It’s been a difficult decision to make.

Rather than continuing to juggle the Bionic Basic and Bionic Deluxe simultaneously, I’m going to focus my attention fully on the Bionic Basic and then hopefully pick up the Bionic Deluxe again once the Bionic Basic is available for purchase.

The issue we keep coming up against with the Bionic Deluxe is power consumption. And of course having an external battery pack, would defeat the purpose of the project entirely. Also, the fact that it’s going to contain electronic and metal components, making it tricky for situations like passing through body scanners at airports, is a fairly unappealing prospect for many.

With the basic, because it’s manually actuated by discreetly opening a valve, we can get away with all silicone and plastic components, but it’s still proving to be quite a daunting process getting the pressures, feel and shape of the elastometers just right for things to look and feel natural.

So I’ll admit that while getting things dialed in, is proving to be quite a challenge, it’s definitely a surmountable one. In any case, the mechanical principles are sound. It’s now just a matter of incremental tweaks to get the balance of balloon pressures and fluid movement juuuuust right.

And yes, I have definitely had a dick inadvertently explode in my face in not a good way. But hey, it’s all part of the process!