padlock balls

*Patent pending

This is an add-on designed for the Joystick* (formerly the Bono) and other ball free dildos and prosthetics.

The stretch ring above the testicles slips over any prosthetic and can be positioned at any point along the shaft, which allows the wearer to pack comfortably and discreetly even with a very generous prosthetic such as the Joystick.

The balls look and feel very soft and life like with moving testicles suspended in a liquid gel inside the sack.

And as with all other Transthetics products, the Padlock Balls are:

Super realistic

even under close scrutiny, with natural skin translucency and highly detailed, each unit is hand crafted creating natural variations in skin tone.

Comfortable for all day wear

even riding a push bike! Okay, so it hasn’t been tested on triathlons but certainly comfortable enough to be used riding around town.

Very easy to clean

with no powdering required, unlike most prosthetics, you won’t require corn starch to stop this product from becoming tacky. Just rinse after use (if practical) and wash with soap daily.

No harness required and natural contour in underwear

or wetsuits, rock climbing harnesses and swimmers! All you need is snug fitting underwear with a modified loop sewn into the crotch if using it in combination with the Joystick.

Note: The Padlock Balls can also be worn with the Rod if the wearer has significant growth, but as weight is a big factor in terms of comfort, this is usually not recommended.

*Patent Pending

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