The Hot Rod – Harness Free FTM Penis Extension for Play

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(56 customer reviews)

This harness free FTM penis extension, attaches to your natural anatomy without adhesives. It offers great sensation during solo or partner play.

Pimp it up with a basic bullet vibe or upgrade to the more deluxe remote control, rechargeable vibe

But before you buy, make sure the Hot Rod is right for you by reading the full product description below.

Current wait time is UP TO 2 weeks on dispatch.

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  • Basic Bullet Vibe for the Hot Rod (Batteries included) $12.00 USD
    Rechargeable Remote Control Bullet Vibe for the Hot Rod $65.00 USD

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* Patent pending

The Hot Rod (the big brother of the Rod) is a prosthetic packer and FtM penis extension that attaches to your natural anatomy without the need for adhesives or a harness, creating stimulation and suction for self play, as well as allowing for (gentle) penetrative sex without a harness.

The Hot Rod features:

A lubrication/ejaculation reservoir.

Just squeeze to squirt the reservoir that sits under the tip. Fill it with lube, water or anything you like using the small syringe supplied.

Wearer stimulation. The ideal FTM sex toy.

The unique internal design allows you to feel the entire shaft, and the internal ridges, give the wearer pleasure sensations with squeeze and push/pull motions of the shaft.

Optional vibe insert.

Just pop a bullet vibe into the shaft for an extra buzz. For a more deluxe experience, try the rechargeable remote control bullet vibe.

Adhesive and harness free.

Though adhesives may be used for extra stability.

Extremely easy to use.

Just roll and go, it’s literally as easy as putting on a sock.

A highly realistic FTM penis

even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency, each unit is hand crafted creating natural variations in skin tone.

Easy to clean,

with no powdering required, unlike most prosthetics, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just wash with PH neutral soap. A syringe is also supplied to allow you to flush out the lubrication reservoir.

Skin safe.

Made from high quality, prosthetics grade silicone, it’s the preferred material of special effects and prosthetic manufacturers world wide.

*Patent Pending

Watch the comparison video of the Basic Bullet Vibe and Remote Control Bullet Vibe.

Watch Chase Ross’s review

Is the Hot Rod right for me?


If you have not had any lower surgery, but have had at least one inch of growth from testosterone, or if you have had a meta (metoidioplasty) and are looking for a prosthetic that will allow for penetrative sex without the use of a harness.


If you are looking for a toy to have rough penetrative sex with, this is unlikely to work for you, as it will most likely come off in the heat of the moment.

Some other issues that have been reported are

Not staying on properly, due to a fleshy pubic bone, though if you have significant length, it will most likely still work for you even with a fleshy pubic bone.

Not staying on properly due to the position of testicular implants as the implants may want to push it off. (Though the majority of testers with testicular implants did not have this issue) In any case, this seemed to be able to be resolved by trimming a little off the bottom of the shaft to make room for testicles.

Being uncomfortable due to significant girth. For more than around 3.5 inches of girth, it seems to become uncomfortable due to being too tight. Again, this can usually be resolved by trimming the internal rings, which loosens the grip.

Not being able to be positioned forward far enough, due to a naturally low clitoris ie it ends up sitting too far between the legs and wants to come off when walking and can’t be positioned “up the pants” when packing.

Being uncomfortable due to pulling on the labia when positioning it upwards. For the majority of people this has not been an issue but if you can’t pull your natural anatomy forward very much, it might be.


If you experience pain, redness or excessive swelling DISCONTINUE USE! The Hot Rod should NOT be painful to wear! If it is, it is most likely too tight. Please contact me at if this is the case, and I can tell you how to make it looser.

Also, this product SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR PENETRATIVE ANAL SEX. The Hot Rod can easily detach from the wearer which means there is a risk of it getting lost in someone’s colon.

The Nuts and Bolts

What’s included:
• The super realistic Hot Rod
• Refill syringe
• Carry pouch

Add-on Products:

basic bullet vibe

Basic Bullet Vibe

remote control bullet vibe

Rechargeable Remote Control Bullet Vibe

Length: approx. 16cm or 6”
Girth: approx. 12cm or 5”

Without bullet vibe: approx. 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
With bullet vibe: approx. 130 grams or 4.5 ounces

High quality, skin safe, prosthetics grade silicone

C002 light, C004 medium or C006 dark



56 reviews for The Hot Rod – Harness Free FTM Penis Extension for Play

  1. AJ

    Having tried the bro sleeve and buck off, this thing is what I’ve been looking for. It’s the only masturbation sleeve that I’ve ever been able to orgasm with and I like it as much with the bullet vibe as without. I haven’t used it for partner play, but being able to jack off a dick that looks real and that you can actually FEEL is the most incredible feeling. And being able to cum while ejaculating is out of this world. This thing has quite literally changed by life!

  2. Jaxon

    It took me a bit of getting used to and playing around with what works. I got the basic bullet with it and for me, it works better without as I really like the sensation on my junk when I squeeze the air pocket in the shaft. I also totally get off on the visual. By far the best masturbation toy I’ve ever owned!

  3. Liam (verified owner)

    I own both this and the Joystick, and in terms of personal preference, the Hot Rod wins out. Here’s why:

    – Aesthetics:

    The Hot Rod is an incredibly good looker. The Joystick – while great – is larger and not super suitable (for me) as a packer. Additionally I feel like the detail on the Hot Rod is more realistic both visually and texturally; you can literally feel the veins in the silicone. As sex is about 90% psychological, this has a huge impact on how realistic the experience is. I rarely use the bullet vibe. This thing is good enough on its own!

