Living in Japan for the last five years has introduced me to a whole variety of new cultural norms, from the challenge of sitting seiza—on your knees—to the joys of sento and onsen—public bathing or visiting hot springs.

Getting naked in front of strangers in order to enjoy a traditional Japanese public bath or scenic hot spring is a very common bonding experience among Japanese people.

Families go with their children starting from a young age, and many friends often take trips together to relax and soak in the hot water. Unlike I initially thought, it isn’t the sort of experience reserved just for intimate couples—everyone is expected to participate and bond in the hot springs–even coworkers!

Enjoying an onsen has long been my biggest hurdle living in Japan. Certainly, I could rent a private one to enjoy the water for myself, but not only did I want to experience a real onsen, I also wanted to bond with my Japanese friends and coworkers the way you can only bond by enjoying hot springs together. Getting invitations to onsen happened once or twice a year, but I constantly had to turn the offers down despite longing to go.

Chest scars I felt I could explain away, but there was nothing to be done about my non-existent penis, or so I thought! I figured the onsen experience was one I would forever have to forsake—until I discovered Transthetics.

The Rod is an easy to use penis extender that doesn’t require any adhesive or harnesses to wear. It just slips over my current testosterone-enhanced anatomy and hangs in place perfectly. With the Rod on, undressing in semi-public for an onsen suddenly became my reality. The sleeve fits snug and securely, reassuring me that even getting in and out of hot water over a period of several hours, I wouldn’t lose my penis in the water, and my unusual lower body wouldn’t be noticed. Even despite the fact that the Rod does not include or give the illusion of a scrotum, my body hair kept things looking natural and appropriate. Certainly, I wasn’t trying to draw attention to what I had between my legs, but when people caught a glimpse, they saw nothing unusual. As for me, the relief that flooded through me being able to walk or swim around the hot springs with the other men was unparalleled.

The bonding that occurred really did elevate my friendship with my coworkers and was absolutely priceless. I never would have had the courage or chance to explore Japan in that way without the Rod, but with it all those perceived inadequacies melted away. I cannot express how great it has been to have it. I use the Rod in many other everyday situations, but it absolutely is irreplaceable when it comes to any need for public nudity! Thank you, Transthetics! Thank you!


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