)
    2) The vibe is definitely not anything to be embarrassed about, and it certainly doesn’t sacrifice the intensity levels for it. Also the variation of the vibe is fantastic. Consider getting the wireless ring for some convenience.
    3) Per my SO, the noise of the vibe didn’t break immersion and they described it as getting a very pleasant massage while they were bottoming from top.
    4) While not easy, it is doable without the Budgie briefs or a modified underwear with the loop if you’re planning to do some play with your partner. We used the Spare Parts harness to try and keep it in place, but that of course defeated the purpose of it being a strapless. It served well for a test run at least! You just won’t get the full experience as well because the vibe would be moving away from your parts. Either ways, if you’ve got a harness, it doesn’t hurt to have it as a back up, but it definitely works better with it being nestled in your underwear.
    5) As for solo play, hands down, it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had with the Joystick. Even if you don’t have a Budgie briefs/boxer briefs, if you’ve got a pair of snug underwear, this can help it stay in place while masturbating. That said, I can’t wait for our order of the Budgies so I can do some more comparison :)

    Key note: Having some water-based lube in the reservoir of the Joystick really helps with the ease of stroking, and that just adds more to the immersion. I truly and honestly felt like I a had a phallus that was a natural part of my body.

    Few other things to keep in mind while maintaining the Joystick:
    1) The battery charges within the hour or less. Definitely keep a timer so you don’t lose track and accidentally overcharge.
    2) Charge the vibe fully before playing with your partner. The charge actually holds well after a couple rounds of solo play over a week, but definitely hook it up if you’re planning on some fun time with your lover.
    3) The wireless ring is a handy accessory, but can be finicky if the vibe charge is weakening.

    Whether you’re trans, nonbinary, or wherever else you’re on the spectrum, I would highly recommend it. It’s worth the investment, and definitely worth the happy times that will come with it ^_^

  143. Jess (verified owner)

    I’ve used the joystick already way more than I expected to. I also love it even more than I was prepared for. It’s almost addicting because of how well it works and how great it feels. It also arrived much sooner than I expected.

    The detail on the look and texture of the sheath is incredible and really brings a lot of the value to it.
    The ejaculation reservoir is really easy to fill with the syringe, easy to use once you find a good place to squeeze, and it adds incredible immersion.
    The vibe is a great size and texture for me personally.
    The amount of settings on the vibe are really fun to explore and some of them are so well done.
    The intensity of the vibe almost seemed like too much….until you try it. Maybe not for everyone, but I have zero complaints on intensity.
    Even without the vibe turned on, you can still feel great, whether it’s solo or with someone.
    If you use lube during solo play, stroking becomes much easier but also so much more realistic.
    Even though the button does go under the sheath once the vibe is inserted, you can still press it if you find the right place to keep you immersed, which I love, especially cause I didn’t preferably want to use the ring.
    The guide that comes with the package is very helpful and answers a lot of questions that I did have at first.

    While I love the amount of settings on the vibe, if you want a specific one, it can take a bit to find it again.
    The charge time isn’t very long which is great, but you have to make sure you keep track of when you charge it as to not overcharge.
    More of a personal complaint, I wish there was a model available with some kind of testicles. I know this can of course up the cost and may not be plausible with the design, though.

    Overall, I have way more good to say about this than bad. I can’t say anything about packing cause I haven’t tried it and don’t plan to, mainly cause of the size.
    But I would highly recommend this to any trans guy or trans masculine person feeling bottom dysphoria during sex or masturbating. I can’t imagine not using it now that I’ve been able to.

  144. stephen (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome for me!

    Finally, solo play feels 95% orgasmic delight. I don’t know about playing with partners because of covid and my main lover (cismale, pansexual obviously) is confined in a foreign country. I hope to try it on him sometime. I hope he can come with the vibrations (when I am on top with joystick).

    It took me a few go to get used to the vibration things on my little dick though, because of not being used to that on it, may be because of my dysphoria too. Anyway, this joystick even with no balls like other packers or play dicks or ppp ones you name it, as I have a collection of them, the joystick really made feel complete for solo play with the ejaculation bit of course.