    – Design and fit:

    The Hot Rod is incredibly versatile and once on, wants to stay on. I’ve found a couple of ways to get it to attach. Roll and go as demonstrated in Alex’s video, but also press against anatomy and squeeze the airpocket repeatedly to create suction. While this second way takes a little bit of testing and adjusting, it creates a hold that – for me – can literally stay on all day. If experimenting with this approach, I strongly recommend using a water based lubricant. It makes the process more effective and more comfortable. No matter which way you go, though, a prosthetic well designed enough to stay on without adhesive for a guy who works on his feet all day? Absolute godsend. If you’re on the fence about whether your growth is sufficient for this device, the suction method acts semi effectively as a penis pump, which probably would help for guys who aren’t super developed.

    – Sensation:

    What is there to say? This thing is incredible. The fact that it works well enough sans vibration bullet to keep me coming back for more (pun intended) is something I love about the Hot Rod. In terms of reduced dysphoria, this is the absolute closest I have ever been to feeling anatomically complete, because the level of sensation in the Hot Rod is unbelievable. You can literally feel every small movement it makes, and the realism of that while not needing a harness isn’t something to underestimate. My only regret is that because of the need for a closed air pocket, the Hot Rod cannot serve as an STP. If it could, it’d damn near be enough for me to not be saving for lower surgery. It’s legitimately that good.

    – Price and customer service:

    Because no two guys’ anatomy is the same, there is a little more risk in purchasing this than the Joystick, no doubt about it. But given the reduced price and Alex’s incredible customer service, if you’re even considering this, I’d suggest trying it. If you have issues, email him – I had a circuitry issue with the vibe insert for the Joystick and Alex walked me through some troubleshooting to confirm the problem, then replaced it free of charge with zero fuss. I have no doubt that if I’d run into issues with the Hot Rod he would have been just as helpful. Transthetics is – by far – my preferred vendor for prosthetics.

    In summary? If you’re considering this, it’s very likely to be worth the risk. Thanks again, Alex, for delivering a prosthetic that’s unmatched anywhere else on the market.

  4. Mat (verified owner)

    I have had this product for under a week and I feel confident in stating that it has been worth the price and wait.
    I feel that the reviews speak for themselves. I am extremely satisfied! Wonderful customer service and an overall wonderful product!

  5. Sai

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is the first prosthetic to actually help alleviate my dysphoria. It’s such a nice looking one too! It’s great in every way and is my new best friend.

  6. Jay

    First and foremost, this product has changed my life! I never imagined that I would be able to use something such as the Hot Rod, to be a true extension of my anatomy. Not only is it beyond words incredible to see, but I can also feel things, much like you described in your video. I can feel my wife orgasm! She says that it feels incredible and much more enjoyable than anything else we have ever used, that is much more natural. It also stays on very well!

    I have not had any bottom surgery to this point and I am a heavier guy (5’4” and 220 lbs, trying to change that). I knew it was taking a chance but I have really wanted to try the Hot Rod and I was blown away!

  7. Nick b (verified owner)

    This thing has changed my sex life for the better. It was difficult at first but after some practice it works amazing. My girlfriend also loves the feel of it. It’s very detailed and realistic which helps me mentally when having sex especially since there’s no straps for it. It does fall off sometimes but for how great it feels I think it’s worth it. Also was great that it came in a discreet package.

  8. Ray H (verified owner)

    I’ve had my hot rod for a couple of weeks and all I can say it that it’s AMAZING. I was concerned because I have a large hood and labia, however, I have learned how to ‘tuck it’ all in and the extra skin makes for even more fiction. It’s an incredible feeling. I have “come” with it also at the same time as achieving orgasm and have to say I never imagined it would feel so realistic.
    I knee it would be good, but I never expected this type of realism. Thank you.

  9. Chase (verified owner)

    I received my hot rod about a week or so after ordering, and man was I EXCITED!! I received it and immediately wanted to, well, try it on!! I had to trim down the base a little bit so that it would only suction my junk and not anything extra.

    Not only does this thing fit amazing.. it FEELS amazing. I feel like I lost my virginity for the first time, and that’s huge!!

    Side note on the Transthetics company themselves:

    The first time I saw it, I was a bit shocked at how pale the head was. I have the rod, and after comparing the two, I realized that my hot rod didn’t have the color in the head. I sent an email to Alex showing him the difference and within a day he responded and I now have a replacement on the way. This is why I’ll always deal with transthetics.

  10. Skye (verified owner)

    I was happy with this one! It definitely passed the test! Haven’t tried to penetrate another person yet but it did work great for self masterbation, it didn’t come off. Looks and feels real! Love the feature in the head. Definitely recommend it!

  11. Caboodles (verified owner)

    **Note: I have never bought a prosthetic before. I have bought a small dildo that could bend and was small enough to sort of pack though so I don’t have enough experience on prosthetics.

    After a lot of thinking (especially financially because I am a part time college student), I decided to get the hot rod without the vibe. It arrived relatively quick after receiving an email that it was in the mail. I was excited to try it out and did. It was a bit tricky to get on and use the first time, but it felt amazing when I used it. I did eventually trim a bit of the base down which helped.

    I haven’t used it for penetration yet.

    Getting this really helped me with my dysphoria.

  12. ace (verified owner)

    was unsure if it would work for me because my junk is closer to being directly between my legs but it is pretty awesome with some practice and figuring yourself out. i cant pack with it attached but i dont want to anyway :-0 i was shocked when i grabbed it through the package at how soft yet firm it felt

  13. Sandy

    Well worth it!

  14. Tiana

    The hot rod works great, thank you so much. Your creations are life changing!

  15. Seth

    My Hot Rod works great for all my needs. Here is some more detailed feedback on how it is working for me:

    1) I have never really enjoyed self-pleasure (or receiving oral) very much because of genital dysphoria, but the Hot Rod makes it a great experience! I have had a meta with UL and the suction cup sticks on to me really well, and the ribs on the inside of the Hot Rod feel great. I use a tiny bit of lube on the inside when suctioning it onto myself. I feel like I can feel most of what is happening to the Hot Rod as I stroke it/squeeze it because it’s so firmly attached to me.

