To paraphrase Janet Mock: Trans people aren’t ‘passing’ as men or women. We’re being.

Source: Op-ed: I’m a Trans Man Who Doesn’t ‘Pass’ — And You Shouldn’t Either |

I thought this was an article worth sharing, as it echoes quite closely what I’ve felt for a long time about the term “passing”.

“To “pass” for something immediately connotes deception and untruth.”

To look at trans* people expressing their authentic selves and say that they “pass” for men or women is to diminish their identity by implying that it’s an act. Telling a trans* woman that she “passes” is like saying “You’re not a real woman, but good job faking it.”

I too often struggle when people make comments such as “Oh wow! I would never have known! Very convincing!” and I wish I had the words to explain to people why telling me I’m “very convincing” is NOT a compliment.