    One thing that might show how good the product is that now, I tend to come too quickly . Am I getting bored ? I might try the lollipop LOL, I don’t like the idea, but …?

    Thank you so much transthetics for the joystick!

  145. Seb (verified owner)

    The joystick has brought sexual pleasure to a whole new level, and the reservoir, gosh, adds to the game a lot.
    However, there are a few things that I wish were different to help with my dysphoria:
    – I wish this prosthetic would come with testicles to make it even more realistic and to allow me to “fill my boxers” in the way I always wanted…
    – I think it would be nice if the vibe could come in matching skin colour to make it more discrete, and in this way, allow it to be perceived more as part of your genitalia rather than an additional feature that stimulates your parts.
    – Of course, if there was a pack-pee-play option, I would be in heaven.

  146. regretfulpolarbear (verified owner)

    I got this thinking it would improve bottom dysphoria but not really help it, oh man was I wrong. I was worried it wouldn’t work for packing and I feel like it won’t but what I did was sold my emisil gen 3 and I got a Mr limpy and then this with the money I made from it. I thought it would be so big it’s unrealistic but the 6 inch is really good. I definitely think it’s worth the wait because it just makes you feel complete. I can’t stop smiling and it’s such a weird thing to be happy about but I am. I tried it as soon as I got it in the mail and it just felt so real. The guy chase from youtube who reviewed this had a big part in my decision to get it but I feel the exact same way as he does about this. It feels like mine. Please if you have the money literally just buy it it’s the best out there and i feel like a man. like a real man. The only thing is that you don’t have to buy the underwear just wear really tight underwear and it works fine. I was really skeptical about the insert into the prosthetic but you don’t really notice it because it’s what makes you able to just focus on the junk, not the friction that you have to make and put it into weird positions to get it to work for you, it works. and then finishing is what probably makes me feel the most dysphoric but its gone, I can physically see something come out of the prosthetic and that connects in my brain so nicely. I don’t think I’ll be coming out of my room for a while. THIS is what sex is supposed to feel like and I never thought it would be possible as a SUPER dysphoric guy, but it is. Alex you are a GOD.

  147. charlie

    I wanted to love this. I really did. This was my dream layout for a prosthetic.

    Unfortunately, there’s a crucial design flaw that ruins it for me. The tight sheath over the vibrator button has a tendency to press down on it — and to make it worse, the button is right where I’m inclined to put a hand on the prosthetic for better control. With a harness it’s even worse: ring presses on button, vibrator turns off.

    As a result, the vibrator ends up getting turned off randomly ALL THE TIME. I’m talking several times per session. It makes it impossible for me to get off with this thing. I’m really sad! It’s gorgeous, it makes me feel great about my body, my partner loves sucking it … but I just can’t use it.

    • Alex

      Hi Charlie, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it! It really shouldn’t be possible to turn it off accidentally as you need to press down the button continuously for around 3 seconds to turn it off. It CAN sometimes turn off by itself if the battery is getting low, so it may just need a recharge? Also, it’s not really designed to be worn with a harness. You might have more luck if you just modify snug fitting underwear as per the demo video, or purchase some Transthetics Budgie underwear. I hope that’s helpful!

  148. Arden (verified owner)

    Best dick shaped water gun on the market.

  149. Sindre (verified owner)

    I had never pleasured myself before getting this. I just never felt inclined, because the anatomy was wrong. This product changed that. Big time. It actually eased a lot of anxiety I’ve had, and given me the “release” I’ve yearned for for years. I would recommend it to any trans man who has felt the same way as I did. Any sexual frustration will go out the window.

  150. Dee (verified owner)

    Amazing product- the joystick fits well, provides stimulation for the wearer and is comfortable to wear. Also, the customer service at Transthetics is pretty great!!

  151. Danni Stone (verified owner)

    Soooo I have always had issue of having a high sex drive but alot of bottom disphoria which obviously has caused alot of frustration and disconnect throughout my life… Until I bought the joystick! And that’s saying something.