    2) It works pretty well for oral too as long as the ejaculation reservoir isn’t filled, or as long as my partner doesn’t mind getting some in his mouth prematurely if he sucks on the tip in a certain way. My husband has figured out how to suck on it without opening the reservoir (most of the time) but there is a bit of a learning curve. I’m sure the Lollipop works even better for oral, but I find that the Hot Rod works pretty well for me. I really like how well it attaches. I also like having the ejaculation reservoir as an option, even if it sometimes opens prematurely – other times, it holds onto it’s contents until the end and is very fun.

    3) I have also had good luck using the Hot Rod for anal (with a condom). The Hot Rod doesn’t come detached from me very often, and even when it does, I haven’t had any issue with it going too far inside my partners. The slight flange of the suction cup base seems to encourage the Hot Rod to slip out, rather than slip further in. I originally wasn’t sure if the Hot Rod would be right for me because I only have anal sex and I’d read the caution against using the Hot Rod for that purpose. Obviously it’s still important to keep an eye on it and be careful that it doesn’t go too far inside, but I was relieved to discover that it didn’t actually seem to be too much of a problem. I’m not sure if anyone else out there is having similar thoughts, but I thought just in case it might be useful for me to share that I have successfully tried using it for anal without any issues. Of course I can’t guarantee it would work the same way for everyone, and everyone should still be careful to avoid letting the Hot Rod go too far inside – but in my experience it has not been a problem.

    4) I also really enjoy wearing the Hot Rod when I am receiving anal – it helps a lot with genital dysphoria. Before having the Hot Rod I would usually just try not to look at/think about my genitals too much during sex. I have tried wearing a strap on when bottoming and it helped a bit, but I don’t like the straps or how the base of the dildo squishes my genitals against my pubic bone. The Hot Rod had none of these problems! And now when bottoming I can enjoy looking at/touching myself as well as my partner reaching around to touch me. This is actually the primary purpose for which I bought the Hot Rod, since I wasn’t sure how well it would work for oral or anal penetration – but fortunately it works well for all 3 activities!

    All in all, the Hot Rod almost entirely eliminates my dysphoria, and I have never in my life been able to feel so good in my body.

  16. Karter

    My girlfriend gifted me the Hot Rod extension and I have really enjoyed it so far! I’ve had a whole lot of packers and sex toys to try and be as realistic as possible because my bottom dysphoria can get really bad a lot and this has been the best! I found I can use it to pack in looser pants and it’s great for my girlfriend and I. We’ve had no issue with it coming off of me and I love how realistic it looks; it really helps my dysphoria a wholeee lot. A really great product and I’ll definitely be recommending it when I can

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    I must say I am very disappointed with this product, which gets two stars for its appearance and the quality of its materials, but no stars in terms of fulfilling its purpose as advertised. Both I and my partner are trans men who have been on testosterone for over five years, and who have a good deal of growth “down there”–and yet neither of us could get the Hot Rod to attach to our bodies, not even for a second. (In order to get it to attach to your finger, you need to plunge the finger all the way into it, so that should give you some idea.) It is literally impossible for me to imagine how this product would remain attached to anyone for any kind of penetrative sex. Neither of us could even get it to attach to us for solo play, let alone for partnered sex.

    I wish the advertising for the Hot Rod were clearer and more honest about specifically what kinds of bodies this item works for. Based on our experience, if you don’t already have meta or a micropenis, it seems unlikely to attach to you. Especially since there is no harness that works with this product, and NO REFUNDS are provided, beware that you are dropping $200 on an item that may well not work for you.

    • Alex

      I’m really sorry to hear this. I do try to be as transparent as possible in the “Is the Hot Rod right for me” section as to whom it likely will and won’t work for. It definitely does work quite well for the majority of people, and to have it not work for both of you is very surprising. I did try to workshop this with you via email as it sounded like perhaps there may have been some usage issues such as you not rolling it back before trying to put it on as shown in the video or that possibly there may have been a flaw in your unit, but I haven’t had a response from you.

  18. Gavin (verified owner)

    I was nervous about purchasing this product. I have previously purchased the Bono (Joystick) thinking it would end my dysphoria but it did not. In fact, I was very upset about buying the bono. So when I went to buy the hot rod, I thought this was the next mistake I was making. After trying the rod though, I knew I needed to try this product. After some awkward trial and error, and a couple slip offs, I was able to figure out how to best put on this product. Let me tell you, once it was on, this is what I have always been searching for. I have tried every single prosthetic under the sun, from the highest end $2,000 dollar ones to the cheapest you can get I researched the market and NOTHING compares to this. The reason? For the first time you can feel what the prosthetic feels. I always wanted to feel the prosthetic whether it was being touched, or going in and out of things and for the first time, you have that sensation. Is it perfect? No, it is not human skin, but it nearly the most perfect product you can get. I will admit, you must not give up on this when trying to get it on correctly. It took me about 10 trials over 2 weeks to finally start getting it on right, but once I did, my world changed forever. Although the advertising says that you can not do missionary with this, I found this to not be true. I have never felt closer to a partner then using this product in missionary. I can only achieve missionary without the vibrator though. The vibrator does drastically affect my usage with the product and I prefer to not use a vibrator to increase the suction in the product.

    Will this product fall off during sex? Yes. But you are warned about this prior to purchase and the instruction sheet upon getting it even hopes you and your partner might have a couple good laughs about it coming off. But is it worth it, even though it slips off? Personally, I will never buy another prosthetic again. I feel as if this company truly listened to the concerns about the bono and changed my life with the Hot Rod. I am forever grateful for this product. For the first time, in 23 years, I am considering not getting bottom surgery because this prosthetic has eliminated my dysphoria to practically nothing, a day I never thought would come.

