Budgie Briefs* – Packer Underwear

Budgie Briefs* – Packer Underwear


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Budgie Briefs packing the EZP.

In honour of the great Australian budgie smuggler, Transthetics is releasing the Budgie Briefs underwear, designed specifically to be utilised with Transthetics products.

Having gone through a huge assortment of underwear over the last couple of years, in search of the perfect pair to use with the EZP, I came to the conclusion, that they just didn’t exist… until now.

Over this time, I have trialed and recommended a bunch of underwear, all with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Having combined the strengths and eliminated the weaknesses, then throwing in some unique design elements, the budgies have now been released from captivity!

The internal layering of the Budgie Briefs is unlike any other underwear currently in existence.

It features a unique horizontal/vertical door design to keep your, erm… package securely and discreetly in place whilst protecting you from direct skin contact and giving you easy access to the EZP, making it even easier to use. It’s inner panels are also made of quick dry material, should there be any rogue drops, while the outer layers are a soft and comfortable elastane cotton blend.


  • Unique horizontal/vertical door design.
  • Quick dry inner panels.
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane blend outer layers for a soft and comfortable, no stretch fit.
  • Attachment loop for use with the Bono.
  • Available as briefs and boxer briefs.

To see a detailed product demonstration of the above features, see the demo video below

What are the differences between the Budgie Briefs and Budgie Boxer Briefs?

  • The Bono DEFINITELY works much better with the briefs than the boxer briefs. Due to the nature of boxer briefs, they will not be able to hold it in place as effectively as the loop will move around much more. Some users may also find that they need to move the position of the loop in order to be able to use the Bono with the Boxer Briefs. However, remember, you can alter ANY snug fitting underwear to be used with the Bono, by sewing a loop into the appropriate location.
  • Some people find boxer briefs more comfortable than briefs due to the legs being looser, however this also means things aren’t held in place quite as snuggly as with briefs

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. A lot of guys prefer boxer briefs over briefs, but from a purely functional perspective, especially with the Bono, the briefs do perform better. For the EZP, I’d say both function equally well.

Additional information


27" small, 29" medium, 31" large


Inner panels: Quick dry
Outer layers: 95% cotton 5% elastane blend


Grey/Black stripes

6 reviews for Budgie Briefs* – Packer Underwear

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Unlike a lot of other briefs, these don’t cut in around the legs at all! They are snug, but really comfortable and make using the EZP sooo easy. The cotton has a little bit of stretch in it, but they don’t go baggy and feel really nice. Overall quality is awesome!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Makes the EZP super easy-peezy to pee with!! lol

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The design of the horizontal/vertical door design is genius, but in all honesty, I wish they also offered the option of making the entire underwear quick dry material. Hoping for this in the future, but thanks for a great design :)

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I wanted to give it a decent amount of time to properly attune to the products before I sent in any feedback. Firstly, the briefs are super comfortable. And as a guy with fabric-related sensory issues, that’s a giant plus, especially when they’re pants and right against rather sensitive areas. I think you’re right in saying the loop positioning is slightly different for everyone, but I’m very glad to have it regardless of whether or not I have to shift the Bono somewhat. I haven’t a partner to use it with, so I can only give feedback from solo usage. I find psychologically that having something like that to hold the Bono in place while I go about my business is a fantastic bonus, even if the loop isn’t quite in the ideal position for me personally. I didn’t get the silicone head attachment, but I think having it would give the loop’s positioning a greater range of, ahem, access. As far as usage with the EZP, I found that the horizontal slit gave me a bit of trouble, as I’m rather used to just going over my pants rather than through the openings. (There was also an odd sort of learning curve for actually putting the EZP into position just to wear it, but I think that’s rather on me being a tad bit a dunce than anything else.) Honestly, though, once I’d worked out how to actually combine the EZP with the pants and the opening, it was the easiest time I’d had using the EZP, hands down. I don’t wear these pants every day by a long shot, but having a pair of pants that I can just use through the opening is an oddly mind-blowing thing for me, and I hadn’t expected to be quite so amazed as I was. I do wish I’d gotten a pair of boxer-briefs, as I prefer them to briefs (I only started wearing briefs because I love the EZP so much, actually, and my boxer-briefs get more noticeably loose before briefs do) so that I’d have a solid comparison and a review of both, but I definitely don’t regret getting the Budgies at all. My own personal ditzy moments and everyone’s slight anatomical variances aside, I have absolutely no complaints about these. My only suggestion would be to offer a few different colours : )

    Thanks for making awesome products!

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    I can see personally how these work great after having them for a while. My only issue isn’t really functionality but size.

    Function wise they work great. For me its best to wear them with the EZP cup against my body directly while the shaft is situated between the fabric layers that make up the opening. When i wear it like this it stays in place for very easy STP use.

    These Briefs also work great as strictly packing underwear thanks to the curtain. Its essentially an easy seperate pouch to keep my packer off my skin. Thus i enjoy using my mr limpy with them when i only need a packer.

    Sadly i cant ‘interchange’ this use. To try and make sense i cant utilize the curtain to keep the EZP off my skin when not in use at the bathroom. Ive tried but it takes me way too much fumbling (ive dropped it a few times at home) to try and get the cup through the curtain and back out again when im done.

    To go back to my original statement i believe this is due to my size. Im a bit more heavy set in the thighs. Combine this with my knock knees and it makes opening my legs for STP adjustment very difficult. Thus its been downright impossible for me to use the EZP at a urinal since i need to pull my pants all the way down to adjust properly. So i turned to the budgies.

    This underwear works great in all aspects aside the fact the sizing is far too small for heavier set people. The largest size is still ten inches below whats correct for my waist.

    Thus if youre thicker like me i advise caution as these won’t be perfect and youll likely get very swampy. Besides the lack of larger sizes though (which i implore the designer to make in the near future) these underwear work better than i expected and i highly recommend them.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    im on the heavy side and although i have no problem using my new EZP with no accidents, finding underwear to work properly is difficult. I was going to invest in like 5 budgie briefs to start off with but they dont offer any sizes for us bigger guys.Ive now ruined two packs of cotton briefs trying to get the hole in the fly just right so that it sits in my pants correctly. I need a 36-38 in USA sizes. I hope the maker of these underwear soon offer larger sizes. Please Please Please!!!!!

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