    I have tried stay ons and that before but always felt they weren’t part of me as you don’t feel anything, and I could not cope with the harnesses as they caused me a large amount of disphoria.
    The joystick has changed everything!
    I first saw it reviewed by Chase Ross and knew straight away that I had to get it. Both solo and with a partner I feel connected to it. I can feel it and it pleasures me as well as the receiver, it looks like a part of me annnnnnd I can erectulate! Something I have always wanted to be able to do and has caused me alot of disphoria the fact that I cannot naturally. I don’t have to use a harness ( I modified my own briefs for my member) and wearing breifs doesn’t phase me at all.
    This really has been the best thing that has happened to my sex life and I can’t thank you enough Alex.
    I will say that now I have my joystick I can’t imagine sex without it!!
    Worth all the money!!!

  152. alexcurtis (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  153. Anikan (verified owner)

    Its been said before, but this is actually life changing! Its even better than I hoped it would be. The texture is perfect and very realistic, its the perfect amount of firm while still feeling real, the ejaculation is mind blowing, and the vibe has so many settings. I’ve always felt a phantom limb thing going on down there, and it feels like magic to actually be able to see and feel a real version of that. It feels like my body is finally whole. Worth every penny, amazingly affirming and beautifully made. Ten outta ten.

  154. Conner (verified owner)

    This has absolutely changed my life. I’ve never enjoyed sex more, I’ve been able to just be in the moment with my girlfriend , and not have to worry about my dysphoria. Jacking off is just…. WOW. It’s how it was supposed to be. I’ve only had it for a week but I can’t remember my life without it!

  155. Cam (verified owner)

    I’ve always felt so much more at home in my body while using a dildo as a prosthetic during solo play, but unfortunately I’m someone who all but needs a vibrator to get off, so the prospect of a two-in-one device was super exciting to me. At first I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work for me, as I’ve struggled in the past with anything less hefty than a Magic Wand not having a strong enough vibration setting for me, but the functionality of the Joystick absolutely blew me away. I’ve only used it a few times so far, but the vibrator is plenty strong, and the Budgies do a great job at keeping it secure against my bottom growth while also providing a solid amount of pressure, which is great if you’re like me and aren’t particularly sensitive.

    Aesthetically, the quality of the Joystick is fantastic. It looks very much like a flesh and blood dick, and the texture of the silicone also feels extremely natural. My only nitpick is that I haven’t had much success getting the ejaculation reservoir to squirt in quite the way that I was hoping it would, especially if I’ve lubed up the exterior of the Joystick, but I probably just need to practice with it some more (and honestly, I would still give it five stars even if the reservoir were completely inoperable).

    Overall an amazing product, and I can’t wait to continue using it!

  156. AJF

    Great product. My only complaint is that the vibrator tends to crap out after a few months use, as I’ve had the product for about a year and have already gone through two vibrators with light regularish use. Not sure why that is, but I like the product otherwise. Good stuff

    • Alex

      Thanks for the review! This may be a case of silicone on silicone exposure. Frustratingly the silicones used for prosthetics interact with the silicone plastics used to make sex toys, ie the vibrator, so it’s recommended you protect the vibe from exposure to the Joystick sheath by putting an unlubricated condom over the vibe before insertion or else, the silicone on the vibe will slowly expand over time, meaning it will not longer be watertight and moisture can get in to the unit causing it to fail.

  157. Blaine Rizzo (verified owner)

    I’ve never had much luck with packing in the past, but the Joystick has fixed that, I’m very satisfied with my choice to purchase this product. It looks very natural and packs very easily with and without the vibe inserted, though I prefer with the vibe inserted. I’m a short and small guy (5’3″) so I’ve always been anxious about prosthetics looking too big or unnatural, but the Joystick has been very good to me. My only regret is not buying more of the budgies as I like the way they look and fit with the Joystick and all my other underwear is not compatible with packing (again due to me being a small guy and normal sizes not fitting me). If you’re on the fence about purchasing all I can say is you don’t know if it’s right for you unless you try it and it may just change everything.