  19. Kris

    I was afraid this wouldn’t work for me but now I can’t imagine not having it! You know how fun it is to shower and look down and see this thing? Lather it up like it’s real and…go to town? Omg this is amazing! Still haven’t tried it in bed but hopefully will soon ????. Btw I’m a husky guy with a bit of chunk in the front but this things sticks and stays stuck…in fact I ended up getting stuck in it once. No harm done just a little….well harder after ????

  20. Jayd (verified owner)

    This product looks amazing and the length is perfect for its purpose. However you cannot use this product with someone you are not comfortable with. It falls off during sex sometimes, especially your first couple times using it. The pleasure makes it all worth it, as long as you are with a partner that is supportive and can brush it off. If this will make you super insecure though I would not recommend it for sex as it is inevitably going to fall off and can cause some dysphoria. Packing with it is a little hard as well because you can’t leave it attached for long periods of time as it can start to be a little uncomfortable or it will just fall off. But for me the product works with my partner and I well and masturbation is a whole new experience.

  21. Neal (verified owner)

    Firstly, be patient with the hot rod when you first get it. I got frustrated when I couldn’t get it to attach as shown in the videos. With a little help from Alex and some trial and error, I figured out how it works best with my body. The roll on method doesn’t work for me at all and instead I simply squeeze and let it gently suction to my anatomy. Alex also recommended coconut oil instead of lubricant and that worked wonders in helping it stay attached.

    Second, the photos and videos simply do not do this prosthetic justice. It is very realistic in person and the details are simply beautiful. It’s made of very high quality silicone that feels very lifelike. I can tell it is very durable and well worth the price tag.

    And third, this thing is simply amazing and has brought me some of the best gender euphoria I have ever felt. Both the visual of having a realistic penis and the sensation of jerking off is enough to bring tears to my eyes. The ejaculation chamber is genius and it works wonderfully. When I am wearing the hot Rod, it really feels like an extension of my body. It has totally exceeded my expectations. I have intense bottom dysphoria and this will help me make it through to the time I can get bottom surgery. I can’t thank Alex enough for his dedication to his products, his customers and the trans community.

  22. v

    i was reluctant at first due to the price, but i’ve since learned that it’s definitely worth it! if you have bottom dysphoria as bad as i do i’m 100% sure this will fix it. there was a learning curve for me at first, but i caught on pretty quickly & haven’t left it alone since! alex and his team were also helpful and quick to respond with any questions/concerns i had, so not only is the product great but also the people behind it.

  23. Gavin (verified owner)

    I love it. I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s still great. It really changed my sex life.

  24. Gethin D. Xtasis (verified owner)

    I adore my new Hotrod prosthetic. I mostly use it to feel,”whole.” Some guys do packers, but I rather enjoy this. I wear it often. Being a larger guy hasn’t stopped me from getting enjoyment with it in others ways as well. l recomend this product too all trans guys who want a little more than something that just looks good or to urinate with. Do try the black vibe. Yummy. ♥️

  25. Al M (verified owner)

    Extremely glad to have invested in the Hot Rod. I’ve been eyeing off this product and others by Transthetics for some time now, wondering if it truly would be as satisfying as the reviews have mentioned. Well I was not disappointed in the slightest. It took some attempts and a tiny snip around the entire top circumference to get a super right hold around my 1inch growth from testosterone, but after that, there was no way the hot rod was coming off. I’ve got a bit of fatty pubic area, so I’m very glad that I could get it to hold so well. Solo play has been amazing, both visual and the sensation has been life changing in terms of penis only orgasm. Have not had partner play as yet, but really looking fwd to it. The ejaculation function is a big bonus, adding to the realism and euphoria to play. Visually in jocks and pants it is also wonderful. As Alex suggests, packing to the side is best for me also. Highly recommend this product and so appreciative to Alex for the dedication spent on making the hot rod for us – truly wonderful – thank you!

  26. Macaulay

    It’s everything I’d expected it to be! The suction grips on perfectly and feels really good to jerk it with. It doesn’t detach, for me, at all. I’ve never purchased into prosthetics because I’ve never been comfortable with any feeling like a ‘toy’, though this is entirely different – it’s far more discreet and feels like an honest part of my body. Definitely grateful to have found it.

  27. Makenzie (verified owner)

    I weighed on ordering this product for a really long time with looking at other options because I just didn’t feel that it was possible to achieve penetration with my girlfriend with something that will just suction to my but let me tell you. When I finally came to turns with making my choice and I received my hot rod in the mail I was blown away. The functions of this device is incredible. The amount of confidence this has given me is out of this world. I’m just so over joyed with my choice and I would definitely recommend this product with anyone honest. I was really hesitant because I have some growth but not a whole lot but the way it works is just out of this world and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. I love it. I love being able to look down and she that it’s attached to my body and not to mention it feels fantastic also. Highly recommend.

  28. Gwain (verified owner)

    Having played with and without my partner with the Hot Rod, I have to say this thing is incredible. We were both nervous to see if it would fit since my growth isn’t very big and with things like nytc’s Jack we had some trouble, but the suction and vacuum on the HotRod is incredible. I can even just walk around with it, mentally it’s crazy for me to look down and just have a dick attached to me.

    I’m very sensitive so with the strong vacuum it gets a bit overwhelming to me when my partner jerks me off with it, but getting to do some penetration while I can hold her and kiss her is so incredible for the both of us and made me so incredibly happy. Money well spent, I jave to say!

  29. Finn (verified owner)

    I never knew such a thing existed until I stumbled across your website looking for a small cock ring. Mate, this thing is worth every penny. I cannot Express how confident and complete it makes me feel. I have to use coconut oil and suction it on as the roll on method didn’t work for my junk. Due to my anatomy (giant inner labia), I can only get 3/4 of myself into it (considering making the cuts but it feels too good to risk). That doesn’t change how amazing it feels or how epiclly it stays on. I don’t write reviews – but every trans guy should have an opportunity to try this! Worth a note that daily use has enlarged my knob just like daily pumping enlarges the shaft. I’ve spent thousands of prosthetics. This was my first answer.

