Great news!! Denver University students picked the Bionic as their major project again this year!

We’ve had our first kick off meeting already, and they’re really hitting the ground running, picking up on the previous group’s work to hopefully get it to a fully functional prototype by May of 2019.

Over the summer I’ve also continued to make progress on a couple of really exiting things! As you may remember from an earlier blog post, the component that had the biggest question mark over it was the pneumatic erection chamber. I wasn’t totally happy with the idea of a micro CO2 cartridge that needed to be replaced on a very regular basis and I’ve now found a fantastic alternative to this by replacing the pneumatic system with a memory material solution instead. I can’t give too much away on this at the moment, but it’s pretty darn exciting stuff! This material changes from flaccid to erect sate at just slightly higher than body temperature and can easily move back and forth between these two states. This means we can eliminate the cartridge, inflation valve and purge valve, so it’s really quite a game changer!

There’s also been further progress on the integration of the touch sensors with bluetooth, so that the Bionic can interface with existing smart watch technology, utilising the heart rate sensors of these devices and allowing for user interface through a custom app.

So all in all, despite the fact that fundraising for stage 2 has been pretty slow, we are still managing to make steady progress, albeit slower than I had hoped.

In any case, thank you so much to all of you who have donated to this project so far! We couldn’t have come this far without you!

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