  158. Hayden (verified owner)

    Vibrator broke
    used it during masturbation where it broke even though I laid on my back and wasn’t violent at all with it. The intensity decreased and right after the vibe was finicky turning on and off with a very low vibration it stopped vibrating all together. Only got to use it once during sex with an anal virgin so wasn’t violent there neither. Otherwise 10/10! I suggest there being a magnetic charger instead of an insertable charger as the insert also wears over time with the silicone though this was not the problem that caused my vibrator to break I do not know what was wrong with it.

  159. LS (verified owner)

    I just received the Joystick in the mail a few days ago, but it’s already done quite a bit for me. I’m a lifeguard and I don’t pack at all during my shift, but after work, I walk maybe a mile or so to my girlfriends’ house. I sewed elastic into my underwear myself (very, very minimal sewing skills) and worried so much it wouldn’t hold. Surprisingly, nothing moved! Personally, I really like how it packs — I normally hate packing up, but it was really comfortable throughout an entire walk and even later when I went to the store.
    I rarely experience dysphoria anymore but when I do, it’s almost always around sex. I also can’t get off without direct stimulation from a vibrator, so it’s made sex kind of tricky in the past. Today was the first time I used the Joystick with my girlfriend, and it was also the first time I was able to finish during sex. It’s crazy! She loves it as well — the size, the vibration, everything. It was the best we’ve had. It was a bit hard to get it positioned right when she was on top, but we’ll probably find a way to make it work with time.
    Speaking of time, I think that’s the biggest thing w/ the Joystick. I’ve had a few little ‘hiccups’ that I couldn’t figure out by reading the manual, but were resolved just by playing around a bit. I thought the vibrator charge was being weird, but through a bit of messing about, I found that I have to hold down and press once to turn it on. I had trouble filling the ejac reservoir, but I figured out that I need to push the syringe down harder. It’s been a bit of trial and error, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I love it so far. It’s definitely changed the game for me and my gf, and I couldn’t be happier.

  160. Miller

    Finally got my order. After working out kinks myself, had an unimaginable time with my wife. Feels good to her, feels good to me. Only thing wanted, is more length in my wife’s opinion. Any chance of producing an 8 or 9″ joystick for persons who want just a little bit more? Nevertheless, she can’t keep her hands off me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  161. JR (verified owner)

    Could not be more happy with this purchase. Feels super natural and warms to my body temperature – really feels like a part of me. I was on the fence about the cost but it is so worth it and seems like a product that will last a long time. I opted to sew a loop into my own underwear – it was very easy to do and stays in place even through many washes. And the feeling of being able to ejaculate is incredible.

  162. Remy (verified owner)

    This toy is amazing. It’s difficult to put into words. I’ve generally been pretty happy with my bottom growth and don’t feel like I want surgery. But the Joystick gives me so much gender euphoria and it feels like it’s mine. My partner was VERY impressed with how realistic it looked on me.

    I’ve never cum as fast as I do with the joystick. Solo AND with my partner. “I’ve never seen you make that sort of face before, wow. It was amazing!”

    The only thing that has been difficult to navigate is the vibrator. Even with the remote I was struggling. But I think that’s more user error than the toy itself. STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY.

  163. Gel (verified owner)

    This is my second time ordering the Joystick. never a complain from me or a partner. It’s soft and beautifully crafted and really feels as close to the real thing as you can get w/out surgery (or at least i’d have to imagine). Thank you transthetics crew for the TLC in these products!

  164. Jacki Eli (verified owner)

    I love my Joystick. It has boosted my confidence as a preT transmasc person. I’ve used it twice in solo sessions and it takes pleasure to the next level. I really like the realistic details, from the veins to how firm it is to grasp. I got the 6inch version and it packs well with loose jeans or sweatpants. This was my first time using a prosthetic for play and I’m glad I chose this product. Can’t wait to use it with a partner. Thanks Transthetics team!

  165. Reece (verified owner)

    I finally found a product that gives me (the wearer) as much pleasure as my partner. It was a little tricky to get used too at first, as with anything, but I love it! Now I don’t have to sacrifice being able to feel whenever I top.