  30. Russell (verified owner)

    The Hot Rod is the best purchase I’ve made in a while. It feels and functions so much better than any other masturbation sleeve I’ve tried and then left it in a drawer to get dusty. This product is a game changer and definitely won’t be collecting dust! I will say there is a learning curve. It’s taken a little bit of practice to figure out what works best for my anatomy but after a little bit of troubleshooting everything is going swell.
    Customer service 10/10

  31. Ash (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible.
    Have only been on testosterone for 2 months and so haven’t had *much* growth but definitely some. I bought this thinking I’d just try it every few months until I could get it to work.
    Well, turns out it worked first time. (I’m aware not everybody will be so lucky)
    It does come off during sex but that’s probably my fault due to getting too vigorous or not keeping positioning in mind and it’s not every time. Easy to put back on and keep going though.
    Have only worn it out of the house once and had no problems apart from being a bit sore due to it kind of acting like a pump, but this was after 5+ hours so can’t complain.
    I honestly can’t put into words how good this product makes me feel. Absolutely worth every penny.

  32. Emery

    I was skeptical, but took the plunge and my partner got this for us as my very first prosthetic. After a little trial and error I can confidently say that it had alleviated some serious aspects of my dysphoria. Be patient with it. There’s a learning curve to getting it on and positioned correctly. I am post-T, no meta and I use the fold-on method depicted in the video. It works. I let it suction up a bit of the external labia and that seems to create a really nice deal. Squish the shaft a few times to ensure the glans is properly pulled up into the opening with the ribs. And use plenty of lube, but don’t slather it all over the base, just the inner opening of the hot rod once folded and your own anatomy before applying.

    Add some others have mentioned, not using the vibe allows you to “pump” the shaft and create more suction. I’ve found this helpful to correct it before it falls off if i feel it starting to loosen. It’s awesome for masturbation and incredibly affirming just seeing myself gripping it.

    Some of the cons: Difficult for missionary. My partner puts her legs on my shoulders and i lean forward. It helps and only came loose once. The vibe is a pain in the ass to get out of the hot rod once in. The shaft can be really bendy without it, but feels better imo. When you use the fold-on method it can be a little jolting, painful when the folded portion flips down and suddenly pulls your anatomy.

    Overall, it’s been a game-changer and I will probably order again once this one wears out.

  33. Johan

    Honestly a great product.

    I have always hated the use of harnesses and having to put them on in the middle of partner play.

    This product is amazing. First it is easy to transport if you are travelling. Second it is very easy to actually put on if you have the right technique. It took me about two days to get my technique right, now I can put it on very quickly with proper suction. With regards to partner play it has not come off during sex even if it is more rough. The feeling is great. I’m finally done wasting my money on all these other products out there because I have found something that helps me to feel, is easy to put on, and gets rid of those darn harnesses.

  34. Elliot (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Hot Rod for about two weeks now and its seriously life-changing. I had some reservations about getting it—I was worried it wouldn’t fit right, that I would be too small; and I was worried that, even if it did fit, the sensation wouldn’t be what I was hoping. As for the size—I’m about a year on T, so I definitely have some significant growth, but I think I’m just smaller in that way and I wasn’t sure if I was quite at the recommended “inch” for the Hot Rod. However, it fits great and stays on really well! I’ve been able to use it by myself and with a partner and, though it requires occasional “fixing”, it stays pretty secure through various position and movements. As for the sensation, it’s awesome. I’ve been using it on its own (no bullet vibe or anything) and have thoroughly enjoyed it. But the absolute best part for me is the visual and the mental “cohesiveness” it allows me to feel about my body. When I put it on for the first time, it was like something deep inside just clicked together and that honestly felt better than any of the sexual enjoyment. Sometimes I put it on and just sit with it or walk around and bask in that feeling lol. Overall, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone interested in this sort of thing.

  35. Olin MacIntosh (verified owner)

    I give this 5 stars not because it is perfect but because it is the best experience I’ve had and I own a lot of d*cks. It is great for sex, jerking off and just walking around. It does occasionally fall off during sex dependent on how gentle you’re being and what position your in (something you’ll have to get used to do to ftm anatomy being more downward than a cis guy). I think this is just the reality of the situation rather than any error on the hot rods end. If visuals are important to you this is perfect. I have tried for so long to use 3-in-1s, pack and plays and you name it but for sex this is it. This not only feels great but looks GREAT. My girlfriend may love it almost as much as I do. Thanks for this excellent creation!!!

  36. Ken L. (verified owner)

    Legitimately amazing. Visually, it’s a masterpiece, definitely as good as the pictures, and functionally great as well. I don’t have a partner to try this out with, so I can’t speak on that front really, but for solo stuff, oh my god. It’s great. The visual is so much better mentally as well, it looks so natural that jacking off is actually fun again LMAO
    You can totally pack with it as well if you get a lil creative with the placement! Of course it’s a not as easy as a dedicated packer would be, but if you’re tight on money, I’d say this one is worth it for all the functionality it provides.
    It takes some playing around to figure out what method of getting it on and having it STAY on is best for you, there’s some technique involved haha, but don’t get discouraged when you first start using it! Just experiment a lil!
    I honestly wasn’t 100% sure if my bottom growth from T was gonna be enough, like, I hadn’t really tracked the difference from when I started, but trust me it’s DEFINITELY enough. If you’re not sure, I’d say go for it anyways, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised- if not, you’ll grow into it probably haha
    This is the first product like this I’ve ever tried and i’m pretty certain it’ll be the last- there’s no need to get a different one when you’ve got this! I feel so much more confident and happy, and if/when I do find an intimate partner, I think I’ll be WAY more excited for sex LMAO (like, wow, I actually get something out of it as a trans top now?? I thought I’d have to wait for surgery for that!)
    TLDR: It’s amazing, if you had any doubts allow me to dispel them cause it IS as good as it seems

  37. Dylan

    This product looks phenomenal in detail and design but sadly it did not work for me. It would not go over my junk or stay and the one time it did, it fell off in less than a minute. I saw that there was a possibility it wouldn’t work but I took the chance anyway and I believe it’s just because of my anatomy. For people with lower hanging dicks down there, theres a higher chance this might not work out for you. That being said, for those with different anatomy than mine, I think this product would be great for you!

