Not everyone has the means to be able to afford a Transthetics prosthetic. Hence I try to find alternative ways to give people a chance to get their hands on a silicone willy. Depending on how you’re feeling, here are some options below.

If you’re feeling generous.

Enter the bi-monthly product development raffle for your chance to win a $200 coupon with a $5 ticket. You can buy as many raffle tickets as you like, and you’ll be helping raise funds for projects like the Bionic Project. This raffle is drawn on the 1st of every second month.

If you’re feeling creative.

Enter the story contest. Any published story gets a $150 coupon to use towards any Transthetics product. For some inspiration, here are some examples of stories that have been published to date.

If you’re feeling lucky.

Enter the free giveaway contests we hold from time to time to help spread the word on new product launches and promotions or just because. We don’t always have an active free giveaway, but having a snoop under the contests/giveaway tab should help you find the most current opportunities.

Good luck!!

Past Winners

As we’ve had a lot of contests and giveaways over the years, I’ve consolidated all winners, past, and future in one place here. I’ll continue to update the below list as we announce future winners.


Raffle winners:

Bi-monthly Raffle Winners

(Drawn September 1st, November 1st etc)

The bi-monthly raffle has ended October 2022

September/October 2022: Zoe P from Chicago, Illinois

July/August 2022: Andrew B from Hebron, Kentucky

May/June 2022: Kevin S from Seattle, Washington

March/April 2022: Nate F from London, Ontario, Canada

January/February 2022: Anthony D from Livonia, Michigan

November/December 2021: Jay L from Raleigh, North Carolina

September/October 2021: Bryan F from Glenwood Springs, Colorado

July/August 2021: Vidari D from Bellflower, California

May/June 2021: Matthew C from Fairfax, California

Monthly Raffle Winners

April 2021: Finn H. from Queensland, Australia

March 2021: Wade A. from Greenwood, Indiana

Previous Raffle Winners. (Prior to raffle going monthly.)

Rowan from Shreveport, LA. (October 2020)

Lee C. from Alabama (June 2020)


Story contest winners:

Zoe with “A Series of Genderqueer Events.”

Cal with “My Shy Bladder.”

Axel with “Connecting to my phantom penis with the Joystick.”

Will with “What a cis-guy lacks.”

Lachlan with “Bi-bi, dysphoria.”

Ezra with “Grindr, Gender, and Genitals: Navigating Bottom Dysphoria as a Gay Trans Man.”

Dan with “Navigating public nudity as a trans man.”

Ash with “Sooo relieving!”

Nick with “A piece clicks into place.”

Angel with “Peedom Freedom.”

Desmond with “The wood for the trees.”

Evan with “I’m gay. Or am I…?”

Mark with “My male package.”

Nick with “Urine for a new experience.”


Free giveaway winners:

January 2023: Julian V. from Bochum, Germany

January 2022: Endeavour D. from East Sussex, United Kingdom

September 2021: Max V from The Netherlands

February 2021: Tor from British Columbia

November 2020: Ben J. from Missouri

September 2020: Oliver from Sheffield, United Kingdom.

June 2020: Zyon from California

February 2020: Finn G from California

December 2019: Gerard from Flint, Michigan

September 2019: Kris H from Kansas

April 2019: Aaron A from Quebec, Canada

November 2018: Jay from Michigan

September 2018: Brodie M from Lismore Heights, Australia

May 2018: Ignatio from Santiago, Chile

March 2018:  Lee from West Hartford, Connecticut

November 2017: Mason Enola, Pennsylvania

September 2017: Aiden North Charleston, South Carolina

April 2017: Jaydn from Doncaster, UK

February 2017: Tristan R. Valparaiso, Indiana

August 2016: Joshua from Denman Island, BC, Canada

May 2016: Niko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

February 2016: Sid from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 2015: Saren from Amherst, Massachusetts

Jan 2105: Zak from Lafayette, Indiana