  166. T (verified owner)

    NB ace spec here living in an area that is not safe to be myself. This is a really good product. It increased my confidence and I have really connected with myself as a person. I’m bolder, louder and more comfortable in my skin than ever before and it didn’t start until I was able to “handle things” in a way that feels more natural. I think the only downside is that it’s not as soft as some other products in your hands but I’m honestly not complaining. It does what it’s supposed to do with none of the dysphoria. My next partner and I will have more than enough fun with this. 10/10 would recommend, even if it’s just for solo play because you really can’t put a price tag on feeling like yourself.

  167. AC (verified owner)

    They joystick is amazing! I use it most of the times I masturbate and have found it so useful for sex. It just…. works. Feels so good, makes me feel so euphoric. I have such strong orgasms with this thing. At the moment I mostly use it solo but it’s great for sex. I bought another vibe so I could swap when the battery ran out as there is nothing worse than that running out. Really good to have for visual and feel and that jerking off motion. I never quite got the ejaculation feature to work as the lube always came out slowly. I got both sizes, as when I got it I had a partner who liked getting penetrated by very large things, but If I only chose one size I would go with the smaller. Works really well in the underwear but I had to spend an evening sewing all my boxer briefs.

  168. Jake (verified owner)

    Just received the joystick a few days ago. My partner couldn’t believe how realistic it looks and I love it!! Love, love, love! I recommend getting the two additional optional extras – the remote control ring and the sensory cap for the vibrator. I am SUPER happy with my purchase!

  169. Nine (verified owner)

    I bought it a few years ago and I really liked it at first though I find in solo play that the vibe is too much. I really like the appearance of it and the fact that you can put lub in the top. But I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it until very recently with a partner… And I was a very disappointed. Even with the boxer briefs specifically bought there with the little string, the joystick (1.0) never stayed in place, it would slip up constantly. It never followed my own movements either (the loop from the boxers being stretchy doesn’t help either). The base is so hard, it would crush my bits while trying to push. I ended up being very dysphoric and having to use my hand to manually keep the joystick on me to make movements, absolutely gutted. I cannot express how disappointing it was for me, I regret the purchase. I’m seeing that it’s a new version now, with a bigger base, so maybe it would slip up way less now, but I certainly cannot afford buying it again. I will probably try to make a strap or something, but it’s not “strap less” anymore in that case, it kinda defeat the purpose.
    Nevertheless thank you for your time to design those products.

  170. Anonymous

    No harness required making this a strapless strap on.
    Just adjust regular, snug fitting underwear by sewing a loop in the crotch to hold the Joystick in place (see demo video.)
    For $300 USD + shipping & handling ( That is $403 CAD in current exchange) it doesn’t include a “harness” like the title description refers to it as. what a joke regardless of it being realistic or not.
    no harness requited making this useless without a modification of either a new article of clothing or an already owned article. That needs adjusting first…..

    The Joystick 2.0 – Realistic Harness Free Pack and Play <——"REALIZTIC HARNESS" call it what it is then, a phallus.

  171. Paula Sissons (verified owner)

    I bought the joystick for some bedroom fun with my husband who is a trans male. We have purchased a number of prosthetics from other companies (including peacock), over the past couple of years but were yet to find a prosthetic that was fully functional/ ticked all the boxes….until we purchased the joystick! Firstly, customer service was amazing and Alex kept me up to date as my order was processing and also provided some really helpful information. Delivery to the uk was unusually quick and hassle free. I am a CIS female and from my perspective this prosthetic is just amazing. Unlike others on the market, it is soft to the touch but is still very firm when it has the insert in. This makes intercourse really natural as with other prosthetics, we found shafts were often too soft making them not very functional and even rods coming through the latex. No such issue with the joystick. It fits our existing harness. Colour, look and feel is realistic. We also purchased the ring which was great and meant that the vibe could be switched on easy during sex without any faff. We only turn on the vide towards the end as we both received immense pleasure without it but it was an added bonus as we came together. Haven’t used the spiky head yet but looking forward to seeing how this feels for my husband. All in all, this is the best model on the market and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a prosthetic. Love love love. Thanks you transletics!! Very very happy and satisfied customer :)

  172. Kevin

    Bought a year ago. Would not recommend to use for sex will need a harness they don’t sell one either does not stay in place with boxers and is quite thick more made for solo play I suppose. Does look realistic.