  38. Sascha (verified owner)

    Before purchasing I had been eyeing this up for months, wondering if I should get it or not. My biggest fear was that my growth wouldn’t be significant enough for this to attach – I’m pretty bad at measuring but I was about 1inch in size. Then I decided to bite the bullet. Because I live in a foreign country, I had to pay $300 for this product. Let me tell you, it was absolutely worth it. I had no issues getting this thing attached and once on it took a bit to get off, so there’s no concern about it slipping off, despite how it may feel. The sensation was so unexpected but so amazing. The only thing I struggled to do was to roll back the hot rod, but after some practice I managed to get it down. And, a bit of warning, once it’s lubed up it can be very hard to roll back again – but I found that simply using a pump method straight on my body worked well enough to continue.

    I have always dreamed of being cis and thought I couldn’t achieve having male bits unless I had surgery, but that wasn’t something I wanted to risk as sensation is important.. not to mention the price of it. This proved me wrong. As long as you have pubic hair to hide the seam, or don’t mind seeing it hanging off of you, it looks really realistic. All in all, I absolutely recommend this.

  39. Louis (verified owner)

    I was on the verge of having phalloplasty surgery just before the pandemic hit but started looking into alternatives and came across this site. After a lot of research, I saved up and bought the hot rod. Oh my God! It really is a game-changer for me. The dysphoria is pretty much eliminated when I wear it and it feels so good as a packer and for sex – the pleasure I get from handjobs and penetrative sex is out of this world. The ribbed structure inside means that I can feel every pinch and stroke and a nice touch is the material which warms to the temperature of your skin. It looks and feels good and most importantly for me, it connects me to my body. Alex – seriously man, thank you so much – this is an amazing product!

  40. Emmett (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for a while now (maybe 6 months or so?), but I wanted to review it after I’d gotten to spend some quality time with it.

    *This is the only slight Con I’d say:
    The one time that I tried to use it as a packer, it did *not* go well. But that was really kind of my own fault– I put in on when I was about to go into a concert with some friends, and after about 20 minutes or so, it started feeling uncomfortably tight. Unfortunately, we’d just gotten into the concert area, and I couldn’t reach into my pants, and the bathrooms were too far away. So it was a very painful and uncomfortable 2-3 hours before I could take it off. I ended up with blisters on my foreskin :(
    *Don’t make the same mistake I did, folks.

    Now on to the Pros:

    Holy shit, I’m in love. Buy it now, then come back and finish reading this review. I’ll wait.

    I’ve had a hard time turning it somewhat inside-out in order to put it on my dick, like you see in the videos and reviews, so I just hold it against my stuff and squeeze it a bunch until it’s pretty well suctioned on there, and that seems to work just fine.

    I should also say that so far I’ve only used it for solo play, so I can’t attest to how well it stays on during sexytime with someone else, but other reviews have that covered.
    In my own solo time, however, yes, it does sometimes come off, but it’s not too difficult to squeeze it right back on and get back to work. It’s just about finding the right angles and speeds and gripping or whatever.

    Also, I didn’t buy the vibe insert, either, so I’m only able to speak to the ease of attaching it without something already in there.

    I’ve found it works best for me if I’m already somewhat hard before I attach it (like using a vibrator or something to kind of start off), but I’m sure it may just depend on one’s anatomy.

    It does take a little bit of getting used to, as I mentioned earlier, but oh my god, I’ve never finished so hard with any other toy/person/etc. (I hope that isn’t TMI, but this is an honest review about how great this dick is, so hopefully it’s fine.)

    Seriously, this thing blows my mind!!

    I bought the Joystick/Bono years ago, and I used it a couple of times (solo, of course), but I just could never really get into it I guess. (I’ll have to give it another try one of these days.) So I was a little unsure about spending so much money on another toy/prosthetic that I may or may not end up using. But I took the plunge, and I’m SO glad that I did!

    Also, the look/painting is incredibly realistic.
    Unfortunately the painting on my Joystick/Bono rubbed off almost entirely, just from sitting in its bag for a few years and being moved around like that, so I’m really hoping the same doesn’t happen with the Hot Rod. But oh well, the functionality and quality is more important to me than the paint lasting forever.

    And of course the lube/come reservoir is the icing on top– again, I hope this isn’t TMI, but being able to physically jerk off, and to see yourself with this incredibly realistic dick, and THEN being able to see yourself finish as you physically feel it…there’s really nothing quite like it.

    One last thing. Aside from being such a visual and mental thing, the feeling is radically different than what I’d been used to with things like vibrators (I assume because of the amazing suction). I only mention this because I was quite surprised when I had a bit of a Niagra Falls -type finish today (which has never happened from external play alone). So I guess just keep that in mind– this thing will far surpass anything you’ve experienced so far.

    Sorry for the huge speil. This thing is just absolutely worth the money. Please buy it. You owe it to yourself.

  41. Parker (verified owner)

    This is amazing I strongly recommend! It’s really made my sex life way better my dysphoria is way better now during sex I haven’t had problem with it falling off it’s only happened one time and I could tell before it did so you can definitely re adjust to make sure it doesn’t if your worried about that. If you do buy it I’d recommend not rushing into having sex with a partner take it slow get used to wearing it and putting on to get a good hold and feel there’s was a little bit of a learning curve for me but once you get used to it it’s amazing. I finally feel whole when pleasuring myself and my girlfriend and that feeling is priceless in my eyes. I hope this helps your decision before I bought it I was worried it wouldn’t work for me because i thought I may be to small I haven’t had any surgery’s and I had been on t for only 7 months when I bought it so really pay attention to the videos and information Alex provides it’s very helpful! Hope this helps!

