Oh yes, the future is bright!

There have been rumblings in the Willitorium, of developing a very high-end prosthetic that would mimic the natal male anatomy more closely than anything that’s ever been available. Imagine a bionic penis that serves four functions: pee, pack, pleasure and play – over two states: flaccid and erect.

This ambitious project aims to alleviate body dysphoria and offer a viable alternative to existing surgery options.

Having been in talks with several prototyping and engineering studios, I am happy to report that the findings have been very encouraging. The technologies that would be required for such a prosthetic essentially already exists but just haven’t been applied in this way before.

To date, trans men have always been the accidental beneficiaries of technological advancement created for natal men, who are anatomically quite different to transgender men. That’s about to change. This project is very much about utilising the anatomical differences to our advantage. How? Let me give you an example. A trans man (assuming he has had no lower surgery) has easy access to pelvic floor muscles, which a natal male does not. No one has ever developed anything that would utilise these muscles to actuate an erect state. This would require a controller no larger than a regular tampon and just as easy to insert, versus the highly invasive surgeries to place reservoirs into testes that must be operated by hand.

I am a firm believer in the sharing of ideas and knowledge, so I intend to be open and transparent about exactly how I envision the Bionic functioning – from concept to production – so that others can get excited, get behind me and help make this a reality.

Up until this point, all of Transthetics’ product developments have been funded by sales, but on this project, I will need the enthusiasm and help of others who believe in the importance of making the Bionic a very tangible reality.

So please give what you can and know that EVERY donation is hugely appreciated.

…and yes that does say WIN! Raise more than $1000 by spreading the word and you WIN any existing Transthetics product of your choice!*

*After you donate, you will be issued a unique URL to share in your social circle. Anyone who donates through your URL will count towards your total fundraising tally.

Finally a huge thank you to anyone who has ever bought a Transthetics product, taken the time to write a review, or emailed me personally with messages of gratitude and encouragement. Know that it is because of you that Transthetics has come so far. Hopefully this is just the beginning…