    • Alex

      Hi Kevin, it’s definitely not designed to be used with a generic harness as they mostly place the phallus against the pubic bone, so too high up for the wearer to get any pleasure from it. If you’re using it with the Budgies, it should stay in place pretty well, though the briefs do a better job of this than the boxer briefs just due to the nature of the shape of briefs vs boxers (ie briefs are a bit more harness shaped in terms of where the support is.) The trick really, is to make sure you have the waist band down low enough that you have three points of stabilization ie the elastic loop, the waistband and the head of the vibe pushing against your happy parts.

  173. Dan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I’m in my early 40s and had pretty much given up on ever having a functioning penis.

    Surgery doesn’t appeal to me and I was resigned to never being able to experience the kind of sexual activity that my brain was telling me I should be able to have. So frustrating to want to stroke your dick or use it to penetrate and not be able to because it’s not there!

    I was a bit unsure about buying this – it was a lot of money for me, especially as I bought the additional accessories and a spare vibe, but I’d seen really good reviews and decided to give it a go. It’s worth every penny, and more.

    It only arrived a few days ago and I’ve already had so much amazing fun with it! I’ve now used it for solo action as well as a few sessions with a partner.

    I can’t get over how incredible it feels to look down and see a dick there! It feels amazing – like I’m in a dream and like it can’t be real. The attachment process is very simple and harness free. I like that it attaches via underwear as it feels very natural. You just attach it to your underwear, put them on, and then pull it out from the top of the waistband. The underwear then functions as a harness, but without the dysphoria I get from harnesses. The detailing on the prosthetic is fantastic, with bluish veins and little creases around the head. It looks and feels very realistic, especially if you allow it to warm up to body temperature first.

    It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to penetrate totally hands free and be able to control it just by thrusting my hips. Because of this, it feels connected to me – like my dick rather than a dildo.

    I have a lot of dysphoria around my genitals, and although I think I’ll always feel sad that I don’t have a flesh and blood dick, this works phenomenally well in taking away the bulk of my dysphoria. It’s amazing to be able to interact with my penis and to have sex the way I want to. And it’s very pleasurable. It’s nothing short of joyous to be able to orgasm just from stroking my dick! All of my experiences with it so far have felt very right and very natural.

    I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase so far. I found myself wanting to cry after first using it for sex – in a good way. I’d advise anyone to go for it if you’re still on the fence about buying one.

    This item has made me so, so happy. I had high hopes for it and it has surpassed them.
    Thank you!

  174. M

    I’ve had a mixed experience with this prosthetic. The first few times I used it it worked really well, aesthetically it looks great, and it’s an amazing dysphoria reliever! However, about 6 months on, I was no longer able to use the prosthetic successfully. Despite infrequent use, the suction seems to have failed to work and it no longer stays attached to my body for more than a few secs, before slipping off. I’ve been on T for 3 years and fit the specs for being a suitable user of the prosthetic. This was disappointing given that I made sure to look after and store the product correctly.

    • Alex

      Hi M, thank you for the review! I wonder if you actually purchased the Hot Rod, which does attach directly to the body and hence utilizes some suction. The Joystick is not a suction prosthetic… Happy to work shop this with you if you email us directly at :)

  175. B (verified owner)

    This is literally the best thing ever. I am speechless. The fact that I can stroke my dick and feel good at the same time is life changing! It’s super realistic as well. Couldn’t ask for anything better with this prosthetic. The only thing I could wish for would be larger sizes of the budgie for us bigger ppl. Maybe like 2x and 3x. I know I can make my own but I would love to just be able to be able to buy them already set up. Other than that AMAZING. Thank you Alex!

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