  42. JJ (verified owner)

    I have no growth and I bought this product anyways knowing full well what I was buying. I watched all the videos and looked at all the reviews before and…WE LOVE IT. yes I bought a jock strap to harness it and tuck and I’m looking at attaching it an anal plug for the harness to hold it better. I’m creative. I’m still trying to just attach it to my labia but thats an ongoing experiment! we laugh at it popping off in the bedroom. Its VERY realistic to the point of seeing blueish veins. The paint is already coming off the tip some but that is to be expected. My partner loves the feel of it in the bedroom and I love the feel of it on me even without growth to feel the inside. Im jelly that you guys have growth to feel all of it!! Its ALSO one of the ONLY products out right now that realisticly ejaculates which is why I bought it. We love that we can have that kind of intimacy in the bedroom and even try for a baby together one day with a sperm donor. THANK YOU very much for creating an ejaculating prostetic like this. It isn’t perfect but its DAMN NEAR CLOSE. Your amazing dude!

  43. Aaron

    Okay so I have to update when I’ve actually used this for play BUT:

    I just got my hot rod. And I love it so much. I was worried I might not have enough bottom growth (I’m just barely an inch soft, but slightly over this when erect). As soon as it arrived I tried it on, and I’ve just been wearing it around the house and feeling RIGHT in my body when I feel it sitting against my leg. Haven’t masturbated or had sex with it yet but I can already tell it has the exact kind of stimulation I want for both gender affirmation and pleasure! The suction is very strong, and a ton of giddily swinging it around has not taken it off me yet.

    HIGHLY recommend this prosthetic for transmasc people with bottom dysphoria / transmasc people who just think that having a penis would be pretty cool or provide some kind of happiness/relief.

    Alex, you rule, man

  44. biwerewolf (verified owner)

    I’m so happy to have the hot rod- it drop kicks my bottom dysphoria and leaves me feeling euphoric. I was worried this wouldn’t fit me, since I have a a lot of fat bits around my t-dick, but it fit perfectly. I followed the instructions and had no problems, and I’m shocked at how well it sticks on. I can walk around with it and it stays put. Oh and for reference, I’m slightly more than an inch long when flaccid.

    It also looks great, and man, when I jacked off with it…again, gender euphoria. I gave it short tugs along with squeezing and it felt amazing! The ejaculation feature is nice too.

    I can’t recommend this enough- thank you Alex!

  45. Noname (verified owner)

    This toy was the final kick in the pants I needed to pursue bottom surgery, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    Obviously this isn’t everyone’s goal, but for me in my journey: I really struggled to let myself want this surgery. Despite the evidence arguing it would be a good decision for me, I didn’t think I needed it, didn’t want to go through all that, figured I could get by with my current equipment. Even with the knowledge that masturbation for me has always been troubled: I’ve never been able to touch my genitals with my hands, never been able to look at my genitals, always have had to listen to music I know all the words to so I can follow the lyrics instead of being present in my body. Always using vibrators to get the experience over with as quickly as possible.

    Then. . . enter the hot rod. The very first moment I tried it, saw it connected to my body, felt it in my hand, it was instant mind-body connection. Truly, nothing has ever felt so natural in my entire life. I felt like I could jack off like a normal person. I enjoyed looking at it, feeling it. Jacking off was suddenly fun. I’ve never felt that way before. It was a wake up call for me to get surgery, and while I wait on this 2 year waiting list, the hot rod will be an invaluable tool to get me through it.

    Onto a review of the logistics of the toy rather than my emotional experience: I find it to be pretty intuitive. I attach it to myself just like Alex does in the demonstration video without problem. I put a drop of lube inside the toy and a drop on my t-dick, and all goes well. It usually takes two tries for the vacuum seal to do its thing, which is fine by me. I told a friend about this toy and they assumed the seal would be so strong it’d be painful. This isn’t the case. The seal is strong enough to keep it on, but it’s also a soft silicon, and doesn’t hurt to remove from your body when you’re done or anything. It’s pretty gentle. I put a little bit of lube on my hands and stroke it. Other things I’ve also found that feel good are using a vibrating cock ring with it, or using a hitachi to touch the outside of the hot rod near the base.

    I personally wouldn’t use it to penetrate a partner: maybe it’s my own anxiety but while the seal feels good, I’m not sure I trust it enough for anything penetrative. I know others have had success though, so it’s really down to personal preference and experience.

    It’s easy to clean, and it arrived pretty quickly. I am in the US and it shipped from Colorado.

    Overall, this thing is life changing and I absolutely recommend it to anyone with bottom dysphoria.

  46. Landon Diaz (verified owner)

    The only reason I’m giving the Hot Rod 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the high quality of materials and craftsmanship. It is truly realistic in appearance. However, I have tried and tried for 6 months to get it to work for me but it’s way too short and loses suction too easily. I think it could possibly work better if it were a couple inches longer but that’s not a current option. Also, the girth leaves something to be desired for my wife. It’s good for jerking off and the occasional gentle blowjob but otherwise it’s purely ornamental, and if I’m really honest, a regretful waste of $200. In good faith I simply cannot recommend The Hot Rod to anyone.

  47. D (verified owner)

    The shipping was really fast and I have never been more happy it looks so real
    I like looking in the mirror with it on
    The hot truly Is a life charger.

  48. Levi Crockett

    this thing has changed my sex life entirely, both solo and with others. i’ve never had orgasms like this in my life, and i never thought anything would be able to feel this real besides literal phallo, which i’m terrified of. i really feel like you guys have made the solution. i had to trim the hole and it still works perfectly, less tight now like i needed. stays on the entire time during penetrative vaginal sex, didn’t come off a single time, and i came. hard. i seriously can’t say enough good about this thing. y’all are homies for life

  49. Liam (verified owner)

    Bought this in early 2020 when quarantine started and my dysphoria rocketed from top surgery being postponed. Was only two months on T when I got it and experienced some difficulty (learning curve & small growth) getting it on and keeping it on. Just holding it in my hand or having it in my briefs was euphoria enough. Now I’ve been on T for more than 1 yr & it fits well, feels good, and is even more affirming than ever. Haven’t used it for partnered play yet (I want to but anxiety is not my friend) & haven’t consistently packed with it due to it falling out of my regular briefs on a bathroom floor (pain). I’m going to be going on a swimming trip soon and am potentially thinking about using it to reduce dysphoria. Have also wondered if it can successfully/if anyone has successfully gone through TSA airport security with it?

    • Alex

      Thanks so much for the review! I would say due to its stiffness and size, the Hot Rod is not ideal for a swimming trip and MAY show up on a TSA scanner if you’re wearing it. I haven’t personally tried. The Rod would be much better suited for swimming (though if you take it into chlorinated water, it will shorten the lifespan of the product) and a TSA body scanner will also most definitely be fine for the Rod. I’d recommend buying yourself a cheap, throw away packer such as the Mr Limpy x-small if you’re wanting it just for swimming, especially if you’re going to be taking it into chlorinated water.

  50. from SK

    This is the best purchase I’ve ever done in my life. I received my Hot Rod today and tested it. Although my junk is rather small, when I use it with budgie it fixes great and the touch feels so right. The ejaculation function is also perfect for relieving my dysphoria. Thank you very much for the wonderful product!

  51. Madison (verified owner)

    This product changed my life and saved my relationship. Both my significant other and I hated always having to plan for sex. We both wanted something natural where I could be fully naked eliminating the boundary between us. The stimulation from the product is amazing. I can ejaculated from inner-course instead of having to constantly rely on oral. When I look down this feels like apart of my body. It’s exciting to be harness free. Neither of us could stop smiling during our first experience. If you’re a visual person and your mind connects with seeing male anatomy when you look down, this product will help you sooo much. Before, I didn’t feel connected to my body or confident. Now with the natural ability to not worry about a packer or harness, being naked with my partner, we can both enjoy both inner-course and oral with this product. Highly recommend.

  52. JB (verified owner)

    The colour is super-realistic and matches my skin tone perfectly. The suction is great, and even though I am a heavier person (260 lbs), it stays on well

  53. Del (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Cannot recommend enough.
    As someone not yet willing to take the big leap for bottom surgery, this is a perfect substitute.
    I’m rather hung by trans man standards (3″) but also overweight (100KG/220lbs) which I was worried could affect The Hot Rod’s ability to stay on.
    However, I was thrilled to find the suction was more than strong enough to keep it on even with vigorous tugging during solo play.
    The internal texture feels incredible. I’ve used many strokers but this is by far the best. Not only in ease and strength of orgasm, but feeling and seeing a beautifully realistic phallus between my legs during the act creates a sense of normality. Relief from a lifetime of crippling dysphoria.
    I’m so excited to try it on a partner and finally experience sex like a regular bloke, more or less.
    Worth every penny!

  54. Jason (verified owner)

    I am being 100% in earnest when I tell you this is the only product I have ever used worthy of the title “prosthetic.” SO many others just feel like toys, not an extension of the body. They don’t deliver what this one does. This product has completely changed the way I experience pleasure. My girlfriend and I are able to connect more naturally, I feel more at home with myself, and it takes away so much body dysphoria to not have straps and suction cups interrupting intimate moments. I bought this despite worries that it wouldn’t fit my body, hoping it wouldn’t be like several others I have tried. We were also able to be quite a bit more intense than I previously expected due to other reviews. The reservoir, the shape and size, the fit, I am so impressed. You have created a product I look forward to using!!

    It’s worth every penny and more, and Transthetics has my sincerest thanks and gratitude!

  55. Adam :) (verified owner)

    This prosthetic is magic. I know how silly that sounds but trust me. As someone with a more downward-pointed dick, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use this. However, after figuring out some useful angles and being lucky enough to have plenty to attach to, I was blown away.

    First, with solo play, it has been AMAZING. I never thought I would enjoy looking at my dick while jerking off but now when I look down all I feel is pride. Seriously, I’m now one of those guys that think their dick is amazing. It looks great and feels great. The reservoir is the cherry on top by giving me full connectedness, all the way until the end. The only problem I have encountered is that sometimes it is a bit too tight but that has been easy to resolve.

    Second is the sex that this allows me to have. Again, having a downward-pointed dick made me nervous that I wouldn’t be able to use this with a partner. However, my girlfriend and I have found angles that work. Without needing a harness, this prosthetic has allowed both of us to feel connected in a way that I didn’t believe was possible without bottom surgery. Both of us love it and that has made it worth every penny.

    If you are considering this prosthetic and meet the guidelines that Alex stated in the “Would this work for me” section, I HIGHLY recommend this. I feel confident in the bedroom and by myself. If for some reason I am never able to get bottom surgery, this prosthetic will still allow me to feel like I am not missing my dick.

  56. Hans Von Straphon (verified owner)

    This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a stroker. I’ve tried a few over the years some were too small and it made stroking difficult, some had silicone that was too thick/stiff/heavy. But this… THIS feel like an extension of my body and is just delightful as a solo toy. I’m looking forward to incorporating it with partner play. I haven’t tried the internal bullet vibe yet but a magic wand on the outside has been very nice and I might get it a vibrating cock ring. The texture and softness of the silicone is unreal. I’m so happy with my purchase.

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